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New Tricks

Half an hour later, as you can probably guess, Lily was searching for Jackie and Connor. She was on the second floor and James was looking on the first. Lily walked into a room that she hadn’t seen the last time she was there. It was a weight room. There were a lot of familiar equipment, like dumbbells and steps. But then there were also other things that Lily had never seen before in her life. She figured they were special magical equipment type things. She wanted to try them out but knew she had to find the kids first.

After taking a few steps into the room, she heard something to her left. She quickly turned to see what it was. Lily thought she saw a glimpse of blonde hair duck behind some weird type of machine. She took a few hurried steps closer to them and hit her toe on something extremely hard. She crashed to the floor and hit her head on a metal bar.

“Owe!” she exclaimed loudly. Gasps came from where she suspected Jackie and Connor were hiding. “Get out here,” Lily said.

“What happened?” Lily turned to see James taking a few quick steps towards her. He knelt next to her. Lily was rubbing the spot on her head where she hit it and James pushed her hair back gently so he could see. “It’s red,” he told her, “You better get some ice on it.”

Lily reached over to feel what she had tripped on. She felt something silky covering something hard. She pulled and found herself holding an invisibility cloak. She gaped at it. She looked at James who was looking around the room.

“Jackie,” he said, “Connor, you can come out now.” Surprisingly, they did. Well, Connor did. Jackie reluctantly did after Connor had given away where they were hiding. “I told you not to touch my cloak again.”

“This is yours?” Lily asked, shocked, “So this is how you sneak around so much without getting caught. Well, now I know your secret so…” Lily didn’t really know what to say. Just because she knew about it didn’t mean she was suddenly be able to see him when he was wearing it.

“We can’t talk about this right now,” he told Lily, gesturing at Connor and Jackie. Lily knew he was right. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t give him a hard time about it later.

She checked her watch. It was too early to send them to bed. “Why don’t you two go watch a movie?” Lily suggested.

“Huh?” Jackie asked, confused. Lily looked from Jackie, to Connor, to James. They were all looking at her like she had just spoken in Troll.

“You don’t know what movies are. I forgot.” Lily said, feeling incredibly stupid. Wait, she thought I shouldn’t feel stupid. It’s just Potter and two little kids. Who cares?

“Go change into your pajama’s,” James told them, suddenly taking control. “Then, come downstairs to the kitchen. If you’re not down there in ten minutes, then you won’t get your dessert.” Jackie and Connor ran off to change. “Come on,” he said to Lily, “We’ll get you some ice for your head.”

Five minutes later, Lily sat on the counter in the kitchen. James was getting her an ice pack. She had insisted on getting it herself but he was stubborn.

“Here,” he said, walking up to her and putting an ice pack on the red spot. Lily winced when it touched her skin. She was more affected by the cold than anything else. It was helping the pain. James was standing right in front her and when she took the ice pack from him, he didn’t move and, for some reason, she didn’t want to tell him to.

“You took charge pretty well,” Lily said quietly, breaking the silence. When he looked at her with a questioning look, she explained, “With Jackie and Connor, upstairs.”

“Was that a compliment?” he asked. Lily rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but smile when he did.

“Don’t get use to it,” she told him. He stared at her and Lily didn’t want to be the one who broke eye contact. She saw him glance at her lips before looking back at her eyes. Her breath caught as he started leaning towards her.

Then the doorbell rang. They both jumped. James ran a hand through his hair. Lily wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed at the interruption. “I’ll get it,” she said. She put the ice pack on the counter and jumped down. She bumped into him because he was standing so close and avoided looking up at him.

Lily ran to the door. She opened it, expecting to see Erin since she was invited, but saw Sirius instead.

“Hello, Red,” he greeted.

“Are you allowed to be here?” she asked. She figured he probably was because her friend was allowed so it would make sense if James’ friend was also but Lily still asked.

“Of course I am,” Sirius responded. “Where’s James? You two weren’t making out on the couch, were you?”

Usually, this type of comment would earn someone a kick in the shins. But, for some reason, Lily felt her ears go hot. “Shut up,” she said, hoping that she sounded annoyed but wasn’t sure she pulled it off. She turned to the kitchen and yelled, “Potter, you’re friend is here!”

A laugh sounded from the second floor and Jackie and Connor came running down the stairs. Jackie was wearing pink footy pajamas and Connor was wearing blue footy pajamas. It was really cute.

Jackie ran straight for Lily. She braced herself to be knocked to the ground but it didn’t come. She turned to see that she was running at Sirius. Sirius scooped her up. Jackie smiled, showing all her teeth. Lily’s mouth hung open.

“Hey, Padfoot,” James said as he walked in.

“Since when have you two been so good with kids?” Lily demanded, thinking about the first time she was there and James had acted like such a great older brother until Jackie started misbehaving.

“We’ve always been good with kids,” Sirius said, “Hey Connor.” Connor smiled and waved shyly.

“No you haven’t,” Lily argued, “At school you always call the first year’s midgets. You called other first year’s midgets when you were a first year.”

“They were all shorter than us,” Sirius explained with a shrug.

“In fact, Lily,” James said, “You still are shorter than us.” Lily knew he was just teasing her by the way he smiled. It wasn’t a jerkish smile. She would never say it out loud, but it was a nice smile.

“Sirius, are you gonna get us dessert?” Jackie asked.

“I brought some candy actually,” he replied, holding up a plastic bag that Lily hadn’t seen before. He put Jackie down and pulled out two chocolate cauldron cakes and handed them to Connor and Jackie.

“I don’t think so,” Lily said. She started towards the two toddlers, intending to take the sweets away from them. They were on a sugar high when they didn’t even have sugar.

James grabbed her hand. She turned look at him. “I already promised them dessert, remember?”

“Fine,” Lily sighed. “Eat it in the kitchen.” Jackie and Connor ran to kitchen to eat their sweets. Lily looked at Sirius. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Sirius joked, “You hate James. You love me.”

“Hey,” James protested. Sirius laughed.

Lily rolled her eyes. “You two go do whatever it is you do. I’m gonna go do my job,” she instructed.

In the kitchen, Lily sat on a stool. She looked over at the two kids. They were whispering to each other. That alone was suspicious. Then, Connor glanced over at Lily and laughed.

“Hey,” she said, “you two better not be planning a prank against me.”

Connor looked up at her wide eyed. He shook his head violantly. He was a terrible liar.

Lily tried to think of something that would make them not do it. She highly doubted that just telling them not to would do anything. No, she would have to threaten to tell her parents or distract her so she would forget about it. Lily didn’t know Connor very well but she figured if Jackie didn’t do anything, then he wouldn’t either. Then, she remembered what Lindsey had said.

Lily got off her stool and sat down next to the little kids table that Jackie and Connor were sitting at. “I don’t really like you pulling pranks on me,” she said, “They aren’t very nice. What are you planning?” They looked at each other. “Connor?” Lily asked.

“We were gonna steel James’ cloak again and put it over a chair so you tripped on it,” he said quickly.

“Well,” Lily told them patiently, “That would hurt. How about I teach you a new trick that doesn’t involve magic and won’t hurt anyone?”

Jackie beamed. “Alright,” she said. Connor nodded.

“Good, now I need you two to go find a bucket.” Before they left the room, Lily added, “You have to promise not to tell where you learned this and not to use it on me.” After they agreed, they ran off to get a bucket.


Jackie and Connor loved the trick. Lily had to admit, it was a good one. She had only seen people do things like that on TV. She never thought she would actually do it herself. They had decided to do it in the library. She checked the bucket to make sure that it would fall in the right direction when the door was open and then told Jackie to call Sirius and James.

“JAMIE!” Jackie yelled. “SIRIUS! I NEED YOU!” Instantly, they heard thudding upstairs and then one this floor. They waited. Finally, James pushed open Jackie’s door and the bucked spilled oatmeal all over him. Everyone laughed, except James of course. He didn’t find it very funny.

James wiped the oatmeal away from his eyes and looked at Lily. Then he looked at Sirius. “It’s really not that funny,” he insisted.

“It is, mate,” Sirius told him, “It really, really is.”

“Sirius,” James said and Lily thought James was gonna punch him, “Will you put Jackie and Connor to bed while I talk to their babysitter?”

“You’re in trouble, Red,” Sirius warned before taking Connor and Jackie to bed. They were still laughing.

James turned to Lily. “I can’t believe you taught them something like this after you yell at me all the time for pulling pranks.” Lily nodded, then laughed some more. “I’m serious, Evans.”

“I know you are,” Lily said, gasping for breath, “It’s just really hard to take you seriously when you’re dripping with oatmeal.” James took a few steps closer to her and then did something she was not expecting. He scooped up some oatmeal from his hair and then flung it at her. It got on her face and her clothes. She stopped laughing immediately.

“I can’t believe you did that,” she said, wiping some out of her eye.

“You did it to me first,” he argued, smiling.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Lily said, “I was trying to get Sirius, not you.”

“Yeah right,” he replied. She had to admit, she would have been disappointed if he had actually believed that. He wasn’t that gullible.

Lily looked around. Some of the oatmeal had splattered on the bookshelves and some books had little oatmeal spots on them. “I better clean this up,” she said. She pulled out her wand, and with a little flick and thinking, Scourgafy, all the oatmeal disappeared. She turned back to James who was spotless. “Happy?”

“Yes, thank you,” he said. Lily looked around at all the books. She could feel his gaze on her as she walked by all the shelves, reading book spines. She stopped at one about Fairies and pulled it off the shelf. It was leather bound with a picture of a fairy on the cover. The fairy was like a miniature human with pointy ears and long brown hair. She was wearing a dark green dress that went down to her ankles. It was beautiful.

“You can borrow that if you want,” James said. She turned to see that he was standing right behind her so she had to look up to look at him.

“Thanks,” Lily replied, looking back down at the book and then up at him again. Her breath caught in her throat as he started leaning toward her.

Then, Sirius walked in, announcing, “The kids are in bed.” Lily jumped and turned back to the bookshelves, pretending to be looking at the books.

“Thanks, Padfoot,” James mumbled. Lily wanted to hit Sirius. He had really bad timing.

“We should go downstairs,” Lily said. She walked past James and Sirius and walked downstairs just in time to be scared to death by Mr. and Mrs. Potter as they apperated into the kitchen.

“Lily,” Mrs. Potter said, “How were things?”

“They were great,” Lily said. She heard James and Sirius walking down the stairs behind her.

“Well,” Mr. Potter said, “Let me pay you.”

Lily was paid, she said thank you, got her things, and left, before James had a chance to say anything.


A/n There are two more chapters. Sorry about the crappy ending to this chapter. REVIEW!

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