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Lily’s POV

I awoke early the next morning and went out to the deck of the boat. I gazed into the depths of the water. The sapphire blue waters sparkled in the radiant sun. I thought about what happened last night. I don’t know why I felt the way I did. I might even be falling for James Potter….wait a sec, did I just say I WAS FALLING FOR JAMES POTTER!?!?!? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT! That’s it. I’m jumping off this boat like that chick from Titanic. One leg over….

“Hey, Lily!” said a voice from behind me. CRUD! It was HIM!!! “Umm, why are you halfway off the railing of the boat?”

“Never mind that. Listen, Potter. What happened last night was….well, I don’t know what it was, but it certainly—“

“What are you saying?” James cocked his head questioningly. Gosh, he looked so confused and cute and…..was he sad? Oh my god! He was disappointed! He even looks a little miserable! Oh, what have I done?

“Well I….never mind.”

“Are you sure we can’t talk about—“

“I SAID NEVER MIND!” I yelled. James winced. “Sorry James. I guess I’m just a little pissed that Petunia brought her boyfriend on MY cruise.”

“Well, why don’t we make Petunia regret ever having brought him.” said James, grinning evilly.


James POV

Our prank was almost ready. Lily had read somewhere that the ship we were on was supposedly ‘haunted’.

“What does that mean?” I asked her.

“It means that it’s full of ghosts.”

“You mean, like Hogwarts?”

“Yeah, only you can’t see them.”

So, what we’re going to do is have Lily tell everyone about the ‘ghosts’ at dinner. Then, when Petunia and Vernon have some sort of romantic moment, we’ll levitate a bunch of antique relics in front of them and BOOM! They’re gonna be scared out of their minds! I can’t believe Lily agreed to go along with it.

There is so much about her that I haven’t found out yet. I am so in love with her I can’t stand it. I want her to be in love with me, but she hates me. I don’t know how she feels, actually. I thought she hated me, but last night and this morning, she treated me civilly. Well, maybe not much this morning, but….AAARGH!!! This is confusing! My brain cannot comprehend all of this information at once! OVERLOAD!!

“James, are you ready?”

“For what?”

“The prank we’ve been planning like, all day! Hellooo!”

Oh. In this entire stage of my overload, I had completely forgotten the prank.

“Sorry Lily Flower.” I said. She scowled.

“Don’t call me that.”


Lily’s POV

We went down to dinner and James once again sat next to me. Strangely enough, I didn’t seem to mind. Then I remembered something.

“Hey James,” I whispered, “isn’t your family pure-blood?”


“So what are you guys doing on a muggle cruise?” James turned bright red. He mumbled something incomprehensibly and hastily began to shove food into his mouth. “JAMES! Just tell me!” I whispered fiercely. He swallowed.

“All right! I wanted to get to know you, so I bugged your friend Alice for a while and she told me you had won this cruise thingy. So I entered and might’ve tweaked my chances of winning a teensy bit, so I could spend all summer with you and maybe you could get to know me a little more and not hate me so much. Happy?”

I was shocked. James entered this cruise drawing just to be with me?! And all I did was be a jerk to him. I promise myself, somehow I will make it up to him. But how?

Oh no! I think I know exactly how, but I think if I do it my life will be ruined forever. Damn!

The rest of dinner was a blur. I think I remember telling the family about the interesting ‘history’ of our ship, but that’s it. The entire time I was just asking myself if I should really do this. Alright, I can’t believe I am saying this, but I might actually enjoy it. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

“Um, Lily. Why did you just scream in frustration?” Oops. I guess that last one wasn’t just in my head. Okay, I think I’m ready. Oh my gosh, I’m not ready! This is gonna ruin my life!

Taking a deep breath, I asked James to meet me out on the deck to go over the last few details of the prank. He nodded and said he would be right there. Right now, I am about to kill myself, but that would be too drastic. Oh, shoot. He’s here.

“So, Lily. What did you really want to talk about?”

“I have no idea what you mean James,” I said stiffly, “ I want to go over the prank.”


“Stop that! Alright, if you must know, I think it was really nice of you to cheat your way into this drawing so you could spend your summer with me. And, I also want you to know,” I paused and inhaled, “that I might really like you.” I looked up at him hopefully. His grin was a mile wide.

He put his arms around me and my entire body exploded with happiness. That’s when I did the thing I had been dreading this entire night. I kissed him.

We went through with the prank, though we had a little trouble when James wouldn’t let go of my hand long enough for me to levitate the stuff in front of them, but it didn’t matter. None of it mattered. I just knew, I had finally noticed the guy I would spend the rest of my life with.


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