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The night was a bitter calm; off in the distance two shadowy figures could be seen. Irene stepped forward apprehensively. She jumped in shock as she heard a gasping intake of breath and the crunching of leaves beside her. Slowly she turned, she jumped again as she seen three other dark figures next to her. Though she couldn’t see their faces, she knew instantly that it was Lana, Sydie and Kaylee.

“You guys, where are we?” she asked, though no sound came through the night.

One of the others turned towards her, she attempted to say something but again, nothing was heard. Nervously, Irene stepped forward – if they couldn’t talk then they might as well find out why – the four moved towards the shadows in the distance.

Trees were on both sides of the path that they followed and there was no moonlight to light the way to the hill where the path led. The two figures that Irene had seen earlier were still standing at the top of the hill. Irene shivered as a gust of cold wind blew past.

The girls continued on in silence. They tried desperately to ask each other what was going on but none could make a sound. The only sounds that came from them were their rasping breaths and the crunching of dry leaves under their feet. All four jerked in surprise when they heard a voice. A very strange, uncanny voice.

“They will know in time.” It echoed through the darkness. Another voice, just as strange, yet seemingly calmer replied:

“If only I could have warned them!”

As the four girls - or shadows of the girls, rather - neared the top of the hill Lana, Kaylee and Sydie all disappeared. Irene searched around frantically for them. She soon gave up and continued up the rest of the hill. As she reached the top she could make out the features of the two people, though she had no clue who they were. One was wearing dark blue robes and a pair of half-moon spectacles over brilliant blue eyes. He had a long silver beard that fell down below his waist. He was smiling warmly at her with a slight twinkle in his eye.

“You look just like her,” he said as calm as humanly imaginable. Irene looked at him very puzzled. She turned her gaze to the other and was expecting the same thing, but he was the complete opposite. He frowned disappointedly at her and had dark mysterious eyes. He said nothing to her, just shook his head and the two forms disappeared.

“What is going on?” Irene asked herself. She turned as if to start back down the hill, but stopped instantly when the two people appeared again. Taking a closer look, she realized instantly that they were not the same people.

“Who are you?” Irene asked, knowing that no sound would come. But she was wrong, her words echoed over the valley and wood below her. Both responded to her voice, but neither answered, they were dead silent for several minutes.

Both wizards were wearing odd looking clothes. One wore what Irene had recognized as ancient robes that were rarely seen in pictures anymore. The ‘old’ wizard, as Irene referred to him immediately in her mind looked to be the nicer of the two. He, at least, smiled. The other was glaring malignantly, his robes didn’t make him look any nicer. They were black as the night and torn several times, making him look like a Dementer with a face. Irene quickly glanced away from the ‘evil’ one and turned to the other to ask her question again.

“Um… who…”

“You know who we are, Irene,” he answered, not letting her finish. “Though you probably don’t,” he added, with a slight smile. Irene stared at him unblinkingly, she was about to speak when the other interrupted in a cold, hissing voice.

I refuse to share blood with such filth,” he hissed. Irene glared at the ‘unnamed’ person.

Yea, and that would be ‘thy’ fault, Tom,” the other replayed in the same language.

“I do Speak Parseltongue!” Irene spat out in English.

We know,< i>” The ‘old’ one said, resuming his speech in Parselmouth, “Thou art truly of ‘our’ blood.”

Who are you!?!” Irene demanded, unknowingly she had spoken in Parsletongue. Silently, she gasped and her hand flew up to her mouth, “No, you can’t be … my father KILLED YOU. YOU CAN’T BE ALIVE!!!

If I were, you’d be dead!” Tom hissed.

Now, Tom, don’t frighten the young one. We have much to tell her!

And you … you would be Slytherin, right?

Yes, I would prefer Salazar.

This is just a dream, right?

Isn’t young Potter so smart,” Voldemort snapped coldly, his red eyes glaring at her in an utmost hatred.

So why am I here?

The smile vanished from Salazar’s face. “
Yes, we have come to warn you of a Rising Power.

I already know of the rising power,” Irene said, a baffled look on her face. “Wait … Oh no, ‘we have defeated him … but he will come back’” she said to herself. “So it’s true, you defeated him? But then … how can he really come back? If he’s dead …” she began to breathe faster as she contemplated what was happening. “Does he have Horcruxes?

Voldemort gasped at the word and Salazar smiled again. “
No, dear child. Horcruxes are used for those who yearn for power, and know that they have it not,” he quickly glanced at the other and continued. “There are things much worse than a Horcrux, things that the more part of us could not come to realize.”

But, how can there be that sort of power?” Irene said, horrified at the thought of something worse than what kept ‘Voldemort’ alive, killing innocent people for so long. But then, Voldemort was standing in front of her with no power at all, and gasping at the thought of a Horcrux. “
How can someone never die?

Oh, he will die, fear not.

But … how?

How is this insolent girl of our blood? She doesn’t know any of this, from the looks of it! This is going to take all night!”

“She doesn’t know that she knowest it yet, Tom. Patience.

Stop calling me Tom!

What don’t I _ or ‘do’ I know?” she asked.

He would rise again a millennium from his defeat,” he started

oh, yeah, I knew that,” Irene said, “Wait, how did I know that? I’m beginning to sound like Lana!

The Power of the Founders would be reunited at his awakening; he would be awoken when the Power of the Founders was reunited.

So it happened at the same time?

Catching on, are we?” Voldemort – or ‘Tom’ as Irene had rather referred to him as, since it sounded less … disturbing – said.


So the Power was reunited? But when? Where? And how were you certain they would both happen at the same time? And who?

On the start of Hogwarts. The Schools’ Express. Hunik. And you,” Salazar went through and answered all of her questions.

Irene stood thinking hard, as he answered the questions too quickly for her to comprehend everything he said. She thought hard and then ticked the answers off on her fingers, “
On the Hogwarts Express, the first of September. Hunik? Oh no, not that blasted language again! Let me guess, your own ‘writing’ told you the two things would happen at the same time,” she said rolling her eyes.

Actually, yes.

Whoever made up the language is a bloody moron!

We sure get to teach the bright one, don’t we Salazar?” Tom said. Irene snapped her head and glared at him.

Would you two drop your contentions? We have a lot to do.” He turned and pointed at Irene, “Nobody made the language up,” then he turned towards Tom, “And Rowena gets the bright one.

Hey!” Irene protested. “Wait … you never answered my last question!

Yes, he did! Open your ears, Potter!” Tom spat out. “It’s you!

Irene gasped.

And three others of course,” Salazar put in.

Who are the other’s?

Haven’t you any clue?” Salazar asked.

How am I possibly supposed to know?

Obviously she’s not the Erudite of the bunch, Rowena’s got it easy!” Tom said, his voice still as cold as ever. “If I were only alive, I could teach you to use your brain.

Hmm,” Irene mocked, “too bad my father killed you isn’t it?

That is quite enough, from the both of you! Irene, we can’t tell you who the others are, but haven’t you any clue?

No!” she snapped. She was almost ready to loose her temper on the both of them, especially Tom. If they would just get to the point and tell her why she was there and what she needed to do.

I’m sorry, Irene, there is nothing more we can tell you.

Why defeat him, if he’ll only come back again?

A second defeat is always the hardest!” Tom said, surprisingly he didn’t sound cold or glare as he spoke it.

Irene searched for something to say, but could think of nothing. She stared at Tom awestruck, as she repeatedly opened and closed her mouth.

We must depart, Irene. And with that the two were gone leaving Irene to stand alone on the tall hill in the bitter cold night.


Irene bolted up straight in her bed, covered in cold sweat.

“Irene, is everything alright?” Lana asked. She was sitting in front of the girls’ small mirror desperately trying to get her hair to lay flat. Irene didn’t respond, Lana turned to look at her and gasped. Irene’s face was flushed of all colour, and she looked as pale as a ghost.

“Irene! What happened?” she shrieked as she jumped over to her bed. “Was it just a nightmare?”

Irene looked up at Lana and hissed out a response that Lana couldn’t understand.

“What? Irene! Speak English!” Lana said frantically.

Irene shook her head as if to wake herself up and repeated. “No, I don’t think that was a nightmare!”

A/N I hope you all enjoyed it. I'm not exactly sure how this chapter sounds to readers but it had to be in the story. PLEASE leave a review and tell me what you think of it.

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