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"Lily, come on, wake up, seven o clock!" Sariah said, shaking Lily.

"No, five more minutes! " Lily moaned

"Nope, get up, come on."

"No, you can't make me!." Lily groaned

Just then, Sare had a brilliant idea.

"Ok Lil," Sare said, walking over to get her bewitched CD player, "you win."

She slipped in a CD called "My faves", which she made herself, turned the volume allthe way up, set it by Lily's ear, and let it play as she took cover.

It blared through the CD player, and Lily jumped out of her bed, and started to chase Sare around the dorm. Then finally gave up. "

"Why the hell did you do that for?" Lily asked Sare in mock anger.

"Hey, I never said anything (putting an emphasis on thing) couldn't make you, now did I?" Sariah said.

When they were dressed and ready to go, they made their way to the Great hall, where they found Tonks, Ella and Margie sitting together. They sat next to them.

"So, sare, are u ready to kick Black's butt tonight?" asked Tonks.

"Yep, and with pleasure- hey! how did you find out?"

"Remus told me. He said Sirius asked James last night where he'd think you'd like to go on Saturday, but then James told Sirius not to get his head in the clouds because Lily told him you were a serious dancer."

"Well, he's right about that." sare replied.

"Then Black wouldn't stop practicing so much until James hexed him three times just to get him to sleep."

"Did someone call my name?" James asked, striding over with the other Marauders to sit down next to them.
Once they were seated, James asked, "So Tonks, should we tell them about what we are going to do?"

"Oh, yeah, tell them!" Ella said.

"Okay, well, ya know how you two r gonna dance for that bet thingy right? Well we decided to make it a contest with actual judges, they're gona be me, Tonks, Remus, Peter, Ella, Margie, and Lily. And we decided that if by some phenomenon that the two of you tie, you both have to do what the other person betted." Jams said with an evil grin.

"There's only one problem Prongs, I'm gonna have to forfeit 'cause I don't know any Kordi dance moves!"

James looked over to where Sariah and said, "Sariah, change it, I wanna see him win."

Sariah threw a death glare at James. "Oh fine, Potter, I'll change it to Perian Hip- Hop. But, I want to raise the stakes on my part."

"To what?" Sirius asked.

"For a whole week, not only will you not play any tricks on me and Lily, but you will leave us completely alone for an entire week. Deal?"

"Deal." Sirius said.

After Sare stretched, she pulled on a white top and black pants, and went down stairs. There were Lily, Remus, Ella, Tonks, James, and Peter waiting for her and Sirius. A little while later Sirius came down in a blue t-shirt and jeans.

"Okay you two, I'll explain what'll happen here. You'll each get a song of your choice on the ARASH CD. You'll dance and then get a score from one to ten and the person with the highest score wins. Sare, you're up first." Tonks explained, then brought out th CD player. Sariah went up and chose the song. The beat was pefect for two backflips, a handstand, and other really great moves.
Oh, boy, I'm in trouble, Sirius thought.

The scores were four tens and a nine, which totaled up to 49 pts.

Next it was Sirius's turn. He went up and picked a fastbeat song.
Sirius's dance moves were off the chain. He did three backflips, and a handstand.

His scores were 10, 10, 11, 9, and 9.

"And the winner is......" James said adding scores up.

"both of you!"

Sare and Sirius stopped and faced each other.

"So you mean I have to leave Kent AND Lily alone for an entire week?" Sirius said in disbelief.

"And I have to let Black put his bloody disgusting mouth all over me for however much and long he wants?" Sariah yelled.

"Yep, basically," James said, "now if i could get Lily to do the same with me..."

"Shut up while you're ahead, Potter, I'll never go out with you." Lily retorted.

" Fine." James said.

"So Kent, where do you want to go in Hogsmeade?" Sirius said, putting an arm around Sariah.

"I wouldn't worry about that now, Black, but what I would worry about is fighting the urge to do anything to me 'cause your week starts now." Sariah responded coldly.

She didn't mean to, it was just that she started to worry about the blue moon that had burned into her right forearm to prove that time was almost up.

You see, Sariah's family has a history of Angel warriors and Seers, and Sariah is both.

Ohhh, a cliffhanger! Dun dun DUNNNN! \ PLEASE REVIEW! Good or bad, I don't care!

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