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An Encounter

Severus Snape stared moodily at the board and proceeded to take out his quill and parchment while waiting for the roguish bunch of first years that were his peers. He was still contemplating about that redheaded odd ball that was Lucinda Gray. She had seemed like such a fool in the beginning, he had watched her stumble toward the sorting hat with an expression of confusion while trying valiantly to put on a face of indifference. She had sat on the stool for what seemed like ages and Severus began to wonder what was so special about this Lucinda girl. Imagine his surprise when she was sorted into Slytherin. A ghost of a smile played upon his lips as he remembered her attempt at a conversation. She seemed so socially inept. What possessed this girl to start a conversation with him? Him. Severus was pretty sure it wasn’t because of his ‘nice hair’ as she put it. No, it was definitely not because of his hair seeing as how she had looked on the verge of pissing herself when she had realized what she had said. It was amusing, she was amusing. Severus Snape was amused.

Before Severus could ponder more on Lucinda, the girl in question strode in with a confident stride. Lucinda spotted Snape’s somewhat familiar figure and walked over to him with a gloomy expression. She placed her book bags on the ground and sat herself on Severus’s right. She gave him a curt nod, which sent her short red hair flying into her face. She grimaced and tucked it behind her ear. Severus watched all this from the corner of his eye. She took out several pieces of parchment and a quill and began to write feverishly onto the parchment often pausing and sighing. She kept biting the end of her quill, which was becoming increasingly wetter by the second. Severus watched all this with curiosity.


Today was the big day. The day I was going to tell my father what house I was in. Not that he wouldn’t know considering the fact that word gets around pretty quickly in the magical community but you know, to officiate things. Oh God, I was a nervous bundle of nerves. Haha. Get it? Nervous bundle of nerves? Oh man, I am pathetic. I make up stupid jokes in times of absolute stress. To put it quite simply I am insane.

I walked into the dungeons expecting nobody considering how early it was and was surprised to see the somewhat familiar silhouette of Snape. He was slouched over while staring resolutely at the board. I looked toward it, the board that is and found it quite blank. I shrugged and was glad someone was just as odd as I. Not that Snape was odd, more the mysterious sort who usually kept to himself. As I walked up to him I was contemplating whether I should bother him and sit next to him, but that would mean talking to him and God knows what would come out of my mouth this time. I could picture it now.

What are you staring at?

Your delicious yellow teeth and how they sparkle in the dim light. Could you open our mouth a little wider? I’d like to see all your dazzling yellow teeth. Maybe we could measure them together? I’m sorry if I am scaring you. You see, I want to be a dentist when I grow up.

Merlin, I’m such a muppet. I decided I would sit next to him risking the chance of me speaking to him. After all, Severus was mysterious and he seemed a bit on the lonely side. Loner’s must stick together, I like to say. I plopped into the seat next to his right showing off the grace of an extremely bloated cow. I gave him a curt nod, which caused my stupid hair to tumble in my face. I made a face and tucked my unruly hair behind my ear. I am such an idiot, I don’t need to speak, I merely have to nod and the whole world will know what an idiot I am. I might as well hold up a sign proclaiming my total idiocy, “ I am an idiot. Watch me nod.” I groaned inwardly.

I hastily took out a piece of parchment and a quill and proceeded to write while silently berating myself for my utter clumsiness.

Dear, dear, understanding father,

I thought a little bit of flattery might stifle his disappointment with me.

I am going to go straight to the point. I am in Slytherin. The house you despise due to your very resilient Gryffindor spirit. Do not get me wrong, I did not ask to be in this position. You do not like Slytherin and I am using the term “like” lightly but I think you should at least try to be a little less prejudice about my house. Yes father, I am now referring Slytherin as my house because frankly, Slytherin is going to be my second home for the next seven years of my life. Wish me luck on that by the way. You either have to be unbearably rich or pureblooded to be part of the “in” crowd in Slytherin. Since I am neither I am now a social outcast. So don’t worry about me turning into some zombie who hates muggles. How could I bring myself to hate mom? Although her meatloaves and well, dinners in general are a different story.
Okay, I think you are done with my cheek.
Dad, I am in Slytherin period. Your endless rambling and outbursts are not going to help at all. If you keep up this ridiculous animosity with Slytherin wouldn’t that make you as bad as them? I mean I? Oh man, I am so going to have to get used to that. I am aware of the fact that most witches and wizards who end up in Slytherin turn out to be mass murderers or what not but I would just like to point out that I will never ever be like my housemates. Most of which, are complete prats and morons therefore strengthening my resolve not to be like them. You should understand this more than anybody because you have always known there was something different about me other than the obvious fact that I am witch. I suppose it is a bit disappointing having your only son not magical but instead have your angst daughter become magical but hey, you and mom can take a crack on another one.

Father, Dad I just want you to understand and all I’m asking is for your support here. And God knows I may need it. I’m not asking for the world here all I want is for you to understand and respect the fact that I am different, that I am going to disappoint, that I am not perfect and that I am a Slytherin. Like it or not I’m growing up, slowly obviously but still growing. I will never be the perfect daughter you want but I am what I am and if being a Slytherin comes with the package so be it.

So yeah,

I love you. Give my love to mom and please buy her a cookbook. Maybe we won’t have to buy takeout for Thanksgiving this time? Hope the business is going well, taking spectacular photos as usual?

Love always your daughter,
Lucinda or as you like to call me Lucy.

I paused and checked it over twice making sure I didn’t seem like the blubbering idiot of a daughter that I was. It was easier to pretend on parchment. I bent down and retrieved another piece of parchment, this time it would be addressed to my brother. I moved the letter to my father to the side forgetting that Severus was sitting beside me.

Oi Luke,

Pay attention! Your lovely, annoying sister is here to greet you providing that you can read my handwriting but I won’t worry about that as much seeing as how your writing is sloppier than mine. Haha. How’s school going for you? Pleasant? Ha! Knowing you I know it’s beyond pleasant. You must be living in hell right now with all those nuns busying around. Pity. School for me is surprising. Yes, surprising. I mean I am always surprised 24-7 when I’m here. Okay, so it’s only been one night and a day, which I am starting right now, the day that is, but all it takes is a ghost flying right through you. My scream was heard for miles. I swear there are ghosts everywhere, my house ghost is called the Bloody Baron and he is a tad creepy. But they are ghosts so I think it’s mandatory. Let me tell you though, walking through a ghost is not pleasant. It’s like being dunked in ice. Horrible.
Oh yeah, we also have a giant squid that occupies the giant lake outside the castle, yes a giant squid. This is no rumor; I swear I saw a tentacle.
Here are a number of interesting facts about Hogwarts:
#1. The staircases move and I do not mean elevators.
#2. The portraits speak to you and they move. That’s not a big surprise though seeing as how Dad owns a wizard photo shop but here there are hundreds of portraits. It’s quite eerie.
#3. There’s no ceiling, whatsoever. It’s the sky. Quite beautiful really. But it’s not the real sky it’s more an enchantment.
#4. The food is absolutely wonderful. You’d be jealous.
#5. My classes are, Transfigurations, Potions, Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Magical creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts and way more. It’s unbelievable.
#6. My headmaster looks about 100 years old but he’s a mad genius. I quite like him.
#7. There’s an annoying poltergeist that enjoys tormenting innocent students. I dislike him.
That’s all I have right now but really, I now can say I have been wet rasberried by a poltergeist. Yay me.
But anyway, I just wanted to say I am sorry for leaving you in the clutches of Dad. He must be unbearable at the moment.

Man, my hand is hurting but I’ll keep you posted all right? And your going to write back and your going to tell me all about the chicks you mesmerize with your good looks and mad guitar skills. You are my hero.

I miss and love you brother.
Remember that.
I am such a muppet.

Love Lucinda.

P.S. Archie, my owl will be delivering this. Feed him and be kind and he probably won’t hurt you.

I smiled fondly at the letter and gave it a quick kiss. It was after the kiss that I remembered Severus sitting beside me. I turned toward him and found him reading my letter to my father and anger surged through me. I mean he wasn’t holding the letter but he was reading it and I got so pissed off. It’s common in red heads to get angry. I snatched the letter away and glared at him coldly. He didn’t even know me but yet he had already taken the liberty of meddling in my private affairs. He didn’t apologize. I didn’t expect an apology but I wanted some sort of reaction from him, preferably a sorry kind of reaction. But none came and when he smirked at me, like it was funny, I lost it.

“How dare you.” I hissed menacingly.

I had to resist the urge to hit him in the face but that would have been too vulgar, it’s one thing to threaten somebody with a “sock in the face”, it’s another thing, however, when you actually do it. Maybe I would have actually hit him in the face if I was more acquainted with him but I had just met the guy so instead of giving him a black eye, I stood up and grabbed my things. My eyes roamed the room for a suitable seat far away from prying eyes. Before I was able to walk another step I felt him grab my wrist like all possessive freaks do, like all scum who pry into other people’s private lives to amuse themselves, like all pathetic people who believed they had found a friend but were mistaken. I wish I were wrong. I wish I had found a friend.


Severus looked down at the piece of parchment very close to eye reach and gobbled down the contents with his eyes. It was after reading it that he found himself with an overwhelming surge of jealously. Gray had something he had not, she had something he wanted, desired, she had a loving family. A real one. A family where jokes could be made, a place where you felt liked you belonged; a place where words like, “I love you” didn’t make you flinch, she had a loving family who worried about her. In Severus’s eleven-year-old mind he wanted and he wished just like every child but unlike every child he didn’t want toys, no, he simply wanted love. For the first time in Severus’s short life he had found hope, he had found meaning. He just wanted to be cared for. He had glimpsed a cozy world where fear and depression didn’t exist. But he knew, he knew that love was too much to ask and even though he wanted love so badly he knew it was an impossible wish. It was a wish that would never be granted.

So when Lucinda stood up with anger and made to leave, Severus through caution to the wind and made actual contact with her wrist. He had touched her, grabbed her if you will. Her skin was warm and smooth and he was stunned at the softness that was her skin. His grip on her lightened and as she turned with fire blazing in her hazel eyes, he spoke.

“Don’t go.” He said so quietly that it was barely a whisper. He let go of her hand and looked at her with an impassive face. Severus had found a tiny shimmer of hope. He would never admit it but he kind of needed this quirky stranger. He wanted to be amused and he wanted a confidant, not a friend but a confidant. A friend, like love was too much to ask. He looked at her with his black eyes and penetrated through her outer layer. She was scared and angry but most of all she was sad. He didn’t know how to comfort her but he tried.

“Please sit down,” he requested, “Beside me.”

All anger dissolved from Lucinda’s eyes. Her gaze softened and she sat beside him. Neither one speaking to the other.


My wish came true. I was wrong.


Leave me a review? Was it horrible or what not? I know Severus would never think about love but here he is a mere 11-year-old, young and naïve. So anyway, how was the transition from one POV to the other? I want the reader to know what goes on in the mind of Lucinda, I want the reader, you, to be sort of acquainted with her and yet know what goes beyond her mind, her little world. Was it too confusing? Reviews will help a great deal. :]]

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