"Now, Harry, I want you to tell me everything that happened." Lupin was sitting across from Harry in the dark room. Harry swallowed hard.

"Where would you like me to start?" Remus tilted his head, deep in thought. Harry could tell solving things was something Lupin wasn't used to.

"Wherever you feel things began." Lupin bowed his head in sorrow. Harry leaned forward and rested his hands on his arms. Where did things begin?

"Harry, I think someone’s at the door," Lavender Brown chirped from the kitchen. Harry was huddled in his room, sitting against his door with his knees pulled up to his chest. He had been hiding in his room a lot lately, not seeking any attention from anyone-- not even his roommates Neville and Lavender. How do you cope with mutual heartbreak, anyway? It not only depressed Ginny when Harry rejected her again, it hurt him inside, too.

Harry couldn't imagine any two parents who could love their newborn any more than Lavender and Neville did. Their child was born in early January, around a year after Harry moved in. Before that, he basically wasn't living anywhere, but he found a bed at St. Mungo's every now and again. That's where Neville had spotted Harry and invited him to live with him and his girlfriend. At the time, Harry had no idea that it was Lavender, or that Neville even managed to get a girlfriend. Apparently, they got to know each other after their last year at Hogwarts, some things lead to another, and now they had plans to get married.

He thought of his friends who were residing at the Burrow. Molly did say he was always welcome. Then again, how could he apologize to Ginny after all that he'd done? She wasn't a little girl anymore; she had just graduated from Hogwarts… She's probably better off without me, he thought.

"Harry?" Lavender called again. Harry stood up and understood that Lavender was too busy with baby Alice to answer the door. He made his way down the stairs, past old pictures of various Longbottom families, and some new ones of the couple and their newborn. He peered into the keyhole, and noticed that it was a broad man holding a briefcase. Harry opened the door, but made sure not to let the mysterious fellow in.

''Hello, my name's Geoffrey Thimble," the man smiled, holding out his broad hand. The spectacled boy awkwardly held out his, still staring at Geoffrey. The large male was wearing a bright purple pinstriped suit, with shiny black shoes to 'match'. His curly blonde hair was patted down under a bright red top hat. He looks like he could be Lockhart and Fudge's love child, Harry thought.

"May I come in, young man?"

"Oh, yeah, sure." Harry said,- not knowing Lavender was behind him- looking oddly at the man as if she knew him.

"Well, hello, ma'am." Mr. Thimble kissed the bewildered Lavender's hand, as she looked disgustedly back and wiped it on her apron when he wasn't looking. The burley man sat down at the table in the kitchen, looking eagerly around.

"Please, have a seat," Lavender muttered as she shot a nervous look at Harry. They both took a seat across from him, awkwardly looking at his pin. It was rusty grey, with a boldly written 'Azkaban Prison' written across it.

"Excuse me, Mr. Thimble -isn't it? Why-- what is the matter that you must visit our home?" Lavender said, trying to sound as mature as possible. Harry was trying to hold his smirk, but Lavender ignored him.

"Please, call me Geoffrey. And- miss, will you please get us men something to drink?" Lavender opened her mouth to protest, but then remembered his pin. She stood up with her head dropped to floor, while fumbling with her nails and proceeded to get the refreshments.

"Now, Mr. Potter, to business," he said, laying down his dark brown leather briefcase. "I am from Azkaban Prison, and a prisoner has requested your presence during his, well, 'punishment'." Harry thought back to see if he knew anyone who was still in Azkaban, and any severe punishments anyone could have.

"What, may I ask, is this punishment?"

"Well, to put it in simpler terms, a prisoner has asked you to see him, well," Geoffrey fumbled with his fingers, as if to find the right words. He then made a motion to cut his throat, and Harry understood. Unfortunately, this was right when Lavender walked in, and she dropped the glasses she was holding in shock. She sighed and pulled out her wand to clean it up.

"Who is this prisoner?" Harry asked, while cleaning his spectacles.

"Lucius Malfoy." He cleared his throat.

"So did you go?" "Yes. Yes I did.''

"Ah, Mr. Potter." Lucius Malfoy's grey eyes felt like they were burning into Harry's soul. Harry only looked away.

"Boy," Lucius said dominantly bringing his cold hand to Harry's chin, forcing the raven-haired boy to look at him, "you look at me when I'm talking to you."

"Why did you call me here, Lucius?" Harry asked, trying to sound as brave as possible. Malfoy chuckled.

"You see Potter, I'm going to get the kiss. However," he added callously, pulling- Harry closer, "I want to see you dead before I go." They were now so close Harry could feel Lucius breathing on him. The elder reached behind his back, pulled out his Slytherin cane, and put the serpent's head right before Harry's eyes.

"Kiss it."

Harry, who was staring at the cane, brought his eyes back to Lucius's.

"Excuse me?"

"Ah, Potter, I thought you were so brave-- being put into Gryffindor and such." He leaned in closer to Harry. "What's the matter?" he asked, now grazing his hand against Harry's face. Harry winced at the pain in his scar the closer Lucius got.

"You'll always be a true Slytherin," he whispered into Harry's ear. The boy’s scar was burning.

"I would never be in the same house as a traitor! Never!" Harry couldn't help but yell it. "And I wouldn't even dare touch that wretched cane." As fast as it had all happened, Harry felt a shiver down his spine and put the pieces together-- the cane was the last Horcrux.

"Then what did you do with the cane?" Lupin asked.

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