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“Promise to write every day,” said Kate Evans as she pulled her daughter into a tight hug. “And don’t forget to study hard.”
“Mom,” Lily said pulling out of the hug and smiling at her mom, “do you really think I wouldn’t?”
“Well, you never know,” said Kate, “you might get distracted.”
“Distracted by what?” said Lily, looking confused.
“Well, you know…boys,” she whispered, looking a bit worried at the thought.
“Mom, you know I’m not like that,” she said, placing a reassuring arm around her mother’s shoulders. “I wouldn’t jeopardize my future because of one boy.”
“I’m so proud of you,” Ben Evans said pulling her into a one-hand-hug.
“Thanks dad,” she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Oh, there’s Henry. I have to go. I’ll see you soon, and I promise to write.” She walked over to her trolley and pushed it towards the handsome, tall, dark haired boy standing by the train.
“Lily!” he exclaimed walking over to her and pulling her into a deep hug. “I’ve actually missed you.”
“Well, that’s new,” she said smiling at him. She took a step back to examine him. “What on earth are you wearing?”
Henry was wearing a tight shirt under a multicolored coat, along with a pair of checkered golf pants. Lily must have looked surprised, because the smile on his face quickly disappeared and he looked slightly confused. “What, you don’t like it?”
“Er, what-I mean-?” Lily said, trying her hardest to contain her laughter. “What?”
“I saw muggles wearing this everywhere during the summer,” said Henry, looking worried. “Did I do it wrong?”
“It’s just…” said Lily, smiling, “that’s not what they wear.”
“Yes they do! I saw them…everywhere!”
“Ok, ok…You look great,” said Lily, and apparently Henry didn’t catch the sarcasm in her voice, because he smiled at her and pulled into another hug.
“I really have missed you, Miss Evans.”
“I’ve missed you too, Mr. Buckle.”


“You’re going to miss the train!” yelled Jane Potter as she ran after her son. “James!”
“I’ll write you, ok?” James yelled as he ran towards the already moving Hogwarts Express. “Bye mom! Bye dad!”
He was 2 minutes late and the train was steadily gaining speed. He ran as fast as he could, pulling his trunk behind him, drawing glances from the students inside. When he finally managed to get on the train, he was soaking with sweat and his legs were burning. He took a few deep breaths before starting to look for one of his fellow Marauders. He finally found them in a compartment at the end of the train.
“Where were you, mate?” said Sirius. “And you’re soaking.”
“I couldn’t find my wand,” said James, taking a seat closest to the door. He looked around at the people sitting in the compartment. Closest to the window Peter Pettigrew was sitting, staring out the window. Next to him was Remus Lupin, reading a book. Next to James sat Sirius and opposite James, sat Henry.
“What are you doing here?” said James, sounding a tad more annoyed than he’d meant. Henry just looked at him before going back to talking to Sirius. James took out the snitch he’d stolen last year and let it go, catching it again, swiftly.


When they arrive at Hogsmead, the usual carriages were waiting for them. Henry left to find Lily and James, Sirius, Remus and Peter went to find an empty carriage.
“I don’t like him,” said James, looking annoyed.
“Oh, I wonder why,” Sirius said sarcastically, smiling at him.
“Oh, shut up,” said James, blushing slightly.
“There’s no denying it, mate,” said Sirius, nudging James in the stomach. “We know.”
“Know what?” said James, trying to sound as if he had no idea what Sirius was talking about.
“Don’t even try to pretend you don’t know, mate.”
“Can we just drop the subject, please?” James said looking out the window.
They arrived at the castle a few minutes later. Students poured into the entrance hall and made their way to the great hall where a great feast was awaiting them.


“So, how was it?” Lily asked as she and Henry walked into the great hall and sat down at the right end of the Gryffindor table.
Henry looked at her for a moment before saying, “It?”
“Yes…it,” Lily said, smiling at him. “Sharing a compartment with the Marauders?”
“Oh that. Well, it was fine actually,” he said looking surprised. “James was a bit moody though.”
“He’s always moody,” Lily said, looking over at the other end of the table where James was sitting, chatting to Sirius. She took in his features. His hazel eyes, his black, untidy hair, his strong build.
“Lily?” Lily quickly snapped back to reality and looked over at Henry who was sitting opposite her. “What were you looking at?”
Lily blushed slightly before saying, “Oh, I was just thinking about tomorrow.”
“You’re a pathetic liar,” said Henry, “you know that, right?”
Lily looked him, a confused expression her face. “What do you mean lying? I’m not lying.”
Henry sighed. “I can tell when you’re lying, and you’re lying right now.”
“And how do you figure that one out?” Lily said raising an eyebrow at him.
“I know who you were looking at,” Henry said looking over at James.
“What? You mean James?” Lily said, sounding nervous. “You’re mad.”


“Man, are you in trouble,” Sirius said, looking over at James, who was looking at Lily.
“Huh?” said James, turning back to face Sirius. “What?”
“Lily,” Sirius said. “You’ve been following her around like a lapdog for the past 4 years, and you still haven’t managed to get her.”
“Well,” said James, “I’ll just have to live with it.”
“You’re just going to end up hurt.” Sirius said, looking slightly worried. “And even if something happens between you two, what are the chances that it’ll last?”
“Why wouldn’t it work?” said James.
“You’re two different people from two different planets,” said Sirius.
“I can change for her,” said James, looking over at Lily. Not only was she the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, she was also the most frustrating person he’d ever met.
“Maybe you can,” said Sirius, “but do you really think she’d change for you?”
James looked over at Sirius once more, “She doesn’t have to change, she’s perfect just as she is.”


After the feast all the students poured out into the entrance hall and made their way to their houses. Lily and Henry made their way up the stairs to Gryffindor Tower.
“I don’t like him,” Lily said looking over at Henry who was walking beside her. “James…I don’t like him.”
“I don’t believe that for one second,” said Henry placing his arm around her shoulders.
“Why don’t you believe me?” Lily said, looking at Henry.
“I’ve seen the way you look at him,” said Henry softly, smiling at her. “Your eyes light up every time he enters the room and you can’t stop blushing whenever he comes close.”
Lily felt her cheeks burn, “I do not,” she said softly, Henry was not convinced.
“You’re a lousy liar, Lily Evans,” Henry said, removing his arm from her shoulders.
“Shut up,” said Lily, giving him a slight push.
They had arrived at the portrait of a Fat Lady, “grandifolia,” Lily said clearly to the portrait. The Fat Lady looked at them for a while, and then she reluctantly opened the portrait to reveal the Gryffindor common room. The Marauders had already arrived and where sitting comfortably in a few squashy armchairs by the fireplace. Lily walked quietly past them, hoping that James wouldn’t notice, but she was unsuccessful. James looked up to meet Lily’s brilliant green eyes. Lily quickly looked away, blushing again, and kept walking. She said goodnight to Henry before walking up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.
James went back to playing with his snitch. Sirius looked over at him noticed that his ears had turned a delicate shade of red, “What was that?”
“What was what?” James said.
“Did you not just feel that?” Sirius said, looking alarmed.
“Feel what?” James said, confused.
“The tension,” said Sirius. “You didn’t feel that?”
“What tension?”
“I think I might’ve been wrong about Lily,” said Sirius, going back to braiding his hair.
“She’s clearly interested,” said Sirius, smiling at James, causing James to blush even more.

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