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Chapter four~ The Rating game

Lindsay rushed out her front door shoving her letter into her pocket as she hopped down her front path. It was Monday morning and as usual she was running late. She was sure the neighbours were used to seeing her run out of the house her hair wild, shoes in hand and half eaten toast in her mouth.

Which was how she was today. Minus the toast but plus books in hand that she had not yet managed to shove in her bag and her tie hanging loosely from her neck.

At the gate she stopped to push the books into her bag. It was their fault really. If she didn’t need them she wouldn’t have had to find them and therefore would not be running late.

As she had closed the door she had almost heard (if that was possible) her dad shaking his head. Yes she was unorganised but it worked for her…most of the time.

Just not Monday mornings.

Glancing at her watch she groaned. With a frustrated sigh she hoisted her bag (Her very heavy bag.) onto her shoulder shoved her other shoe on her foot. Without bothering to tie them she took off down the street, attempting to knot her tie with one hand as she dodged parking meters, early morning joggers (Bunch of nutters they were. Voluntarily up at this hour? Someone phone the doctor please!) and waving distractedly to her neighbours who always called out to her.

As she neared the corner she slowed down a little. Of course Rachel was already there leaning casually against a lamp post in an-oh-I-have-only-been-here-for-10- minutes sort of way. She looked up as she heard Lindsay approach.

“Good morning Lindsay.”

“Hey Rachel, how are you?” Lindsay answered breathlessly.

Rachel grinned. “Even more late than usual.” She commented fixing Lindsay’s tie for her as Lindsay quickly ran a brush through her hair. Without a word Rachel pulled a small mirror out of her bag and held it up for Lindsay to see.

Lindsay took a moment to study her reflection before pulling a face. Rachel nodded and removed the mirror; the pulling of the face thing meant Lindsay was satisfied. She knew. After all they did this every Monday morning.

So what's the excuse this morning?” She asked lightly as she held Lindsay’s bag. Lindsay looked up from tying her shoes. “Couldn’t find my math book.” She said righting herself and taking her bag back.

Rachel grinned at her as they began to head in the direction of school. “Finish the English lit essay?” She asked.

Lindsay laughed. “Yeah just. I started it so long ago it seems. But finally!” She cried dramatically throwing her hands in the air, “It is done! I could dance. I could sing, come Rach, dance a jig with me!” She said skipping out infront of Rachel and almost colliding with one of those early morning dog walkers.

Rachel pulled her back into line as Lindsay called out her apologies. The man didn’t seem too forgiving as he walked away muttering something about ‘foolish youngsters carrying on in the streets.’

“You’re cheerful this morning.” Rachel commented after they had stopped laughing.

“Aren’t I always?”

“I mean unusually cheerful. Possibly bordering-on-creepy-cheerful. Especially for a Monday. Usually I can barely get a word out of you.”

Lindsay’s grin grew. “Lily wrote.”

“Ah.” Rachel said with a nod. “The elusive Lily. Who I have never met. Who is away at boarding school most of the year? Very conveniently may I add... That Lily?”

“The one and only.” She said as they reached their school.

“I still don’t think she’s exists.” Rachel mumbled suddenly drawing Lindsay from her trance.

“Whatever.” Lindsay murmured. Waving to some other friends by the doorway of their classroom.

“Morning ladies!” Rachel called as they entered together sitting with a couple of other friends. “Hey Amber. How was your weekend?”

Amber smiled smugly. “You will never guess who I bumped into!”

“Who?” Asked Rachel. Lindsay sat down. Everyone knew what was coming yet every time they had to ask who…

“Derek.” Amber said looking at each girl. “He asked me out next weekend.” She added as her friends began to talk.

“I am so jealous!” A girl named Hannah said. “He would never look twice at me!”

“I know!” Her friend Lizzie agreed. “He has to be the most gorgeous guy at Hartley’s.” She said referring to the boys’ school that they often saw at dances and such.

“No way!” Exclaimed Rachel. “Has to be Andy.”

“Uh.” Lindsay groaned. “You only say that because he is you boyfriend!”

“Sorry Rach, Hot, but not like Derek. He wins. Hottest guy I have ever set eyes on.”

“Tell me about it.” Amber gushed.

“What about Dean?” Lizzie asked.

“No way!” Hannah laughed.

“Sorry Hann,” Lizzie said. “But have you seen that smile?”

“Oh yes. Pity the personality doesn’t match!” Amber joked.

Rachel, Lizzie and Hannah laughed and Lindsay shook her head smiling to herself.

“So Lindsay.” Rachel said nudging her in the side. “Your opinion?”

“Which I can't believe you haven’t given already.” Amber joked, flicking her hair over one shoulder.

Lindsay shot her a look. “That’s funny. Am, really good.”

“Well?” Lizzie and Hannah asked together wanting someone to settle the great debate.

Lindsay smiled. “Sirius Black.”

“Who?” They all asked.

“I’ve never heard of him.” Lizzie said.

Hannah looked at her. “He sure doesn’t go to Hartley’s.”

Lizzie grinned. “And you would know! I’ve never known someone to study their year book as much as you.”

“I do not!” Hannah protested.

“Oh shut up the both of you.” Amber said with a hair flick. “So tell us about him.” She said turning back to Lindsay.

Rachel smirked. “Another imaginary friend Lindz?”

Lindsay rolled her eyes again. “I am not that pathetic. Just because he doesn’t go to Hartley’s doesn’t mean I made him up!”

“Okay…sorry.” Rachel surrendered her hands in the air. “I take it back. So who is he?”

“Just a guy I met when I saw Lily off at the train station. The Lily that does exist.” She added pointedly for Rachel’s benefit.

“Ooh, so he's a friend of Lily’s?” Lizzie asked.

“And does Lily mind?” Hannah added.

“Mind what?” Lindsay asked.

“That you have a thing for one of her friends?” Lizzie said.

Lindsay laughed, once for the question and secondly at the freakish way their minds worked… the next step was actually finishing each others sentences. “Okay not Lily’s friend and who said I had ‘a thing’ for him? I just said he was hot.”

“How hot?”

Lindsay was stumped. “Uh…”

“If you had to rate him. On a scale of one to ten.”

“Umm…” Lindsay murmured regretting her decision to speak during this conversation. “From one to ten?” She repeated blankly. How were you supposed to rate someone without a knowing what classified as a ten? Of course knowing these people they would all know what a ten was…probably a Derek or Dean, but then what counted as a one?

Vernon Dursley? Lindsay laughed at this thought.

The four girls looked at her expectantly.

“How about I just bring in a photo and you can rate him yourself?” Lindsay joked.

“What does he look like then?” Hannah asked just as their teacher walked into the room. Rachel shot her a look as she jumped down off her desk. Everyone else scrambled for their seats as Mr Crimmels tapped his cane on the desk.

“Well?” Lizzie dared to whisper.

“Essays, pass them to the front, without speaking, Miss Hilson.”

Lizzie slapped her hand across her mouth smothering a giggle. Lindsay shook her head looking over her essay one more time to avoid making eye contact with Rachel.

She heard her friend huff to herself sitting back in her chair sulkily. Lindsay smiled to herself as the essay pile reached her. She added hers to the top and passed it along, the feeling of freedom that can only come from finally handing in that particularly frustrating piece of homework passing over her.

Up the front Mr Crimmels shuffled the papers. “Now, “ He said looking up. “As not to waste a moment today we begin Shakespeare.” He said cheerfully over the groans of the entire class.

Lindsay smiled to herself, pulling out a new sheet of paper

Dear Lily the lucky

Like oh my god, like he is just so hot! Like uh, I know!

Who are these people???

You shake your head at my madness? I shake my head at them. I can't help but fear I am losing myself!!! Lily help me!!! I am becoming one of them! I actually mentioned a boys name in the Monday morning who-got-hotter-over-the weekend-even-though-it-was-only-two-days-but-oh!-my!-god!, discussion!!! I could feel myself being sucked in!!!

It was like I was Possessed! I couldn’t help it, but you believe me I instantly regretted it…

Oh by the way, Rachel asked why she has never met you before…She still thinks you are made up. But really, REALLY I have to ask why would I bother making up a friend? Hello? Although I may act like I am six, secretly I’m not.

So may I ask the reason for the whole melodramatic act? Really I wanted to write to Lily the melodramatic but I cannot bear to lose this early in the game, therefore today you shall be Lily the lucky.

Because you at least go to a co-ed school. Lily. Darling. My precious Lily. I want you to imagine something: Being at a school with JUST Hazel and Christie.

That is what I call life.

Which is why you are lucky. To have people who you could talk to! Don’t get me wrong. Yes I will talk to these people but golly gosh I feel like rolling my eyes whenever one of them giggles… And did you know they have a rating system for the Hartley boys???

So my point is you should try to get to know those dashing boys better. For me. So I can live through you. Because the only time I get to socialise outside school with someone who I can actually have a decent conversation AND who doesn’t giggle is prearranged school dances. Which for your information totally suck if you never go to one in your life you should consider yourself lucky (which you are.)

Because you, on the other hand as I have recently discovered have perfectly normal (my normal, possibly not yours.) people that you could talk to! So you should. I command you to!!!

But alas I know you don’t listen to me… (see my sad face??? Whimper, sad…)

So every story??? Do you really mean every story? Aside the ones that you mentioned… what about falling in the fountain at school? Attempting to shimmy down the drain pipe and getting my shirt caught? OR better yet, my favourite mass immunisation time. After all there is nothing I like better that a nice injection infront of all the people I hate… I think needles are like accidents. You just can’t help but watch. And that’s when it happens, I see it go in and I go down.

I still think its all your fault. See if you had just tackled the mean old man with the giant syringe in his hand to the ground it would have never happened. You knew the code. It was when he said, ‘please, love calm down. You have to keep still.’ That was it!!! Because yeah right, you are about to jab me with that thing and I have to relax. I’ll give you relax buddy! I shake my fist at you!

And that is me done.

So I am the devil huh???


Anyway I shall leave you to go back to your swooning, as I believe they were your words not mine and I believe Crimmels is going to cotton on that I am not taking notes as I am letting him believe…see the trick is to look up like you are thinking every couple of minutes, considering the undoubtedly brilliant thing the teacher is saying.

They love it.

But I have yet to hear a brilliant statement.

And the bell just went.

So this is me signing off, make sure to write soon because I am missing you heaps babycakes! Hugs from me,

Forever, Lindsay the luminous. (Born to shimmer, born to shine. New motto, what ya think?)

Ps, the letter was longer…is that an oops???

A/N- this my friends is a chapter for anyone who loves spring!!! because today i walked past a wattle bush and thought god wattles are ugly and smell bad but then i thought hey its a wattle bush!!! They are everywhere!!! my god when did that happen???
anyway you like? you dont like? tell me!!! review, i love to hear comments! its almost better than spring. (and for anyone who thinks i have totally lost track of time i know its still august and springs not til septemeber but its a coming!!!)

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