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On the other side of the castle and deep in the depths of the dungeons a boy awoke from a dream with no sound. Someone was murdered, a woman but he couldn’t see her face, however he could see her murderer, the Dark Lord Voldemort had killed again. He let his mind wander trying to understand why he had seen this and what it meant. But after awhile he was too sleeping to the think, and the next morning he had forgotten it for the time being.

‘There’ Thought Ginny putting on the finishing touches of her makeup. It was Saturday. Saturday was THE day. She had skipped breakfast to prepare. Looking at herself in the mirror she smoothed her dress robes and patted her hair down. Ginny walked down into the common room to find Harry waiting. At first he didn’t see her so Ginny was able to take in his appearance without letting him see her stare. He was beautiful,is hair,as always ruffled and his shining green eyes glancing at his watch were mesmerizing.
“Hey Gin” he grinned nervously.
“Hi” she replied looking at her face.
The trip from the common room to the door of Hogwarts was uneventful. When they walked down the steps onto the path, Harry slipped his hand into Ginny’s. Ginny blushed and Harry looked at his feet, but neither of them let go.

“Damn” though Draco. He had been watching Ginny all morning; he waited outside the Gryffindor common room At first Draco assumed that Ginny and Potter were just walking together as friends, until they began holding hands.

This was not good for the bet, as Theodore had pointed out numerous times in the past few hours. Ginny loved The Boy Who Lived. How could Draco, her enemy compete with her lifelong crush? Potter was everything he wasn’t. But Draco had one thing going for him that Potter didn’t. He was new, Ginny had liked Harry forever and not once had he returned it until then. Maybe Draco could use this to his advantage?

For the past few days Draco had been watching Ginny and Harry, they seemed like any happy couple. At first Draco had an idea of how to split them up, but Gin-Weasley would be too smart for it he figured. For now Draco watched, he had all year to complete the bet.

“Ginny meet me in the Library after last class, I’ve got something important to explain”
Ginny read and re-read the lines, until she had memorized them. What could it mean? “Well,” he reasoned “at least he hadn’t used the dreaded ‘We need to talk’ but what would he explain? That Harry was cheating on her? “Slowly, the red haired teenager walked to the library, lugging her bag, Ginny hadn’t even stopped at Gryffindor tower to drop it off, so nervous and suspicious she was about the meeting.

“Hi” she said when she saw him, his eyes focused on a book but Harry’s mind seemed elsewhere.

“Hey” he looked up at her gesturing at the chair next to him. “Sit down…”
Ginny dropped her bag, it echoed throughout out the room, Madame Pince glared at them.

“so what’s this about” Ginny figured it was best to just get back to the point

“I can’t see you anymore” replied Harry quickly, and not meeting her eye.
She stared at him struggling to keep her voice calm she asked “Why not?”

“It’s this whole thing with Voldemort, he’ll use you to his advantage and I couldn’t stand that. I’ll never be able to be with you, or anyone else. This is my life” He finished.

“well okay then,” picking up her bag Ginny left the library tears stinging her eyes. “I knew it couldn’t last, I knew this would happen.”
Oddly enough Ginny seemed to be over Harry in no time; Ron had almost punched him out when he heard that Harry had hurt his little sister. But after Harry and Ginny explained she was safer he accepted it and yelled at Harry for putting her in danger in the first place.

A/N Yes I know a rather HBP copycat but I kind of hit a writers block wall and I needed a way to break them up sp Draco could come in for the “kill” and this was the most plausible way.

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