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“Bad news!” said Ron, holding up a copy of the Daily Prophet. “The Cannons are losing - again!”

“Aww poor fella,” teased Hermione, smiling.

It was two months after Harry had been trapped under the rocks in the cave. George had come home a month ago, to Fred’s delight. George said the worst thing about hospital was that his practical joke range was limited. Harry had come back to Burrow two days after his accident. He had been there since, for he certainly wasn’t going back to the Dursley’s house. He was never going back there.

12 Grimmauld Place reminded him of Sirius too much. Harry didn’t think he’d ever be able to live there. He couldn’t sell it though, he’d have to save it in case the Order of the Phoenix ever needed it again.

Ginny hadn’t gone back to school. She already had enough qualifications to do what she wanted - to be a reporter for the Daily Prophet. Harry had started training to be an auror and he loved every minute of it. He did miss Hogwarts at times, but he really felt he had grown out of it. And he had the memories.

He’d had his eye on a new house in Godric’s Hollow - built on the site of his parent’s old house. Yesterday he had decided to buy it.

Ron was the newest member of the under 21s England Quiddich Team, and they were blasting other teams away. He had been told after the end of the Season, he might be moving up to the official England Squad, and as well as that, he was doing really well at his new premiere league club.

Harry actually wasn’t totally sure what Hermione did in the Ministry, but he did know it sounded very hard, very complicated and very important. He knew Hermione was aiming high. She would be Minister for Magic one day, Harry was sure of it.

Harry’s watch buzzed for eight o’clock, and he scoffed down the rest of his breakfast.

“Bye, got to go!”

“Bye Harry!” chorused everyone. “See you later Harry,” smiled Ginny.
Harry smiled as he apparated to work. Ginny had been his girlfriend for two months now, and everything seemed to be going perfectly.

He walked through the door, and signed in. Another day of learning and hard work.

“Harry?” asked Alastor Moody. He’d finally decided to go into training new aurors rather than working on fieldwork. “Harry? They’ve captured that Death Eater, that Lestrange woman!”

Harry was filled with relief and a touch of sadness. They’d finally captured Lestrange, after that big breakout from Azkaban. Sirius’s killer was behind bars where she belonged. If only she’d never killed him in the first place…
“Oh, so that only leaves Malfoy?” Harry questioned, swallowing his pain.

“Someone mentioned me?” asked Draco. He had signed up for being an auror at the same time as Harry, deciding that he should put what Voldemort taught him to good use.

“Not you Malfoy, that father of yours. The evil Lucius Malfoy,” spat Alastor.

“Yes quite,” said Draco. “The treacherous evil scumbag.”

“Anyway, Potter and Malfoy this means that your training starts an hour later than usual, since we have some business to clear up…” With that he walked away.

“So Harry…” started Draco. He saw Harry smile to himself. “What?”

“Nothing Draco. Just hearing you call me Harry with a smile rather than Potter with a smirk is a big change,” laughed Harry.

“Fair point I suppose. I could call you Harry with a smirk if it made you feel more comfortable?” asked Draco. He had truly changed, and Harry could honestly say it was only for the good.

“I don’t think that’ll be needed,” grinned Harry.

“Harry, we’ve been on this course together for a month, and after knowing you for seven and a half years, it’s time I apologised for being a jerk - no an absolute wanker for at least seven of them. I was otherwise distracted.”

“Don’t say it Draco. You proved who you were that day we defeated Voldemort. I may have cast the spell, but I could never have done it without you. And you saved George Weasley’s life.”

“Well,” paused Draco awkwardly. “How are Ron and Hermione? And all the others.”

“Ron and Hermione are great, Ron might be getting moved up to the International Squad any day. Are you and Luna still together?”

“Yes. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about.” By this time, Harry and Draco had walked away from the main doorway and were alone in the hallway.

“It’s my father Harry. I don’t know what he’s going to do. He’s been rejected by everyone, especially me. He’ll want revenge and the more people he hurts in the process, the better for him. He may be a broken man, but he’s certainly not a broken wizard.”

“Are you really scared of him Draco? He’s alone out there. He has no resources and he’s so close to being caught.”

“Malfoys have always given their best results alone and under pressure. He’ll kill me Harry, he’ll kill Luna, he’ll kill you and he’ll kill all your friends. We have to find him NOW.”

* * *

“Now,” began Alastor. “We’ve found that scum Lestrange. We can turn our efforts to Malfoy.”

Nods and smiles circled the room. The Order of the Phoenix had done well in capturing the escaped Death Eaters from Azkaban.

“Minerva?” prompted Moody.

“Lucius Malfoy. Last seen fighting at the Riddle House where he was injured by his son and defeated, he is likely to be angry and feeling betrayed, certainly alone.

We must remember that he is still a dangerous wizard, having killed Members before. He is very vigilant and certainly will not go without a fight. Malfoy is accomplished at legitimacy and occlumency and can be very good at getting friends in high places. He seeks a power over other people and right now will be so desperate, that we do not know what he will do. He is feeling rejected by the entire Wizard Community right now, and he may reveal things that should stay secret, and may be talking to muggles.
We must find him.”

* * *

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