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A/N's: Here's the fourth chapter and I've got a feeling you're gonna like this. God I do believe it's been less than three days since I updated with the last chapter. I really wrote this one fast! You can probably tell but it was so much fun to write that's also a reason. I probably wouuldn't expect the next chapter to come so fast. anyway enjoy it and as always please leave a review. Thank you!

CHAPTER 4 A Rainy Detention With Malfoy
"You drive me crazy
I just cant sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Ohh...crazy, but it feels alright
Baby, thinkin of you keeps me up all night".
You Drive Me Crazy by Britney Spears

“And she gave you detention?” Ron asked shocked, momentarily forgetting the toast in his hand he was about to eat. Hermione just glumly nodded her head and took another spoonful of cereal, not bothering to look up at Ron. He in turn let out a low whistle and gaped over at Harry, who had his eyebrows raised very high. Harry wisely decided to keep out of this conversation because when Hermione heard Ron she looked up and glared at him, until he shut up and continued eating his toast.

“I suppose it was my fault”, Hermione conceded depressed, stopping momentarily with her breakfast as she looked up at Ron, Harry and Ginny who was sitting opposite her. “I shouldn’t have let Malfoy get to me like that. I played right into his hands!”

“What?” Ron asked scandalized, dropping his toast onto the plate. “Don’t ever think that hexing Malfoy was a bad idea. The slimy git deserves everything you gave him!”

“Ron, I got into detention!” Hermione cried.

“So, it was well worth it. I wish I was there to see the look on his face”.

“I’m Head Girl, I could have lost my position because of that stupid stunt!”

“I think you’re just overreacting Hermione”, Ron said nodding astutely over at Harry, who had the decency to look away and strike up a conversation with Ginny. “I mean Mc Gonagall loves you. There’s no way in hell she would have stripped you of Head Girl because you finally gave Malfoy what was coming to him!”

“You’re hopeless Ron!” Hermione sighed, shaking her head.

* * *

That evening, at exactly five minutes to eight, Hermione was slowly walking along the almost deserted corridors of the second floor, making her way to Professor Mc Gonagall’s office. She had received word earlier that day that she was to go to her Head of House for instructions on what detention she was about to do. Hermione hoped more than anything that her and Malfoy would be separated as was usual, but she had a nagging thought in the back of her head that would not be the case. It would be just like fate to deal her an extra cruel blow, that not only did she have to serve out her first detention, but with Malfoy none the less.

As she rounded the corner and came upon the corridor that stood out the Professor’s office, she was surprised to find another person waiting outside the door. Malfoy, was casually leaning against the stone wall, a bored look on his pallid features, as he played with a gold Galleon in his hand, absentmindedly flipping it up into the air and catching it again. Hermione’s back straightened instantly as she braced herself and strode purposefully towards Mc Gonagall’s office, an eyebrow raised at Malfoy’s early appearance. She had expected him to be late. She decided to ignore Malfoy and instead stood facing the stained wooden door, her attention on her fingernails, which she began examining.

“You’re late Granger!” Malfoy drawled, an amused look on his pale face. “Who would have thought Miss Goody-Two-Shoes would be late for a Professor!” He sneered and flipped the Galleon into the air once more.

“Will you stop doing that Malfoy!” Hermione shot back crossly, crossing her arms across her chest and glowering at him. “And for your information I’m early!” She snapped, pulling up one sleeve of her robe to show him her watch. It read that it was three minutes to eight.

“Well my one says you’re late!” Malfoy smirked; pulling out an ornate gold pocket watch, which read it, was five minutes past.

“Oh I’m not going to argue with you on this one!” Hermione huffed, turning her back to him, her long hair flowing behind her. It was a good thing indeed that at that moment Professor Mc Gonagall chose to come out of her office, as Hermione was glaring daggers at the wall, and Malfoy himself was smirking in amusement.

“Good to see you’re both here on time!” Professor Mc Gonagall spoke, her voice clipped. Hermione spun around and faced her Head of House, her angry demeanour vanishing in an instant. “You will both be helping Mr Filch clean the suits of armour in the castle”.

“What all of them?” Malfoy cried shocked. “But that’ll take forever!”

“Well you have two weeks to do them Mr Malfoy and maybe it might make you think twice before you decide to throw hexes at Miss Granger here”, Professor Mc Gonagall shot back, a frown on her face. “Now you’re both to head down to Mr Filch’s office and he’ll tell you where to start. Now be off with you!” She ushered away a severe look on her face, before turning around and walking back into her office.

“Cleaning is a job for House Elves and people inferior to me, a Malfoy shouldn’t have to do it!” Malfoy spat out bitterly.

Hermione had a jovial grin on her face at the sound of Malfoy’s whining and walked on, snickering lightly to herself. Malfoy sped up and when he spotted the grin on her face, glared at the back of her head.

“Then this should teach you a lesson in learning to hold in your temper”, Hermione smiled jovially to herself, enjoying Malfoy’s pain far too much.

“Granger”, Malfoy began, slightly confused, taking a few quicker steps so he was in sync with her walking before adding, “You do realise you were the first one to hex me and cause us to get into this mess!” He smirked at this, knowing full well she couldn’t get herself out of that.

“Whatever you say Malfoy”, Hermione replied airily, a smile on her face as she sauntered on ahead leaving behind a very puzzled Malfoy.

* * *

Twenty minutes later Head Girl and Slytherin Prefect could be found on their hands and knees on the fourth floor, a half rusted metallic bucket filled with sudsy water standing beside them and each holding some very old and very used scrubbing brushes. Malfoy stopped and angrily threw his brush to the ground, standing up and looking with dismay at his dirty and crinkled school robes. He was panting slightly, and his perfectly kept hair was lying ruffled over his eyes, partially blocking his sight. He glowered at the suit of armour they were in the process of cleaning, as if it was its fault for the mess they had gotten themselves into.

Hermione looked up at Malfoy form her crouched position on the floor and smirked. “What’s the matter Malfoy, is it getting too much for you?”

“What is this possibly ever going to teach us?” Malfoy gritted angrily. “I don’t want to leave this place having learnt how to clean stupid suits of armour!”

“I think this is meant to deter us from any further rule-breaking!” Hermione mused, smiling serenely, adopting Luna’s trademark look.

“I’m sure”, Malfoy replied dryly, smirking slightly. “This is gonna stop me from teaching pesky first years to stay out of my way! How can you take this nonsense anyway?” Malfoy rounded on Hermione, a mystified look on his face.

“What can I say, my parents didn’t raise me as a spilt brat and part of that meant chores”, Hermione answered simply, “You’re looking a bit peaky there Malfoy. Are you sure you don’t want to sit down for a moment and get your energy back?” She smiled down at him, knowing full well she had hit a sore spot and continued with her scrubbing, humming lightly under her breath.

“What are you doing Granger?” Malfoy asked perplexed, crouching back down again and continuing with the scrubbing.

“I’m humming Malfoy”, she replied, not looking up, and continued with scrubbing a rather dirty patch on the suit’s kneecap.

“Why?” he asked, scrunching his face up much like a little child would when trying to understand something difficult. Hermione smiled to herself when she saw the expression on his face and for a moment she saw Malfoy in her mind’s eye not much older than five or six, his white blonde hair still as distinct as ever, trying to understand something difficult.

“Does it bother you?” she asked curiously, stopping momentarily in her cleaning to look at him, who was now eye level with her and sitting crouched on the ground.

“No”, Malfoy replied simply and returning to his scrubbing. Hermione smiled, intrigued with Malfoy’s change in behaviour. She was not put out like she usually was when he started on one of his snide remarks; she was more surprised that he could hold a civil conversation with her. This detention was not nearly as bad as she thought it would be. Smiling on that thought, Hermione continued with her own job of cleaning, both of them lapsing into a relatively comfortable silence.

Twenty minutes later Hermione sat up straight and examined their handy-work. The suit of armour was gleaming softly in the candlelight, the silver colour having returned to the armour.

“I think we’re about done here!” Hermione sighed, brushing her long hair out of the way and behind her shoulder. Her hair, which she had been straightening for the last few days, was turning frizzy and slightly curly again. It had been a long time and Hermione was growing tired of constantly having to reapply that nasty gel. She didn’t see the point in it anymore, so she slowly let her hair turn to its frizzy norm.

“Finally”, Malfoy grumbled, tossing his brush to the floor and standing up straight. “Are we finally done now?”

Hermione rolled her eyes at him and also stood up gathering up their scrubbing brushes and bucket. “No we still have the fifth floor to do, now come on or we will be here forever!” Malfoy grumbled some more under his breath that made her snort but she walked on ahead, letting Malfoy follow her in his bad mood. She made her way along the passageways and took a set of stairs hidden by a large moulding grey tapestry, lighting her wand as she deftly made her way up the dark steps. Malfoy was trailing behind, her his grumblings becoming progressively louder and becoming more vicious in its content. Hermione stopped sharply in the middle of the dark staircase to confront Malfoy about his abusive language, when he collided into her on the step. She swayed a little and grabbed a hold of Malfoy instinctively to steady her balance.

“Malfoy!” she shot out, irritated. Her head spun around and her hair lightly hit against his face, which she hadn’t realised was so close.

“Watch where you’re going Granger!” was the retort she got in return.

Hermione let out a frustrated sigh and continued, “Will you stop cursing like that. You’re a Prefect!”

“So?” he drawled in return, adding with his trademark smirk on his face. “If you just want to be close to me Granger, you could have just asked!”

“What are you talking about?” Hermione replied. She still had not let go of Malfoy’s chest.

Malfoy looked down at where Hermione’s hands had clasped his robes and smirked up at her. “What a petty excuse that you tripped and fell!”

“If I remember correctly you bumped into me!” Hermione hissed heatedly, glaring daggers at Malfoy in the near complete darkness. He just continued to smirk back at her, and with a rush of movement grabbed her hands pulling them closer to her. Hermione was shocked and momentarily froze in her actions, caught off-guard by Malfoy’s unexpected actions. Her mouth was slightly open as surprise was displayed in her eyes. Malfoy’s own look had turned intense and when he pulled her hands towards him, Hermione came back to her senses. She quickly pulled her hands out of his grasp and took a step back, confusion still written across her face. He was still gazing at her so intensely and Hermione began to feel nervous, not because of what he might do to her, but what she might do to him.

“Malfoy back off”, Hermione uttered, regaining control of her vocal chords, her hands out in front of her in a possessive stance.

Malfoy snorted and took another step towards her, causing Hermione to back off and trip on the step behind her. She momentarily fell, before she grabbed hold of a candle bracket on the wall and straightened herself up.

“What has the Weasel done to you, to make you such a prissy stuck up girlfriend, and by the way you look a little too wound up for my liking”, he sneered, sending a contemptuous look towards her again.

“Will you shut up Malfoy”, Hermione gritted, turning around and walking on up the stairs.

“What did I hit a on a sensitive spot. Is the Weasel not satisfying you very well? You know I can always help you with that matter!” Malfoy wagged his eyebrows, catching up with her so they were walking in step. He had a big grin on his face that made Hermione even more irritated.

“Will you for once just shut up about Ron and not talk about him in such a manner in my presence!” Hermione shouted, rounding on Malfoy, her eyes flashing dangerously, “And for that matter”, she hissed, her voice precariously low, “You wouldn’t know what a sensitive spot was if I repeatedly hit you on it!” He let out a deep sigh and glared at him one more time before turning on her heel and storming on out onto the corridor. Malfoy let out a true laugh of mirth and continued on after her, intent on winding her up as much as he could during their detention together.

* * *

Hermione was thoroughly infuriated by the time Filch finally came upon them on the fifth floor at twelve o clock that night. Malfoy had pushed her to such extremes, a dull throbbing had replaced the migraine she had received earlier on in the night and her entire body was tense and sore from Malfoy’s taunting. It was with such extreme delight that detention was finally over, that she threw her scrubbing brush unceremoniously back into the metal bucket and stormed down the corridor without a word or goodbye to Filch or Malfoy. Hermione was so on edge, her entire body was tingling and she knew there was no way in hell there could be any sleep tonight, unless she calmed down. Hermione quickly donned on her school robes and marched on down the corridors, making her way to the marble stairs and down to the Entrance Hall. One perk of being a Head girl, was the curfew had been extended for you and even if she was caught out in the corridors after said curfew, it could be easily explained away. Hermione was too wrapped up in her jumbled thoughts and her frazzled nerves to really care if someone saw her and with a few quick and decisive steps she had wrenched open the large double doors and stepped into the cool, brisk night air. Hermione made a quick motion to cover her body more completely with her cloak and set out for a walk along the Hogwarts grounds. The beginning of the wintry season meant that the nights were growing much colder and the blustery winds were growing fiercer. She continued on, on her path, secretly glad that the extreme wind had died down for the night. The moon was covered completely by some low hanging, thick clouds and she lit her wand only a minute later the farther she walked away from the light of the castle that was spilling out onto the lawn due to the open doors.

The crisp leaves breaking under her step and the light whooshing of the distant trees of the Forbidden Forest were the only noises Hermione could hear and here outside in the dark she finally felt her nerves relaxing a little. Her wand was held loosely in her right hand as she aimlessly wandered along the sloping grass towards the lake; her feet seemed to be drawn to the black mass that was creeping up in front of her. She finally slowed her pacing and stood in front of the lake, perfectly still, letting the light breeze move her hair in soft waves. Her robes were lightly flapping, but this too didn’t faze her much. She was too lost in her own jumbled thoughts. Malfoy had been such a different person to her earlier on that night, he was very capable of holding a civil conversation with her, but that was what didn’t startle her most by this night. It was the softness in his tone, but this could have just been confused with an absence of an insult or harshness in his tenor. Hermione wasn’t quite sure of which. More and more Malfoy was becoming an enigma to her, one that she never expected to appear. She had always been able to read him like a book. He had always been a spoilt child raised by corrupt morals and standards to follow, one who was nasty but essentially not evil. He had grown of course and while he still possessed those qualities he had adopted a harshness to his manner and personality, and with that he had learnt to repress and hide certain aspects of his emotions and personality that made him as perplexing as many other characters at Hogwarts. Though he was the only one to press her so, and she couldn’t understand him. It infuriated her. Hermione let out a frustrated cry and crossed her arms across her chest, fractious because she couldn’t decipher the mystery that was Draco Malfoy.
At that moment Hermione heard the distant rumblings that she guessed to be thunder and a second later the heavens opened up, letting rain fall to the ground. Hermione was quite surprised by the downfall of rain, but instead of running inside for shelter, she stayed outside, the first true smile forming on her face that day. She held her arms out wide embracing the downpour as she raised her head to the sky, delighting in the tickling sensation of rain falling onto her heated face. She was so caught up in enjoying the moment; she did not hear the quiet footsteps of a student behind her. He was watching her with fascination on his face, his own pointed features taking in every inch of her now soaking body, but there was no trademark smirk on his face this time. He watched her enjoy the rain and took another careful step towards her. She had not heard him and Malfoy walked around her until he faced her. She had a smile on her face, her eyes were closed as she held her head up to the heavens and Malfoy was tempted to just stroke her face there, but he resisted the impulse and pulled his outstretched hand away as if it had been burned.

Instead he decided to settle on calling her name. “Granger”, he called out, but she did not open her eyes. “Granger what the hell are you doing?” he snapped and this time he had caught her attention. She opened her eyes in astonishment and lowered her arms, bewilderment written across her face. It took her a few seconds to register what he had said and she mentally prepared herself for another battle, replying briskly:

“What does it look like Malfoy? I’m enjoying the rain. Is there a problem with that?”

“Why?” His face was scrunched up in puzzlement as he leaned his head to the side and stared at her.

“It helps me calm down”, she replied evenly, levelling him with a gaze of her own.
“Can’t you do that inside?” Malfoy thought her mad to be outside in the rain willingly getting soaked to the bone.

“No Malfoy I can’t”, she rolled her eyes and closed them again, as if hoping he would disappear. Then she sighed when she heard he hadn’t moved and snapped her eyes open again, irritation shining in her bright amber orbs. “What do you want this time anyway Malfoy. Because if you’re looking for another fight I’m not in the mood. Go find someone else!”

“I was actually looking for you!” he retorted, crossing his own arms across his chest.

“Oh yeah and why? Not had enough fun the last time you had a go at me?” Hermione snorted.

“I needed to talk to you!” Malfoy snapped.

“What about? How much of a Weasel my boyfriend is or how much you hate Harry, or was it about my blood status. It’s been a while since you brought that up!” Hermione mocked, her jaw set in firm lines.

“God’s sake Granger, you make it very difficult for a man to talk to you. How do Pothead and Weasel manage it anyway?”

“Have you just come here to have another go at Harry and Ron, because if you have I’m leaving now!” Hermione shot back angrily and turned to walk past him, only Malfoy had grabbed her arm.

“Granger!” Malfoy growled, his voice sounding dangerously low. “You infuriate me so much!”

“Well the feeling is very mutual Malfoy now let me go!” Hermione yelled back, wrenching her arm out of his grip, but it was quite firm and she just struggled until she gave up.

“God you drive me crazy woman, now will you listen for one minute? I’m trying to talk to you!” he shouted at her but she just glared back.

“Well I don’t want to talk to you now LET ME LEAVE!” she shouted at him, her face very flushed despite the drenching rain and cold of the night.

“Well I wish I wasn’t so bloody attracted to you!” he yelled back, his gaze burning intensely, and before Hermione could even begin to digest this revelation, he had pulled her to him, his lips crashing down on hers. She was too shocked to do anything, Hermione’s eyes wide open as the surprise and shock of what Malfoy was doing was coursing through her body. He pulled one arm around her waist and drew her closer, the other letting go or her arm and tangling them in her now messy and wet hair, deepening the kiss. Hermione reciprocated, her mind reeling the whole while and when a hand of his had snaked in her hair, she gave herself to the feeling. She kissed him back, letting out a little moan as he deepened the kiss, secretly loving the feel of him against her. His lips were surprisingly soft and warm and before she knew what she was doing she was falling for his charms. Malfoy let the hand that was encircling her waist wander and when she felt him lightly grabbing her bottom, Hermione came to herself again. She was kissing Malfoy! It took all of two seconds to push him off her as she took a step back, her eyes wide. She brought one hand to her now swollen lips and looked at him in shock, his earlier words now registering.

“You’re what?” she whispered, rooted to the spot, unable to take her eyes of him.

“Do I have to bloody repeat myself for you Granger?” Malfoy growled, pride injured from Hermione pushing herself off him. He had enjoyed that kiss and didn’t want it to stop.

“But that can’t be!” she still said quietly to herself, pulling her gaze away from his eyes and staring at the scene around her. They were still standing in the Hogwarts grounds in the rain at night, yet the whole world felt different now.

“Why do you always have to question every little thing?” Malfoy retorted taking another step towards her and grabbing her to him, although this time Hermione was prepared and with a resounding smack, she slapped him across the face. The sound was muffed in the rain, but it was still enough to cause the look of disbelief to wash across Malfoy’s face.

“What the hell was that for?” he yelled angrily.

“That was for kissing me Malfoy. In case you’ve forgotten I’m taken and I hate you!” she screamed back, all her fury and rage from that night suddenly being released in one instant.

“How could I forget the Weasel”, Malfoy mocked, laughing derisively. “The bloody fool doesn’t even know how to take care of his Mudblood girlfriend!” And with a snap of her wrist, Hermione had slapped him across the face again.

“Don’t you ever dare use that word on me again, is that understood?” she hissed dangerously, and Malfoy only then noticed she was holding her wand. He eyed it warily as Hermione glared at him again. It was no use trying to talk any sense into him. She turned on her heel and stormed back up to the castle, hoping Malfoy had enough common sense to leave her alone now. She stormed up to the sixth floor to the Heads common room, not even caring if she was making a racket or getting herself into trouble. She just stomped into the common room and made her way up to her room, not stopping until the door was safely slammed behind her.

A/N's: Ha ha that was so much fun writing and I betcha you're really getting irritated as to what happens next.

Pothead I found so hilarious I just had to use it. I doubt Malfoy ever called Harry that but I thought it such a perfect name to call him that. Maybe it was the image of Harry as an actual pothead that seemed so amusing in my head. What can I say I have a weird sense of humour! That should probably be credited to the British tabloids when the whole scandal came out of Prince Harry caught smoking dope. They were the first to coin the phrase Harry Pothead.

Also credited should go to the Draco/Hermione fic on HPFF Let It Rain which helped me write the kissing scene. Good story, so addictive, the whole genre. I feel myself being sucked in. Help me and please give me a good Ron/Hermione fic before I'm lost to all good!...

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