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AN: I am issuing a challenge of sorts. I would like everyone’s input on if there was a big party coming up who would you want to be invited, and what would you like to happen. It will be at Harry’s house. Would it be close friends, acquaintances, any enemies that somehow get to come. (mainly students for that) What will happen? Coupling, jealousy, fights, fun and games. This has been a hard one for me to come up with so please give me your help. I can’t say what chapter it will be but I am currently working on chapter 13 or 14 by the time this is posted. That depends on how easily things come, so the sooner you can give me your thoughts the better. Next posting will come as soon as my “editor”and or beta types. Thank you for all your reviews they mean a lot to me. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone. Chapter 7- Potter Place The next morning Harry woke up from a night filled with dreams. He dreamt of his parents and of Sirius, who were all talking to him. Telling him how they loved him and the he would be going home. Home, he thought. I’m going to finally have a real home. The only problem is that the people he wished more then anything weren’t going to be there. Then there was the Dursley’s. Ok, so there is more than one problem, now that he thought about it, there were several problems. One that worried him the most was going to live in a place where his father grew up. He just didn’t know what that would be like. It was bad enough coming back here without Sirius being here. Although he tried to hide how much it made him miss Sirius. He was thankful that he got to see him again, but it was hard when everything he saw reminded him of Sirius. Some were good memories, but it would just turn to sadness. Harry decided he had had enough of dwelling on his thoughts and worries. He made himself get out of bed. Harry went and showered then headed to the kitchen. “Morning, Harry.” Remus and Molly both greeted Harry. “Good Morning.” Harry returned. “Harry would you like to see your new house today?” Remus asked. “Sure. When can we go?” Harry asked excitedly. “As soon as everyone is up and had their breakfast.” Remus answered. “Molly needs to check on the progress of things, and I can show you through the house.” “How are we going to get there?” Harry asked Remus. “Floo! Dumbledore has the antiapparation wards up that surround the house and the property, along with most of the protection spells. There is only one place in the house that you can floo into and then there is security so you can’t get out of the room unless the Houses’ spells let you in. A pretty ingenious plan. The same type of thing is in place to get through the gate to the property.” Remus told Harry. “I can’t wait to see it.” Harry had a hard time concealing his excitement to see the place. Living there was a different thought, but he defiantly wanted to see it. “Harry dear,” Molly asked. “Why don’t you go wake Ron and Ginny?” “Sure, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry jumped up and practically ran from the room. In his hurry he slipped on the rug by the door jam knocking himself to the floor. “Are you ok Harry?” Asked a worried Molly. Harry pulled himself up and turned red faced back to Remus and Molly. “Um, yeah.” “Have a nice trip Harry?” Remus laughed and Harry quickly left the room. “He didn’t seem the least bit excited now did he?” Molly giggled at Remus. That was graceful. Harry thought to himself. After leaving the room he made his way up the stairs and down the hall to Ginny’s room. Lost in thought he instinctively raised his fist to knock on the door. “Watch the hands Harry.” Yelled Ginny as he knocked on her chest. “Oh sorry Ginny. I wasn’t …. Um…. I mean. I was just coming to wake you up so we could get going.” Said a very red faced Harry. “Since you weren’t obviously paying attention I’ll forgive you this once.” Ginny giggled at Harry’s embarrassment. “Thanks. I’m sure hope this day doesn’t get any worse. I seem to have a habit of embarrassing myself today.” “Oh? What happened?” Ginny asked. “I did a very graceful dance on the way from the kitchen in front of your mom and Remus, and then I accidentally cop a feel on you.” Harry laughed. “That’s not too bad though.” Ginny giggled. “You said that you were going somewhere?” She changed the subject before he could ask what she had meant. “We’re going to the house today.” Harry answered. “I’ll try and hurry, I know how excited you are about going.” She smiled and slipped past him and down the hall. This is definitely an interesting day, Harry thought as he went back up to his room to wake up Ron. When everyone was finally ready to go, Molly grabbed the pot of floo powder and told Remus to go first. Remus took a hand full and threw it into the fire, stepped into the green flames and said “Potter’s Place.” One by one they all did the same. They arrived in a room which was nice yet rather plain. It has a couple of chairs and a sofa, but had no decorations to speak of. At each end of the room there were double doors. By one set there was a spindly-legged table on which stood a bell that had “ring me” engraved on it. Remus picked up the bell and gave it a ring. A voice came out of nowhere and said, “Who has come to call?” “Remus Lupin.” Remus stated. “I have bought Molly, Ron, Ginny Weasley, along with Harry Potter to tour the house.” “Certainly.” The voice said. “You are expected.” The doors opened to allow them to enter. “That was neat.” Ron said. “How does that work?” “It’s difficult to explain. It’s controlled by Ickus, the house elf. He knows who is to be let in; if it’s unexpected then Ickus will ask the residents of the house whether or not the arrivals would be allowed entrance. When you reside in the house your signature is placed in the house so you won’t have to ring the bell. The house will recognize you.” Lupin replied. The group went through the double doors into a large hall, which had an open staircase in the middle. Immediately they were greeted by three house elves, one of which was easily recognized. “Master Harry Potter Sir!” said one who rushed to Harry and hugged his legs. “Dobby is so happy to be here to help take care of Harry Potter and the Weezeys!” Dobby exclaimed! “Hi Dobby, I didn’t know you were here.” Harry stammered, trying to peel him off his legs. “Headmaster Dumbledore asked Dobby and Winky to come and get things ready for Harry Potter. There in not mush for Dobby and Winky to do when all the students are home for the holidays. Headmaster Dumbledore said that if it was alright with Harry Potter and Mrs. Weezey, Dobby and Winky could stay to help for the summer.” Said Dobby with a pleading look in his large globe like eyes. “Ummmm sure Dobby if you want.” Said Harry. Then as the thought of Hermione popped into his head he added, “As long as you call me Harry, accept pay and take days off.” “Harry Potter is too kind to Dobby.” Dobby beamed. “Harry Potter Sir?” asked Winky in a small voice. “Yes Winky.” Harry returned. “Winky is so happy to be here sir. Winky finally gets a family to care for again.” She said as she started to sob. Remus stepped forward, “Harry this is Ickus. He has been with the Potter family for quite a few generations.” Ickus indeed looked very old but nothing like Kreacher had. Ickus had a pleasant, almost endearing look about him. “Ickus is very pleased to finally meat Master Harry, so pleased indeed. Master Harry looks just like Master James did.” Squeaked the elf. “I ‘m happy to meet you Ickus. Maybe you can tell me of my family sometime.” Said Harry. “Oh yes Ickus would love to, after Master Harry and his friends settle in.” said the elf with a smile. “Ickus this is Mrs. Weasley and two of her children Ron and Ginny.” Remus introduced the rest of the group. They all exchanged pleasantries. “Why don’t you take Mrs. Weasley and show her to her room and then let her know everything she needs to start running the household. Ill show these three around. I think I remember my way. Shall we start with the bedrooms so you can choose the one you want Harry?” Remus suggested. “Sure, are you going to show me my dads?” asked Harry. “How about I see if you can guess.” Remus laughed. Remus led the way up the stairs, which split halfway up and took they right side. They followed the hall looking in each room. Soon it felt like they had made a full circle, and sure enough Harry spotted the stairs they had come up. He had counted 10 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a second set of stairs leading to the third floor. Instead of going back to the stairs they turned right down another hall that passed stairs going down and lead them to two suites. “Dumbledore suggested that we use these for your relatives.” Said Remus. “It might make things a little easier for everyone if they have someplace to themselves.” They looked at the suites , each had a sitting room bedroom and bathroom. These were each as nice as all of the other rooms they had seen. All the rooms were unique from one another and all were in a different color scheme. “I guess it will be ok. They are farther away from the other bedrooms.” Said Harry before he added. “I haven’t been able to tell which one was my dads. “we do have a few more to look at.” Said Remus with a grin as he led them back to the stairs that lead to the third floor. They went up the stairs, which ended at one end of the hall, and started looking at the rooms. The first was done in pink. The big four poster sat in front of a circular wall. There were double doors that opened out onto a balcony, which looked out onto the backgrounds. It also had a nice vanity against one wall. It was defiantly a girl’s room. “Its beautiful!” exclaimed Ginny “Well I think you found your room.” Said Harry. “Really! I can have this one.” Questioned Ginny Harry nodded and Ginny rushed him in a bone-crushing hug. They left the room next was a bath. Remus passed the next door without stopping. “What’s in there?” Asked Ron “Umm well that room was changed to attic space since it was the room Wormtail used to use. Now its just storage.” Said Remus with a frown. Harry was glad that the room wasn’t in use anymore but he kept that too himself. They went to the next room it was done in dark blue, and the one after that was done in red and black. They soon came to the door at the end of the hall. It was a sitting room done in red and gold. The bedroom had a king-size four-poster bed standing in the rounded corner wall. and both the sitting room and bedroom had double doors opening out to a second balcony. “You did that on purpose, Moony.” Harry shouted playfully. “What!” said Ron and Ginny simultaneously “This was my dads room.” Harry announced “Ok so can you guess whose were the other three for when they stayed?” asked Remus “Well the pink that’s easy. That was my Mums. The red and black would have been, umm, Sirius, and the blue would have been yours.” Harry answered. “Am I right?” “Well Harry actually the pink was mine.” Said Remus batting his eyelashes before they all broke out laughing. “Of course you right, but you haven’t seen the best part.” Remus opened the bathroom door to show a tub resembling the one in the prefect’s bathroom at Hogwarts. “It has those jets that make bubbles like the muggle hot tubs.” “Cool!” said Ginny who had never seen the one at school. “Mind if I use it sometime Harry?” “Sure anytime.” Answered Harry “So Ron which one do you want?” Harry asked “Well my chuddly cannon posters would clash with the red, so if Remus doesn’t mind I’d like that one.” Said Ron “No Ron it's yours. I’m glad you like it. When James parents remodeled the place we all got to choose how to do our rooms.” Remus answered. “Harry are you sure you want me to have your mums room? I can choose one downstairs.” Said Ginny worriedly “NO” Harry practically shouted. “You can have it. I don’t want you that close to Dudley.” Harry just realizing he said that out loud turned a little red. “ I mean you like the pink one, it’s yours.” Ginny giggled “Thanks Harry” Ron just had a puzzled look on his face. “You need to calm down there Harry.” “Well now that’s settled lets head down to the kitchen. I think it’s about time for lunch.” Remus said trying not to think about how James had told him of the ledge that connected the two balconies, that Lilly used to use to get from her room to James. Well at least they had put up a rail to prevent anyone from falling. They took the back stairs, which brought them out near the kitchen. They entered the kitchen to find lunch ready for them. While eating they told Molly about the rooms they had chosen. “Ginny dear why don’t you stay down hear on the main floor near your father and I. There is a beautiful double suit right next to ours.” Molly said worriedly “Oh mum I am not a baby anymore and I want to be by Ron besides it’s the most beautiful room that I’ve ever seen It’s just perfect.” Ginny pleaded. “Well as long as you behave your self and you know that I am downstairs if you need anything. I know you still have nightmares.” Worried Molly. “Mum I’ll be fine.” Said Ginny “Molly, do you like your room?” Harry asked. He felt that the Weasley’s deserved so much for agreeing to move in and take care of him. He loved the Weasley’s and if he had something to give it would be there’s in a minute. He also knew that they wouldn’t take anything from him. “Of course I like it Harry, it’s wonderful. The whole house is, but Harry you know that Arthur and I don’t need such extravagance. We would be just as happy to have one of the single bedrooms instead of the suite.” Answered Molly. “You and Mr. Weasley came here to help me when you didn’t have to you deserve everything I have to give. I want you to have it.” Stated Harry. Molly enveloped him in a tight motherly hug. “Thank you Harry. You know that you’re a part of our family and we are more than happy to be here.” She said releasing Harry and wiping her eyes. They finished lunch and Harry, Ginny, and Ron looked around the rest of the house. They found the study that connected to a library, the lounge, and a game room. This is where Remus found them looking at the polished chess table. “Its time to get back.” Announced Remus. “When will we be able to move in?” asked Harry “I’m not sure but I think the end of the week.” Answered Remus.

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