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The Baby Project by seekergirl_101
Chapter 3 : Not A Bad Idea After All
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“Say cheeeeese!”




“Oh quit being such a baby James, it was only a little light,” Lily said offhandedly. James made a rude hand gesture in her direction, which Lily didn’t see because she was occupied with the camera she held in her hands.

“What was that for anyway?” James asked after he claimed he stopped seeing colored spots.

“Our project of course. I wouldn’t willingly take a picture of Harry is beating you repeatedly on the head with his rattle while you try to, as you put it, bond with him,” Lily then stopped as if she just realized what she said and declared, “no, wait I would actually.”

“Ha ha,” James responded dryly, “don’t you know how to get rid of that annoying bright light?”

“Yes.” James stared at her, waiting for her to continue. “What?”

“Why didn’t you get rid of that blinding light?” he asked outraged.

“What are you the FBI? Stop asking all these questions!”

“I would if you give me the bloody answers in the first place!”

“Language Potter! Besides I don’t need to explain myself to you of all people!”

“What does that-?” A cry stopped him in mid-sentence. They turned towards the playpen where the babies were to see that Harry was the source of the cry. Lily was by his side in the blink of an eye. She checked to see if he needed changing, food, or if something was bothering him. When she found nothing wrong with him she turned to James with a helpless look.

“Nothing?” She shook her head.

“Do you think…maybe it’s…” she trailed off.


“Our fighting.”

Startled, James looked at Harry. He was still whimpering and sucking his thumb. It broke his heart to see his little boy in tears, so with a determined glint in his eyes he turned to Lily.

“Lily, we should call a truce. If Harry is crying because of us, I don’t want it to happen again. It kills me to see him cry. Please, if you don’t want to do it for me, do it for them,” he begged.

With just one look at Harry’s tearstained face, she gave in.

“Alright Potter-”

“One more thing. Wouldn’t it strike you as odd if you grew up with your parents calling each other by their last names?”

She looked at him, about to protest, but all of her reasons flew out of her head when she saw the determined glint in his hazel eyes.

“Very gorgeous hazel eyes,” she thought. Her eyes widened at the thought. She mentally shook herself, “this is POTTER, the egoistical jerk who acts like he’s better than everyone else…who…who…”

“Er, Lily?” James asked. They had been staring at each others eyes for a few minutes, not that he was complaining, but her eyes were glazed over it was staring to freak him out.

“Does she hate me that much that she has to think about calling me by my first name?” he thought.

Resigned, she braced herself and said, “Alright Po- James,” and shook his outstretched hand.

A whoop of joy announced the presence of other in the Heads’ Tower. James and Lily let go of each others hand as if the touch burned them and faced their visitors. Sirius, Kaitlyn, Remus, and Megan were all standing in the entrance. Remus was the unlucky one with two babies, Alexandria and Romulus, Kaitlyn had Serena, Sirius had Harmony, and Megan had Daniel.

Obviously Sirius was the one who whopped in joy as he was dancing with Harmony in his arms. Megan, Remus, and Kaitlyn all sat down on the couches after leaving their babies in the playpen with Harry and Hailey.

“James and Lily are finally are together, together,” he said in a sing song voice.

“No Black, we are NOT together,” Lily nearly yelled. She was blushing from the roots of her hair.

“Oh yeah? Then why are you blushing?” Kaitlyn shot back.

“I-I’m not blushing!”

“James and Lily are together-”

“Black be quiet. Don’t deny it Lillian Evans, you are so blushing.”

“James and Lily are together, together.”

“You know Lily, denial isn’t only a river in Africa.”

“Oh Megan that was such a cheesy line,” Lily replied.

“James and Lily are together, together.”

“I know, but I just had to use it.”


Everyone turned to look at Sirius to see what his outburst was about. Sirius was nursing his head with one hand, while holding Harmony with the other arm. James was standing by him, holding a very irritated look. The silence was broken by a happy babble; Harmony’s babbles to be exact.

“Is she baby laughing at Sirius?” Kaitlyn asked, voicing everyone’s thoughts.

“Well there’s only one way to find out,” Megan said.

“And what is- OW, for the love of Merlin James stop hit-” another happy babble made him stop in abruptly. By then Lily and Megan were shaking with silent laughter.

“Oh let me try now, let me try,” Kaitlyn exclaimed excitedly as she leaped up from the couch.

“No!” Sirius yelped as he tried to get away from Kaitlyn. Remus levitated Harmony from Sirius’ arms to the playpen with the rest of the babies. Kaitlyn started chasing Sirius around the common room, dodging and leaping over the obstacles. Sirius was throwing tickling charms over his shoulder, not completely aware of were they were aimed to. One of the stray charms hit Megan, who just began to laugh hysterically. Lily was about to help her friend when she was also hit by one stray hex.

“STOP!” Remus yelled amid all the chaos. Sirius and Kaitlyn froze were they were and looked at Remus. Megan and Lily were clutching their sides laughing so hard that they were having trouble breathing. James cast a ‘finite incamtatem’ in their direction, ending their laughter.

“Thank you,” he said calmly, “now what did you guys,” pointing at James and Lily, “call us up here for?”

“I don’t know. Lily just told me to tell you to be here in our free period before lunch,” James said with a shrug.

“Oh…Kaitlyn….Megan and I are…are going to teach you four…how to properly take care of a baby,” Lily wheezed out, trying to compose herself, “the muggle way.”

“Aw come on Lils, don’t do this,” James whined.

“Yeah we are perfectly capable of managing babies with magic,” Sirius added.

“Just a few lessons here and there, nothing big,” Lily explained, “Just so you won’t be totally clueless when you can’t use magic.”

“But this is Hogwarts, were we always use magic,” Sirius said in disbelief.

“Yeah, and wouldn’t we use magic when we have to take care or out real babies?”

James’ question was followed by Sirius’ dramatic gasp. He then quickly covered Serena’s ears and said, “how dare you say that they aren’t our,” he dropped his voice to a whisper, “real babies. They’ll hear you.”

Rolling his eyes at his friend’s antics, Remus answered James’ question, “what Lily is trying to say is that she’s teaching us in case we find ourselves in a situation were we can’t use magic, like when we are in front of muggles, for example.”

“Right,” Lily agreed.

“Well if you put it that way,” James said after a while, “I see your point.”

“But we’ve never changed, fed, or cleaned a baby up the muggle way,” Sirius said weakly.

“That’s why we’re teaching you,” Megan stressed the word teaching.

“Besides,” Lily added, “there’s a first time for everything. So grab Po- James grab Harry and Sirius grab one of your twins.”

“Sirius, can I ask you something?” Kaitlyn asked. Her head was tilted to her right shoulder and she was looking at the triplets.

“Sorry Kit-Kat, but I already have a date for the next Hogsmeade weekend,” Sirius answered suavely, not noticing the direction of her gaze.

She just shot him a glare and said, “Can you honestly say you can tell your babies apart?”

“Of course I can tell my babies apart!” Sirius exclaimed acting offended.

“You have no clue which one is which, right?” Remus said in more of a statement then a question.

“No, I don’t. They’re all identical,” he admitted without a moment’s hesitation. Then he snapped his fingers and said, “What if I put name tags on them?”

“Name tags?” all six teenagers echoed incredulously.

“Yeah like magical name tags above their heads or on their clothes?”

“Or how about just dressing them up in different colors?” Megan suggested. Sirius just stared blankly back at her. “Yeah like you always dress Alexandria up in blue, Serena in purple, and Harmony in pink,” she explained.

“Ok, I guess I could do that,” Sirius said shrugging. He raised his wand, ready to perform a spell to change the color of their cloths.

“No! Let me do it!” Kaitlyn exclaimed, “If your going to change the color of their wardrobe, might as well do it right.”

Not even giving a chance for Sirius to respond, she raised her wand and muttered something while flicking her wrist. Three white plain bodysuits appeared in front of her. With another flick three identical jumpers, with a heart in the middle materialized. They were different colors; one was blue, another pink, and the last was purple. The last two flicks created 3 pairs of doll-like shoes stuffed with miniature white socks. The little shoes were matched the jumpers by color.

“How cute,” Megan cooed over the cloths. Lily agreed and turned to the boys.

“Lesson one: changing them,” she said, “I’ll show some mercy and I won’t make you change their diapers today because we already changed them. So, James you get Harry, Sirius you change Alexandria, Remus you get Romulus, Kaitlyn can you please get Serena? Megan and I will walk around and help you.” Nobody disobeyed Lily when she was in the teacher mode. Unfortunately, they learned that the hard way in their fifth year. Let’s just say that the Marauders do not look good as girls.

James gently held and studied Harry before ginning mischievously and placing him on one of the five changing tables that appeared with a wave of Lily’s wand. First, he conjured up a white, short sleeve bodysuit that read “QUIDDITCH MAN” on the top line and “IN GRYFFINDOR” in the bottom line. The bold letters were in gold with a red shadow. Then in the middle it faintly read Hogwarts. He flicked his wrist for the second time and some baby sweat pants appeared. They were the same color of the letters on the bodysuit; gold with red stripes running along the side. He then conjured up a matching zip up sweater that had a white capital ‘G’ in the left side. The little miniature gym shoes completed the sporty look James was going for. The tips of the shoes were orange and they had a single red and gold stripe that ran on each side of a shoe.

James stepped away and admired the little outfit he came up with. Lily walked up behind him, with Hailey in her arms, and scrutinized the cloths.

“Very…er patriotic of you,” she finally said. The beaming smile James wore fell of his face.

“You don’t like it.” He didn’t question it; he stated it as a fact.

“Well, um…the…the colors…” Lily trailed off, suddenly feeling very guilty for wiping that smile out of James’ face.

“Do you want to change the colors?” James asked, catching on to what Lily was trying to say. Relief washed over her face when he said that. She nodded her head. James half-smiled and gave a slight nod. Taking it as a sign to go on she waved her wand and all the gold was replaced by navy blue.

“It does look better this way,” James confessed.

“Good,” she answered, “now you have to change him.”

“Right, I could do that,” he said confidently. Lily just raised her left eye brow as if saying ‘do you expect me to believe you?’ and stood aside to watch.

He unsnapped the bottom of the bodysuit and started to pull it over Harry’s head. He didn’t encounter a problem until he tried to get Harry’s restless arms into the sleeves. He was squirming happily under James’ hands, almost like he enjoyed causing his dad trouble.

“Come on buddy, cooperate with me,” James’ practically begged as he tried to maneuver Harry’s chubby little arm into the sleeve. After a couple of minutes of struggling, James succeeded and went on to the next little arm. Several minutes passed by before he was able to snap the bodysuit in the bottom. He sighed and seized the navy blue sweats off the table, ignoring Lily’s attempt to suppress her giggling.

He spotted a much disorganized table from the corner of his eye. It had all the Quidditch tactics he had come up with. It was part of his job after all, being Quidditch captain for the Gryffindor house. The moves he carefully planned earlier gave him an idea. He snatched his wand from the table and waved it once. A slightly bigger and softer snitch materialized right before his eyes. He offered it to Harry, who happily grasped it with both of his little hands.

James put on Harry’s pants with less struggling on his part, because Harry was too immersed with his new snitch, what James had been hoping to be his reaction in the first place. He quickly finishes dressing him without a hitch and turned to Lily with a smirk planted firmly in his face.

“I told you Harry was going to be a Quidditch player,” he said smugly.

Lily just scowled at his remark and placed Hailey on the table next to Harry. She flicked her wand several times in rapt succession. The first thing that appeared was white, medium, stuffed unicorn. Its mane was also white, but the horn was silver. Next to it materialized a neatly laid out outfit that was obviously meant for a girl. It consisted of a sweater, a white bodysuit, a skirt, and gym shoes with white socks. The sweater was similar to Harry’s, only being different in color. Instead of Harry’s red and navy blue, it was pink and orange. The bodysuit was also white, but it read ‘team spirit!’ in neat pink script. The little skirt was pink, with the exception of the orange waistband and an orange pocket. The gyms shoes were exactly like Harmony, mostly white with a thick pink stripe that went from one side to the other.

Lily immediately gave her the unicorn. Hailey looked at it curiously, shook it wildly a couple of times, and shoved it in her mouth.

Behind her James was muttering under his breath, though she did make out the words ‘cheater’, ‘copied’, and ‘me’. Shrugging him off, she grabbed the bodysuit and pulled it over Hailey’s head. It wasn’t easy because Hailey had the unicorn in her mouth and, by the looks of it, didn’t want to let got of it anytime soon. She gently pried it from her mouth and pulled the bodysuit down. Hailey whimpered as Lily coaxed her hands away from her new toy to pull them through the sleeves, but stopped as soon as she had the unicorn safely in her hands again. The skirt and the shoes were a lot easier as Hailey didn’t put up a fight. When Lily tried to put the sweater on Hailey gave her more of a challenge. Lily had taken away the unicorn, which proved to be a fatal mistake. As soon as the stuffed animal left her arms, she started wailing. Quickly Lily tried to catch her flailing arms and maneuver them through the sleeves of the sweater. She gave her the unicorn back after that was done and Hailey’s wailing decreased significantly.

She turned to James, who opened his mouth to comment, but before any words came out of his mouth Sirius yelled “HEY”.

They turned to look at him. It looked like he had some trouble changing Alexandria and decided to take a leaf out of James and Lily’s and distract Alexandria with a toy. He gave her a brown teddy bear. At first he though his plan had worked. Her reaction was similar to Hailey’s, just staring at the bear for a couple of minutes before shaking it madly. But, unlike Hailey, she threw the bear and it hit Sirius in the face, making him shout “HEY”. She giggled in the same fashion her sister, Harmony, did.

The other teenagers watched in fascination as Sirius transfigured the teddy bear into a lion and hand it to Alexandria. They watched in amusement how it had the same response as the teddy bear. A kangaroo. Stare, shake, throw. A koala. Stare, shake, throw. A wolf. Stare, shake, throw. An elephant. Stare, shake, throw. This went on and on until Sirius transfigured the stuffed animal into a black dog, much like his animagus form. She stared at it and shook it a little bit. Sirius prepared himself so he could catch the animal before it hit him. But she never threw the dog, instead she hugged it tightly.

Startled, Sirius looked at James and Remus.

“Do you think it has to do with-?”

“Yeah,” they answered Sirius’ unfinished question in unison. The three girls looked at them, confusion written all over their faces.

“Did we miss something?” Kaitlyn asked. The three boys jumped, they had forgotten they were there.

“Um, no nothing…it’s just that…er…”

“What Sirius is trying to say is that maybe Alexandria-”

“Andy,” Sirius cut Remus off.


“Well Alexandria is way too long, so I though we’d shorted it to Andy,” he explained.

“Oh, ok. So you were saying Remus?” Lily asked, interested to know what all the fuss about a stuffed dog was.

“Right, so um that dog represents Sirius’, er…old dog, from when he was a kid. Snuffles,” Remus finished lamely.

“Snuffles?” The girls looked at Sirius with identical expressions of amusement.

“Hey, I was a kid. I didn’t know very original names,” he exclaimed indignantly. They all chuckled, though the girls noticed that Remus and James’ laugh sounded rather nervous. What they failed to notice, though, was the relieved expression that crossed all three boys’ faces. But it was gone as quick as it came.

Sirius went back to dressing Andy, having a much less difficult time now that she had ‘Snuffles’. Lily had left Hailey in the playpen and began dressing Harmony. Megan took little Daniel to a dressing table and started to dress him up. Kaitlyn, who already finished dressing Serena, went to check on her little boy. She found him dressed up in khaki colored cargo pants with a white bodysuit underneath a stuffy, grey vest.

“What have you done to my baby?” Kaitlyn cried out in horror. Remus looked startled.

“Um…I dressed him up?”

“In…in…professor clothing?” She stuttered out, not comprehending why someone would do something so cruel to a baby.

“Er…?” Remus didn’t know what to say, he just stared wide-eyed at Kaitlyn when she took out her wand, afraid she was going to hurt him for some unknown reason.

“He’s a baby Remus, not some stuffy old professor. Give his cloths some life, some color,” she said in frustration while waving doing some wand movement. She changed the color of the bodysuit from white to blue and green stripped with a white collar. The vest changed from a dull grey to a very lively shade of blue. She left the cargo pants how they were and added some denim sneakers.

Kaitlyn surveyed him once more, before declaring satisfyingly, “Much better.”

Megan walked over to the playpen with a dressed up Daniel. He was wearing denim overalls with a multi-colored, stripped bodysuit. Even though the outfit was simple it didn’t stop him from looking adorable.

After Sirius (finally) finished dressing Andy up, they all went to the Great Hall for lunch. They walked down the hall silently (or as silent as you could with seven babies), each contemplating the project and the mini lessons. They looked at each other wordlessly and thought “Maybe this isn’t a bad idea after all.”


A/N: OK I’m back!! Sorry for taking so long!!! But this chapter took me longer than I expected. I got the outfits from Gap. I saw them and they just HAD to be theses babies outfits!!! Anyway thank you for reading, I really hope you like it. Please review. I’m begging you!!! And while I’m on the subject, I want to thank the people who review!!! I love feedback!!!!


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The Baby Project: Not A Bad Idea After All


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