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Lily lay in her bed that night, a flurry of thoughts furiously running through her head. Why was James so nice to her even when she was so nasty to him? It made Lily sick to think of how rude she'd been to him this year, and it was only October. When she finally climbed into bed, it took Lily a long time to get to sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about how horrible she'd been to James. The most recent time had been the previous summer, when she was staying at Jules' house with Dev and the boys. The entire two weeks James, Sirius, and Remus had stayed with Jules, James had not once been arrogant or rude. In fact, he was the perfect guest, always polite and charming, and yet Lily had treated him like dirt. A certain memory of when she was particularly nasty kept springing up in her mind.
It was early in the summer, and Lily and her friends were fresh off the train from Hogwarts. They were all staying at Jules' large country house. A bright sunny morning found Lily, Devon and Sirius sitting on the patio outside the kitchen. It was such a beautiful day already, and it was only 11 in the morning. Lily and Devon were sitting at the table with the remnants of their breakfast still on it. Sirius lay on a lounge chair across from them, basking lazily in the sun, eyes half closed. Dev and Lily were chatting with each other, at the same time throwing green grapes to Sirius for him to catch in his mouth. He hadn't missed one yet.
"Keep going ladies, I want more grapes." ordered Sirius, half smiling.
Lily threw another grape. Sirius caught it with his eyes closed. "So Dev, what were you planning to do today?" Lily asked.
"Hmm, lets see... I might lie out a bit in the morning, and then I'll have some lunch. And after lunch, I'm going to lie out a bit more. It should be a productive day." she said, grinning, eyes closed, enjoying the warmth.
"Sounds good to me." said Sirius, sighing. Lily was pleased to see Sirius so happy. After all, it had only been about two weeks ago that he ran away and was disowned by his family. He seemed to be enjoying life much more, now that he was living with James.
"What about you Lil?" asked Dev as she threw another grape, which Sirius caught of course.
"You know, I think lying out in the sun all day is one of the best ideas I've ever heard. I need to relax. But I think we should go swimming later. The lake looks so inviting." said Lily dreamily.
"Mmm.'' said Dev, her eyes still closed. "So, what did you get Jules for her birthday?"
"Oh, just some extremely advanced book on magical creatures she told me to get for her. She is the only person I know who, when you ask 'What do you want for your birthday?' she tells you exactly what, where to get it, and how much it should cost. It's really very efficent." said Lily.
"I go her this multi-colored quill set." said Devon, yawning. "What about you, Sirius?"
"I got her the Book of Beaters. I've been wanting to read it myself for a while, so I figured I'd get it for her, then borrow it! I'm so smart sometimes, I surpsise myself..." he trailed off.
"But Sirius, Jules doesn't play Quidditch. I'm not sure she even knows what a Beater is." said Lily, frowning.
Sirius just shrugged. Just then, James walked out of the kitchen, yawning and ruffling his hair.
"Morning sleeping beauty. You've finally decided to grace us with your presence." said Sirius, smirking.
"Shut up Padfoot." said James, as he took a seat next to Dev and poured himself a large mug of coffee. Then he turned to Lily and raised his eyebrows. Lily knew why. She was wearing her favorite white sundress, and she knew it was her most flattering outfit. The contrast of the white made her tan skin and red hair stand out, and her green eyes seemed to glitter. Staying out in the sun had given her red hair light streaks in it, and her freckles had darkened. To make things simple, lets just say Lily looked good, and James noticed.
"Morning Lil. How'd you sleep?" he asked cheerfully, trying not to stare at her.
Lily rolled her eyes. She was sick of this 'I'm not arrogant, I'm really a nice guy' act. Ever since school ended, James had been acting different around her, more polite, less arrogant, and he had stopped asking her out every five minutes. "Fine." she said blankly.
James nodded, looking slightly put out.
"Morning to you too James!" said Devon, mocking annoyance at being ignored.
"Good morning Devon!" he said enthusiastically, as if he'd only just noticed her. "It's simply marvelous to see you this morning! And you look wonderful, if I may say so."
Devon giggled, looking down at her frayed jean shorts and t-shirt that belonged to her brother. Even wearing those lazy-day clothes, Lily knew she still looked gorgeous. Lily, annoyed that Devon was fratrenizing with the enemy, threw a grape at Sirius so hard that he almost choked. He sat upright, coughing and clutching his throat. James didn't seem to notice.
"So Prongs, stay up late last night? With Evans perhaps?" asked Sirius once he had successfully disloged the grape from his throat.
Lily grabbed a muffin and chucked it at Sirius, hitting him in the eye. James just grinned, neither denying nor confirming what Sirius had suggested.
"Will you stop throwing food at me Evans? And I could've eaten that muffin!" said Sirius angrily, picking up the muffin and dusting it off.
"Knowing you, you probably still will eat it." muttered Devon, just as Sirius shrugged and popped it into his mouth whole.
Lily smiled in spite of herself. Devon rolled her eyes, but Lily knew she really didn't mind.
"So James, where were you really last night?" asked Devon, taking a sip of orange juice.
James face darkened. "Well, I was expecting an urgent letter from my parents. I wanted to read it badly, in case anything was wrong. When it didn't come, I couldn't sleep, so I waited for it. Shay finally arrived at about four this morning. She didn't look so good, so I sent her over to the barn with the other owls to rest. I hope Jules' parents don't mind."
"I'm sure they won't. That is if they ever get here." Devon added darkly
"What did the letter say, mate?" Sirius asked, looking concerned. After all, James' parents were the closest thing Sirius had to parents.
"My mum wrote to me asking me to ask Jules parents if we could stay for an extra week here because my parents are really busy at work at the moment. The Ministry is swamped, apparently Lord Voldemort is gaining strength much more quickly than was expected. The Minister has all regular departments on hold and they are focusing on the fight against Lord Voldemort. My parents aren't at home most of the time, so my mum thought it best that we stay here. For a while at least."
Sirius nodded, frowning slightly. He had begun to think of the Potters as his real family, and Lily had no doubt that he was just as concerned as James for the well being of Mr. and Mrs. Potter.
"Where are Jules parents?" James asked. "I thought they were supposed to be here when we got here."
Devon scowled. "Jules parents are less than reliable. They probably won't show up at all, knowing them." Devon, like Lily, was familiar with the way Jules parents tended to break their promises, and how much it used to hurt Jules.
"Well, anyway, where are Jules and Moony? I haven't seen them all morning, and I want to wish Jules a Happy Birthday." said James, looking around as if they might pop up out of a bush.
Lily pointed across the lawn and James turned to see what she was pointing to. Across the sweeping lawn, stood a huge oak tree. Hanging from one of its lower branches hung a swing. Jules was sitting on the swing, gently swinging back and forth. Remus was lying on the grass next to her, staring at the sky. Lily had no doubts that they were just sitting together in silence, enjoying each others company.
"I wonder what they're doing..." said James, grinning suggestively.
"Potter, did it ever occurr to you that maybe members of the opposite sex can sit together alone without wanting to jump on top of one another and shag? Or has your limited experience with girls taught you otherwise?"
James grinned cockily. "The minute we get alone together, most of the girls I date want to jump on top of me and shag, I must admit. It's a bit annoying sometimes, though." he said, sighing, as if he lead a troubled life.
"Well, that would explain why you date the type of girls you date." said Lily coolly.
James stopped smiling, and looked at his feet. Devon and Sirius looked uncomfortable. Lily knew she should feel bad, but she didn't. James was such an arse to her, she didn't care if his feelings got hurt. He didn't care about her feelings, so why should she care about his?
Sirius cleared his throat loudly, and decided to change the subject. "So, who is up for lunch?"
Devon laughed. "Are you serious? You just ate breakfast."
"I need to be constantly fed." said Sirius, shrugging.
"Well, go into the kitchen and ask Trilly. She would be happy to fix you up something." said Devon, examing her fingernails disinterestedly. She, being an orphan, practically lived with Jules anyway, so giving people permission to request food from the house-elf was a privelege of hers.
"Well, I'm going to go upstairs and get changed." said Lily, standing up.
"Yeah, me too." said Devon. She started through the doors into the house, and Lily followed, feeling James' eyes on her back with every step that she took. Once inside the cool house, Lily sighed with relief. Being in those tense situtations where she insulted James and Sirius or Remus was around always made her feel a bit bad for them. After all, no one likes to hear their best mate getting insulted, but they couldn't get involved without it seeming like they were taking sides. Lily sighed again as she followed Devon towards the stairs. She had always felt a bit uncomfortable inside Jules house. It was so beautiful, and neatly decorated. Everything had its own place, and it all matched perfectly. It didn't seem natural to Lily. It was like a museum, and Lily felt like she had to whisper. Jules parents were very wealthy, but they were never home to enjoy their wealth. They left Jules and her brother, Jacob, home, with only each other and the house-elves for company. But now that Jacob was dead, Jules lived on her own in the summer, and at Christmas. Lily had come to resent Jules' parents for being so neglectful. They were never around to see what it did to Jules when they didn't show up at Christmas like they said they would. Broken promises were quite common in the Thomason household, and Jules was used to them by now, but she still confessed to Lily that sometimes she couldn't help but feel it was her fault, that her parents didn't want to see her. This killed Lily inside, and Lily did all she could to make Jules happy. And usually it worked, and Jules would forget about her parents for a bit, and life would go on, until the next promise was broken.
Devon and Lily reached the door of the bedroom they shared and entered it. Almost immediately, Devon turned around to face Lily, looking quite angry.
"Lily, sometimes you are so rude to poor James, I just want to smack you!" snapped Devon.
Lily was severely taken aback. "What do you mean?" she asked, striding over to her trunk.
"You know what I mean Lily Evans!" hissed Devon furiously.
Lily ignored her and lifted the lid of her trunk. Devon immediately slammed it shut again.
"Don't ignore me Lily! You are so nasty to James! Remus, Jules, Sirius and I have all agreed, that if you and James can't get along, we'll just ignore you both until you do!"
"So you- you've all discussed this- this- this matter?" Lily sputtered, outraged.
"Of course we have! It's getting out of control! It used to be that James was always bothering you, and you only defended yourself. But now, James is being perfectly kind and normal towards you, and all you can do is insult him!" said Devon angrily.
Lily opened her mouth to reply, but she realized she had nothing to say. She looked away, her cheeks burning with shame.
"Look Lil," began Devon, more gently. "You and I are best friends, and nothing could ever change that. But James is one of my closest friends too, and I don't like to see him being hurt and insulted by you every day. He has changed you know, watch him today, and you'll see."
Lily nodded, still not meeting Devon eyes.
Devon grinned. "Come on Lil, lets forget this and go relax! It's summer! We don't need all this depressing stuff, let's go have fun."
Lily smiled too. She couldn't help it, Devon's smile was contagious, and her excitement infectious. "Alright then. Let me get changed first though. Is it alright if I open my trunk now?"
Devon threw a sock at her, but grinned all the same.
Once the girls were changed into their swim suits, they headed down stairs. Sirius was already sprawled across one of the lounge chairs, apparently fast asleep. James was sitting at the table, staring moodily into his coffee cup. His face brightened, however, when he saw Lily.
"James, I need to talk to you." said Lily cautiously.
James nodded and stood up, following her into the cool, dark house. Lily led him into the kitchen and turned around to face him. She seemed to want to say something, but it wouldn't come.
"James." she said seriously, taking a deep breath.
"Lily." he replied, smiling slightly.
"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for what I said earlier. It was nasty and uncalled for."
James grinned. "No problem."
Lily smiled. "Alright then." she said nodding.
James stood there for a second, waiting for Lily to say something. Against all her instincts, Lily continued on.
"And James, I just wanted to know if it would be okay with you, and I understand if its not, but I was just wondering if...maybe... we could be friends." she finished.
James looked shocked. He didn't speak for a moment. "Do you know what you are saying?" he asked Lily incredulously.
Lily nodded, looking at James oddly. "Yes, I asked if you wanted to be friends, but if you don't, thats okay."
James mouth fell open. "Of course I want to be friends. I just wanted to make sure you couldn't claim I forced you into it."
"No, not at all." said Lily, smiling.
James held out his hand to shake, smiling like a loony. Lily shook his hand, laughing at his facial expression.
"Well, I'm just going to go outside then." said Lily, prying her hand out of James. She turned and left James standing in the kitchen.
Once outside, she walked over to Devon, who was lying on a lounge chair next to Sirius. Lily took the chair next to Devon. Devon turned towards Lily, looking expectant.
"Well? What did you say?" she asked curiously.
"I apologized for what I said earlier, and I asked him if he wanted to be friends." said Lily, frowning a bit.
"Did he say yes?" asked Devon, lowering her voice after seeing James step out onto the patio.
"What do you think?" said Lily irritably. She cloosed her eyes, ending the conversation. The group spent the rest of the morning lazing around the yard, it being too hot to do anything else. Eventually in the afternoon, they all decided to go swimming. Then Sirius discovered a few row boats. He and Devon climbed into one, chasing Remus and Jules in the other one, set on tipping them over. The muggy silence was fractured with cries like "Row faster Sirius!" and "I don't see you helping much!" and "Oh, shut up Sirius, and row!". Lily smiled to herself, chuckling at her friends antics when a voice interrupted her.
"Fancy a ride Evans?" asked James, grinning mischieviously.
Lily's first instinct was to say no, but after some thought, she said "Alright. Just no tipping over."
James' grin became wider. "No of course not." Lily followed James over to the boat and hopped in, taking her place at the bow. James settled himself between the oars and began to row out to the middle of the lake. They paddled for a while in silence, James finally coming to a rest in the middle of the lake. Lily stretched herself out as they drifted, closing her eyes against the harsh sun. She let one of her hands hang over the side of the boat, her fingertips grazing the water. She was completely at peace, nothing could spoil her mood.
Just as she was thinking this, she felt two arms close around her waist and pick her up. The next thing she knew, she was sailing through the air towards the water, screaming. She landed in the water with a resounding crash. When the cool water touched her sun-warmed body, she felt a pleasant shock course through it. She resurfaced to see James standing up in the boat laughing his head off. Sirius and Devon were laughing too, but Remus and Jules however, were watching nearby, waiting for her response. She was surprised to note that she wasn't at all angry. She smiled up at James, who was still laughing.
"Clever trick, Mr. Potter." she said, grinning
"Why thank you, Miss Evans. You were the perfect prank subject. I do thank you for that." he said suavely, bowing slightly. What he didn't notice was that Lily was inching ever closer towards the boat.
"Good job Prongs! You Almost drowned Evans!" called Sirius jokingly.
James turned towards Sirius, and gave him the thumbs up, just as Lily reached the edge of the boat. She grabbed the side and gave it a fierce tug, causing James to lose his balance. He fell fowards and hit the water with a spectacular splash. Now it was Lily's turn to laugh. She could hear Sirius' howls of mirth from across the lake, and Remus' polite chuckles. James reemerged, looking shocked. The his face split into a wide grin.
"Nice one." he said, shaking the water from his hair like a dog.
"I learned from the best." said Lily. She turned around, and pulled herself into the boat with ease. James swam up to the edge of the boat, and hoisted himself in. He took his glasses off and dried them in his still dry t-shirt. Lily lay across the bench, and closed her eyes, enjoying the muggy heat. She didn't know how long it was she lay there, but when she finally sat up, she could see the sky getting darker. She looked to the horizon and saw huge, black thunder clouds approaching.
"James." she said.
"Hmm?" he asked, not moving.
"We should go in. There is a storm coming." she said, looking apprehensively at the sky.
James sat up, and put on his glasses. He let out a low whistle when he saw the approaching clouds.
"Hey Moony! Padfoot! Time to go in!" he called, as thunder rumbled ominously in the distance.
Sirius and Remus began to row their boats in. Once they were all on land, and the boats stored away, they began the trek back to the house. Remus and Jules were walking in the front, Jules hurrying along. Lily knew she hated thunderstorms. Behind them were Devon and Sirius. Devon had wanted to stay outside to watch the storm, and now Sirius was persuading her otherwise. Lily and James brought up the rear. They were meandering along in no hurry.
"I love thunderstorms." Lily murmured, watching the distant lightening, flashing violet.
James smiled. "So, did you have fun today?" asked James, running his hands through his wet hair, making it stand up at odd angles.
Lily winced. She hated it when James did that. "Yeah, I did have fun." she said after some thought.
"You sound surprised." he said, the thunder becoming louder.
Lily smiled sheepishly, but said nothing.
"I've always said you would start liking me someday." said James absentmindedly.
Lily stopped walking. "I never said I liked you, I just said I had fun today." she said coldly.
James stopped walking also, and turned to face Lily. "Jesus, Lily, can't you take a joke?" he asked angrily.
A great clap of thunder sounded overhead. "Not from you Potter." spat Lily.
James eyes flashed dangerously. "What have I ever done to you, Lily?'' he hissed.
"What haven't you done to me? You have humiliated me on countless occasions, as it seems you find pleasure in other people humiliation. James you are just as arrogant and assuming as I thought. People told me you'd changed, but you haven't changed at all." said Lily with a mixture of anger and sadness.
James shook his head."I don't know why I even like you. You're nothing but a selfish, rude, nasty, cold-hearted brat, with no regard for anybody but yourself." he said softly. Without waiting for a reply, he turned and strode into the house.
Lily felt as if she'd been slapped. She didn't move. She couldn't. The muggy air felt suffocating. The rain began to fall, soft at first, the drops shockingly cold on her skin. Then it got heavier and heavier, and she still didn't move. She heard shouts coming from the house, but she didn't listen to them.The rain on her face felt hot. She raised her hand to brush away the drops, and realized she was crying.
"Shit." she whispered tearfully.
The lightning flashed purple on the gray-green sky. A lone figure was running toward her from the house. It was Sirius.
"Lily! What are you doing out here? It's dange-" Sirius stopped when he saw her face.
"Lil, what's wrong?" he asked, ignoring the deafening thunder.
"Sirius, do you think I'm selfish?" she asked, staring at him.
"What? No- what did James say to you? Did he call you selfish?" Sirius asked, confused.
Lily didn't say anything, but looked at the ground.
"Come on Lil, let's go inside. You're soaked." said Sirius, as a particularly violent clap of thunder rattled the distant window panes.
Lily allowed herself to be led in, Sirius' arm wrapped comfortingly around her waist. Once inside, she was ushered up to her bedroom by Jules. When the bedroom door closed, she pulled away from Jules and sat down on her bed, wrapping her arms around her knees. She didn't say anything for a moment.
"Lily?" asked Jules tentatively.
"Jules, am I selfish?" she asked quietly, brushing away her tears.
"What? No, of course not." said Jules soothingly, sitting down beside Lily, brushing her hair off her face.
Lily just looked at her hands, her vision blurred by fresh tears.
"Why did you ask me that?" asked Jules quietly, as the room was illuminated breifly by a flash of lightening.
"James said I was selfish. And rude and that I'm nasty and that I'm a brat." said Lily numbly.
Jules looked shocked. "He said those things to you?" she asked faintly.
Lily nodded.
"Why?" asked Jules.
"Because I told him he was arrogant and assuming, and that he hasn't changed at all." sniffed Lily, fresh tears streaming down her face.
"Oh." said Jules.
"I told him earlier today that we should try to be friends, and then I went and ruined it all a few hours later. I'm so stupid!" whispered Lily angrily.
"Lils, you aren't stupid. You just need to apologize." said Jules gently.
Lily sighed, and dried her face. "I know." She stood up and went into the bathroom to wash her face. When she came back into the bedroom, Devon was standing in front of Jules, looking concerned. When she saw Lily, she smiled.
"Hey Lil." she said quietly.
"Devon, is he really angry at me?" asked Lily timidly.
Devon didn't meet her eyes. "Lil, you need to apologize." she said.
"I'm going." said Lily, slightly nervous. "Where is he?"
"In the library." said Devon.
Lily nodded, and went out the door. She arrived at the library door and knocked. When no answer came, she opened the door anyway. The room inside, while called a library wasn't, in fact a library. It was sort of like a glorified lounge. On the walls hung many antique Quidditch racing brooms, Quidditch trophies, awards, and paintings. There were many plump, stately armchairs. In one of them sat a very angry, messy-haired boy.
Lily walked over to where James sat, and took the seat across fom him. He didn't look up.
"James?" said Lily softly.
He looked up, his face pale, his black, wet hair clinging to his face His eyes were dark with anger. "What do you want?" he asked indifferently.
"I wanted to apologize for what I said to you." she said.
"Evans, this is the second time you've had to apologize to me today. Maybe that should tell you something about the way you treat me." he said coldly.
Lily took a deep, calming breath. "I know James. What I said today, I didn't mean it. I don't even know why I said it. I think I just sort of lost it and I'm sorry for that."
"You should be. I've let you insult me enough, and I'm sick to death of it." he said. The thunder outside was quieting, leaving only the sound of the rain as it drummed on the windows.
"I insulted you?" asked Lily,whispered, her voice cracking. "What about the things you said to me? That was worse than what I said to you!"
James didn't look up. "I didn't think you'd care." he said to his lap.
"You didn't think I'd care?" breathed Lily, more tears flooding her eyes. "James, imagine the worst things you think about yourself. The things you agonize over, and try to hide. Now, what if a person you thought cared for you, not only thought them too, but used them against you? Do you know how that feels?"
James looked at her, the anger gone from his eyes, replaced by sadness. He didn't respond.
Lily shook her head and brushed her tears away angrily. The silence between them was deafening. Lily pulled her legs up underneath her, and sat back in her chair, looking at her lap. Her clothes and her hair were still soaked, and the library was freezing, causing her to shiver. She looked up at James once more. He was looking at her, his hazel eyes wide and sad. He looked so vulnerable and open, sitting there. He wasn't wearing the decieving cloak the Marauders wrapped him in, he was just himself. Not a strong, arrogant man, but only a boy of seventeen.
"James, do you really think I'm cold-hearted?" she asked softly, wiping her last tears away.
James looked thoughtful for a moment. Finally he spoke. "No." he said quietly. "I don't think you are any of those things. But the way you treat me should tell me otherwise, but I notice you don't really act like that. Only around me." he finished sadly.
Lily smiled. "I've seen the way you act around other people too. It's nothing like the way you act around me. I like it better." she said shyly.
James blushed, and grinned. "You know I can't help it Evans. Your green eyes did it for me, day one." he said.
Now it was Lily's turn to blush. She smiled, and moved to stand up. Before she did, she put her hand on James' knee. She felt his body start at her touch.
"Friends? For real this time?'' she asked earnestly.
"Definitely." said James, grinning. Lily removed her hand from his knee, and saw his body visibly relax. She stood up, and walked to he door. But before she stepped into the hallway, James called out, "So, maybe now you and I can go out sometime?" He turned around in his chair, his bright eyes dancing.
Lily just shook her head, and stepped out of the room, relieved that James Potter had forgiven and forgotten, and asked her out.
~~End of Flashback~~
As Lily thought about that day, the same familiar surge of hot, sour guilt rose in her chest. She wondered if James remembered that day, and if he'd really forgiven her. After lying in her bed for about five minutes, pondering that question, she decided to go ask James. The clock beside her bed said 1:17 am, and she was sure James was asleep, but this couldn't wait. She kicked off the covers, and slipped silently out of her room. She crossed the empty common room, and opened James' door very quietly. She crept up to his bed, watching his sleeping form. Suddenly, she wasn't so sure this was a good idea, but the thought of going back to bed with so many unanswered questions drove her crazy, so she decided to go for it.
She walked forward and touched his shoulder. "James?" she whispered.
He didn't respond.
This time she shook his shoulder a bit, and said a bit louder, "Erm, James?"
James rolled over, but didn't wake up.
Lily was getting tired of this. The gave his shoulder a sharp shove and yelled "James!"
He awoke instantly, and sat up, looking around dazedly. "Wha? Whas goin on?" he asked, blearily. Then he saw Lily.
"Lily? What- what are you doing here? Is something wrong? Are you okay?" he asked, concerned. He rubbed his eyes and reached for his glasses.
"Er- no, nothing's wrong." she said. Suddenly, she felt very silly.
"Oh, er, right. Then why'd you wake me up?" he asked, confused. He rubbed his hair, causing his bed hair to crumple up funnily.
"I- er- fancied a chat." she said lamely.
"Oh." said James.
Lily sat down on James bed, and took a deep breath. "Do you remember last summer, during that storm, when we got into that huge row?" she asked breathlessly.
James frowned, but nodded.
"Well, remember at the end, when you said that you didn't really think I was nasty and cold hearted? Did you mean that? Or did you just say it?" she asked.
James looked slightly surprised. "Of course I meant it. Did you think I would lie?" he asked.
Lily smiled. "No, I was just wondering. I was just thinking about that day, and I feel so horrible about the way I treated you. I just wanted to make sure I was forgiven." said Lily, blushing slightly, grateful for the dark.
"Lily, you were forgiven before you even apologized." said James.
"Thanks, James." said Lily, as she stood up. She smiled, her heart warming to him. She was just thinking about kissing him goodnight, when he said jokingly "How about a goodnight kiss?"
Lily smiled. She leaned in, as if to kiss his cheek, but instead, whispered in his ear, "Potter, your hair is a mess."
She straightened up and walked toward the door, but before she reached it, James called, "So is yours." Lily smiled to herself as she closed his bedroom door. She caught a look at herself in a mirror on the way back to her bedroom, and saw that James was right. Her hair was indeed, a mess.

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