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It had been almost twenty minutes and Ginny and Harry were still sitting on the park bench with their arms around each other. Ginny began to shiver.

“Do you want to leave?” asked Harry, watching her.

Her lips were getting a purple tinge to them from the cold.
“I think we better,” Ginny replied, “Before we both get pneumonia.”

Harry laughed, “Come on then,” he said as he stood up and offered Ginny his hand to help her up.
Smiling Ginny took his hand and they proceeded to leave the park, Harry’s arm around Ginny’s shoulders.
“I’ll walk you back to Ron and Hermione’s,” said Harry.

“No,” Ginny replied, “I’d rather come to your place…if you don’t mind.”

“Mind?” said Harry, “Of course I don’t mind.”

Ginny laughed, “Just making sure.”

They reached Harry’s front door and he opened it, gesturing for her to go first.
“Always the gentleman,” Ginny teased as she walked into the house, followed closely by Harry.

She took her white knee-length coat off and draped it over the back of the nearest chair.
“Coffee?” asked Harry.

“Yes please,” Ginny said, nodding.

Harry walked into the kitchen and put the jug on.
“What do you wanna do today?” he asked, coming back into the lounge.

“I don’t know,” said Ginny shrugging.

“That should be fun,” said Harry.

“We could go into Hogsmeade later,” Ginny suggested, “I haven’t been for a while.”

“Neither have I, actually,” said Harry, “That’ll do. We’ll go to the Three Broomsticks and then we can go somewhere for dinner.”

“Can’t wait,” said Ginny, who still couldn’t believe how happy she felt at the moment, as Harry wandered back into the kitchen.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
“Are you expecting someone?” Ginny called.

“No,” Harry answered, “Can you get that?”

“Okay,” said Ginny, getting up to answer the door.

She opened it and, to her horror, found Adam standing at the door, sporting a black eye.
“I thought you’d be here,” he slurred, a strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath. “Thanks for sending your precious older brother round to deal with me by the way, look what he did to my blurry eye.”

“What do you want Adam?”

“I just want to talk,” he replied.

“I have nothing to say to you,” said Ginny, pushing the door.

Adam put his foot in the doorway so it couldn’t shut, “Please Gin. I love you, and I think we owe it to ourselves to try and sort this out…”

“She doesn’t want to see you,” Harry said, coming to Ginny’s side.

“This has nothing to do with you, Potter,” said Adam angrily.

“You’re on my property Lumley and Ginny’s my…my friend,” said Harry, “It has everything to do with me. Now leave.”

“Excuse me,” said Adam, “But Ginny’s my fiancée. If I want to speak to her I can.”

“I told you Adam, it’s over. I’m not your fiancée anymore and I don’t want to see you, just go away,” said Ginny.

“Not until you speak to me.”

“I thought you said you were going to give up drinking again,” Ginny quipped angrily.

“Look, can we just talk?” Adam asked, ignoring her statement about drinking.

“Are you stupid?” asked Harry suddenly.


“Well, she quite clearly doesn’t want you, what part of that don’t you get?” Harry said.

“Who the hell do you think you are, Potter, speaking to me like that?” said Adam, his temper rising rapidly.

“Just piss off,” said Harry, whose temper was also starting to get the better of him, “You’re not welcome here.”

“Friend, eh?” Adam spat unexpectedly, “I know what’s going on here; I’m not stupid. That little slut can’t have me, so she goes running off to the next best thing.”

“Excuse me?” Ginny cut in furiously, “I can’t have you? Who was it that left Adam? I don’t want you! You’re pathetic…not to mention drunk, yet again! Why don’t you get a life?! Preferably one that doesn’t involve me!”

“How dare you speak to me like that?” yelled Adam, raising his hand to slap Ginny across the face, but just missing.

Ginny stepped backwards into the lounge, startled.
“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!” Harry roared as he pushed Adam roughly, as hard as he could out the door.
Adam fell to the ground and Harry quickly slammed the door and locked it.

“You better come home to pick up your things, you little tramp!” Adam called through the door, “Because I’m not letting them stay in my house any longer.”

Turning towards Ginny, Harry saw her crying on the floor. He walked over and sat down next to her, putting his arms around her.
“Are you okay?” he asked.

Ginny nodded and sniffed heartily, “I’m fine.”

“No you’re not,” said Harry before pressing a kiss to her temple.

“No,” Ginny admitted, “but I will be.” She smiled up at him, “Because I have you.”

“I should go get your things for you,” said Harry.

“You don’t have to,” Ginny replied, “I can do it.”

“I want to,” said Harry.

Ginny smiled again, “Thank you, Harry.”


Ginny still sat on the floor of Harry’s living room, waiting for him to get back. She heard the sound of the key in the lock and the door opened.

“Harry,” she said, “I was getting worried.”

Harry laughed, “About what? I haven’t been that long!”

“I know,” said Ginny, “but I thought Adam might have attacked you or something.”

“No,” said Harry lightly, “He wasn’t even there. I got all your things though. He had put everything outside.”

“Thanks,” Ginny answered, “Really, thanks.”

“It’s fine,” said Harry setting down Ginny’s bags, “Anyway, how about that coffee? We never got around to having it.”

“That would be lovely,” said Ginny, “I better let Hermione know I’m not coming home for a while. Can I borrow Hedwig?”

“Of course,” Harry replied, “But you’ll have to find her. Last time I saw her was this morning when she got back from hunting.”

Ginny returned after a few minutes.
“Did you find her?” Harry asked.

“Yep, she’s already taken the letter,” Ginny answered.

“Okay,” said Harry as he passed Ginny a steaming cup of coffee.

“Thanks,” Ginny said gratefully.

“It’s only coffee,” Harry teased.

“I mean for everything,” said Ginny.

“Well you’re welcome, though I haven’t really done anything,” Harry replied.

“You’ve made me the happiest I’ve been in ages,” said Ginny, “That’s something.”


Ginny and Harry walked towards the Three Broomsticks, hand in hand.
“Where should we go for dinner afterwards?” asked Harry.

“Don’t know,” said Ginny shrugging as they entered the Three Broomsticks.
The warmth was extremely welcome after the cold chill outside. It wasn’t very busy and there were a number of empty tables.

“You go sit down,” said Harry, “I’ll get drinks. What do you want?”

“Oh I’ll just have a butterbeer,” Ginny answered, shrugging off her pink coat and exposing a simple but pretty black dress and black stockings that had been with the belongings Harry had picked up from Adam’s house.

“Okay, won’t be long,” said Harry.

When he reached the table and gave Ginny her drink she looked up; her expression was worried, almost frustrated.
“What’s up?” he asked.

“One of the waiters just came up,” she replied, “and gave me these.”

She showed Harry two small pieces of parchment and he took the one addressed to him. His face fell as he read it.
“I’m sorry,” Ginny said, “But I really have to go.”

“I understand,” said Harry, “Don’t worry; we’ll go out another night.”

“You can stay here if you like, and enjoy the rest of your night,” Ginny replied pulling her coat back on, “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you didn’t come.”

“Ginny, don’t be stupid. I want to come. It’s not like I’m going to enjoy myself here without you anyway. And besides, they’re pretty much my family too. They wouldn’t have sent me a note if they didn’t want me to come.”

Ginny smiled, “Thanks. I would actually appreciate the company.”

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