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“In here!” Lily Evans whispered. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were stuffed into her closet. She followed them in. In horror, she watched as her nine year old self pulled the covers off and climbed out of bed. Sirius smiled at the look on the seventeen-year-old Lily. She clenched her fists to stop herself from hitting him.

Little Lily bounced into the bathroom with some clothes and came out ten minutes later fully dressed. She combed her hair in front of the vanity mirror. Blood-red waves smoothed out and curled again. A younger Remus and James Potter knocked on the window of her room. She opened the window and they climbed in with obvious practice. “Happy birthday!” James shouted while Remus shouted and said calmly, “Good morning and happy birthday.

“Thanks.” She glowed. “Petunia just shrieked at me this morning.”

“She never does anything but shriek. Anyway, your surprise party starts in about five minutes.” The older Remus smiled at what a nosey kid he had been. “I found out yesterday.”

“‘Surprise’ normally means you don’t know until it happens.”

“You hate surprises so I figured you should know.”

Lily rolled her eyes and stood up, beckoning Remus and James to follow her. They left and heard the sounds of a party going in full swing. Music flooded the entire house. Screams of ‘happy birthday’ echoed. After a minute, Lily pulled them from the closet. “Let’s go. We can go to Remus’s and Apparate to Hogwarts.”

They turned to go when a voice said, “Who are you?” None of them had to turn around to tell it was little Lily’s.

Sirius turned around, pointed to the younger Remus standing behind her and said, “He can explain.”

They ran as quickly as they could and Apparated to Hogwarts. Lily sighed and slumped down the side of the Three Broomsticks. “I came back for my earrings. Why did I want them? I hate them now.”

“Maybe you had tacky taste at nine.” Sirius’s attempt to lighten the mood had no effect.

Remus paced the ground. Lily stared at the side of the building before saying, “I feel sick.”

The boys looked at her and realised she looked faint. Neither knew why; she was used to much more excitement than this, so the possibility that that was the problem was unlikely. Before long, Sirius exclaimed, “You haven’t eaten!” Remus gave Lily a severe look.

Lily shrugged carelessly. “Well, if you didn’t touch that thing, Remus, then I would have been a breakfast rather than getting sent back into time.”

Sirius stepped in between them. “Let’s go down to the kitchens. We’ll tell Hagrid that we’re students who need desperately to talk to Dumbledore. He’ll let us in the school.”

After finding Hagrid and practically begging to be let in, the three managed to be let into the school. Hagrid left to their own devices, telling them Dumbledore’s password. Lily literally ran to the kitchens. She found a house-elf she knew from the future and after a introducing themselves as students said, “Penny, could we have some pancakes, two coffees, one chamomile tea, and treacle tart?” Penny nodded and rushed off while other elves prepared a table for them.

Lily sunk into the nearest chair. Remus settled down next to her, and Sirius sat on the other side. He leaned over to Lily and tugged her lower eyelid down. She was pale underneath. He called to the nearest elf and asked if the school matron was there. The elf nodded and said that if they needed anything from her, she would go and get it. Sirius asked for Iron Draught and the elf disappeared.

“Iron pills work better,” Remus commented casually.

“Yeah,” Sirius placed a pile of the newly brought pancakes in front of Lily. They ate in silence. Nearly an hour later, they stood in front of Dumbledore’s office. Lily charmed her red halter top shirt and jean skirt so they didn’t reveal so much. Remus and Sirius brushed the last crumbs off their jeans. “Ready?” Sirius asked. Without waiting for a response, he said the password and knocked on the door to Dumbledore’s office.

But there was no response. Lily knocked again then pushed the door open. “No one’s here. Hagrid said he was here.”

“I got wind of a muggle family heard of the wizarding world through an accident, I presume, and was helping to sort things out without resorting to magic.”

Lily smiled sweetly and turned. “Hello, Professor Dumbledore.”

AN: Please review. Kitty got this idea, and neither of us were sure it was a good it was a good idea. Everything will be explained in the next chapter.

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