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Disclaimer: i own nothing but the plot and any unrecognizable characters.

“VANGELISTI!” a strict voice rang out through the sea of students. There in the shadows, a pale, handsome boy watched, as a young girl of his same age, approached the wobbly stool in response to the original voice. She plopped herself down, wincing as the tattered hat inflicted her perfectly curled black hair. It seemed an eternity passed before the ethereal beauty scurried down from the hat to a cheering table of scarlet and gold, her midnight eyes shining in relief. The boy’s eyes continued to follow her movements, even after the sorting had finished and the feast had begun. He pushed himself farther into the shadows of the outskirts of his table, but no amount of shifting could help him; the girl had seen him staring. Their eyes locked, orbs of night, penetrating his own intense cerulean. She looked at him questioningly and, kept his gaze even as the arms started to overtake it, in attempts to gather more pies and, puddings. He shook the hair out of his eyes as a greasy-haired girl, that he was supposed was at least in her sixth year, leaned over next to his ear,

“Disgusting isn’t it? We should have known that once Dippet took over, this school would go to hell. Filthy mudbloods running all over the place, thinking they have a right to be here, just because Dumbledore is one of them, and he’s so well recognized with the ministry. Half-breeds I can handle, but mudbloods, ugh.”

“Mudbloods?” he asked uneasily, finally breaking his gaze from the mysterious girl. The older girl sighed,

“Muggles you twit! You know, the scum of the earth, ordinary people.”

“Oh, of course.” He said not really understanding.

“What’s your surname anyway?” she inquired skeptically, “I haven’t met a decent Slytherin who hasn’t known a muggle’s proper classification.”

“Riddle. Or at least that’s what I’m told. My mother died after I was born and I don’t know my father. I’ve been in an orphanage with these so-called mudbloods my entire life.”

“You poor soul. I’d generally move from anyone that’s made contact with mudbloods but you’re a Slytherin and Slytherin’s aren’t filth. Just be sure to steer from their kind, stick with your house, you can’t trust anyone else.” She sympathized, her murky eyes boring into him. He nodded absently and tried to make eye contact with the girl, Vangelisti. “I’m not sure I ever said, by the way,” the fellow Slytherin continued, “my name is Eileen Prince, I’m sixth year. If you ever need anything, tell me. Just be careful who you’re with, wouldn’t want anyone to catch you with a Hufflepuff, or worse, some blood-traitor in Gryffindor. They’re almost as bad as associating with mudbloods.”

Tom nodded occasionally as the girl babbled on, not really comprehending what she was speaking of. His mind was reeling with questions as he observed the mysterious at the Gryffindor table toss back her long, midnight hair and, giggle at the remark of a vivacious blonde on her left. She caught his eye and smiled and Tom felt the heat rising into his face even more. He had a feeling that this girl was going to ruin him somehow, someday.

It had been an exhausting morning and Verity was happy to leave her mother at the platform once she had collected her things.

“Verity Anne! Straighten your sweater out! I will not have my daughter look as if she is unkempt!” a prim woman with short auburn locks, snapped, her blue eyes glinting at the eager eleven year old standing before her, eagerly smoothing her knitted pullover as her mother instructed.

“Sorry mum.” The girl mumbled sourly. She was ready to leave for the train and go on her way to find a compartment, but her fussy mother was making it rather difficult.

“Listen to me Verity, follow all the rules, no going out of bounds, and you have to promise to write at least once a week, just so I know you’re still alive and all is well. Study hard, just because I’m not there to crack the whip does not mean you have consent to slip in any of your academics.”

“Yes mother, you’ve told me that a thousand times all ready! May I please go now? Everywhere will be full if you keep reminding me!” Verity insisted.

“Oh all right! Go, go, go. I’m just worried, first impressions are very important. If you’re going to be Head Girl, I can’t have you ruining your chances just because you made dense choices in your first year.”

“Mum, I know. I’m leaving now so goodbye and send my love to Daddy.”

“Goodbye my darling. Have a safe trip and have a fun year. I’ll see you at Christmas.” Mrs. Vangelisti sniffed, enveloping her only daughter into a tight hug. She watched tearfully as Verity strode onto the train and never looked back.

“She’s bloody insane!” Verity muttered madly. “It’s not as if I’m going into missionary work, I mean I’ll see her soon enough as it is!” She looked despairingly at the many occupied compartments, and continued to trudge along to the back of the train, her trunk wheeling behind her.

It seemed to Tom that all of the compartments were full and that it was hopeless to even try to find one unoccupied. Perhaps he would just sway along with the train in the aisles for the afternoon until they would reach his new home. Or at least, that seemed a fine idea until the train started moving and he proceeded to tumble onto his very own trunk, a pain shooting up through his leg. His bright eyes snapping open as a pair of arms hoisted him upright.

“Are you alright?” the owner of the pair of arms in question asked him.

“Yes, fine. Thanks I guess.” He muttered. Seeing he wasn’t in the mood for conversation, the stranger moved on with a curt,

“Well if you’re sure. Hope your leg doesn’t bother too much.”

Tom looked up just as the speaker turned on her heel; a wave of black curls whipping her soft face. He stared after her a bit until she entered a loud compartment, filled with laughter and sputtering. It was some time until he moved from that same spot, a pain still present in his leg, his thoughts lingering on the girl.

“YOU!” a harsh voice barked, clearly belonging to one of authority, “Get to your compartment!”

He glared, “as you wish.” And proceeded to step into the last compartment of the train and into the shadows; feeling safe.


Verity spent a good ten minutes before she found a compartment where she felt comfortable. Tara Prewett, and old family friend of Verity’s, was seated in a compartment with three other people.

“V!” Tara squealed, “I was wondering when you would be here! This is Penny,” a meek, brown haired girl smiled, “Joey,” the sandy haired boy smirked at her appreciatively, “and Sarah!” a girl with intense gray eyes and white blonde hair grinned and waved. “Everybody, this is one of my best friends Verity! She’s in our year too!” Verity let the redhead bubble on for a few moments before she finally took her seat and fiddled with her wand.

“What house do you think you’ll be in?” Sarah asked her, shushing Tara as she did.

“I’m not really sure,” Verity laughed “everyone in my family has either been in Slytherin or Gryffindor!”

“Odd combination." Joey quipped up.

“Oh, yes I know, my family isn’t really built on actual care or love, my family is still quite supportive of arranged marriages, and my parents really had no choice. My mum was in Gryffindor and my father in Slytherin, in fact, they were enemies throughout school.”

“My parents were betrothed too, as you well know.” Tara supplied, “Although, they were both in Hufflepuff, not as many problems you see.”

“Pardon?” Penny squeaked. “I’m sorry, it’s just neither of my parents were, well, they weren’t, not that I know of….” She trailed off.

“You mean to say your parents are Muggles!” Verity exclaimed. “I mean they can’t do magic.” She clarified to Penny’s confused look. “My father doesn’t usually allow me to talk with muggles, really it’s nothing to be ashamed about, it’s just he, as well as all Slytherin’s do, believes we purebloods are superior to everything and everybody else. A load of nonsense if you ask me, it’s all about your capabilities, but you’d do good to avoid Slytherin’s, they’ll hex you I’m sure!”

Joey nodded, “Slytherin’s are the worst. Everyone knows it. Every wizard that’s ever gone bad has been out of Slytherin.”

“But,” Verity glared, “I wouldn’t worry about being in Slytherin, if you’re a muggle then you definitely won’t be in there.” It remained quiet for a few moments before Joey burped and eased the tension. Normally such a thing would be passed over, not even reagrded as a memory, bhut there nervousness took over and everyone was swept into a fit of laughter. Between laughs Verity managed to choke out a few jumbled words about changing into her robes and left the compartment.

Verity hummed to herself as she shuffled down the aisles of the train, her brows knitted in curiosity as she spied a boy that looked to be her age just a ways down the aisle, just standing there swaying with the train, his trunks set out beside him. Suddenly the train jerked to the right and the boy lost his footing, his leg crashing into the corners of his trunks. Rushing up to him, she propped him back on his feet fussing on whether or not he was okay. After a quick mumbling of reassurance, Verity found he no longer wanted to talk, no doubt embarrassed and left back to her compartment, very aware that this boy was watching her every move.

“I’m so excited! A shame that Penny is in Ravenclaw while Tara is in Hufflepuff though. Luckily we’re all in the same house and you didn’t get put in Slytherin after all.” Sarah raved to Verity, while Joey attacked a piece of roasted lamb. He nodded,

“You were up there for ages! I thought for sure you were going to be somewhere else!”

“Well,” Verity admitted, “it just couldn’t decide! At first it said something about Ravenclaw but then switched to Slytherin! Finally it figured Gryffindor was the best place for me in the end. A bit scary actually. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I would’ve been downright miserable had I been put anywhere but Gryffindor. Sure Ravenclaw isn’t too bad I suppose, but look at the Slytherins! They all look as if they are angry or irritated about something!”

“You’re right of course,” Sarah giggled, “Gryffindor is the best house after all!”

Verity continued observing the table clad in green and silver, her eyes catching a pair of startlingly intense blue ones. It was the boy from the train, she soon realized, and he was, again, staring at her with great interest. She had watched him being sorted; His name was Tom Riddle and had been placed in Slytherin. She knew, that he too, had watched her sorted and was just as curious. She tried to turn her attention back to Sarah and Joey but found herself gazing at the boy again; finally, when he caught her eye, she dared a smile, surprised to find him blush in response.


Like? review. it makes my day. Oh, and i know this first chapter was crap and not in the least bit enthralling or any other word that describes what i'm trying to type, but realize it was only an introduction to all of the characters and the next chapter will be much, much longer. promise.

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