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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they all belong to J.K. Rowling. So don't point it out to me; I know and I hope you all already know this too.

Chapter One: Unexpected Secrets 

Hermione and Draco forever?

I scribbled these words in the corner of my parchment during Potions, not paying any attention to Snape. I was glad that for once Ron was pretending to, occasionally nodding or looking at Harry as if to say, 'He's got a point, you know.' The musty smell of the classroom was making my head hurt, and my eyes were drooping dangerously from lack of sleep.

My head was resting on my left hand, my eyes watching as my right doodled a heart next to the words already adorning the corner. I drew a little bundle with a question mark on it, a sign of not knowing. I mean 'not knowing' in two ways: 1. I didn't know if it was a boy or girl and 2. Draco didn't know I was pregnant yet. My eyes flicked to him, surprised to see that at the same moment his gray ones did the same. Our eyes met and I was surprised that Pansy's horrible hair didn't stand on end from the electricity between the glance. But the moment quickly passed as Snape appeared in my line of vision.

"Miss Granger," he drawled, "I ask that you please pay attention, mainly because I know that Mr. Weasley is just acting like it so I won't snap at him," Ron's ears suddenly matched his hair as Harry raised his eyebrows and suppressed a laugh, "and also I hope that you are not, in fact, exchanging... glances with another student in this class," he emphasized the last three words, glaring at me down his greasy, hooked nose, "when you and I both know that if I catch you daydreaming about Mr. Malfoy," at his mentioned name Draco snapped his eyes to the back of Snape's head, but a satisfied grin was plastered on his beautiful skin, "you will have a week's worth of detention. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir," I mumbled as the bell rang. I shoved my parchment into my bag along with my quill, swung it over my shoulder and stormed from the room.

At lunch, Ron and Harry didn't help too much about the subject.
"What the bloody hell was he talking about, you daydreaming about Malfoy?" Ron said as he scooped some jam onto his bread. "Bloody mad if you ask me."

"Well, he's always been glad to pick on one of us, hasn't he?" Harry reasoned, "Today, he just happened to pick you Hermione. It'll blow over." He gave me a sympathetic look, and I gave him a smile in return. Ginny joined us as Pansy and her posse walked past.

"Hermione, I heard you by the loo the other day, what did you say? Oh yeah..." her pug nose scrunched up as she did an imitation of 'me', with a high pitched voice. "Oh Draco, I love you so much! Shag me right here!" then she dropped to a lower voice, "I wouldn't shag you if you were my last hope in saving the Earth, you filthy Mudblood!" She walked on, her laughing in a high pitched laugh while her posse overdid their laughs. Snorting included.

"I still can get her, Hermione," Ron said, aiming his wand at the back of her head. "Tell me when, and I got her." He added in an undertone, "That ugly little nose can be the prettiest thing on her face."

"No! Ron, don't. Just ignore her!" I whispered. At that moment, of course Snape walked by, and of course he noticed Ron's wand.

"Weasley, put that away unless you want your House to suffer severely."

"Hermione, honestly, I could've gotten her! She lies and gossips way too much, saying that you and Malfoy actually did, or want to, have sex!" Ron fumed while he shoved his wand in his pocket, glaring at Snape’s receding back. Thank Merlin he didn't notice my face change a few shades redder.

"You should just ignore her, like you said. Besides," she added, removing her arm and grabbing an apple, "I heard her and Malfoy are...expecting." Ginny looked at me sympathetically, resting a hand on my forearm.

"Who'd you hear that from?" I exclaimed, outraged. He was cheating now? What the hell? Ginny looked alarmed at my outburst, but said coolly, "I heard it from Meagan Drapseed. She's one of Pansy's posse people, and we're kind of friends. Don't worry Ron, she's in Hufflepuff," Ginny added, as Ron's face had changed to an outraged look about Ginny having Slytherin friends. Harry glanced at Ginny right when Lavender came over to Ron.

"Hey Lavender!" I said, glad to have a reason to get off the whole Pansy/Draco subject. "What's up?" She just glanced down at me, but turned to Ron.

"Um, Ron? Can I talk to you?" I could tell you she was nervous over whatever this was about. "Out in the entrance hall?"

Ron looked at Harry with an expression that read, 'What the...?' but he got up and followed her. I could see her nervously shifting her weight from foot to foot as she told Ron.

"WHAT?!?!" He screamed. Many people turned to see the noise, and a few Professor's got up from the table. Harry and I got up and ran to them, as Lavender broke into tears and ran up the marble stairs to our dorm, her footsteps echoing while Ron stilled fumed.

"Ron? What was that all about?" Harry asked in a surprised tone.

"She... Lavender... she's..." Ron couldn't get it out. I sighed, deciding now would be a good time to tell him instead of Ron screaming it in our ears.

"Harry, Lavender's pregnant."

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