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Molly James Lily Sirius Remus Peter

“Molly!” screamed Lily as she took a few steps forward.

“Don’t come any closer Lily!” Molly took a nervous step backwards. She didn’t dare take her eyes off the werewolf. She recognized the werewolf’s eyes. She swore to herself that she’d seen them before. She tilted her head slightly to the side and looked at the werewolf with intensity.

“What are you doing? We have to run!” yelled Lily getting a little bit annoyed at Molly for her stupidity, but Molly stood in her place, still looking at the werewolf, “Molly!”

“I – I – I” stuttered Molly before looking back at Lily. The werewolf moved closer to Molly who was caught completely off guard. The werewolf ran towards her and she let out a hair curling scream.

“Molly!” the werewolf had reached Molly and was getting ready to bite, “Molly run! Duck! ANYTHING!” Molly ducked and curled up into a ball on the ground. Lily ran forward and tried to grab Molly’s hand but the werewolf wouldn’t let her. He swung his huge paw towards Lily, hitting her face and making three deep cuts from her left eye down to her chin. She started to bleed; her whole face was covered in blood.

“Lily!” Molly jumped onto the werewolf’s back and tried to strangle it, but only to fail. The werewolf swung her off his back and threw her on the floor. Molly was lying there unconscious and Lily was still standing a few feet away, her face covered in blood and her face pale when the werewolf let out a piercing cry. A huge black dog had dug his giant teeth into the werewolf’s left leg and was pulling it. The werewolf slipped on the icy ground and landed on its back. The dog walked over to Molly and nudged her with his snout. He stood over her unconscious body and let out three earsplitting barks.

The werewolf was now on his feet once more and was making his way towards Lily who was as white as snow. She was about to faint from the loss of blood. The werewolf was only a meter away from the helpless redhead when a silver white stag cam out from the forbidden forest. It ran towards Lily and lay down next to her. Lily tried to pull her onto his back, with much effort, and eventually she succeeded. The stag carried her into the forest where he lay her down softly next to a big oak tree where she passed out. The stag ran back to the werewolf where it had just swung his paw at the dog and the dog flew to the side. The werewolf took the one step he needed to be as close to Molly as possible. He bent down and sunk his razor-sharp teeth into her stomach. The stag kicked the werewolf with his front legs, knocking him out.

In an instant there James was standing in the place of the stag. Where the big black dog had been lying Sirius was now lying, breathing heavily and sweating. James ran towards Molly and looked at the bite. It wasn’t as deep as it could have been if the werewolf had had more time but she was bleeding uncontrollably and her face was turning white.

“Is she – dead?” Sirius staggered over to James and Molly and dropped slowly down on his knees. The color had drained from his face and he was drenched in sweat. “Is she –?”

“No…She’s stable” James pressed two fingers against her wrist and felt her pulse. “Her pulse is a little fast but she’s going to be ok. If we can – Sirius?” James turned around and looked at Sirius.

“What?” Sirius croaked. His face was slowly turning green and he looked as if he was about to throw up.

“Sirius? Are you…” James was interrupted by the repulsive sound of Sirius throwing up. “Oh come on!” James jumped up from his kneeling position.

“I’m sorry…I can’t help –” but before he could finish his sentence he threw up once more.

“Hey. Hey!” James put a comforting arm around Sirius. “Mate, are you ok?”

“I think so” Sirius sat down on the wet grass and started rubbing his stomach. James rolled his eyes at Sirius then went over to Molly once more. He looked down at her pale face, completely forgetting about Lily.



After half an hour leaning against the oak tree, passed out, Lily woke up with a start. It was cold and it had started to drizzle. Her hair was messy, her hands and her sweater were drenched in blood and her face was white as snow.

“What?” she whispered with a puzzled tone in her voice as she tried to push herself up from the ground, but her knees gave way and she fell down again. “Damn it”

She looked around her and noticed where she was. Feeling a bit spooked she made another attempt at getting up, this time succeeding. She picked some pieces of bark out of her messy hair and took off her jacket to take a look at the bloodstains.

“I loved this coat” she whined as she put the coat back on again, although feeling a bid disgusted by the thought that she was wearing a bloody coat. As Lily stood there her tears slowly filling up with tears she heard a soft noise sounding like something stepping on a twig. She quickly turned around quickly and was expecting to find James standing there, but instead she saw emptiness. Letting out a breath of relief she turned around once more and decided to try to find her way back to the castle. She had only gotten the chance to take three small steps when a black bag was put over her head. While struggling to get free she suddenly felt something hard hit her head.


James Sirius

“Hey where’s Lily mate?” the color on Sirius was coming back and he was sitting next to Molly holding her hand.

“Lily?” James looked at him for a moment then snapped back to reality. “Lily!” he had an expression of horror on his face. “Oh god where is she?”

“Well, where you put her when you carried her of to the forest” said Sirius.

“Sirius! I’m serious!” Sirius started to laugh softly but stopped immediately when James gave him a murderous look. “I can’t remember” he muttered as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Well ok think back. We saw Remus attacking them and then we ran out and helped them and then you picked Lily up and…”

“Shut up!” James exclaimed looking around as if looking for something. “I know what happened. I was there, remember?”

“Yeah…” Sirius muttered, going back to stroking Molly’s hand.

“I can’t believe I don’t remember” James looked horrified as he started to pace around in circles. After a few minutes he started to run into the forbidden forest.

“Mate! You can’t just – Hey!” Sirius stood up and started to run after James. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks and looked back at Molly. I can’t leave her. He turned around and walked towards Molly once more.



James reached the oak tree where he could barely remember laying her and looked around. Where is she?

“Lily!” he walked around the oak tree, looking for tracks. “Lily!”

After having called her name at least two dozen times he barely had any energy left. “Lily!” he muttered, “Where are you?”

He sat down on the muddy floor and leaned against the oak tree. How could I be so irresponsible? For all I know she could be dead right now. How could I be so stupid!? I’ve killed her. I can’t believe I killed her. Looking down at his feet he noticed a torn piece of material. He picked it up and examined it. It was black and it had splatters of blood on it. Thinking back he remembered the coat that Lily had been wearing. It must be part of her black jacket he was holding. A tear rolled down his cheek as he brought up the piece of material to his face and softly brushed it against his cheek. A little amount of blood was wiped onto his cold cheek but James was too preoccupied with Lily to realize it.


Sirius James Remus

“It’s not your fault” Sirius said to James as him, James and Remus were lying each on a separate bed in the hospital wing. “I keep telling you.” James gave him a cold look and Sirius looked over at Remus who was still sleeping.

“If anyone should feel guilty, it should be him” he nodded at Remus. “But even if he did feel guilty it still wouldn’t have been his fault. And I’m never going to stop bugging you if you say it was your fault one more time”

“But” James looked over at Sirius, “It was”

“Ok that’s it. I will never stop bugging you as long as my name is Sirius” Sirius said as he threw a paper ball at James, hitting him in the head.

“Was that necessary?” James threw it back at him. “Do you really think that’s going to make me feel better?”

“You need to stop moping!” Sirius gave James a playful push. “It’s not going to change a thing. All we can do is wait. Dumbledore knows so I bet there’s already someone on the job. They will find her”

“How do you know that?” James eye’s filled up with tears. “How do you know she’s ok? Please tell me, because I’m dying to know”

“I don’t know. But if you believe she is then she is until proven not to be” Sirius looked at James with sympathy. James looked at Sirius, surprised.

“But I can’t” James started.

“Just believe she is” Sirius interrupted, “if you do, you will find that she’s perfectly fine.”

“How do you –” but he was interrupted before he could finish.

“Just” Sirius said, “believe!” James looked at Sirius for a second before softly nodding. “There you go. Now take a chocolate frog, and cheer up” James looked around at his nightstand and found a huge pile of candy and at his feet there were at least a dozen cards and presents laying there. James looked through some of the cards. Most of them just said things like ‘Get better James’ or ‘Hope you feel better soon’ or ‘I miss you’.

“Hey listen to this” Sirius said reading aloud from one of his cards. “Sirius, I hope that you feel better and I hope that you find your way out of bed soon. I heard that you had been thinking of asking me out and in advance I would like to tell you that I’m not available. Get better” Sirius gave James a puzzled look.

“Who’s that from?” James asked. Sirius started to laugh.

“I don’t really know. It just says that it’s a 2nd year”

“A 2nd year? Oh my god” James smiled as he went back to eating his chocolate frogs.

“Well that’s new” Sirius muttered as he picked up a new card and started to read it.

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