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Disclaimer: We own (mostly) nothing, etc. etc.

POV: Sirius

This week has been hell (with the exception of my almost daily visits to Prongs's). My family has been… less then pleasant.... with my brother sneering at me and my parents’ constant favoritism towards him. My father doesn’t really speak to me much, but my mother finds it impossible not to comment on everything wrong with me. Finally, Friday came and Laura was coming to get me on the way to Diagon Alley, seeing as it was a short walk from Grimmauld Place. It was almost 11:30 so I went out of my room, which was sparse because I sort of wasn’t unpacked. I walked into the hall to see Regulus sneering at me.

“Oh that’s right,” he said in way that made it look as if he had just had some intelligent thought or something.

“You’re little half blood girlfriend is fetching you up today,” he added with his smug little grin.

I glared at him. “Don’t call her that.”

“What, your girlfriend?” he said stupidly.

“Well that too, but no,” I smacked him hard on the side of the head. “A half blood,”

“What was that for!” he yelled more then asked.

“For being an idiot! Don’t you know it’s rude to call people by their blood status?” I hit him this time.

He hit me back. “SO! I couldn’t care less about what you think is ‘rude’.”

“Oh that’s it!” I tackled him to the floor and we began to fight. I got in a few good swings before suddenly I was thrown to the wall by some spell.

“Kreacher says that’s enough,” I heard our foul house elf growl.

“Thank you Kreacher,” Regulus said with an air of fake dignity.

“Mistress will hear about this.” 

I rolled my eyes at the house elf and went down the stairs. My mother leered at me as I went through the parlor and into the entrance hall where I peeped through to widow to see that Laura was just coming up the walk. She had apparently just stepped out of the Knight Bus, which sped away quickly. I opened the door as she came up the steps.


She smiled. She was like a beckon of light in my misery. She looked er… cleaner then usual. No, I mean clean cut. Her hair was in this sleek ponytail (as opposed to her lose messy one) and she was wearing this white collar shirt that probably was part of her uniform with a black knit sweater vest thing. She had these black trousers and her converse. She looked rather respectable.

“Are you not wearing any make-up?” I said without thinking.

“Well hello to you too.” She smirked.

“Oh right sorry, you just look different…”

“Better different?”

“Nah I like the regular you better.”

“Yeah me too.”

“Wait here. I’ll go get some money.”

“But I said-“

“I’m not going to let you pay.” I looked at her with a smile. I was turning to go when I heard my mother clear her throat in the other room.

“Don’t just leave her on the doorstep Sirius. She’s our guest.” 

Any normal person would think that she was being hospitable, but I knew otherwise. There was something not quite right in her tone.

“Alright Laura. Come on in,” I said, as I showed her in and lead her to a chair she could sit on.

“Sirius, could you join me in here please.” 

It didn’t sound good. I walked in.

“Well she just looks presentable doesn’t she?” she said in a slightly bitter and rhetorical way. “Although, it is the inside that counts.” 

I knew very well that my mother was talking about blood status.


“She is a pretty little thing Sirius, but I thought I taught you better then that,” she said coldly. I stared at her, my mouth slightly agape. I knew that Laura could hear all of this in the next room.

“We’re just friends mother. That’s all,” I said, trying to stay calm.

“Don’t give me that. I saw how you looked at her at the train station,” she spat. “And Regulus has told me all about your little slutty escapades around the school. Have you no shame? With a half blood of all people!” 

I heard a sharp inhale from the next room.

“Oh, Regulus told you did he?” I laughed with hostility.

“Yes Sirius he did. I swear Sirius, if you marry that little half-blood whore I will never forgive you!” My mother’s voice had risen. 

That was the last straw.


“Fine then,” my mother said darkly. “Get out. You’re no longer welcome in this house.”


“Don’t bother coming back for your things. We’ll send them to you,” my mother barked as I stormed out of the room. I grabbed Laura by the hand and barely looked at her until we were on the sidewalk. She stopped behind me and I realized I was still clutching her hand. I looked at her; she was wearing this awestruck expression.

“What is it?” I said in a lessened tone.

“You… you stood up for me,” she said with a smile breaking on to her face. She had that glossy look in her eyes, but it was happy, or at least it was now.

“Well of course I did. How could I not?” I smiled at her. Was that all?

“But… you didn’t have to. You didn’t have to stand up for me,” she was clutching my hand now. “You could have just walked away and I would not have thought any less of you,” she said in a way that made me want to hug her right then and then I did.

She looked at me, surprised. “But it got you thrown out of your house. How could my honor be worth that?”

“Besides the fact that I’ve been trying to get thrown out for years, you are worth that,” I said, with my arms still around her.

She paused for a moment before speaking again. “Did you really mean that last bit about me?” she said meekly,

“Of course I did,” I said as I released her. “Now let’s get out of here.” She then smiled the biggest, most genuine smile I have ever seen in my life. She held both my arm and my hand the rest of the walk to the Leaky Cauldron. Something about her smile continued to run through my mind for the rest of the day.

We were sitting in the restaurant and she made this face at me.“What?” she said with a laugh. I realized I had been staring at her.

“Sorry! I’m just out of it… This whole getting thrown out business is just new...”

“Where are you going to live?” she asked with a concerned look on her face. By this time she had let down her hair.

“With Prongs. He’s always been a brother to me and his Mum and Dad have always been parents to me.”

“Oh that’s good,” she said, looking genuinely relieved. “I can have Dan drop you off,” she said as she returned to her sandwich.

Even with the lively conversation, I couldn’t snap out of what ever it was that was making feel so strange (strange enough to stare at her blankly anyway). It didn’t go away even after the Bus had dropped me off and I was at Prongs's house. I walked to the front door, realizing I was going to have to tell Prongs what happened. I was dreading that. Even though I was happy that I was finally free from that stupid house and that stupid life, I couldn’t help but feel slightly unhinged. I mean, I’m never going back to the place I had been living in for the past sixteen years of my life. I mean, how often does someone feel that? It was sort of cold. I only realized it once I got off the Bus, away from Laura. I think she was what was keeping me distracted. It was that happy numb feeling that kept me from just breaking down. I knocked on the door and waited. I heard thumping down the stairs and Prongs yelling, “I’m coming”. I heard him turn the knob and open the door.

“Padfoot? I didn’t know you were coming today. I thought you were with Laura,” Prongs said sort of happily. I could feel the hollow look on my face. Prongs looked at me and let me in.

“Did you… did she...” Prongs asked as he showed me up the stairs.

“No. I got kicked out.”

“Of your house? Why?”

“My mother called Laura a whore. A half blooded whore.” 

Prongs looked at me with comprehension. Prongs and I went up to his bedroom and hung out. Prongs distracted me well. We played gobstones and talked about Quidditch, but for some reason Laura seemed to have gotten it completely out of my mind where with Prongs it was in the back of my mind. Within the hour a huge bag of brownies came by owl with a note from Laura.

“Oooo are they from your lover?” Prongs teased.

“Oh yeah, my lover. You know, the one named Laura.” I laughed.

Prongs looked at me more seriously. “Really?” he asked.

“Oh get stuffed!” I laughed as I threw a pillow at his head. For some reason after the brownies came, I could forget my troubles for a while, but as I lay down to bed the same strange feeling crept over me again.

“What is it mate?” 

Even in the dark, Prongs could sense that I wasn’t feeling right.

“I wish I knew.”

POV: Tanya

“There are some good seats.” 

Remus pointed to two empty chairs pretty much in the middle of the middle row of the movie theater. I nodded and followed him, carrying a small bucket of popcorn. Remus is one of the few people I know who doesn’t insist on getting an extra large bucket of popcorn at the movie theaters. Who even eats that much? Laura doesn’t even eat that much and she devours popcorn like a vacuum. An extra large is a waste of money. Unless you plan on sharing it among several people or puking afterward.

We seated ourselves and waited for the movie to start. A family of five sat down a few seats away from us, on our left. A couple, holding hands, took a seat in the row directly in front of us. They looked to be maybe two or three years older than Remus and I.

The movie finally started and I grinned at Remus as the lights dimmed.

Twenty minutes into the movie, however, the couple in front of us started snogging. Loudly. After about five minutes of this I started to get a little annoyed. I looked over at Remus. He was squinting his eyes and attempting to concentrate on the movie, despite the loud smacking noises coming from the couple. I gave a small kick to their chairs. Luckily, they stopped.

Remus gave me a look. “Tanya!” he whispered in an angry tone. But I could hear the hint of thankfulness in his voice.

“What? I wouldn’t have done it if they were snogging more quietly.”

He sighed and took a handful of popcorn. I made sure to wait for his hand to leave before I took some popcorn as well. I wouldn’t want our hands to brush or anything. That would just be too clichéd for me.

“Remus,” I whispered, making sure to keep my voice low enough so that it wouldn’t disturb anyone else. Unlike some people.


“Is it just me or does that guy in the movie look like Snape.”

“That girl’s brother?”

“Yeah that guy.”

“I guess he kind of does look like Snape.”

“I definitely like that guy better than Snape though. He’s a lot nicer.”

“Aw, come on. Who doesn’t love Snape?” he said jokingly.

“Oh yeah.” I rolled my eyes. “I forgot about my burning crush on him. Because, you know, those dark arts obsessed Slytherin really appeal to me. And every time he calls Lily a mudblood it makes me just want to feel him all over.”

“Well. That’s a disturbing thought.”

“You don’t enjoy that thought, Remus?”


“I’m just kidding. I like nice guys.”

“I guess that knocks me off your list of eligible bachelors.”

“No, you’re one of the nicest guys I know.”

“Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Of course.”

“Why, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I turned back toward the movie screen and continued to watch the movie.

Apart from the occasional comments such as “Wow, that was a dumb thing to do,” and “I didn’t see that coming,” we watched the next thirty minutes of the movie without any disturbances.

Then I heard that familiar snogging noise. Sure enough, the couple in front of us was going at it again.

“Just ignore them Tanya.”

I begrudgingly focused my attention once more on the movie screen. However, after another ten minutes of smacking and sucking noises, it was really starting to get on my nerves. The family to our left was moving away to get seats somewhere else. I started to prepare my feet to kick their chairs again, but Remus gave me another just-ignore-them look.

After another five minutes the boy began inching his hand up the girl’s shirt. She let out a high-pitched giggle. At that point I decided just to ignore Remus instead. I threw a handful of popcorn at them and they turned around.

“It would be appreciated if you two would snog less obnoxiously. Or snog elsewhere.”

They both blinked at me. Then they scowled and proceeded to snog twice as loudly and obnoxiously as before.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Remus whispered to me.

“I thought it would make them stop.”

“Apparently it didn’t.”

“Yeah. I figured that.”

I took another bite of popcorn, and, yet again, turned my attention to the screen.

By the time the movie ended, they were rolling around on the floor.

“That’s so gross,” I said, turning to Remus. “They have no idea what’s been on that floor.”

“Good movie, huh,” Remus said, trying to change the subject.

“Yup. I liked that Snape guy’s two sisters. They kicked major arse.”

“I like the brunette one. She’s hot.”

“So, you like brunettes?” I asked with a smirk.

Remus thought for a moment. “Yeah. I like brunettes.”

“I’m a brunette.”

“I know.”

My heart skipped a beat. “What?”

He shook his head. “No, don’t get me wrong. I never said I liked you like that. That would be weird. So don’t worry about that.”

I sighed. “I won’t.”

I know we promised happy funny times. Sorry they weren’t really here. But we swear there will be happy funny times next chapter.

You may have noticed that a conversation at the end of this chapter resembles a certain conversation represented by the icon at the beginning. We didn't do this on purpose... we didn't even notice until after we decided to write it. But, as you can see, we wrote it anyway.

We’re both going to be away from home for a while so reviews will not be answered right away.

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