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Disclaimer: Don’t really own anything except for my original characters. Wish I did, but don’t! thanks for reading!
And everyone give the validators a big hug for validating this!! hehe...


Their first day continued with nothing too special. The classes were boring as always, especially since all they really did in classes was review what they had learned in the previous year. Jimmy and Alex, luckily were in almost everyone of Andy’s classes, so they kept her quite entertained. They didn’t have Divination with her though. In fact the only Gryffindor that had Divination with her was, with just her luck, her Potions partner, Mr. Sirius Black.

‘Great, so he’s in every single class of mine, this should be a long year…’ Andy thought to herself as she sat down in the back corner of the classroom. She always took that seat because it was the one that was furthest away from their crazy teacher Ms. Futuro, so she could always sleep through the class. ‘Not again!’

“Sheesh, are you stalking me or something Pierson? You just have to be my partner in Potions and your sitting next to me in Divination, and your in all my classes? Not to mention that you decide you would get into trouble just so you could have detention with me tonight…”

“Stop right there Black,” she began, the wretched fumes from Futuro’s odd desk were starting to take an effect on her. “I’m tired, and I have to deal with you. Why can’t you just let me get through this last class with as little pain as possible. You can sit with me if you so desperately want to, as long as you don’t bother me. Ok?”

“Ya know, there are plenty of other tables I could sit at, and I chose to sit with you, you should be happy that I am here with you-”

“Fine, then if it is such a hassle for you to sit here, then why don’t you sit at one of the other tables?” Andy said massaging her temples with her fingers, feeling more sleepy then she remembered entering the class room.

Sirius smirked at this. ‘Ha, she’ll be regretting that after class…’ “Nah, I think ill stay here with you. But shh! Class is starting!”

As the old and weezing voice of Professor Futuro’s droned on, putting Andy into a deep sleep on the table, Sirius began work on his first prank of the year.


“I’m going to kill you!” Andy yelled as she threw the doors open to the completely full Great Hall, instantly ceasing the conversations of everyone else. Fortunately for Andy, the teachers all had a staff meeting at the present time, so they wouldn’t be back for a little while.

Alex and Jimmy, both who had already started their dinner looked up and saw Andy absolutely fuming in front of the doors.

Everyone else in the Hall was utterly confused except for one person, who insister on smirking at her. That smirk was immediately wiped off his face when she started running full force towards him, before finally tackling him to the ground, pinning him down.

Alex and Jimmy had immediately stood up to try to reach Andy and Sirius, who were now in an all out fist fight on the ground, but were having difficulty because everyone else in the hall stood up as well, crowding around to get a better view and egg them both on.

Andy started with a punch to his face, and then to his stomach, but she was returned with quite a few other punches. The rest of the marauders were standing around them, fully capable of stopping the fight, but decided to let it continue for a few more minutes, just to see what would happen.

Alex and Jimmy finally managed to make their way through the pushing crowd and it took both of them to pry Andy off of Sirius. Alex struggled to hold on to the resisting Andy who still wanted a few more swings at Sirius, before he finally just threw her over his shoulder and held her waist tightly. Jimmy, meanwhile, had also taken a charge at Sirius who was getting up off the ground and brushing himself off. The other marauders decided that they should finally break it up, so James and Remus struggled to pull Jimmy off of Sirius, while Peter helped him up.

“The teachers are coming back!” someone from the crowd shouted.

“Let’s take this back to the Common Room, or we’ll all be in more trouble.” So the seven of them walked back to Gryffindor Tower, well, Alex carried a still kicking Andy, and Remus and James still had to make sure that Jimmy and Sirius didn’t start back up again.

As soon as they reached the Common Room, the fighting began again, but it was less physical, more yelling.

“What the HELL is your problem Sirius?” Andy shouted, now fully standing on the ground, Alex holding her arms though.

“And I thought you could take a joke Pierson.” Sirius scoffed, while James and Remus held back Jimmy.

“I CAN! That was a sick and twisted joke, if you can even call it a joke.” Andy shouted back.

“What did he do to you Andy?” Jimmy asked, still having to be restrained.

“I fell asleep in Divination again, so he thought it would be funny to write something on my forehead, which by the way, took half an hour to get off. So I wake up, everyone is already gone and I leave to drop my stuff in the Common Room so I didnt have to take it to dinner. So, as I am walking down the hall asking myself, how she got THAT idea, a random guy from Hufflepuff comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, would you mind if I watched’ so I just ignored him, but as I kept going, guys and girls started looking at me weird, and finally a painting told me to look in the mirror. You wanna know what was written on my forehead? ‘I wanna bang girls, call me.’ So now the whole damn school thinks I’m lesbian!!(not that theres anything wrong with it.)"Andy shouted, lunging at Sirius again, but only to be stopped by Alex’s grip on her arms.

“Ok, that was not really supposed to happen, I didn’t think that Futuro was one…” Sirius said, “How did I miss that one…” he continued, looking off into space thinking before bursting into laughter.

Jimmy had calmed down slightly, but was still not very happy. “Even for you Black, that was pretty below the belt. I just thought that he had hurt you, then he really would’ve been dead.”

“Um, do you know how much torture I’m going to go through now?” Andy said, still very angry.

“Alright, just take a couple minutes to calm down in your dorm, and you’ll feel better,” Alex said, giving her arm a little squeeze.

“Fine, but you know, your in for it now Black.” Andy said, turning on her heel and heading for the girls dorm, ready to tear apart a pillow.


Andy was now examining herself in the mirror in her dormitory. She had a black eye, a slightly bruised chin, and a cut lip, that had been bleeding rather badly after her fight with Sirius earlier that night. It was now ten o’clock and most of the other Gryffindors were leaving the Common Room and heading to bed, her roommates being some of them.

The door to her dorm opened and three girls came in giggling, but stopped short when they saw her, and her damaged face.

“Oh, you’re here.” One of them, Sally Hayes, said to her with a rather disgusted look.

Andy had never really gotten along with a lot of girls at Hogwarts, she preferred hanging out with guys because the girls could be so caddy.

“What’s it to you?” Andy said coolly, still a little angry after her fight, though it had subsided greatly.

“Well, we just wanted to talk to you,” Logan Miller, another one of her roommates replied with the same disgusted look Sally gave her.

“About what?”

“About you living with us.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, we don’t really feel comfortable with you sleeping in here, ya know, with us sleeping here, we just don’t really trust you all that much.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Wish I was, but we don’t want you in here.”

“So what, its not like you can kick me out.”

“Guess not, but we can definitely spread it further what you are. So you wont ever get any guy here again.”

“You know what, I really don’t care. I don’t want to stay here with you guys either.” And with that, Andy snatched the handle of her trunk, and balanced her owl, Sammy’s, cage, pillow(she had destroyed everyone else’s, but hers) and blanket in her other hand, and made her way down to the Common Room.

There were very few occupants at the moment, a couple of fourth years finishing their homework, all who gave her odd looks, luckily Alex and Jimmy were awake as well, both gave her questioning looks as she made her way over, dropping her suitcase by the corner.

“What’s up? You leaving?” Alex asked

“Nope, I’ve been kicked out.” Andy sighed, as she started making a bed for herself on the couch.

“Are you serious? They cant do that to you!” Jimmy said angrily.

“Yeah, whatever, I really don’t want to sleep in the same room as them either. At least I have even less of a walk to meals and stuff.” Andy said, trying to make herself feel better about the situation, though she was unhappy with it herself.

She fluffed the pillow one last time before laying down and pulling the blanket over herself, yawning. “No, this is ridiculous, your not sleeping on the couch in the Common Room for the rest of the year.” Alex said.

“Well if you have another option, it’ll have to wait to the morning, ‘cause I really don’t feel like getting up now.”

“Fine, we’ll just carry you to our room.” Jimmy said, picking her up bridal style with her blanket trailing.

“I cant sleep in your dorm! People could get the wrong idea!”

“Like they haven’t already-” Jimmy returned, only to get punched hard in the arm by Andy.

“Yeah, well, this could only make them think otherwise then, right?” Alex said, grabbing her trunk and her owl’s cage.

“But its not like you guys actually have an extra bed or anything.” She said as they started up the boys dormitories’ stairs.

“We can just get you a mattress and put you between our beds on the floor. It’ll be better then having to wake up to a bunch of kids watching you wondering what the heck your doing sleeping on the couch.” Jimmy said before he kicked the door open to the 6th year boys dorm, and Andy’s new home.

Alex and Jimmy had to share the room with the marauders, who were all sitting playing a game of cards on one of their beds in the corner. They all looked up as the door slammed open, Andy noticing that Sirius was now sporting two black eyes and a cut lip; she smiled at the fact that she had done it.

“What’s she doin in here?” James said rather rudely.

“Well, because of your old pal Sirius and his little joke, Andy is going to be living with us for the rest of the year.” Alex said

“And if any of you have a problem with that, you better lose it, cause shes not going anywhere.” Jimmy said threateningly, laying Andy down on his bed.

“Hey, I thought I was just gunna sleep on the floor, I don’t want to put you out.”

“Nah, its fine for tonight, we’ll get you something in the morning.” Jimmy said, taking out an extra pillow and blanket for himself on the floor, which already seemed to be a mess.

“Alright, well good night all, I’m going to bed. See you in the mornin’.” Remus said pleasantly as he got into his bed.

“Yeah the rest of us too, night.” James said through a yawn as the three other marauders got into their separate beds.

“Night guys, and, thanks for everything.” Andy said sleepily to Jimmy and Alex, who nodded in return, settling in for the night.

‘God, lets hope that not everyday this year is like this…’ Andy’s last thought was before drifting into sleep.


Thanks everyone for reading! Please, if you have the time, just review! It means soo much to me and all the other authors, and it makes me feel a lot better about what im writing! Thanks a bunch!! Sorry about the lateness for anyone reading it, there were some issues with this chapter and it took for absolute ever to get it validated...thanks for stickin with though!

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