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'She looks rather beautiful, ' thought Draco. 'No, she is not beautiful, she’s a blood traitor. This is just a bet!
“What are you doing here?! I asked you a question!”
“Waiting for you.”
“Listen Malfoy I-“
“Whatever Malfoy” said Ginny, emphasizing the word. “I don’t really know what’s gotten into you or what that kiss was all about and I don’t really give a damn, so just bug off.”
He rose and advanced on her.
“Stay away Malfoy!”
“You know, I’ve realized something, you are beautiful.”
“W-w-what?” she stuttered
“You are beautiful, smart, and brave. All the things a Gryffindor should have. But you also have some Slytherin traits in you; you’re cunning, mysterious, and independent.”
Draco then realized he wasn’t acting any more; he was speaking from his heart. He shook the thought out of his mind and focused on the bet.
“I like you.” He stated simply.
Ginny backed up farther, putting her hand on the door handle, ready to run if necessary. He suddenly leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. This time she was ready for him. This time she didn’t let him in. This time she didn’t let herself drift away in the arms of Draco Malfoy. Ginny pulled open the door and ran. She reached the charms class room, hurriedly making some sort of excuse for Flitwick and settled down in her seat. After class she rushed to Gryffindor tower, intent on studying for a few hours before dinner. But when Ginny reached the Gryffindor portrait and hurriedly muttered the password, the portrait swung open and instantly, all the girls in Gryffindor it seemed converged on her.
“We heard about you going with Harry potter!”
“You’re so lucky!”
“I wish I was you!”
“I can’t believe it”
Pushing past them she rushed to her room. As head Girl she had her own room inside the Gryffindor Tower, away from all the other 7th year girls.
Ginny needed to be alone right now; she needed to think about what was happening.
Draco Malfoy had kissed her AGAIN! Ginny laid her head on her pillow, red hair spilling everywhere. The tired teenager closed her eyes, intent on just resting for a few minutes. But before you could say “Hopping Hippogriffs” she was fast asleep.
Everything was pitch black, yet Ginny wasn’t frightened, she heard sounds but saw nothing.
Ginny heard the turn of a doorknob and the creaking of a door
“Here she is master” sniveled a voice
“Good, now leave us” a cold cruel voice replied, Ginny shivered, she recognized that voice, it belonged to non-other than Lord Voldemort the door was closed
”What do you w-want with m-me?” stuttered a woman’s voice
“My sources tell me there is a new prophecy, tell me it now” commanded the voice.
“No” said the other voice simply
Without any warning to Ginny, screams burst from the woman’s voice, no doubt caused by the Cruciartus curse.
“Now tell me the PROPECY or DIE!”
“I will never betray the trust of Dumbledore”
Ginny awoke in a cold sweat breathing heavily. What did that mean? Who was killed? Why couldn’t she see anything? She drifted back off to sleep, the next morning,while preparing for the day, terrible dreams of murder were pushed from her mind.

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