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Sariah Kent was listening to her CD player when she foun her best friend, Lily Evans.
After a brief hug, Lily asked, "Do you know where Ella and Margie are at?"

"I see them, over there!" Sare (Sariah) said, pointing to a compartment in the train, where two girls were sitting. One was in jeans, with fair skin, and blonde hair, and a tank top. That was Margie. The other one was in knee-length capris and a pink t-shirt. That was Ella.

Lily was in jean shorts and a red t-shirt with her hair in a messy bun. Sare was in jean shorts as well, with a white and blue tank top to go with it. Her hair was down, and very curly. As they climbed on the train and into the compartment, Sariah felt someone staring at her behind her back. She turned around, just to find that no one was there. So she went into he compartment.

Sirius Black was boarding the train when his friend, James Potter, called out, "hey wait up mate, what's the rush?"

"Wanna find a compartment so that we don't have to share with Snivellus," Sirius called back.

He looked and found a large-sized compartment that nobody was in, so he claimed it. James, Remus, and Peter found him and came in.

"James, I'm thinking about Kent again," Sirius said, looking to James for ideas.

"Wait, it's coming, got it!" James said, and he told Sirius and Remus his plan.

In the meantime, Sare, Lil (Lily), Ella, and Margie were chattering when margie started "ohhing" and pointing at Sare's bag. "What's that?" Margie asked, pulling something out of Sare's bag. It turned out to be a green belly-dancing outfit, with a short skirt wtih jingles all around it, and a top that revaled her navel and jingles on that as well.

"Oh, that? I got it when i went to Turkey for a holiday, do you want me to show you?" Sare asked, and everyone responded eagerly. So Sare changed into it and showed them.

"Do a dance in it!" Ella pleaded, "Please?"

So Sare belly danced. The way she moved was so intricate, so very fine, she looked as if she were floating on air. Espcially when she moved only one jingle at a time. At the end, everyone clapped and cheered for her, and begged for her to do another dance.

"Sare, please?" Lily begged, doing the puppy-dog pout. Sare had to give in.

"Ok, just let me change out of this thing," Sare promised as she changed out of the outfit and into her shorts and top. Just then, Sirius and James barged in.

"POTTER AND BLACK YOU PIGS, GET OUT!!!!" Lil and Sare yelled.

"Why should we, Evans, why?" James asked, while wrapping her in his arms. Lily smacked James, and he let go of her.
"Anyway, it's not you we want, it's Kent," Sirius said, nearing Sare. Sariah backed up slowly, and ran out of the compartment. "I woudn't come near you with a ten foot broomstick!" Sariah yelled, and tried to run, but James and Sirius were right behind her. They wrapped their arms around her and brought her back in. She struggled fiercely, then gave up, as they were back in the compartment.

"There isn't enough room in here, with your fat arses!" Ella said, fuming with rage.

"It's okay, Kent can sit on my lap," Sirius said, motioning Sariah to come closer. Sariah, unfortunately, sat next to Sirius, while Lily sat next to James.

Twnety minutes of silence passed, then finally Remus said, "I know, how about we play Truth or Dare." Everyone agreed to play it, so Remus started.

"Okay, Lily, truth or dare?"


"Would you rather kiss the top of Snivelly's head and nose three times, or makeout with James?'

"Oh, makeout with James, definitely." Lily said. James smiled in delight.

"Okay, my turn," said James

"Uh, Kent, truth or dare?"


"Ok, is there anything you think that you can do, but one of us can't?" James asked. All the girls started to gasp and smile.

"Yep," Sare said, confident about this.

"Oh, really, and what, praytell, is that?" Sirius asked.

"Kordi and Lezgi dancing." Sare said with a smile.

"Oh, really?" Sirius said, "I'll make a bet,then. If I can do that, then you have to let me a- tickle and kiss you mercilessly (at this, he tickled her sides slightly)
AND b- Let me take you out on a date.
If i can't, then I'll leave you and Lily alone for a whole week, no pranks, no nothing. Deal?"

"Tomorrow night, Gryffindor common room, I'll bring my CD player, You're on!"

So what do you think? Think they'll get along warmly? No? Please review! Oh, and by the way, in case anyone ws wondering, Ella and Margie are twins! Surprise!

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