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Chapter 12 *how high? “Get off of me” I screamed as I pushed James to the ground. Once again he had attempted to get way to close… and this time it actually worked. He had come up from behind and caught me off guard. “I said get off!” “Shh… Shh baby you know you like it!” Ok he asked for it… I kneed him in the crotch; he let go and squealed like a baby! “Dammit Evans! Geeze!” “Oh shut up you filthy little stag.” A look of horror passed through his eyes. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the common room, and through the portrait of the fat lady. “Let go of me!” I screamed but he just kept running, and dragging me helplessly behind him. We went down the halls and finally he pushed me into a dark closet. “lumos!” he whispered “Let me out!” I screamed as I banged my foot against the door. “Somebody help me!” “Shut up! What the hell do you know.” He hissed “I know that if you don’t want your conversations overheard… then you need to keep your voice down… now let me out! HELP!!!!!” “Evans… I’m serious what did you hear.” I just stared at him. “EVANS!” “My name is Lily.” “Alright…” he said getting frustrated “Lily, what do you know.” “Why would I tell somebody who calls me a firebolt, that?” “How much did you hear?” “I heard… and saw everything! Happy?” “NO!” he began tightening his fists and then he smashed a hole in the wall. “If you tell anyone, that’s what’s happening to your face.” “I don’t respond well to threats Potter.” I shook loose of his grip, got up, opened the door and ran. The next day I was panicking had he actually been serious? Potter had done a lot of things to me but he’d never threatened me. I didn’t know what to do, should I tell Remus or Addy? Remus would know what to do, but then he’d probably go ballistic on James… which would be kind of funny… but the next day would I wake up with a dent in my face? I was confused… so for my own safety I kept my mouth shut. The next night the marauders were having another late night conversation. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, but my curiosity made me hold it when I heard them say my name. “So I told Evans that if she ever told anyone… that’s what would happen to her face.” “Why Prongs… you sure know how to sweet talk the women of your dreams… threatening her, now why didn’t I think of that?” said Sirius while laughing his head off. “James was that really necessary? You probably scared the heck out of her! No wonder she looked so pale…” Remus began but was interrupted. “Relax Moony, I’m not really going to hurt her, just scare her a bit… after all the stuff she’s done to me, she deserves it.” I let out a sigh of relief… “…but she probably wasn’t going to tell anyway!” “ha! Honestly Moony you think she’s and angel… We’re talking about Evans… the firebolt of the 5th years, the untamable Gryffindor lion, the…” “Oh shut up!” Suddenly I found myself standing up and pointing my wand directly at Sirius. “Evans… Why our little firebolt has decided to ease-drop again.” “It’s not like I heard anything new…” “… Lily maybe you should go back upstairs.” Remus pleaded with me “No Moony, she might as well stay, the little angel has heard more than she’s supposed to anyway… So Evans, I don’t know what gives you the idea that you are privileged to hear all this, but it’s time you learn a lesson about ease-dropping. It never leads you anywhere good.” Then suddenly he transformed into the stag I had seen a few nights earlier. He looked so handsome, but then he charged at me. He chased me around the common room. Remus was shouting for James to stop, and Sirius was rolling on the ground laughing. We ran around in circles. I hoped over couches and chairs and he followed me. Then finally I ran into a closet and shut the door. James antlers banged up against the door and eventually poked a hole through the wood. I screamed. “HELP ME!” The antlers eventually stopped pounding and James transformed into his horrible self. “See hun, told you it never leads you anywhere good.” I opened the door and stared straight at him. “I HATE YOU!” I screamed I ran with tears in my eyes back up to my dorm… then realizing that my potty break would have to wait until morning, I cried harder. The next morning at breakfast I couldn’t even look Remus, James or Sirius in the eye. Even when James called me “baby” and “honey” I didn’t say anything. I was never sure why I didn’t go to Dumbledore with their little secret. Maybe it was out of fear, or out of devotion to Remus. I should have gone, I know that, but I didn’t. A few more weeks passed, the snow was beginning to melt and the sun was starting to shine more. It was now March, and the wind was blowing harder than ever. Nothing interesting had happened for awhile. James and I pretty much ignored contact, and because of that I didn’t see Remus as much as I would have liked. Then one day Maggie and I were up in our dorm after potions. She was babbling on and on as usual. Mostly about Potter. “Well you see we have so much in common, like his eye are brown and so are mine… I don’t understand why he hasn’t asked me out yet? I mean I’m pretty, I’m smart, I’m pretty, I’m funny, I’m pretty…” I love Maggie but sometimes her head is as inflated as Potters. “I know why he hasn’t asked you out.” I turned and saw Andrea standing in the door way. She was a 6th year and also happened to be dating Sirius. “Hi Andrea.” I said. She wasn’t my favorite person in the world, but it wasn’t like I hated her or anything. “Why?” asked Maggie puzzled. “Cause Jamsie Boy only wants what he can’t have. Maggie if he told you to jump you’d ask how high…” “I would not!” she pouted “But Lils here, hates and despises James more than anyone else. She’d never say yes, even though he’s asked her countless times. Which makes her all more appealing… than you. At first it was just a desire, now it’s an obsession.” I looked at her curiously. “He thinks Lily’s a prize. It’s a goal of his, for some reason. Man you should here the way he talks about you. He’s always saying that he’ll get you someday, have you seen his homework? He scribbles your name all over the margins. He’s in love with the idea, of being in love with you. It’s quite pathetic really.” I stared at her, and I heard Maggie sniff trying to hold back tears. “So… If I hate James… then he’ll love me?” “No, no honey, he lost respect for you along time ago.” She said This was too much for Maggie she burst into tears. “Ya know Lily, I even caught him listening to muggle music a few nights ago, just to impress you with. He’s got it bad, and babe your in control. If you want him, you can have him…” “Why would I want a creep like him?” “Cause… he’s so… won…derful!” Maggie sobbed “Cause if you say jump, babe he’ll ask how high. You, believe it or not have him wrapped around your little finger. Well I’ll see you girls around. I have to meet Sirius down stairs.” I watched her as she turned to leave. “Lily, remember what I said… and Maggie, just give up. It’s for your own good” and she left. Maggie was still crying in the corner when Addy came up stairs a half an hour later. “What’s up with her?” she asked me “Andrea gave her a reality slap.” I replied not looking “Ahh, Andrea. I never liked her very much.” “She… She… said that he… doesn’t like… me cause… cause… he knows he can… have… have me.” [whaaaaaaaaaaa] “James?” Addy asked “Naturally, who else would it be?” A few days later Remus and I decided we needed to hang out together. So we went down to the lake. I hadn’t talked to him in awhile, and it was nice to get a few things off my chest. Like my little chat with Andrea. “She made Maggie cry?” he asked “Yeah, over James.” I kicked a stone in the lake and the giant squid popped up. I took a few steps backward. That thing creeped me out. It was big and slimey. Just looking at it sent chills up my spine. It was 30 degrees outside, and I was cold and ready to go in. I didn’t want to though, I knew that the minute we stepped inside the castle that James and Sirius was rush Remus off one way, and Maggie and Adele would push me another. Out here we had privacy, we were alone… or so I thought. I few seconds later I heard a rustle in the bushes and James came out. “Just making sure your being a gentleman Moony.” Remus glared at him “Hello James.” “Ah I can see I’m not wanted here… you two can just get back to whatever it is I interrupted.” He turned to me and winked. I stuck out my tongue. “Here comes the sun… lalalala… here comes the sun and I say it’s alright.” He sang as he turned to leave. “The Beatles.” I whispered, so Andrea had been right. He was listen to muggle music. “Exactly.” He said as he walked up the hill. “Little darling it’s been a long long lonely winter…” Remus looked confused. “What was that?” “I’m not sure Remus. I’m honestly not.” That was the first conversation James and I had, had in days, and it had been one of the least violent in our history. AUTHORS NOTE WHAHOO! 15 reviews! Thanks bunchs! No goals… I still have faith in you all… don’t make me loose it! This Chap was 8 pages long and 1720 words… one of my longer ones!!! PLEASE REVIEW! Love you all! *Jeannie!

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