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Regulus’ POV

Where is she? It’s 5:35, she wouldn’t be late. Oh, there she is!

“Hey, yeah I know I’m five minutes late, but dinner was just so delicious. So what did you wanna ask me?” She smiled. Such straight, white teeth, such red lips.

“Oh, um, do you wanna go to the Harvest Ball with me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Regulus. A friend of mine from Durmstrang is going to visit me and be my date.”

“Oh, ok” I responded, quite downtrodden.

“But ya know, we could always go to Hogsmeade or something together.”

“Definitely! I have a date for two weekends from now, but how about in October?”

“Sheesh, I don’t usually make dates this far in advance, but for you, why not?” Yes! She said yes!

“So how about that walk?”

“Um, no sorry Regulus, I’m not really in the mood. Maybe next week, sorry.” She shrugged and gave an apologetic look before leaning up and kissing the corner of my mouth. She was aiming for my cheek but well I didn’t just want a kiss on the cheek, I just missed my target of her mouth.

“See ya” she hollered back as she left for the Gryffindor staircase.

Richelle’s POV

Yeah, I don’t really feel like hanging out with that Ravenclaw tonight. So I don’t show up for a meeting, he gets mad, he gets over it. Maybe I’ll send Jewel to give him a note. Sure why not. I went to my dorm wrote two notes (one for the prefect and for him) and gave it to Jewel to fly to them. I apologized and explained I wasn’t feeling well, but would make it up to his prefectness in a few weeks. He wrote back wishing me well and bidding me goodnight. Gotta love Ravenclaws, always so thoughtful I thought as I walked down the staircase to the common room.

“Except when concerning public displays of affection.” I said loudly towards the couch, which was covered by Sirius’ and Janice’s bodies. They both sat bolt upright and quickly fixed themselves. Sirius bid her goodnight and she left the common room quickly. All the students who had been doing homework, talking or trying to read applauded me and relaxed when the kissing and groping had stopped. I took a sweeping bow and sat down in the middle of the couch. I put my feet up on the table and turned to the Marauders who had gathered around the table in front of the couch.

“So, you infamous Marauders gunna do any good pranking before I’m in a walker. Cause right about now I’m thinkin’ you’re all talk no walk.” James and Sirius looked quite offended.

In no time I was proven wrong and the Marauders were showing off one prank after another. And so, the days went by rather lazily until the Harvest Ball rolled around. And man, was I excited.

Lily’s POV

“Come on let’s go, let’s go! Hogsmeade!” I pulled Biz and my friend Sarah out of bed, “Come on!”

“Ya know, for someone who hates James Potter, you’re sure in a hurry to impress him.” Biz said lazily rolling out of bed and walking to the shower.

“Just hurry up!” I hollered after her. Sarah got up and went to shower as well. Biz came out and got dressed in a pair of low jeans with a green belt and a green American Red Cross Give Blood t-shirt. She pulled on her regular jewelry and a pair of sandals.

“Alright, I’m ready. Let’s get this party started!” Sarah and I quickly finished dressing and followed Biz out to Hogsmeade. She met up with the Marauders who were going to get outfits for the ball as well.

“So Biz,” James asked, “Who are you going to the ball with?” He slung his arm in a brotherly manner over her shoulder. The two had become excellent friends. On occasion I envied the relationship thinking it was more, then I came back to reality, of course it wasn’t more, he liked me and this was Biz we were talkin’ about!

“You’ll see him at the ball, won’t you?” Biz responded.

“True, but I would rather know now.” James smiled and tried to persuade her. However Biz stuck resolutely with a no.

“Who are you going with Remus?” Biz asked changing the subject.

“Amy Saunders from Ravenclaw. We’re just going as friends though. I really didn’t want to have to be all interested in her all evening when I’m really not.”

“My goodness Remus, that’s not very gentlemanly of you, although I respect the honesty. So since you’re only going as friends you’re saving me 2 or 3 dances aren’t you?”

Remus nodded, “Of course, Biz, of course.”

“So Sirius, Peter, who are you two going with? Each other?”

Sirius glared at her, “No, I’m going with that hot 5th year in Gryffindor, Margaret, no Melinda, no, Mary, that’s her name, Mary Klien. Oh and Peter here is going stag.”

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.” Biz repeated back. “I don’t know, guess I’ve never been fond of the name Mary,” Sirius glared while Biz shrugged happily.

Peter however piped up, “What does that mean, it sounds nice.”

“Peter, Peter, Peter. The Mary referred to is Bloody Mary, wife of King Henry the VIII. The garden really means graveyards, which increased in size as Protestants were killed because of Mary’s devout Catholicism. Silver bells and cockle shells were nicknames for instruments of torture and the pretty “maids” all in a row were a device similar to a guillotine which beheaded people.” Gee Biz, way to have a bunch of useless information floating about in your head. Interesting, but useless. I shook my head in mock shame of her random information and Biz laughed lightly.

“Yikes,” Peter said, “You sure you wanna go with her, mate?”

“Shut up, Peter.” Sirius responded testily.

“We’re here!” I shouted. “Come on, girls. Guys we’ll meet you at the Three Broomsticks in 3 hours.”

“3 hours?!” James hollered at me as I ran off.

“Yes! You want me to look fantastic don’t you?” I said before running out of earshot of him and darting into the finest apparel store in Hogsmeade.

Richelle’s POV

“You guys done yet?!” I bellowed to the dressing room doors. Nothing like talking to a wall.

“Yes!” Lily said back. “Look!” She stepped out of the dressing room and was absolutely gorgeous. It was a dark green dress that went to her mid lower leg. It flared somewhat from her lower hips down and the top was a halter.

”You look great!” I said.

“Good, this is the one I’m buying. Sarah!”

“Okay, I’m coming!” Sarah stepped out and was in a beautiful bright red dress that went to the floor with a slit up to her knee, it tied around her neck.

“Perfect, get it so we can go!” I said impatiently.

“Well where’s your dress?” Lily asked while purchasing her own.

“In here,” I showed her an all black bag, “I ordered it in August. You’ll see it in a week.” I grinned, knowing she would be driven mad with curiosity.

But she bit her tongue and replied with a simple, “I can’t wait!”

So off we went to the Three Broomsticks. Time went by quickly and before I knew it the Harvest Ball was here!

We were all dressing quickly and taking all the time in the world to do our hair and make-up. I in contrast did my hair and make-up first then put on my dress. I walked out of the bathroom where I had been getting ready and the girls were all done up. They looked great and I could hardly contain myself. “Come on! The guys are expecting us! Let’s go!” I started walking to the door.

Lily’s POV

Wow! Biz walked out of the door and my jaw dropped. Her hair was up in a neat bun with hair sticking out in a windmill shape stick-straight and she had two thick tresses of hair framing her face. She wore elegant silver and black jewelry and her dress… Wow. It went just above her knees and was loose and flared from mid-hip down. It was a dark burgundy with a thin sheer material working as shoulder straps. When she walked past us I saw the back of her dress was all ties from her (very) low back up. She wore gorgeous matching shoes that added two maybe three inches to her height. She looked awesome!

I felt a little insecure until while we were walking down the staircase she leaned over to me and whispered, “You’ll blow him out of the water.” She then gave me a smile and allowed me and the other girls to head through the narrowing bottom of the staircase.

James’ POV

I heard the girls’ dorm door open and close. All of us, Sirius, me, Remus (who was already with his date), Peter, and some random guy I had never met before looked up from where we were. I stood up from the couch and walked over to the staircase. Lily came down first. Oh…my…God. She was always beautiful to me, but right this moment she was phenomenal, radiant, superb… indescribable. Sarah came down next, she cleaned up very nice if you ask me. Sarah went ahead and walked over to her date who was standing by the fire. I now had my arm around Lily’s waist as Biz came down.

Holy cow…

Sirius’ POV

Wow… Richelle came down the stairs her dark burgundy dress playing happily about her knees. She reached the bottom of the staircase and looked around.

“Ty!” She ran (which I thought was quite a feat in those shoes) over to this guy who was leaning by the portrait hole. I guess he looked okay, I don’t know. She jumped up into his arms and he spun her around a huge smile on his face.

“My Richelle!” He set her down and held her hands. “You look even better than when I last saw you.”

She smiled back at him and responded, “And you look… well you look the way you did when I left you. Letting yourself go a bit?” She smirked playfully and tapped his stomach.

He gave her a playful condescending look and responded, “You must be kidding me,” and slid her hands from the front of his stomach to his back and gave her a long kiss. The green monster seethed in me and I wanted to rip his head off.

When the kiss was over she smiled at him then turned to the rest of us, “Well, let’s go! I have to see what a Hogwarts party is like!”

Richelle was jabbering on with Ty abut everything that had happened so far this school year and would intermittently pull the rest of us into the conversation. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was conceiving a plan to hang “Ty” from the ceiling of the Owlery by his toenails. My mind calmed slightly as we neared the Great Hall and I heard some good ol’ Four Fat Hogs songs drifting through the doors. Haha, Mary was in there waiting for me; I bet she looks great. I hope so at least.

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