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After holding their bags up over their heads for over five minutes, they were finally told to put down their bags. And if they didn’t want to stay any longer, they could go. No one even considered staying. The group hurried down the road leading away from the border on the other side, and as the first family they were now in Egypt.

The road led to a refugee-camp. There were only a few people there, and a nice-looking lady welcomed them. The woman asked them questions, like what their names were and how many they were. They were all exhausted, and Lily noticed that Matthew had no idea what to say or do.

“Matthew!” she whispered to him. He turned around.

“What?” he asked.

”We’re the Rufa’a family, and we’re fourteen!” Matthew nodded, looking a little embarrassed that he hadn’t remembered.

Amy looked at Lily with an amused smirk on her face, but the amusement didn’t last long as they didn’t have enough energy left to have fun.

“We’re the Rufa’a family, and we’re fourteen!” repeated Matthew to the woman, and she scribbled down the information.

Then she handed him something for them all to sleep on, and another woman, slightly younger, showed them to a place they could sleep. It wasn’t very comfortable, as the ground was stony and crooked, but they managed.

The night was cold, and the time was close to eleven. Amy and the others were enjoying the free time, at last. Lily, on the other hand, felt like she was freezing to death. She put on an extra sweater, even though she was already wearing two sweaters, a jacket and was in the sleeping-bag.

“I’m going to unfreeze my hands by the fire” said Lily to Amy though gittered teeth, and Amy nodded back.

A fire had been lit just before they came, and there were a couple of girls and boys standing around it. Lily climbed out of the sleeping-bag, but kept it around herself as her whole body was shivering.

The fire looked warmer than it was, but it warmed her a little. The two women who had showed them in were now talking to some of the girls around the fire. All the other families had arrived too, and the place was full of sleeping-bags.

After five minutes which seemed like an hour, a white van came. Two guys jumped out, and they carried something with them. Metal boxes were unloaded, and the women left the fire to help the men in the van. Lily heard the girl sitting beside her say:

“They’re bringing food!”

And it was true, not long after the families had one metal-box each. Lily went over to her family again. Matthew had opened the box, and found that there was enough cold rice for everyone to eat one handful. When the box was handed to Lily she took a handful like everyone else, but she didn’t eat it at once like the others did. She waited a couple of minutes, before secretly giving it to Amy. At first Amy wouldn’t accept it.

“Take it, Amy. I’ll throw it away if you don’t take it right now!” Lily hissed.

Amy looked at her and accepted it slowly.

”Why wouldn’t you eat it?” she asked.

Lily thought about saying ‘I’m not hungry’, but that would be stupid of her.

“I’d just be hungrier” she said, not entirely lying.

She made her way back to the fire, and then only a minute later she saw Kevin with a bottle of water walking over to her family. He was followed by two of the men that had played guards in the basement up at the embassy. They were wearing different clothes now, and they had definitely changed roles. The three men talked to Matthew, who again looked bewildered. Amy was hiding at the bottom of her sleeping-bag. Lily could hear only bits of the conversation.

“…I’m a Norwegian doctor coming with medicine for you… If you don’t all drink you have to go to another Refugee-camp twenty miles from here… You want to pack your bags right away?” Kevin said.

“No! No…” Matthew said, and agreed to take the medicine first.

The bottle said water, but water wasn’t what came out of it. Matthew almost threw up, but managed to hold it in and swallowed it with great difficulty. Lily was relieved that she was standing by the fire, and not lying beside Amy.

John, another member of the Rufa’a family, had just been given his medicine when he noticed that Amy was lying in her sleeping-bag. Lily watched him, hoping he would decide not to let Kevin know. He did the middle thing, kicking Amy in her sleeping-bag. Not hard, he wasn’t violent or anything, it was just to surprise her and maybe she’d give herself up by making a sharp noise.

But Amy stayed perfectly still, and didn’t come out until she was sure that the danger was over. Lily had been watching the whole thing, and jumped when one of the women told her she had to get back to her family. Though still ice-cold, Lily did what she was told. Two minutes later another woman came by and told them to pack their bags. They had to get out of there, because the camp had been spotted by the military!

The Rufa’a family was again the first to leave the camp, with a perfectly normal guide this time. It was a woman called Hilda. She was probably in her mid forties, and she didn’t look like she belonged out in the wild. She led them up a hill, but it all went very slow. She didn’t walk very fast, and some of the guys were starting to get impatient.

“Will you hurry up?” they asked, quite rudely.

“I’ll take my time!” answered Hilda with dignity. The boys rolled their eyes and continued up the hill.

Another group were catching up with them, and soon the Rufa’a-family had been passed by the Kalamira-family. The guys were grumpy about it at first, but they soon shut up as the Kalamira-family were seen by a military-car. Lily heard screams, and saw the family run to the left and off the road. Lily and her family stopped dead in their tracks, hoping the car wouldn’t see them.

As the other family had ran away from the road, the military-car had to turn around to drive back down the hill. But when they were halfway through the turn, the light fell upon the Rufa’a family. Matthew was, for the first time, the only one who held his head cold.

“This way!” he instructed his family, and they all followed his command.

Lily followed the boys down another hill, filled with rocks and trees. The car couldn’t catch them there! Amy ran too, but she was pushed back and ended up running beside Hilda. Lily and three of the boys were in front, and when they reached some bushes they ran through them and were sure they were safe.

As soon as they were all through, something that hadn’t been easy, light fell upon their backs. Not even glancing back, they went through the bushes again. This time they checked that the car wasn’t behind them. Lily’s heart was racing like crazy. First the saw Amy and Hilda, and then she saw… Oh no! A light fell upon them for the third time, and the whole family hurried through the bushes to the other side. When they didn’t see the car, they all breathed in relief.

After a while Lily spotted a family who were sitting down in the grass. They all went to join them. The two families blended, and Lily was so tired that she almost fell asleep. The only thing stopping her was the cold.

“Lily Evans?” she heard a voice behind her. It was a familiar voice, yet she couldn’t remember from where.

“Hi, it’s really you! I haven’t seen you for years!” continued the female voice.

The leader of the other family hushed her, and she went on whispering. Lily didn’t feel like moving, at all, but turned around. There was Sophia, a muggle ‘friend’ from school. Friend? Not really. More like total bully and school’s most popular.

“Hey, Sohpia. How’re things?” said Lily, turning again.

Lucy ignored her turning and forgot yet again to keep quiet. The military could hear them if they were too loud. Hushes came from half the crowd.

“I’m good. And John is too!”

Oh yes, she had to bring up John. Lily felt her cheeks burning red from annoyance. John had been Sophia’s best friend, until he decided he’d be better off with popular friends. Sophia was the first to befriend him after he had totally humiliated Lily in front of the whole school.

Knowing she couldn’t do magic outside of school, Lily hadn’t brought her wand with her. Sophia should be glad!

“So, where did you go to school when you quit? And why did you quit?” asked Sophia with clearly fake concern. Lily rolled her eyes.

“I quit because I got into a school for gifted children. Only ten children from all of Great Britain got in there. You know, the test we had the last year I went to your school, the big one? That was the test you had to pass to be one of the finalists. You totally failed it, didn’t you??” she said, lying. Sophia could not possibly remember such details from that long ago.

She didn’t hear more from Sophia after that, and Lily didn’t care enough to look back. After another freezing ten minutes, Hilda called her group together. The other family, with Sophia, began travelling again, and left the Rufa’a family alone.

Having eaten nothing at all in thirteen hours, any food at all would be gone in a minute had it been given to the group. With what Hilda brought, there was nothing left by ten seconds. Chocolate, being Lily’s number one favourite candy, was more than welcomed as Hilda pulled one chocolate-bar out of her back-pack.

Enjoying the chocolate-bit that had been offered her, Lily followed the others down the hill, towards the woods on the other side of the field. Amy fell a little behind the others, and Lily waited for her.

Walking along, light suddenly shone from behind them. They stopped, but didn’t even have to see what was there. The car made a terrible noise. Then the two girls heard a loud, dark, macho voice from behind them bellowing “RUN!”

They didn’t need to be asked twice. They ran what they could, and the rest of the group did the same. Even when they could no longer see the light, they ran further. Suddenly Matthew, who was running first, stopped abruptly. Two or three people fell over him, including Lily.

Getting up, she could see why he had stopped. Two meters forward was the end of the road, with a very, very steep downwards hill. Luckily no one was hurt, Hilda made sure of it before they all continued.

Around one o’clock, after sitting still and walking only a few hundred meters at a time, Lily and her family spotted the ‘Norwegian border’. Unlike the Egyptian border, there were no soldiers or closed gates there.

Passing the border, they noticed they were second last. Lily grew impatient, walking faster than the others. The encourage from finally making it into ‘Norway’ was huge, and her tiredness was forgotten.

They were back to where they’d started hours ago, by the white house. It all looked different in the dark. A crowd was standing by the entrance to the basement, and the Rufa’a family went to stand beside the others.

Living in the house was a married couple and their grown-up daughter. They all spoke very bad English, but Lily understood some of it.

“Hello peoples. Welcome to Norway. You can sleep here and get a good breakfast tomorrow” said the man.

Everyone felt their stomachs cry for food at the mentioning of it, but they were all too tired to ask for food before sleeping. As soon as they got settled in, they fell asleep. Lily and Amy lay beside each other, tucked into their sleeping-bags.

Amy had a secret, though. She had held it until now, but she wanted to share it with Lily. In her pocket Amy found a chocolate and showed it to Lily. It was a little bit melted and strangely shaped, but to Lily it was heaven. Not feeling hungry anymore the two girls soon fell asleep like the rest of the families, believing they would be able to sleep there until the morning. It was, after all, two o’clock in the night, and none of them could even imagine getting up before.

But, as all good things do, their sleep ended as four policemen entered the basement. Lily sat up in her sleeping-bag and couldn’t believe her own eyes. Who were they kidding? It was two thirty in the morning!!

They each got half a minute to pack their bags, and the hill up to the other house, now the police station, had never been longer. Still almost sleeping, Lily was one of the lucky ones getting a bed in the police station. But not before they had been questioned by several detectives and investigators.

Sleeping from four am until seven am, they were all grumpy when being awakened by a policewoman. After a long wait they were questioned by the same people again, and their questions hadn’t changed either. After the fifth questioning they knew the questions by heart.

Answering different things each time, Lily knew they had little or no chance of getting to stay in ‘Norway’. And she was right. After a twenty-minute wait, all the families were directed outside and were ordered to form lines. Standing behind everyone else, with only Amy behind her, Lily couldn’t see the policeman talking to them. But she could hear him all right, bellowing to the crowd.

“QUIET!!” he bellowed. Then he continued with a more calmed voice, “Only two of you are allowed to stay in Norway!”

The crowd whispered ‘What?’ and ‘Yeah right!’, and the policeman yelled ‘Quiet’ once again.

“Some of you didn’t even ask to stay!” Lily saw Matthew looking down in embarrassment, as the last comment was obviously meant for him and the rest of the Rufa’as.

“And since the rest of you did so bad” continued the policeman, “we have called all your parents. You will have to do it all again!!”

Meanwhile, James, sitting in a comfy chair in his garden, was checking the wish-list for new wishes. After putting it down and going inside to get something to drink, he noticed that ‘Being in a real life role-playing-game’ was crossed out. The new wish was, in James’ eyes, ridiculously girly, especially for Lily Evans. “4 – Play a game of Truth or Dare”!


Hey everyone. I’m sorry about the long wait for this chapter, I’ll try to update sooner in the future... Btw, please review =D

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