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Discalimer: Now, if Lily and James were mine, would I be writing fanfiction? Well, probably, yes. But anyway. ::clears throat:: They aren't mine. ::sob::

Chapter One


October 11

I’m going insane. I really, really am. If Alice drops any more not-so-subtle hints, I will murder her. I swear. BUT if I go to court, I have a good, solid reason.


Well, it sounded better in my head. It did.

But, yes. I’m in the library, hiding from her. Hiding! I can’t even believe it! But it’s true. I can’t stand it! It’s so annoying! So what? James
kissed me. So, I didn’t exactly stop him. So, I kind of kissed him back. BIG DEAL! SHE DOESN’T NEED TO KEEP GOING ON ABOUT IT! I mean, what kind of friend teases you about kissing your mortal enemy?

That sounded better in my head too. I JUST CAN’T

“Lils? Hey, Lily!”

Lily Evans looks up in annoyance as a pillow hits her head. And why wouldn’t she? I mean, that is totally unnecessary, right? And tell me this, who brings pillows to the library?

“Only you, James,” she says wryly, rolling her eyes. “Only you would bring a pillow to the library, just so you could throw it at me.”

The raven-haired boy smirks at her. Well, okay, at me. I’m not too good at this ‘writing in 3rd person’ stuff, much less ‘thinking in 3rd person.’ But who cares, really? It’s not like it matters to you at all, mysterious new professor. To you this is just some boring memoir of a random girl, isn’t it? Well, I, Lily Evans, am much more than some random girl. I am SOME RANDOM GIRL WITH A PROBLEM BY THE NAME OF JAMES POTTER!

Ahem. Yes. I will not get distracted. I won’t. I swear!

Moving on.

Shoot! Where was I? NO! I can’t be distracted already! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS COULD DO TO MY REPUTATION? I could get a bad grade in this writing assignment! That requires a big gasp. OR I COULD LOOSE MY POSITION AS TOP OF THE CLASS! Major gasp. Look, I’m sorry, I’m just distracted, okay?

Oh, good. I remember now. The smirk.

That stupid, trademark, James-Potter-is-cooler-than-you smirk. I want to wipe it off his face.

Before I can have that undeniable pleasure, though, he grabs my hand, threads my fingers through his, and says, “Will you go out with me?”

Oh, good going, Potter! Way to ruin a moment! But look how cute he is! Who can say no to someone who has such beautiful hazel eyes?

I can, that’s who! I’ve done it countless times before. Why stop now?

“No,” I say firmly.

“Aw, c’mon, Lils! Please?”

I sigh. Here we go again, James. Another rejection! “I’ll think about it.” See, this isn’t pleasan— WHAT DID I JUST SAY!

I have seriously, majorly, lost my mind. There is no way on this planet that I said that.

Apparently, he thinks so, too, but is for some reason HAPPY about my newfound insanity. His face lights up. “Really?”

Time for another sigh.

And my oh-so-dear ‘best’ friend Alice takes this opportunity to walk into the library.

“Hey,” she says, smirking.

Oh, no. Smirking? In my experience, smirks plus James Potter being anywhere near me equals trouble. (s+JP=trouble)

“Um. Hi?” I say very brilliantly.

“What’re you doing?” she asks, still smirking.


“Telling Ja─ Potter that no, I will not go out with him.”

She lifts an eyebrow. “Really, now?”

“She said she’d think about it,” James oh-so-happily puts in. Gag me.

Annnnnd (drum roll, please) the smirk widens. GOD HOW I HATE THAT SMIRK!

“Ah-ha,” she says. NO MORE SMIRKING, I BEG OF YOU!


She looks down at my hand. Which is still in James’s. I forgot to pull away.

Damn it.

(Oh, I’m probably going to have to edit this, aren’t I? Unlike some people cough-cough-James-cough-cough I don’t fancy getting detention.)

I yank back, face reddening, and stand. “Bye,” I mutter.

“Bye Lily Flower,” says James with a smirk of his own, and I feel an urge to slap them both. A very strong urge.


Once Lily leaves with her friend, who, I might add, just destroyed the moment when Lily Evans was going to say YES to me, I go find Sirius.

Which entails me running down the hall screaming his name.

Of course, me being me, no one thinks anything of it.

How I love to be me.

“SIRIUS! SIRIUS!” I shout. “PADFOOT? WHERE THE BLOODY HE─” And unfortunately, at this moment I run into ‘the big cheese’ McGonagall (hehe, isn’t Sirius’s nickname great? Well, I thought so. Peter, too, but then again, he’s always copying Padfoot and me. Who knows what he actually thinks? Moony didn’t like it that much though. He’s the weird one in the Marauders, but we love him anyways).

“Mr. Potter?” she sighs.

“Um, no, I wasn’t going to say bloody hell,” I inform her, and run fastly in the opposite direction, laughing like a maniac.

Okay, so Remus has told me once or twice (or twenty-seven times exactly, but who’s counting?) that ‘fastly’ isn’t a word. But, WHO CARES?

“SIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRIIIIUUUSSSSSSS!” I yell at the top of my lungs. By this time, I’m at the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“That’s not the password,” she says crossly. “Must you shout?”

“I must,” I tell her in all seriousness. “Because Lily Evans said she would think about going out with me! AND THAT IS ALMOST A YES!”

She gets an annoyed look on her face, if that’s even possible for a painting. IS IT?! Oh, the mysteries of life. I don’t care about that, though, either! Who do you think I am? Lily? “Go in,” she sighs, and swings open.

“THANKS!” I shout to her. Moony once read that shouting is the sincerest form of flattery… or maybe that was jealousy? Or copying? Well, that’s why I’m good at Quidditch. So I don’t have to be good at my school work! Isn’t that brilliant?!

I know. I am a genius.

“SIRIUS!” Tearing up the stairs to the boys dormitory, I bang into the bed post of Remus’s bed.

“OUCH!” I shout happily.

Remus lifts an eyebrow. He’s sitting on his bed, reading a book (YAWN!) while Sirius bounces on the other boys’ beds.


“WHAT?” Sirius shouts back, even though he’s two feet from me.


Sirius falls off the bed he was in the process of jumping on. “FINALLY!”

“James, did she actually say that?” Moony asks.

“Do you dare doubt me?” I stand over him superiorly. That’s a word. I even checked!

He waits.

“Well, she said she would think about it. But, it’s almost the same thing!” I stop. “Right?”

“Sort of…” he says slowly.

Sirius beams. “Good going, mate! Finally!”

I beam too. “I KNOW!”

Remus sighs. “James, you know…”

“Remus, you know,” I say back with a sigh.

He rolls his eyes playfully. “Fine. I give up.”

“Good,” I say happily, pushing him off his bed. “Hey, where’s Wormtail?”


“Alice, will you stop it?” I moan, then grab her arm as I nearly trip over the stair.

“Stop what?” She blinks at me innocently, her blue eyes widening slightly. “Stop mentioning the fact that yesterday I caught you snogging James Potter? In a broom closet?”

“YES, THAT!” I shout. Some passing Ravenclaw first years turn to gawk at me. I give them a mean glare and they turn right back around. Fear the wrath of Head Girl Lily!

She smirks. “Wow, Lily, I’ve never seen you this worked up over Potter before.”

I turn my glare to her.

“If your eyes were red instead of green,” she comments, “then you’d be all matching, you know? Red hair, red eyes, red face…” She laughs.

I glare harder. “You don’t even know what happened!” I whine. We reach the Great Hall.

“Care to explain?” she asks as we sit at the Gryffindor table.


***Flashback─ October 11─ 10:38 PM─ The Gryffindor Common Room***

Lily Evans was walking to the girl’s dorm after doing her rounds. Unfortunately, at that moment, she heard a loud yell emerge from the broom closet. She spun around to find Sirius laughing his head off.

Lily glared at him and stormed into the closet. James Potter had was in the process of bewitching balloons to shriek when popped.

“POTTER!” she shouted.

“EVANS!” he yelled back. They proceeded to shout insults to each other, standing two feet apart until Potter so rudely kissed her.

***End Flashback***

Alice lifts and eyebrow and looks amused. “Is that how it happened?”

“You didn’t give me a chance to push away,” I mutter.

She smirks wider. “Whatever you say… Lily Flower.” She laughs so hard she has to hold her side.

“Watch it,” I say in another mutter.

She says nothing for laughing so hard. And then, “You totally fancy him.”


After dinner, we go to the common room. I’m still in a horrible mood from earlier, and I head straight to the dormitory.

Why can’t Potter just leave my head alone?! What’s wrong with him!?

What’s wrong with you?
The nasty thought drifts through my head. Why are you thinking about him?

I sigh; there’s really no helping these things. Sometimes, thoughts can be so stupid. Even mine.

ARGH! Why won’t Potter get out of my head?! I know what I’ll do! I’ll make a list! Yes, lists are the solution to everything…

Ten Things I (Lily Evans) Hate About James Potter

1) His head is so big it threatens to consume the planet and everyone on it.

2) He pranks innocent students for ‘fun.’

3) He always ruffles his hair. (Even though it’s kind of cute… NO! Lily, what are you thinking?!)

4) He thinks every female desires him uncontrollably. Which isn't true, by the way.

5) He keeps asking me out. WHY CAN’T HE JUST TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER?!

6) He and his friends think they own Hogwarts. Said boys go traipsing through it, wherever they please, whenever they please.

7) He thinks a smile can get him out of everything. (It can’t, even if it is extremely attractive… GET OUT OF MY HEAD!)

8) He makes me confussed.

9) I don’t really hate him and I hate him for it.

10) Alice is right. I think I fancy him.

Oh, my. Did I just write that down? Must hide list. Must NEVER EVER let Alice see. Must kill self before Alice finds out. Must never admit this outloud. NEVER.

Stuff list in sock drawer. Yes, socks are good. Socks hide evil lists that Alice can’t see.

I go down to the common room.

Alice smirks at me. “You like him,” she says. “Just admit it.”

“ALICE! WILL YOU GIVE IT UP? I DON’T LIKE JAMES POTTER!” Lie-lie-lie-lie-lie-lie-lie. Lying is good. Lying hides the truth.

I can’t get him out of my head.

A/N: Lily&James are my favorite characters in the Harry Potter books, and I was putting off writing any fics about them 'cause I was worried I wouldn't get the characters right... So, kind reader, you, you REALLY need to review for me, 'kay?

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