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Chapter 4

“Hello, Sir, you wanted to see us,” said Hermione, taking a seat in front of Dumbledore with Draco on her side. Draco merely grunted in agreement.
It was a week after the incident in the Room of Requirements and both Hermione and Draco tried their hardest to avoid one another as much as possible. Hermione because she was ashamed at her own jumping to conclusions, and every time she looked at him her eyes betrayed her and still looked towards his arm. What she didn’t know was that every time her’s eyes graced Malfoy’s arm, the more angry he got at her stupidity. So, in the end both were taking long detours to avoid one another.

“Yes, I did,” he said, stroking his beard. Both Hermione and Draco sat waiting for him to continue, but he didn’t make any motion that he would. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Dumbledore held out a basket of candy. “Would you like a chocolate frog?”

“No, thank you, Sir.” Hermione smiled sweetly at him, but then glared at Malfoy, hitting him lightly in the side.

“Right,” he said, snapping out of whatever thoughts filled his mind, “thank you, but no.” Turning away from Dumbledore he made a sideways scowl at Hermione, and got even more upset when she wasn’t even taking notice of it. Instead her attention was completely on the old man in front of them. Suck-up.

“Alright then, first off I wanted to check in and see how your duties are going as Heads? Good, I presume?” Without a response from both he stood up and continued speaking, making Draco’s eyes fill with amusement. “The Winter Ball is scheduled for the beginning of December, as you both know, and planning should begin now. You as the Heads need to discuss a theme, a color span, food, and so on.”

Hermione nodded her head enthusiastically, but Draco sat stone-faced. “Why are you giving all the responsibilities to the Head? So, if anything messes up we get blamed?” Dumbledore looked interested at Draco’s words, but Hermione sat there furious…waiting for the moment they could leave and she could smack him.

“Mr. Malfoy, learning to trust in yourself, is the ceasing of fearing of what might not be accomplished.” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled as he moved back to his chair, sitting gracefully back into it. “The staff and myself trust you with the arrangements, also don’t forget you have the prefects in your control.” Scratching his head, Dumbledore took a chocolate frog and ate it. “Oh, I almost forgot! I’m sorry we haven’t told you sooner, but there were some problems. As Heads you will stay in your house bedrooms, of course, but there is a special room just for you. Suppose one night you wanted to study or do homework, you could go to this room and not be penalized for it. It’s to the left of the main stairs, the portrait of students in class. Once you get there it will ask for your password.”

Hermione and Draco sat dumbfounded at the realization of this special privilege. Both had started to think being Heads only had perks when it came to staying out late, but now…well now they had a special room. “Thank you, Sir,” said Hermione, smiling. Even Draco smiled, even if it was tiny almost invisible smile, he still smiled and Hermione did see it.

“Yes, yes, well Ms. Granger why don’t you go see the room. No one is to know of this room, it has been kept a secret through the years. Only Heads and Professors are admitted. Mr. Malfoy please stay I would like a word with you.”

Hermione frowned at the knowledge that Dumbledore wanted to speak with Malfoy and not her, but covered it up with a smile and a nod. “Yes, Sir.” After she had exited the room Draco leaned back in his chair, waiting for the pep talk he knew was coming. This man never let up.

“Is there anything you wish you discuss with me, Mr. Malfoy,” Dumbledore asked, leaning forward in his desk. “Whatever you tell me in this room, won’t leave this room.”

“No, nothing,” was his response, just as it had been all of last year when Dumbledore asked him the same question. If Draco hadn’t known better he could of swore he saw disappointment flash in Dumbledore’s eyes as he stood up. He couldn’t know, could he? It would be impossible when only the Dark Lord, Lucius, and himself knew of the plan.

“Mr. Malfoy, you do know that true greatness comes not when you have the most power, but when you are tested, when you are knocked down. To reach the highest mountain you have to leave behind all you knew and were taught on the smaller ones.” Dumbledore is really trying hard this year, Draco thought, last year it took at least four meeting for him to go metaphorical on me.

“Yes, Sir,” Draco stressed the ‘Sir’ part, “I know.”

“Very well, you may go.” Dumbledore smiled gently at him, ushering towards the door. “Just remember my door is always open if you would like to talk.” Draco nodded, and practically ran out of the door after Dumbledore had opened it. What Draco didn’t see was the concerned face of Dumbledore as he shut the door and walked slowly back to his chair. He knew a new storm was coming, if only he could find out what exactly that storm was.

Heads Room

As Hermione came to the portrait with the students her heart picked up; this was what she had worked for. A room all to herself…and Malfoy of course, but still he would probably never be in it anyways. Finally stepping in front of the painting, the figures inside turned towards her and smiled.

“Password,” asked the teacher who was teaching the few students in front of her.

“Respect,” said Hermione confidently. The teacher nodded her head and opened the portrait. As Hermione stepped through her whole body froze on spot, she was so in shock that she hadn’t heard the portrait close behind her. “Wow.”
The room before her consisted of a spiral staircase connecting the first and second floor. The was a fireplace directly in front of her, surrounded by three comfortable looking couches and end tables. Books lined the walls to her right, walking towards it she ran her fingers along the binding, seeing every book she could ever imagine reading. Turning back to the center of the room her eyes landed on to left of the room, which consisted of a small table, with a vase in the middle, and two chairs. In the wall was a miniature opening that when Hermione looked through she could see went to the kitchen. As Hermione backed away, shaking her head in disbelief, her eyes landed on the staircase.

“Hmm…” she said, walking towards the stairs and looking up them. “What else could possibly be in this room?” Without a second thought she ran up the stairs taking two at a time, finally stopping at the top. Her eyes landed on two doors on either side of the small platform; one with a Slytherin crest over it, the other with a Gryffindor crest.

Dumbledore’s voice came to her suddenly. “Ms. Granger each exit takes you to a closet in your common rooms. It will make it easier to come to this room if it is late.” As quickly as his voice came it was gone, leaving Hermione starring in awe at all she had found in this room…a room that was only known by a small amount of people. Oh, how she loved secrets!

Secret Location Later That Night

It was the dead of night as two covered figures met. The wind blew softly, making the humidity of the early September night seem almost peaceful. When the larger of the two figures lowered his hood the moon reflected on his silver-gray hair, and made his twisted expression even more disturbing then it usually was.

“Tell me of your progress, my son,” hissed Lucius, raising his chin high above the figure before him.

Draco Malfoy removed his hood, his eyes cold and his mouth plastered with an indifferent look. “Granger and I are partners in Potions, which makes us spend time together almost everyday. Also, Head duties pull us together more then I would like to admit. I purposely made a mistake in a potion so we would have to spend almost an extra two hours together, in that time I gained some trust by showing her that I am without the Dark Mark.” When he had finished his update, he smirked to himself, proud of all he had accomplished in just a week. Yet, that smirk fell from his face the moment his father frowned, shaking his head.

“You call that seducing the Mudblood? What sort of Malfoy are you,” challenged his father, stepping towards him. His body towered over Draco’s and when his hand connected with Draco’s face, all he could do was shut his eyes taking the pain that ran through his face.

“Father, I have to gain her trust before I try anything. The girl is just so infuriating! We have hated each other for as long as I could remember, it isn’t easy to change her,” before he could finish Draco stopped himself. He had made a vital mistake and would pay for it. When he had said she infuriated him, it showed his weakness towards her, and when he said it wasn’t easy to changer her, he had practically said he couldn’t do this job. Of course, when talking to a normal person they wouldn’t come with that conclusion, but when talking with Lucius Malfoy things were taken way out of proportion.

“A person who angers you, conquers you,” cackled Lucius, winkling his face in disgust at his son’s weakness. Again he raised his hand, and Draco stood still awaiting the blow that would surely come, and just as he thought his father was having pity it came, knocking him backwards. “You pathetic, insolent, child of mine will learn respect if I have to beat every lesson into you. The Dark Lord is taking a chance on you, a chance that I begged the Lord to give to you, and so help me, Draco, you will not fail. Now go back to that foolish Mudblood and make her love you, or never come back home for you will not be welcomed. Do you understand?”

Draco’s hand twitched, wanting to feel his face, which he knew, was probably starting to bruise and become bloody. “Yes, father, I understand.”

“Good, now kneel,” growled Lucius, raising his hood again, hiding the smirk that came as Draco fell to his knees with his head bowed. “This is for your tardiness of the situation at hand. Crucio.

No sound could be heard from the body convulsing on the ground, except an occasional grunt. He knew that it would only anger his father more if he cried out and so Draco Malfoy, Head Boy, almost Deatheater, stayed quiet as he took the punishment that was handed to him…not fighting back at all.

Head Room
12:45 p.m.

Hermione rubbed her eyes as she looked at the clock above the fireplace; she had been sitting in this seat for almost four hours reading random books from the large collection. It was Friday night and she had no classes tomorrow and it wasn’t as though she needed to do her homework yet. Standing up Hermione walked to the small hole in the wall and leaned in it. “Umm…excuse me,” she whispered into the empty kitchen.

Suddenly making her jump back Dobby appeared with a snap. “What can I get for ‘ya, Miss? Dobby is here to serve Ms. Granger.”

“Oh, hello, Dobby, I have never done this before. Is it possible for me to get a glass of milk and a few of those wonderful muffins from breakfast?” Hermione smiled sweetly at Dobby.

“Yes, yes,” he answered excited. “I am here to get, Miss, whatever she wants. I will return with what you have asked for!”

Hermione grabbed his hand, as he was about to snap away and grinned again. “Thank you, Dobby, you are a wonderful house elf.”

Dobby looked taken aback and finally beamed back at her, almost jumping in pleasure. “You are very nice, Miss, Dobby is proud to serve you!” With that he was gone and Hermione walked back to the couch, grabbing her book again.
Just as she was getting back into it the portrait of the room opened, revealing a distraught Draco Malfoy. He hadn’t yet realized she was there, but Hermione could tell he was walking with a limp and at least one side of his face was bleeding profusely. As he looked around the room, obviously it was the first time he was in it, his eyes landed on her and a scowl became clear on his face, but suddenly it turned to a look of pain as he fell to the floor.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Reviews like always, are appreciated!

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