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[ read "ALERT" at end of chapter PLEASE ! ]
Chapter Eleven

Lily shrugged, then smiled, "You were the one pushing me to do something, Ab. I don't know why this is such a big surprise to you."

Abbey chuckled and flung herself carelessly on Lily's bed, "Well, for one, I didn't actually think you'd do anything. Well, I knew you'd do something, but it's not like you to act so . . . quickly. You always take some months, or even years to think something through."

Lily eyed her friend carefully.

"You're brilliant, that's a fact, but I think it's hard for you to realize what you don't want to hear," she shrugged, "Like how much you like James, for example."

"Ab - "

"Okay, okay, I won't start !" Abbey sat up, and threw her hands up in mock defeat. "But since we're on the subject of sharing. Or relationships, for that matter, I have something to tell you."

Abbey's tone caught Lily's attention; she was serious, but happy at the same time. She crossed her arms and leaned on the bedpost.

"I have a boyfriend," Abbey confessed brightly.

Lily snorted, "That's nothing new, Ab. Don't you have a boyfriend almost, oh I don't know, every week ?"

Abbey grinned, "It's Sirius."

"Serious ? You mean like . . . a week and a whole hour ?" Lily said, clearly amused.

"Noo," came the reply, "His name is Sirius. Sirius Black."

Lily gasped slightly, "What ?!"

"Ye` I know, kinda unexpected right ?" Abbey smiled buoyantly, "We've been together for almost a year, and he - "

Lily gasped again, "Almost a . . . year?!"

"Yes, and he was the 'boy in Italy'. I actually invited him to come with me. Vicktor approved. Mother and father had no idea he was with me. But what does it matter, right ? Parents will be parents," Abbey's raised a brow, "I should've told James that he came to Italy; that would've explained why Sirius never owled him. Oh, and sorry, but I did happen to tell James before you."

"He . . . Italy ?!" Lily almost yelled, "You told James ?!"

"Yes ! Merlin, Lily - have you not been listening to anything I've been saying ?"

Lily blinked, then gapped at her bestfriend, "You're not joking, are you ?"

Abbey shook her head, "Afraid not."

The red head rushed to her friends side, "And you didn't tell me ! A year ! Abbey ! A year !"

"Almost a year. Besides, you didn't exactly tell me about your little escapade with James the next morning, now did you ?" Abbey smiled, "Exactly. So now, we're square."

Lily rolled her eyes, she wasn't angry, she knew Abbey was right. "Fine. But starting now, you tell me everything. Everything."


"Yes - No, not everything. Not your . . . details. Just . . . everything ! You know what I mean, Ab."

Abbey chortled, "Yes, yes, everything. So let's start. Do you love James Potter ?"

Lily groaned.

"You said everything. And I believe that you, my dear, are not telling me everything about you and mister Potter. There's something much more than friends. More than just friends, maybe you two, are in fact, secret lovers," Abbey smiled.

"No, Abbey, we are not secret lovers. We're friends. And I'm perfectly content with that."

"Ahh, you're content. But you're not happy. Why is that ?"

She thought for a second. She was happy with being friends with him, wasn't she ? Lily didn't exactly think highly of James Potter, but something always told her that he deserved to be treated with a little bit of dignity. In the end, Lily didn't even answer Abbey's question.

* * * *

The news about Sirius' and Abbey's 'new' relationship went travelling throughout the school, and in approximately less than twenty - four hours, almost all the students knew. Not because their closest friends had told everyone, but because they, inconsideratley, displayed high amounts of . . . love, in public.

"Sir, you can't just say you're going to the washroom and in the end not even go."

They - James, Sirius, Abbey, Lily, Remus, Peter, and Korin - were all gathered in the common room. Just talking. Now that everyone was friends, or more than friends, they could all just . . . hang out; with no fights, or problems.

Sirius looked down at his girlfriend, whose head was rested comfortably in his lap, "Why not ?"

Abbey shrugged, "Because you just can't."

"But why ?"

"You just can't Sirius ! It's a rule."

"But why have i never heard of this rule until now ?"

"Because, it's an official, unwritten rule."

"How can it be a rule and not be written down ?"

"It's just like those rules where you can't just date your bestfriend's ex," Abbey shrugged again.

"That's a rule ?"

James laughed and looked at the others, "See, this is why we're not suppose to associate with their kind. They make us look bad."

Lily smiled, "I agree."

Korin raised her glass of pumpkin juice in the air, "Agreed."

"Agreed," said Remus and Peter in unision.

Lily laughed, "Looks like you two aren't liked very much."

Sirius smirked, "Actually, I think we are very much liked. And I think we do, in fact, make you five look very good. I mean - with our social standings compared to yours . . . I'd say being friends with us is a blessing. You should really thank Merlin for that one."

Abbey sat up and smiled, "Agreed !"

They all laughed.

It was like that for some time. Just sitting, laughing, having fun. Korin and Remus had come out with the announcement that they had once gone on a date last year; which explained why they were so distant. And since then, they'd been awfully close, but never had they gotten together. Peter had said that he made new friends, which was, in fact, a big deal to him. It seemed like everyone was happy.

Except Lily. She was content. Not happy. Just content; and what upset her the most was that she knew her "only content" state involved James.

James too felt just content. Like everyone was blossoming and he was left to wither, and soon, die. He knew why. He was waiting. Waiting for what ? It wasn't a what, it was a who. He was waiting for Lily. He took a quick glance at her as she laughed at what Abbey was saying. Was he wasting his time ? Maybe all she really wanted was to just be friends. Maybe he had no reason to wait for her. They were friends; why couldn't that be enough ?

James' train of thought broke as a pillow roughly hit has face, causing his glasses to go askew, "Ow ! What was that for ?"

Abbey sat on the couch laughing, her legs propped on top of Sirius'. "You haven't said anything, and you've been staring into space since forever."

Lily looked at him, "She's right you know."

James looked at her, then quickly back at the others, "I was just thinking about quidditch." He lied.

"Why ? Our first game is next month. There's no pressure yet, Prongs," Sirius replied. He knew James was lying.

James smiled tightly, "Next month is in a week Padfoot."

"You really shouldn't worry James," Remus said, taking a sip of Korin's pumpkin juice, "You have a great team."

James nodded, "Ye`, you're right, I really shouldn't worry . . . "

Little did everyone know, James wasn't talking about quidditch.

* * * *

"James ?"

"Oh," James said in an uncomfortable tone, "Hi Lily."

"Are you allright ? " Lily asked worriedly. He was looking around the courtyard almost . . . nervously. "You seem kind of . . . tense."

James looked at her, and shrugged attempting to act casual, "Yeah, I'm fine. No problems here."

"Okay," Lily nodded, still not completely convinced, "So what are you doing out here anyways ? You're dressed like your ready to go out."

She observed him. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a blue, button up shirt. It was a school day, and Lily was used to seeing everyone in school robes; even if it was the end of classes.

"Oh . . . well - "

"James ?" Called a voice from behind the duo.

Lily raised a brow, "Ivy ?"

"Oh. It's you," she turned to James, flicking her black hair over her shoulder, "Please don't tell me you invited her on our date."

Lily's knees almost went weak, "Your date ?"

James swallowed, "Uh . . yeah. We're going on a - "

"Yes, James and I are going out on a date. You do know what those are, right ? Afterall, you did have . . . one, boyfriend. Or am I going to have to explain to you what a date is ?" Ivy said, cutting James' sentence short, "Or do you understand what's going on ?"

Lily blinked. She clenched a fist. She was angry. She didn't know why. She was able to tolerate Ivy for six school years, why was she such a bother now ?

"Oh, I understand perfectly. It's crystal clear," She wasn't looking at Ivy, instead, she was looking directly at James. She turned on her heel, and ignored James calling for her.

This time, when she got to the common room, it didn't take her long to figure out what had just happened; why she was feeling the way she was. It wasn't like before, this time was different. She could admit it now. She was jealous, and hurt. Jealous of Ivy, and hurt because . . . well, because James wasn't suppose to date someone else. But why not ? He had a life, she wasn't his girlfriend. He wasn't her boyfriend. He wasn't cheating on her. But why did it feel like he was ?


Author's Note ; Yayyy ! Chapter eleven ! AND ! More than 8400 reads ! Well, i have to say that i am quite excited. [smiles] this chapter may be a bit boring to some, but it may be quite entertaining to others. I liked it. I enjoyed it. Hope you guys do too. ;) I'm not quite sure how I should end off chapter twelve . . . but it will come to me. and it shall be added. don't worry. =) ahh yes, and i'm thinking about doing another story. not a sequel to this one. just another one. and don't worry, i won't abandon this one. It's too important to me. =) and on another note, my sister is having a baby shower on August 26th ( yes, im going to be a teenage auntie !! ), and our family is going to be super busy that week because we're also helping her move in with her boyfriend. But i'll remember to add once or twice ( or maybe three times ! ) before that week. ;)

Disclaimer ; I own nothing of J.K.'s. mmkay ? good stuff.

ALERT ! ALERT ! guys, my comp is completely DEAD. i am having SERIOUS technical problems. right now, i'm @ a public library. i wrote chapters on paper, but i dunno when the comp is going to be fixed - if you are reading this; i edited this post just to add this "alert". i would like to apologize guys. seriously. as soon as i get the PC fixed, i swear i'll add. three chapters are written, so please, bear with me !

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