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The slow song that was on ended, and Hermione looked in Draco’s pale blue eyes.
For once she felt safe. She was so comfortable in his arms. She never wanted to let go.
Hermione looked at him and said almost sweetly “Draco the songs over. You can let go o…”
She was cut off by a long kiss in the middle of the dance floor. Her stomach filled with butterflies and she felt like she was floating on air.
She kissed him back. She let go of all of her cares and worry’s. It felt like they where the only ones in the room.
Hermione let herself melt into the handsome boy that was named Draco.
The kiss seamed to end when the slow song that was playing finished its final cords.
Hermione looked in to his eyes and hoped he felt the same way she did at that exact moment.


Draco never wanted to let go. He looked into her green blue eyes. As they danced he felt assured that he found the girl that he wanted to be with forever. He felt like they where floating on air. He wanted to hold on to this moment forever.
Hermione looked at him and said what he took as sweetly “Draco the songs over. You can let go o…”
He cut her off with a kiss in the middle of the dance floor. He had been wanting to do this for ages . He kissed her like it was the only thing that was holding the world together.
The kiss from heaven ended only when the slow song was finishing its final cords.
Draco looked into Hermiones’ eyes again and felt like he was about to touch the ceiling. He prayed that she felt the same way he felt.

After a moment Draco let go of the sweet beauty named Hermione. She looked into his gray blue eyes looking for something more than friendship. He pressed his sweet soft lips to hers and they felt like they where floating again. Hermione looked down quickly and realized that it wasn’t just a feeling it was actually happening. They where floating above the ground about 6 feet. Hermione grabbed tighter to Draco as they floated softly to the ground.

Harry looked suspiciously at Draco and then ignored the whole scene that every one was gawking at.

Ron Turned his head quickly ignoring the scene but not before a tear came to his eye.

Ginny giggled along with several other Gryffindor girls.

Crabbe, Goyle and the rest if Draco’s crew stood in their spot dumbfounded with mouths open.

Every one stood standing in there spots as they where watching Hermione and Draco.

“Blasphemy!” Some one yelled out from the crowd . Witch created close to a riot. Hermione ran to her dorm. Draco ran to the garden under Hermiones window.

Hermione changed her clothes and washed her face and turned on the shower. Hermione kept thinking of Draco’s beautiful grey blue eyes.

Draco stood under Hermiones window waiting for her to come to the window to see her beautiful face.

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