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Hermione moaned as she awoke from her comfortable sleep. She sat up and looked around her room. Hermione tried to remember what had awoken her when the answer came knocking on her bedroom door. “GRANGER! CLASSES START IN 10 MINUTES! GET UP!” Draco banged on her door once more. He had been trying to wake her up since seven. It was now 8:20.

Hermione rolled out of bed and threw a shoe at the door. She immediately regretted doing so since she probably wasn’t going to be able to find it later. “I HATE YOU, MALFOY!” She screamed at him. “THE FEELING IS MUTUAL!” He yelled through the door as he tightened his tie.

Five minutes later Hermione rushed out of her door with her robes open, her shirt sleeves rolled up half way, knee socks, and her black skirt. Her tie was loose around the colar of her shirt and her braids were flipped over her shoulders. Her beautiful, makeupless face reflected at her in the mirror.

Hermione stood in front of the mirror and examined her face, then tightend her braids a little so they wouldn't fall out during school.  “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” She asked him while searching around the Common Room for her book bag. “Are you kidding me?” He asked. She just looked at him. “I give up on you Granger, I give up!” He threw his bag over his shoulder and stormed out of the Common Room. Hermione smiled, grabbed her bag from the kitchen table, and followed Draco to potions.

“Stop following me, Granger!” Malfoy shouted over his shoulder as he hurried to the dungeons.

“Were going to the same place and were late for that matter, Snape will have our blood.” She said hurrying to catch up with him.

“Correction, Snape will have your blood, not that it’s worth anything.” Draco smirked.

Hermione scowled and walked towards the door. “Ah nice of you to join us Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy.” Snape sneered. “Please seat yourselves.” There were only two seats left and they were side by side. Draco circled around the back of the room, while Hermione walked through the front with her open robes billowing behind her. “Close your robes, Miss Granger.” Snape smirked and turned to the board. Hermione scowled and buttoned up her robes. When she was finished she made sure that a certain finger went up in the direction of Snape. All of the Gryffindor’s and a few Slytherins snickered. Snape turned but Hermione quickly folded her hands in her lap and smiled sweetly at the foul git.

The rest of the class went on quietly as the seventh years learned how to make enlarging potion. Draco flicked some onto Hermione’s hand which grew to an alarming size and she then spilled a small amount onto Draco’s hair. The whole class burst out laughing when Draco’s hair went from sleek and straight to an afro.

After they had handed in the final sample of enlarging potion they were to sit at their tables with their partners. On the edge of Hermione’s and Draco’s work table was a glob of green gunk. Hermione snickered to herself and Draco looked over at her. Hermione checked her watch. Exactly one minute till the bell rings. Snape had his back turned to the class; he was washing the board off. Hermione levitated the gunk and beckoned it across the room with her wand. She let it drop when it was right above Snape’s butt. The class laughed so hard. Snape turned around to see what was so funny and he knocked his desk over. Hermione had tears in her eyes when the bell rang.

Free period was next. Draco was about to congratulate Hermione when Sasha stepped next to her and they started talking about how Snape had waddled to his office once the bell rang. Brian joined the two girls. He put his arm around Sasha’s shoulder. “News travels fast in this school Hermione.” He looked at her. “How big did it get?” They laughed and Brian gave Hermione a high-five on her uninjured hand. Ginny ran over. “Dude you blew up Snape’s arse.” She squealed. Hermione laughed. They all made their way up to the Head Common Room. Draco followed about 10 feet behind them, listening to everything they had to say to each other. After a few minutes he got sick of their laughing and took a short cut to the Common Room. Five minutes later he heard the lot outside of the portrait and sighed.

“Fattore.” Hermione smirked at the old lady. The portrait opened and the four piled in.

“Brian come help me get the mics and stuff.” Brian followed Hermione to her room. Ginny and Sasha completely ignored the fact that Malfoy was sitting there and they walked to the middle of the floor. Draco watched them over his book. Ginny pulled a miniature drum set and a small black box out of her pocket. They were connected with small black wires. She set them on the floor and pulled out her wand. The girl called Sasha did the same except with something what looked like what Hermione always played and another small box. These too were connected by small wires. Wands out “Enlargeo” they said in unison. The two boxes, bass, and drum set came to normal size with in seconds.

Hermione and Brian finally managed to dig up another amp, two guitars, and mics. Hermione carried the amp and Brian carried the guitars and mics out into the Common Room. Hermione only had to carry one thing since she had broken her arm. They dropped the stuff in the middle of the floor and started to plug everything in.

“What are you doing Granger?” Draco asked.

“Band practice.” She replied simply while attaching a mic in a stand and testing it.

“I’m reading Granger you can’t just come in here and start playing that absurd noise you call music.”

“Watch me.” She retorted as Sasha helped her get her strap over her head.

“Mione, I can’t find my sticks can I borrow some of yours” Ginny asked.

‘Mione, pretty nickname’ Draco thought.

“Yeah go ahead there in my room.” Hermione replied as she sat down next to Malfoy to tune her guitar.

He closed his book and looked at her. “Granger I said no”

“And I said yes.” Hermione plugged her guitar into an amp.

“Well I don’t c-“ He was cut off by the loud sound of Hermione banging her cast over the strings. He gave her a dirty look but she just laughed.

“Gra-“ Once again he was cut off by the loud volume. He gave up and stomped to his room just as Ginny came back out of Hermione’s room with two drum sticks. She sat at her drum set and waited for everyone. Hermione was ready and Brian was almost done tuning but Sasha had disappeared. Ten minutes later Sasha walked through the door. “Where the hell were you?” Ginny asked.

“No where. Come on lets play.” Sasha put the strap over her shoulder.

“Ok, lets play Dirty Little Secrets for practice.” Brian said. They all agreed. “Hermione don’t hurt yourself.” Sasha said. Hermione just shook her head.

Ginny hit the drums softly and Hermione played the same chords over and over again at first then everyone joined in and the music changed. Brian’s voice began to fill the air as he held the microphone close to his face and sung into it, beginning the song.

Once the song ended Hermione fell back onto the couch. “What are you hurt?” Brian said hurriedly. “That song is exhausting.” Hermione said. “It’s a miracle that we can all play it right.”

Draco had his ear to his bedroom door. ‘Wow theyre really good.’ He thought to himself. Draco didn’t think the same the thing ten hours later. They skipped all the classes for that day and played till 10 at night.

“Come on lets take a break.” Hermione said and raised her hand. Most of the time they couldn’t hear what each other was saying while they were playing so when that want to stop the just raise there hand. Ginny has a problem with that though since they don’t usually look back at her. To get their attention she just gets up and walks away. The band doesn’t like that much but they can’t really do anything to stop her. Anyway they saw Hermione’s hand up and stopped playing.

“Merlin, I’m thirsty.” Ginny complained as she plopped down onto the couch. Sasha walked into the kitchen and came back with a crate marked ‘Fire whiskey.’ “How’s this?” She asked holding it up. They drank and played some more until 1am, skipping all of their classes for the day.

“Ok I have to go to sleep.” Ginny said yawning.

“Yeah, Hermione we’ll see you tomorrow.” Sasha followed. They both shrunk their stuff and walked out. “Don’t get caught.” Hermione yelled after them. “We won’t.” They called back. Hermione’s arm really hurt, since she had forgotten to take her potion. Brian stayed behind and helped her take everything else back to her room. They came back out and Hermione sat down on the couch. “Good night Hermione.” He said and kissed her cheek before walking out of the portrait.

About two minutes after he left Hermione stood and began to make her way to her bedroom. All of a sudden Draco’s door burst open. He ran out shirtless with boxer shorts. The noise startled Hermione and she jumped. She couldn’t take her eyes away from his chest. Draco’s eyes searched the room and when the fell upon Hermione he ran to her and fell to the floor and hugged her knees. “Please.” He said into her jeans. “No more noise.” Draco looked up at her. “I can hear it through the silence charm. That’s how loud it is. Please stop.” He said and hugged her legs tighter. Hermione looked down at him like he was crazy. She put her hand on her head and sighed. Hermione took his hands and pulled him up. “Look around Draco.” She spoke slowly and pointed her finger around the room. “They are gone and so is the music.” She then pushed him back into his room. Hermione turned around and stopped dead. ‘I just called Malfoy ‘Draco’ She thought to herself. ‘Something must me wrong with me.’ Hermione shook her head and jumped over the back of the couch. ‘I’ll just crash here tonight.’ She thought to herself and lay down on the couch.

Hermione sat in a prefects meeting listening to Draco go on about the duties. She wasn’t really listening. She didn’t really care. All she wanted to do was get out of there. Hermione watched as the 5th years eagerly took notes and the 6th years listened carefully. The 7th year prefects just looked really bored. They had heard all of this so many times they could recite it in their sleep. Hermione put her head on her hand and dozed off. Her snores where almost silent but Draco heard them. He looked over at her and stopped talking. He then pushed her off of her chair, very annoyed. Hermione toppled to the floor. That got everyone’s attention. Draco started to talk about the dance around Christmas and Hermione slowly stood. Everyone’s eyes were on Hermione. They all wanted to see what she would do. Hermione swung a punch at Draco, her fist collided with his jaw and a loud pop sounded through the silent room. She had dislocated his jaw.

Harry, Sasha, and Brian, who were all prefects quickly jumped up. Harry and Brian each held one of her arms and Sasha told her over and over again to calm down. Blaise, who was the Slytherin prefect, also held back his friend. It was a good thing that Blaise was stronger than Draco because Draco looked like he was on the verge of murder.

“What the hell was that for?!”

“You pushed me.”

“You fell asleep.”

“You’re boring.”

“Sue me.”

“Or maybe I could just give you another bru-“ She was cut off when Sasha put her hand over her mouth. The room was quiet and full of tension. Hermione and Draco just glared at each other. Hermione jumped forward but was pulled back quickly. ‘Great.’ Thought Draco ‘just what I need. Tomorrow all anyone will be talking about will be how the Heads tried to kill each other’.

“Your all dismissed.” Harry said. Everyone started to pack their things away.

“Your not dismissed, Potter you can’t tell them when they can leave.” Draco said. Everyone sat back down.

“I can. You may leave. Unless you would rather stay here with this arrogant prick.” Hermione said. Everyone hurried out of the door.

The only people left were Hermione, Draco, Blaise, Sasha, Harry, and Brian.


Hermione turned and pushed through her friends. She walked out the door and back up to the common room. Draco pushed Blaise aside and followed her. “Don’t touch her, Malfoy.” Blaise said as his friend walked out of the door. Draco just ignored him and continued walking. No matter how angry he was at her he wouldn’t hurt her and he knew it. He would never hurt her. She was his slight entertainment in the morningtime. Also, loads of people would be at his thoat if she was ever seriously injured by him. 

Credits: 'Dirty Little Secret' All-American Rejects

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