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“Well, Lily, we’re done,” James gave one last stir to the Polyjuice Potion and slumped back in his seat. It was the first day of October; they’d have to switch bodies the next day during Potions.

“Okay, now all that’s left to do is add each others hair tomorrow,” Lily stood back and looked at the potion admiringly. She had worked hard with James on it for a month, and they’d barely even fought. “Make sure you bring some clothes that I can change into for Potions.”

“What? Why?” James asked, rising from his chair and whipping out his wand.

“Well… you’re about a foot taller than me and probably about fifty pounds heavier… But I don’t know, Potter!”

“Oh,” he said, levitating the cauldron to the area it had been stored in for the past month. “That makes sense.”

“Yeah,” she snapped under her breath, gathering her belongings, and heading to the door. “See you during rounds tonight, Potter, and do try not to be late.”


“Hello Lily, shall we?” James had met Lily in their common room just in time to do the nightly rounds.

“We shall,” she muttered grumpily, pushing his extended arm out of her path and storming out of the portrait hole.

“Bad day?” James asked sympathetically a few minutes later as they were walking down the deserted seventh floor corridor.

“If it was, I wouldn’t tell you,” Lily said sweetly.

“Oy!” James said suddenly, charging forward. “Snivellus! Lucy!”

Lily chased after him, seeing what had made him fire up. Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were standing by a tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. She had no clue why they would be there.

“Sixty points from Slytherin and two detentions each!” James shouted.

“Sixty points? And two detentions?” Malfoy shouted, apparently getting angry.

“Yes. You’re out of bed an hour after curfew, so that’s a point a minute and a detention for every thirty minutes.”

”What makes you think you can do that?” Malfoy sneered.

“I’m Head Boy!” James roared, apparently using every effort in his body not to whip out his wand and hex them both.

“More like Big Head Boy,” Lily muttered under her breath.

James gave her a weary look, but shouted again for the two Slytherins to leave and they did, muttering angrily between each other as they descended down the stairs to their common room deep in the dungeons.

“Do you have to insult me when I’m trying to be responsible?” he demanded as they dragged on.

“You? Responsible?” Lily scoffed, crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Lily! Don’t you see?! That’s your problem! You don’t know me! And you won’t even try!” he said softly, still walking at her side, scanning the halls for any students who were out of bed.

“That’s ridiculous!” she argued, stopping in her tracks and facing him. “I know everything about you!”

“Okay,” he challenged her. “What’s my favorite color?”

“That’s stupid. I didn’t mean stupid junk like that!” she protested, stamping her foot on the hard, stone floor.

“Just guess!”

“Okay… uh… blue?” she guessed weakly.

“It’s green!” he said softly.

“Ew. Why?” she asked, beginning to walk again.

“It’s the color of your eyes,” he mumbled, his face only turning slightly red.

Lily’s face quickly darkened to the color of her hair as she turned away from him, looking like an apple with green eyes. “I’m hungry,” she said suddenly, after a few minutes of awkward silence.

“Come here,” he said, taking a quick right and leading her to a large picture of a fruit bowl.

To his surprise, she reached out and tickled the giant green pear. It squirmed and turned into a giant door handle.

“Whoa! Lily Evans, Head Girl, top of all of her classes, has done some sneaking in her time?” James asked, looking mildly impressed as they entered the kitchen.

“Don’t look so surprised,” she said dryly as her favorite house elf, Milly, approached her, holding a cup of tea and a turkey sandwich. “Thank you, Milly,” she said politely, taking the cup and the sandwich.

“You’re welcome, madam!” she squeaked, bowing and running back to the stove.

James took a sandwich from his elf and sat down at a little table, Lily mimicked him.

“So,” James said after a few long minutes of silence, his mouth bursting with ham sandwich. “You come down here so often that you know them by name?”

She lifted her eyebrows. “Why are you so interested in my visits to the kitchen?” she asked, polishing off her sandwich and moving onto her tea.

“It’s just… I didn’t expect you to break any rules!”

“Oh,” she mused, “I’ve done my share of troublemaking in my time. I’m just smarter about it than you are.”

“That hurts!” he exclaimed, rising from his seat and walking to the door with Lily in tow.

“You’ll get used to it,” she said, shutting the door behind her and giving a goodbye wave to Milly.

They walked back to the Head’s Dorm in silence, barely bothering to scan the corridors for troublemakers.

“Well,” James said about ten minutes later. “I’ll see you tomorrow in Potions. Night Lily.”

“’Night James,” she said, then froze, turned around, and stole a look at him. He was positively beaming. She had called him James. “I meant Potter!” she called after him gruffly as he practically skipped up the steps to his room. It was too late. He had heard her, and his whole posse would probably know about it by the time she went to breakfast tomorrow.

She thought about staying in the common room and catching up on her homework for the week, but thought better of it and headed upstairs. She’d need all of her strength to spend an hour in Jam-Potter’s body for an hour the next day.


“Do you have the clothes?” Lily asked the next day as Jam-Potter strolled into Potions, fashionably late as usual.

“Yes,” he said, handing her a pair of muggle pants and a green shirt.

“Settle down everyone! Settle down!” Professor Slughorn boomed from his seat. Lily and James sat next to each other, Lily shooting him looks. “We will be drinking the Polyjuice Potion momentarily, but first I will collect your essays!” With a wave of his wand, fourteen essays traveled over their heads into his arms. “Okay,” he continued, “What you will do is go to your respectable bathrooms. If you are smaller than the person you are changing into, you will need to change into a pair of their clothes BEFORE you transform please!” Sirius snapped his fingers and pouted; Jade slapped him lightly on the arm.

Minutes later, Lily was standing in a bathroom stall in James’s clothes that were practically falling off of her, dropping a lock of James’s hair into a bubbling, mud-like substance. She pinched her nose and drank it very fast. Her insides began squirming and she felt as though she might get sick. She dropped to the floor and bent over, waiting for the feeling to pass. When she felt normal again, she walked out of the stall and approached a mirror.

She was shocked at what she saw. She couldn’t have been able to tell that she wasn’t Jam-Potter if she hadn’t known. She had his annoying, messy black hair. She had his bright hazel eyes. She noticed that everything was blurred; of course, he wore glasses. And then she noticed that her feet were ready to burst out of her shoes. She took them off with extreme difficulty and carried them back to the dungeons.

She began the long walk from the third floor to the dungeons and passed a gaggle of fourth year Ravenclaws. They spotted Lily in James’s body and instantly began giggling. One of the less attractive girls shot Lily in James’s body a smile. She returned it half-heartedly and broke into a run. The next time she judged Potter and his fan club of girls, she’d remember that time. She’d never thought that maybe he didn’t make girls like him; that they just… did.

Once she had made it back into the dungeons, she spotted herself. Wait, no, Jam-Potter, and approached her, no, him! They traded shoes and he gave her his glasses and they took their seats. They watched as their classmates strolled back into the room. Most of the girls were wearing boy clothes and it looked rather odd. Soon, everyone was back except Jade and Sirius.

Before long, the couple walked in, greeted by hoops and hollers. They looked like each other, with deliberate mistakes. One of them had Sirius’s hair and his body, but everything else was Jade’s. The other one was exactly opposite. It was impossible to tell which one was Jade and which was Sirius.

“And this class,” Professor Slughorn began, apparently trying very hard not to laugh, “is what happens when you incorrectly make the Polyjuice Potion!” Jade and Sirius (whichever one they were) ran to their seats, unsuccessfully attempting to hide their faces.

For the next forty- five minutes, Professor Slughorn went on and on about which mistakes Sirius and Jade might’ve made and, at long last, it was time to head back to the bathrooms and wait to transform back into their selves.

Lily and James gave each other their shoes back and Lily gave James his glasses back. Lily trudged back to her stall (fortunately, she saw no more girls who belonged to James’s fan club) and sat on the floor. Soon she saw her hair growing then it became red again. Her eye sight slowly became clear again. Then her feet and hands shrunk back to their natural size and she knew it was safe to change back into her own clothes.


“Lily! Are you going to wake up?!” Lily rolled over in her bed and groaned. She was used to James’s morning wake up calls, but it was seven in the morning on a Saturday for goodness sake! She jumped out of bed, tugging her shirt down and pulling her blue pajama pants up and walked into the bathroom where she knew James would be.

“What?!” she snapped, walking to the sink and splashing water on her face.

“I just wanted to know if you were going to the game today,” he said, scrubbing at his teeth with a toothbrush.

“Do I ever go to the games?!” she asked hysterically, wishing she was back in her bed. She was not a morning person and didn’t take lightly to being woken up when it wasn’t necessary.

“I dunno,” he muttered, swishing water around in his mouth.

“Fine, I’ll go since I’m up. But get out so I can take a shower!”

“Aww, can’t I stay?” he protested playfully.



“Lily what brings you down to breakfast on a Saturday?” Rose asked when Lily sunk into the seat next to her, sporting muggle jeans, a baggy green t-shirt, and a messy pony tail. “It’s not noon yet!”

“Ha-ha,” she said sarcastically, grabbing a piece of toast and putting an egg and a few pieces of bacon on it; something she had eaten since she was five.

“Whoa!” Jade exclaimed as she approached the table with a Quidditch robe-wearing Sirius hanging onto her. She gave him a kiss and he went to find the rest of the Marauders before the big game. “Lily’s eating breakfast on a Saturday! What’s the occasion?”

“Will you guys stop it?!” she asked exasperatedly. “I don’t sleep in THAT much do I?!”

“Yes,” her two friends answered in unison.

“Well, I decided to go to the game today,” she answered, taking a huge gulp of orange juice.

Rose’s pretty blue eyes widened and she shook her blonde head. “What has living with James done to you?” she asked, pretending to be mournful, but it was ruined by the huge smile she was wearing.


“Well,” Rose argued, “you seem to be better friends now.

“James and I will never be friends,” she protested, trying not to let her eyes wander to the Marauder section of the table.

“Yes you are!” Jade exclaimed, almost knocking over her pumpkin juice. “You just called him James!”

Lily bit her lip, hoping that she hadn’t let it slip. “I did not,” she said weakly, praying that she was speaking the truth.

“You did!” Rose said, laughing manically.

“Whatever,” Lily muttered, finishing off her breakfast, noticing that the Great Hall was emptying. “Let’s just go get seats.”

Her friends followed her and no more than fifteen minutes later, they were sitting huddled together in the chilly October morning air.

“Here’s the Gryffindor team!” the commentator suddenly boomed, making Lily jump. “Captain and Chaser, James Potter. His supporting chasers, Liz Walden and Mary Adams. Keeper, Sirius Black. Beaters, Adam and Peter Gray. And seeker, Leslie Grout!”

Lily didn’t pay much attention to the game. All she knew is that she almost got hit by a bludger and that Gryffindor won.

“Party in the Gryffindor common room!” Sirius Black shouted as the Gryffindor team was carried off the pitch.

“Let’s go!” Jade exclaimed, taking her friends by the hands and practically dragging them back to Gryffindor Tower.

Lily hadn’t been there in so long, she’d almost forgotten how crowded it could get.

The party wasn’t lively until about two hours later when Potter and Black entered the common room, carrying a few jugs of butter beer and more candy than they could ever imagine eating by their selves. Lily vaguely wondered how they always managed to sneak into Hogsmeade, but was distracted when Ryan Vance took a seat next to her.

He was a sixth year, but very cute, she had to admit.

“Hi, Lily,” he said nervously, averting his blue eyes from her and nervously pulling on his shaggy brown hair.

“Hey, Ryan,” she said warmly, bending over the arm of her chair.

“Wouldyouliketogotothedancewithme?” he said very quickly.

“What?” she asked, trying not to laugh.

He took a few deep breaths, looked her in the eye, and tried again. “Would you like to go to the dance with me?”

She smiled and stood up, signaling for him to follow suit. “I’d love to!” she said, giving him a hug. She heard a shattering sound and they broke apart, looking for the source of the noise,

Standing with Sirius by the fire, looking very angry indeed, was a shaking James Potter, a shattered glass at his feet.

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