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Chapter five:

A few days went by and the ball was two nights away. A Hogsmeade trip was planned the day before the ball. All of the girls were exited about a new shop opening for hair and nails, the "Old Fashion Way"

Harry was bloody nervous. He knew that it was short notice, but he was going to ask her. He was going to ask Ginny to the ball. 'Oh, I hope she's not taken already!' Harry thought. "Um, Ginny, I was just wondering, ifyouwuldgototheballwithme." he said the last part so fast; he didn't even understand what he said, and didn't expect Ginny to too. But, she did.

"Hmm. Let's see here. A few guys have already asked me," At this time Harry would rather re-fight Voldemort than deal with his Ginny already going to the ball with someone else, or even just asking if she would go with him! "But, you're lucky I waited for you. Another hour and I would have said yes to Neville again!" She said laughing. Then you heard someone say 'hey' in the background. "Sorry Neville!" Ginny said.

Harry loosened up a bit after that. Now knowing that nothing can stop him and his girl from going to the ball was all he needed to know. Then, he swooped down, and landed a kiss on her lips.

But anyway, this story isn't about Harry or Ginny, so, the next day was the Hogsmeade trip. All of the girls were ready to get their hair and makeup done. Hermione couldn't care less. She knew that she could do her own makeup and nails instead of paying a good ten galleons for all of that and getting your hair done too. It was expensive and Ron only liked her as a friend, or so she thought anyway.

At the last minute, Hermione decided that she was going to go and pay anyway. This would probably be the only date of any kind with Ron. Why not be pretty just for the heck of it?


On the other side, no one had to wear dress robes. This time Ron was NOT going to go looking like a fool! He was going to try to forget about his last ball. He had no fun, no girl that he wanted, and no nice or even halfway decent robes! This time was going to be different. He was going to look nice for his Hermione if it was the last thing he did, even if it wasn't even a real date because it was only as friends. Ron was still cursing himself for that.

All of the guys went their way and the girls went theirs. Hermione and Ginny requested two seats next to each other and expected it to take forever, but actually, they were one of the first ones there.

"So, he asked you yesterday?" Hermione asked.

"Yep. I almost said yes to Neville again. I mean, yeah, I had fun with him, but it was a one-night thing." Ginny said.

"Well, me and Ron are going 'just as friends'. I love him, but he doesn't love me Ginny. I know it!" Hermione told Ginny of exactly how her 'Mini-date' (just to make Ginny happy) went, and the disappointment with the end of it.

"Well, at least you're going with him!" Ginny tried to make Hermione feel a bit better. "Or better yet, tell him you love him, and then run away. If he comes after you, stop, but when he asks you to explain, don't! It's perfect. That way, you can hear it from him that he likes you too! I mean, when you aren't at the burrow, he is all like 'I love Hermione! I love Hermione!' "

"No he's not!" Hermione said laughing at the mental images and giving Ginny a playful push.

"Ok, so I did make that up, but who cares?" Ginny said, now laughing too.

"Ginerva and Hermione, your seats are ready." Said the witch at the counter.

Ginny decided to have her hair curled and half up. Hermione wanted a bit more. Then, Hermione wanted her hair to look controlled, yet still curly, and then have it half up and instead of a ponytail, like Ginny, a bun that looked like a rose. It was gorgeous!

Then they went to get their makeup done. Hermione had light pinkish purple eye shadow that matched the magenta top and pink lip-gloss. She didn't really have any blush. She didn't want any.

Ginny was wearing a white skirt that went down to her knees, and a light pink shirt. To match this, she got light pink eye shadow, and silvery lip-gloss.

Last were the nails. Ginny got a silvery pink, and Hermione got a light magenta, a lighter shade of her shirt.


Harry decided on a pair of shorts and a top. Ron, was searching through his trunk when he got back, not sure what to wear.

"What are you searching for down there? Your old dress robes?" Harry teased.

"No, I found those in shreds. Thank god someone did it!" Ron said. He finally found something to wear when the girls came back, looking just as they did when they had left. You see, they would give you a special charm, and it only works once, and if it isn't used in forty-eight hours, it won't work. Everyone was set for the ball the next day.

A/N: i thank you for reading up until this point. only 75 people out of 600 have! it would really make me happy if you leave a review! plez and thank you! Hey, that rimed! LOL! ^_^

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