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Richelle’s POV

So far this year has been pretty good, I have a whole two weeks under my belt. Oh God, it’s only 6:30 in the morning, I have got to get a better sleeping schedule. I started doing the math in my head, if I went to bed at 1 and slept my usual six hours that should put me at seven, even though that is still early I will just take my time waking up. Note to self no more going to bed at 11 o’clock. Oh well, may as well get up now. I got up and jumped in the shower, ahh, hot water. After a quick 5 minute shower I got out and waded through the thick steam to the mirror. I cracked the window that was next to the mirror and the steam started to disappear. Friday…woot…so again with the uniform, at least at Durmstrang I could get away with pants everyday. Sigh, I put on my skirt, hmm, a tad too long, immediately it went from my knee to three inches or so above. Perfect. I pulled on my white button-up and checked the mirror. Hmmm, oh yes, I rolled up the sleeves. I magic-dried my hair and put on all my typical accessories, switching out hoops for dangling silver Eiffel tower earrings. Now… shoes…of course and immediately I was wearing strappy, navy blue heels that matched my skirt, oh and a gorgeous silver and navy blue anklet. I smiled to the mirror and my make-up and glasses were on. God I love being me… not that I’m conceited or anything. Well, maybe a little.
I walked down to the common room and pulled out “The Count of Monte Cristo” from my black messenger bag. The sun was up, it was 7 and in no time people would be swarming downstairs, I had maybe a half an hour to read.

“Hey you.” It was Sirius. Goodness, he was adorable. I closed my book and put it back in my bag.

“How do you do this fine morning, Sirius darling,” I responded in mock love.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your reading.”

“Oh Sirius, yes you did, otherwise you never would have spoken to me,” I stood up and walked towards him. “But since you did interrupt me, I suppose I should ask how I may help you this morning.”

I was a mere 6 inches from him and I could smell that gorgeous cologne he wears. I smiled up at him, “Well?”

“Well… we have quidditch tryouts tomorrow…”

“So I am aware.” I stated pointedly.

“Yeah I know, I was curious as to whether or not you were going to try out.”

“No, Sirius. I will not be trying out. I will be there to watch, but if I desire to satisfy my competitive spirit I will do it more directly by openly challenging he with whom I have a problem. However I love the sport and will see you at tryouts, if only to watch.”

“Oh ok, sweet. So what were you reading?”

“The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. Great author, the book itself is about revenge. It’s one of my favorites.”

“Revenge? Somehow I think that would fit you.” “What are you saying, Siri-dear?”

“Well you just seem the rougher, go-get-em type, ya know? Not a bad thing, as a matter of fact, we don’t have girls around here like that so you’re a breath of fresh air. Not to mention incredibly sexy because of it.” He grinned mischeviously. I see where this will have to go.

Sirius’ POV

I stepped closer to her and my left hand managed to find its way down Richelle’s back and I leaned down to whisper the last sentence.

“Oh Sirius,” she responded, “I’m always sexy. And that is mostly because of my attitude… that go-get-em one you were talking about.” Oh man her voice was so gentle and stimulating.

“So true. You seem to know exactly what you want, you aim, and you always seem to get it.” My right hand was wrapping around her waist.

“Kind of like you and me.” She said. Oh the words I wanted to here.

“Kind of,” her lips were mere millimeters away from mine, “like,” I could feel her warm breath and I could feel her body pressed up against mine, “this.”

Richelle’s POV

Ouch that had to hurt. Poor Sirius. Bad, Richelle, bad.

Remus’ POV

I can’t believe it, there, the girl who could make me jump from the astronomy tower and try to fly was dangerously close to Sirius. Her hands were resting gently on his chest. No! That was how she was supposed to touch me. Damn it, Sirius. Couldn’t you just let me be happy once! I can’t!…. Oh my….. Ouch, that had to hurt.

Lily’s POV

God why are so many girls crowding the stairs to the common room, holy hell!

I can’t believe I just said that, Biz we have got to stop hanging out together. I finally broke to the bottom of the stairs and just as I did I saw Richelle wrapped in a suggestive embrace with Sirius Black bring her knee up hard and high and in less than a second Black was on the ground writhing in pain.

“Sorry Sirius. I just couldn’t help it.” Biz sat down next to him and stroked his hair gently.

“Shhhh, there, there Sirius, you’ll be ok. Just give it a few minutes.” Then she stood up and grabbed her messenger bag, slung it over her should in one swift, graceful motion and headed towards the portrait hole.

“I’m heading to breakfast, who would like to be my escort?” The pile of guys that had accumulated in the boys staircase leaped down and hovered around her, one went to grab her bag and she smacked his hand.

“Don’t touch the bag. Lily, you comin’?” I jogged over and stood next to her.

“Darren! What do you think you are doing? Just standing there behind me. For heavens’ sake, carry Lily’s books for her and accompany her to breakfast. Josh! For goodness gracious step out from behind Ms. Evans and walk me to breakfast.” Richelle stepped through the portal barking these last orders to Josh. He quickly caught up to her and she smiled and hit him gently on the shoulder.

“Relax, it was just a bit of fun, I’m not the Queen of England. You don’t have to jump at my orders. Honestly, I just wanted to talk to you about that Herbology project. You’re very good. Do you think you’d like to be my partner? I can do everything but actually make the plant grow.” Josh laughed and was immediately comfortable with her. How did she always manage to do that? She could make anyone feel like they were on top of the world, make anyone entirely relaxed around her, make anyone feel exactly as she wanted them to feel. I just couldn’t explain it.

“So Lily… How about Potter? When do you intend on throwing him a bone?”

“Pardon?” I said to her.

“Excuse us, gentlemen.” She pecked Tyler on the cheek and waved at Darren then pulled me down to a seat at the breakfast table.

Richelle’s POV

“Lily, honestly, I’ve read your thoughts, you’re totally captivated with him!” Lily turned almost as red as her hair then she quickly calmed down and gave me a curious look.

“You’ve read my thoughts? As in literally or figuratively?”

“Literally,” I responded somewhat annoyed by the change of subject, “I’m excellent at both leglimency and occlumency.”

“Since when?!” Lily was amazed.

“Since oh, end of 4th year, or my first year of schooling.”

“Oh my God! That’s awesome, do you think you could teach me?”

“Yeah, Yeah. Sure, sure. Now when are you going to say yes to Potter?”

“How about never?” she responded.

“So that means next time he asks you to the Harvest Ball you’ll accept. Excellent.” I smiled at her and grabbed a piece of toast.

Lily’s POV

Richelle was immediately drawn into her toast and devoured it happily. She chugged her glass of milk and stood up. “Well, I’m off to visit with the locals, ta ta.” She tapped me on the shoulder as she ran off to sit at the Ravenclaw table next to…. Next to Matthew Stern?! The Ravenclaw prefect?! How? She just arrived yesterday! God, there’s that jealousy again. I rolled my eyes at myself. I’ve never been jealous before, no need to start now.

Sirius’ POV

God damn it. I stood up with the help of, oh, all the Gryffindor girls. They cursed her audacity and told me that they wouldn’t let her hurt me again.

“Ladies, ladies, I’m fine thank you for the help. I have to be going now. I’ll see you all around.” I walked as upright as I could over to James, Remus, and Peter, the only guys that hadn’t flocked out after Richelle.

“So how’d that feel, Sirius?” Remus obviously wasn’t happy that we had almost kissed, but the knee in my groin seemed to soothe him a bit.

“Like hell.”

“Oh come on Sirius, most guys would’ve killed just to be that close to her.” James said reassuringly. “If I wasn’t hooked on Evans, man, what I’d do…”

“Earth to James.” Remus hollered at James’ dazed look.

“Oh sorry. Come on lets get to breakfast.” James responded.
Ah breakfast, my favorite time of day. I walked through the doors and all female eyes were on me (and some envious and angry male eyes). Ah, the hard life. I began walking behind James who was walking towards Evans. Hey where’s Richelle? She came to breakfast with Lily. Grr….. there she was with Matthew Stern. The Ravenclaw prefect. He’s smiling at her! She’s talking animatedly with him and all surrounding Ravenclaws, guys and girls. Now they’re all laughing. God I want her.

Remus’ POV

Now they’re all laughing. I wonder what she said, probably something witty. Oh, apparently we’re all sitting down. I took one last glance at her and started to eat my eggs. Man, I wish I was the only one she paid attention to. Wait, what’s she doing… uh oh.

Richelle’s POV

“Well, ladies and gents I see I have you all in hysterics so I will take my leave before I says something offensive and turn this joy into angry glares. Adios mis amigos.”

I leaned down and whispered in Matthew’s ear, “And I’ll see you tonight at seven.” I stood up and walked towards the doors, yep it worked, by manipulating a certain Ravenclaw prefect (who I actually did like, I’m not just doing this because of… the meeting) I will not get in any trouble for being out well past curfew. You can always get what you want with a little flirting. Just as I stepped past the last table a boy with long white-blonde hair in a Slytherin robe stepped in front of me.

“Allow me to introduce myself, Lucius Malfoy.” He took my hand and kissed it.

“Richelle Bearotryvich. How may I help you?”

“Well,” his voice became slightly louder, “I was hoping you would join me for a romantic rendevous by the lake around seven this evening. Perhaps something to drink would appear and we could get to know each other.” He moved closer to me and gave a disgusting grin. The idiot.

“Well, I graciously decline your offer,” I said in a louder voice than he had used and gasps came from various places in the room, “I have a previous engagement first of all and second my dear, I am afraid you resemble a female far to much for me to be interested even slightly in you. However, perhaps we could do our nails together in two weeks before we meet our Hogsmeade dates?!” I said this last sentence in as valley girl a voice as I could muster.

“Why you…” I cut him off, “Mudblood? Halfblood? Nothing more creative? And besides I’m afraid you would be wrong my dear. I am a pureblood, and probably more dangerous than you, dear Mr. Malfoy.” I smacked his cheek good-humoredly.

“Oh really, than why haven’t you been to any of the parties this summer? Why don’t I know you?” He said cockily.

“I train during the summers, although I’m sure I’ll attend one this Christmas.” I responded in an equally cocky tone.

“I’ll see you there then.” He said somewhat defeated but nonetheless proudly. I know its bad to kick them when they’re down but hey, one for the road.

“Perhaps, maybe we can even shop for our dresses together, ha ha” I giggled like a valley girl when I walked passed him and flipped his blonde hair. He fumed. Then just as I passed Lucius another boy with dark hair that resembled Sirius stepped beside me. I was already happier with him for not blocking my path.

“Richelle Bearotryvich, and you are?” I said making the first introduction.

“Regulus Black.” He responded.

“Oh yes, Sirius’ brother. How do you do?” My voice was suddenly sweet, I knew the entire hall’s eyes were on me after my Lucius episode, most admiring eyes, some curious, all entranced. I certainly didn’t want to carry my hateful tone from Lucius throughout the day and decided to show that.

“I don’t like being associated with my bloodtraitor brother and I’m doing very well thank you.”

“No problem.” I started writing on my hand as if it were an imaginary notepad and mumbled, “No….bloodtraitor…brother.” I looked back up at Regulus who was slightly upset with my prior action, “Now what can I do for YOU?”

“Well, I was hoping I could speak with you after dinner this evening, perhaps go on a walk. I’ll have you back before seven for your engagement.”

“Why I would be honored. Are you a year younger than Sirius?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I’m Sirius’ twin brother, younger by a few minutes. Seventeen if you wanted an age, Eighteen November 1st.”

“Thank you for answering my questions so thoroughly and I will meet you outside these doors at 5:30. Good day.” I smiled and touched his shoulder gently as I walked to my first class. Potions with the Hufflepuffs. Sweet.

James’ POV

“Damn, that was awesome!” I said.

“Sure was.” Remus responded.

“So Lily wanna go to the Harvest Ball with me, I know its early to ask, but”

“Yes, James, I will.” “What? You mean, YES!” I jumped up from the table and performed a victory dance. “Wait, is this some sick joke?” I asked skeptically.

“No, I was speaking with Richelle and well…”

“Aw man I love that girl. Biz is my new best friend, Padfoot you’ve been replaced.” I beamed and began eating this day was great! I see Lucius told off in front off the school, Sirius finally get busted for makin’ moves on every girl in school, and Lily says yes. I love that girl. Biz, I think we need to become much better friends.

Sirius’ POV

More dangerous? I don’t like the sound of that. I had just entered the potions classroom and Richelle was already seated beside Hunter Collins – a Hufflepuff prefect. She certainly doesn’t waste her time with guys at the bottom of the ladder, does she? I asked myself. Professor Slughorn entered the room welcomed Richelle and began asking us questions about some potion called Ennyl’s Elixir.

“Who can tell me something about this elixir?” he asked. Richelle raised her hand. He pointed to her.

“First of all the elixir guarantees the drinker an enhanced immunity system. The potion is mostly used for those traveling to disease ridden countries. Mostly third-world countries. Second it takes two weeks to complete and the drinker cannot be in contact with any alcoholic drinks for those two weeks. Otherwise the potion is immediately rendered useless. The potion can be made in large portions it is not a person-sensitive elixir, anyone can drink it once it has been made.”

“Excellent ten points to Gryffindor.” He smiled at her.

His next question was, “What is the key ingredient in Ennyl’s elixir? Yes, Mrs. Evans?”

“The key ingredient is salt-soaked parsley.”

“No, Mrs. Evans I’m sorry that is incorrect.” Lily looked devastated as half the class ast shocked and Biz raised her hand again.

“The key ingredient is salt-soaked parsnip. If parsley is used instead the elixir becomes deadly, also known as Mortum Excriatum. The drinker is immediately covered in deadly lacerations which grow and bleed non-stop. The pain is excruciating and the only cure is rattlesnake venom which makes the sufferer ill for 4 days. If the drinker survives those 4 days he/she will live, but rarely do people survive those four days.” The entire class gazed at Richelle in disbelief. Professor Slughorn was speechless.

“That is correct, but I would like to know how you know such details of so seldomly used and seldomly spoken of a potion.”

“Oh, you pick things up here and there.” She smiled to him reassuringly “So when can we begin?” She asked the Professor encouraging a change of topic.

“Oh, you may begin now.” James and I were working together, everyone was beginning to get over Biz’s little evil super-genius episode. Richelle was chatting energetically to everyone in the room. Currently she was throwing out some amusing stories from her world travels. And class was over. I packed my bag and headed out the door.

“Hey Sirius.” It was Richelle.

“Oh hey, what’re you up to?”

“Going to class, yourself?” she said playing along with my distracted stupid questions.

“Oh sorry, same. I’m out of it today. So, nice show in class today.”

“Well, I do my best. Where’re the others?”

“Oh, ran ahead. Gotta get good seat for transfiguration ya know.”

“Um, yeah sure.” She said reading my sarcasm and grinning. “More like, gotta get a good seat next to Evans.” She responded.

“You know it.” We entered the room and took seats next to each other. That’s how the rest of the day went. Enter class, be amazed by Richelle, or amused, leave class. Repeat.

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