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Chapter 8: Halloween

It was now the day before Halloween and the professors as well as Lily and James were busy putting up the decorations for the feast. Neither of them had mentioned what Sirius and Jo did a few weeks ago, they were trying to forget about it but it wasn’t working.

Lily had received a letter the week before from her parents saying her sister, Petunia was getting married the day after Halloween and they wanted her to be there. She was leaving in a few minutes. Lily wasn’t sure about this. She and her sister barely talk to each other anymore and Lily wasn’t sure if Petunia even wanted her there. It was going to be a long week. She had tried getting out of it by saying she might not be allowed to leave school, but that plan didn’t work. When she went to Dumbledore to ask he said it was no problem as long as she was back before classes started again the following week.

Now she had no choice but to go now. She would rather stay here with Potter than go, but being around James wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. She had got to know more about him during their first two months as Head Boy and Girl. She realised he wasn’t as bad as she thought. He could be a nice guy, and he was smart. She discovered that from having to sit beside him in nearly ever class because her friends would abandon her. Sometimes she thought they did it on purpose. She also noticed he hadn’t had any detentions so far this year and he hadn’t hexed anyone in the corridor that she knew of.

“Maybe he has changed. Maybe Alice and Jo are right, he isn’t such a bad guy. And he is quite good looking. Oh my god! Did I just say James Potter is good looking?

“Yes you did!” said the annoying little voice in her head. “I knew you liked him! Ha! I told you, but would you listen? No, you’d rather be stubborn than open your eyes,”

“Shut up!” she told the voice, but she knew it was right. She had fallen for James. But what was she going to do. She saw the way he treated his other girlfriends.

“But he has been chasing after you for five years!”

“He only wants me because I’m the only one who ever said no to him. If I said yes he would drop me in a week. He just wants to prove he can get anything he wants. He doesn’t really feel anything for me,” she said to herself before leaving the Great Hall to get her trunk before leaving. She would decide what to do about James when she came back, right now she had bigger problems.

With a loud crack Lily arrived in her back garden a few minutes later. She looked around to see the whole place was pink. Pink flowers, pink napkins, pink tablecloths, pink everything.

She walked into the kitchen, dragging her trunk behind her. She saw her mother and her sister sitting at the table talking. When she walked in her mother jumped up with a scream and ran over to greet her other daughter. Lily put down her trunk and gave her mother a big hug. She had really missed her mother even though it had only been two months.

“Oh Lily darling, I’m so glad you could come. I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to make it. Isn’t it great Petunia?” asked her mother

Petunia looked at Lily as if was something filthy. “Wonderful,” she replied dryly before turning around and walking away.

“She’s just nervous about tomorrow,” said Lily’s mother. “She really is glad you could make it. Really.”

“Sure mom. Of course she is,” said Lily. “So how has everything been? You seem to have been busy,” she said looking around at all the decorations.

“Well she only gets married once. We wanted her to have a good one. What about you Lily? Do you have someone special at your school? Will we be having another wedding soon?” her mother asked. She knew Lily wasn’t much of a romance person but she hoped she would find someone.

“No mom, no one yet. I’m still looking,” said Lily laughing.

“Well let’s hope you find him while your mother and I are still around. I have to make sure he is good enough for my Flower,” said a new voice. Lily turned around to see her dad standing in the doorway.

“Dad!” Lily shouted excitedly running towards him and wrapping her arms around him.

“Oh Lily! How have you been? I have missed you. Things have been so quiet around here without you. Well not quiet exactly, but not the same,”

“What do you mean?” Lily asked

“Petunia’s fiancé has been around a lot lately. I don’t like him,” her dad stated flatly.

“Me neither,” said Lily’s mother. “But Petunia says she loves him so we have to be supportive.”

Both Lily and her dad snorted at this. Her mam looked at them trying not to laugh. “They really are more alike than they realise,”

Later that night Lily was awoken by a noise outside. She didn’t know why it had woken her but something just didn’t feel right. She lit her wand and looked at her clock. It read 12:01. It was Halloween.

Lily heard another noise outside, like someone walking through leaves. But not one person, no, there was at least six people outside. “Why would anyone be here this late?” she asked herself. Then it hit her. She had no idea why it came to her but she knew she was right. “The Death Eaters were at her house,”

She jumped out of bed as fast as she could and ran over to the desk searching everywhere for a piece of parchment and a quill. When she finally located one she quickly scribbled on it: Death Eaters. Someone help. Quick

She tied this message to her owl and sent it to the only place she could think of, Hogwarts.

She ran out of her room and into her parents.

“Mom, Dad, get up you have to leave now. There are Death Eaters outside. You need to get away from here right now,” Lily said in a rush.

“Lily honey what are you talking about?” her mother asked her looking worried. Since both of Lily’s parents were muggles they didn’t have any idea what a Death Eater was.

“Death Eaters. They are outside. You have to leave before th-“

But it was too late. Lily heard the door bang open. They were in the house.

Lily reached into her pocket for her wand but she couldn’t find it. “Oh no, I left my wand in my room!”

Lily grabbed her two parents and dragged them down the hall and stuffed them into the hall closet. “Thank god Petunia is staying out tonight,” she thought.

“Stay here and don’t make any noise. I love you,” Lily said before closing the door and running back up the hall to her room and got her wand.

As she walked down the hall she saw the group of Death Eaters standing in front of an open door. Lily’s heart stopped. That was the closet she put her parents into. She looked at the floor and saw what the Death Eaters were looking at, the bodies of her parents.

“Look there is the mudblood,” said one of them from beneath their mask.

Lily did the only thing she could think of and ran down the hall and out the door, with the Death Eaters behind her laughing.

“Running isn’t going to save you mudblood. You’re going to die. Just like your parents,” a women laughed from under her mask.

Lily shot a stunning spell at her but she blocked it.

“Is that all you have mudblood? My master said you would be a challenge? You have made him very unhappy mudblood. Now you’re going to pay. AVADA KEDAVRA!” the witch yelled. Lily dived behind the garden bench just in time to avoid the curse.

“See Bella? I told you she would be difficult,” said a sly voice. Lily’s heart froze. Lord Voldemort was here.

“Come on out mudblood. Why hide? You are going to die in the end so why waste time with games?” asked Voldemort giving her a twisted smile.

Lily stayed where she was. She knew she had no hope against Voldemort. He was the most powerful dark wizard of all time. She couldn’t beat him. “Well if he is going to kill me, I’m not going to go down without a fight,” she thought to herself.

She stepped out from behind the half destroyed bench and faced Voldemort.

“Very good. I like for my victims to be obedient. Before I kill them,” he added

Lily raised her wand and shouted ‘EXPELLIARMIUS’ at Voldemort but he just flicked the spell away.

“Tut tut. Why did you that? Now I have to teach you some manners. ‘CRUCIO’ he yelled pointing his wand at Lily.

Lily fell to the ground in agony. She felt like white hot knives were piercing ever inch of her skin. She bit down so hard on her tongue to stop herself from screaming it was bleeding. She didn’t want to give Voldemort the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

“Trying to be brave are you mudblood? You won’t scream will you not? Well I can keep this up all night until you do. No one is here to save you,” smirked Voldemort.

“Oh yeah?” came a voice from behind Voldemort.

Voldemort looked around to see who spoke, breaking the curse he had on Lily allowing her to crawl over behind the bench.

“I think you are mistaken in that idea Tom,” came the voice of Albus Dumbledore.

Lily was now able to make out the group of people who had just appeared in her garden. There was Dumbledore, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Professor McGonnagal, Professor Flitwick, Professor Slughorn, and to her surprise, three Marauders, James, Sirius and Remus.

“You can’t stop me Dumbledore. I am going to kill the mudblood. She has caused me too much trouble. Her, Potter and his friends. I will get them Dumbledore you can’t stop me,” said Voledmort before apparating. Everyone looked around to see where he went. James made to rush towards Lily but suddenly there was a loud crack behind her and she felt Voldemort pull her up by the hair. James was fighting to get to her but Sirius and Remus were holding him back.

“CRUCIO!” Voldemort whispered in her ear. Lily’s face screwed up in pain. “I will get you mudblood, mark my words. You may have escaped this time but Dumbledore won’t be there to save you all the time,” he whispered before letting go of her and dis-apparating along with his Death Eaters.

As soon as Voldemort let her go Lily sank to the ground unconscious. The last thing she remembered was a pair of strong arms picking her up and carrying her away from her childhood home that was now in flames, burning to the ground.

A/N: Hey hope you liked it! It's so sad isn't it! Please review and tell me what you think! Thank you! = )

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