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~Chapter three~

Dear Lindsay the Loser,
All I can do is shake my head at you and fear for you mental Health. You do realise that letter was complete and utter nonsense, right? So let us clear some things up. Shall we? Like you guessed I have accepted your little stunt as classic Lindsay and have attempted to move on although I am finding it so tough…I can almost feel the tears of shame threatening to spill over but I must be strong. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

Anyway are you aware that because of YOU now THEY talk to me more? OR more specifically Sirius Black does. I just completed a whole questionnaire with him! As if I dreaded when I was rarely approached by Potter as it was. Now to be forced into conversations by all of them? Hating you beyond words right now.

Okay for example so I got onto the train and I was sitting in the heads compartment, which by the way was so plush compared to the others and who should walk in? that’s right. My favourite people in the whole world. I would have almost preferred Hazel Winters and her mindless drones. At least they leave after a couple of snide remarks concerning my looks, lack of friends, and so on. But your new found friends they came in and I had no where to go and an extremely long train trip to get through.

It was horrible!

They asked about you and just because all of this was your fault I told them all the embarrassing stories I could think of. That’s right Spud. You know the ones about you falling out of the tree, thinking you could fly and jumping out of the window, swinging on the curtain rail and breaking your arm, Billy karting down Ellis street, Funny. I have never heard you scream so much. And then every time you had the teensiest cut and fainted.

And lets just say it was concluded you are more accident prone than Potter. And okay I will admit it wasn’t that bad.

But then, THEN just as I was having an okay time who stops by but nightmare number two! That’s right Hazel Winters and Christie Myers

They stuck their heads in just to say hi, Giggle. And puke. (that was me not her.) They sat down next to Potter, flicked their hair and battered those eyes lashes and asked about Hogsmeade. Oh how I loath them. I almost laughed at his reaction. Somehow I don't think he likes either of them much either! And from my conversation with Sirius just now, I know he doesn’t! (Well actually I know he doesn’t like Hazel, Christie I can only assume…)

So yeah that was pretty much my trip. It was long. And then made longer by the company. Which is your fault. See it all works in a vicious circle. And all come to the same point.

Lindsay Antonia Graham is the devil!

That is apparently losing it! I really believe you are going slightly mental! But I can clear all those mental jitters in one sentence.

My mother was right but you were wrong.

Yes I have been busy and I apologise immensely…A thousand sorry’s in every language I know… (That’s like three by the way.) But you were so far off the mark it wasn’t funny. I have been snowed in with homework and my new head duties; I am most definitely NOT spending my time swooning every time Potter walks past.

So on that topic anymore cracks about HIM being the love of my life and the Potters being my future parents in law and you will find yourself in front of an oncoming train with no witnesses. And who would suspect sweet, loving and innocent Lily, all round good girl?

So nothing else really to report, unless you want to hear about boring essays I have had to write…

So until I see you don’t do anything stupid which may mean don’t do anything! And before I close in response to your letter, yes you are very clever, no I will not say hi to Sirius for you and just for your information memories are most commonly deleted by charms not potions as the potions are too temperamental…

And by the way how long was you essay???

Missing you heaps, can't wait till the holidays.

Forever, Lily the Lovable. (I can so play your game!)

P.S. Why does Sirius Black keep asking about my apparent donkey fetish? Should I be concerned? 

Lily ran to the owlery and wanting to post her letter before tea. On the way back down from the third floor she bumped into James, who had come from the opposite direction. Together they continued down to the great hall, not walking together but still at the same time knowing the other was there.

Lily walked a little ahead trying to get away but he kept up, at first she thought it was just to be annoying but the confused and dazed look on his face told her otherwise.

Then she remembered what Sirius had said and a pang of pity took over. “Hows the head?” She asked turning so she was walking backwards.

“Huh?” He asked looking up at her.

Ah, it was worse than she though. Now she was beginning to even doubt he knew what his own name was. “Your head. Sirius told me about the bludger.”

“Ah.” James murmured, rubbing the back of his head. “No biggie.”

“That’s what he said. Are you okay?”

James smiled. “Well that is unless you feeling sorry for me would somehow persuade you to go to Hogsmeade with me? Halloween is coming up…”

“Uh. No way.” Lily growled speeding up again.

She heard James laugh from behind her. “Lily, I’m sorry!”

Lily continued walking leaving James laughter behind her, a small smile creeping to her lips as his laugh turned to a small whimper of pain.

Taking a seat at her usual place at the Gryffindor table Lily happily pulled out her book of the week while eating. It was usually what she did at meal times. Well at least ever since fifth year.

Back then she was embarrassed to be eating alone but now she would rather it well rather it then be another follower of Hazel and Christie. Her books were by far much better company.

Feeling a shadow pass over her she looked up. James Potter stood opposite her leaning on the table so his face was level with hers.

“What do you want?” She asked returning to her book.

“You’re angry.”

Lily sighed as she turned the page. “Not angry. Not yet. But I will be if you don’t leave.”

James sat down. “It kinda slipped out.”

Lily flicked her page disinterestedly again. “What did? Your brain?”

“Oooh. If you don’t mind I have a mild concussion, can we keep the insults to a minimum?”

Lily sighed as she set down her book. “Does this conversation have a purpose? See I was sort of trying to read.”

“Read what?” James asked. Lily looked at him, keeping the cover of the book tucked firmly away. He noticed this and backed up a tad.

“Okay sorry. I am now leaving. But be warned: you will miss me.”

“Don’t count on it.” Lily scoffed as he moved further down the table leaving Lily to return to her book.

Well for a minute anyway.

“Hey Evans, pass on my message?” Sirius asked as he walked past her.

Lily looked up. “Negative. I told you no. In fact I told you hell no!”

“You told her! I know you did!” He laughed from halfway down the table.

Lily shook her head and was about to return to her book when Hazel Winters and Christie McClemens sat either side of her. She looked up to see Emma and Libby sitting opposite her.

She couldn’t help but groan aloud. “What is with people tonight?” She muttered. Maybe was just not meant to read this page. At least not tonight anyway.

“Lily Evans.” Christie drawled.

“May I help you?”

“And here we thought we were just being nice.” Hazel said with a pout.

Christie sighed. “Saving you from the embarrassment of eating alone.” She said sweetly, resting her head on her hand and staring at Lily with innocent eyes.

Lily grinned. “I’m not eating alone. I am eating with Jem and Scout Finch.”

“Who?” Christie asked screwing up her nose.

“Don’t worry Christie I never would have expected you to be familiar with any novel that requires thought. You would be more of a bare-chested-sailor-and-his-buxom-mistress sort of tale, right? Well that is assuming that you do actually know what a book is…”


Emma laughed. “I think she’s making fun of you Christie.” Lily grinned at her.

Emma held out her hand and Lily obliged handing her the book she was reading. “Jem and Scout. As in the characters in the book.” She said slowly reading the cover. “I have never read it but I have heard-“

“Uh.” Christie sniffed interrupting Emma. “How lame, Dining with a book and you implying that I don’t even know what a book is. How trite.”

“Trite? You know what that means?” Lily teased. Christie shot her a withering look and Emma laughed again. This struck Lily as odd. But then again she really didn’t know much about Emma at all. She was probably the only one of the Gryffindor girls she didn’t get to know…back before fifth year when she had been what anyone would call ‘one of them’. The third Christie/Hazel. Then there was Emma and Libby. Best friends from day one.

Then something had changed. Lily was shunned from the group and Hazel and Christie had adopted Emma and Libby into their inner circle. The two groups had merged to become the most wanted girls in the school.

Or the clones depending on whom you asked.

Then of course there was Lily.

Now she may not be friends with them but Lily had picked up a few things throughout her seven years sharing a dorm with these girls. She knew that within this group of friends Hazel and Christie ruled everything. In fact they controlled most of the school.

The female versions of the marauders. They were feared and they were respected. They were worshiped and they were envied. They could walk down the hallway without stepping around anyone because it was guaranteed people moved for them. That was just the way it was.

And that made Lily in the minority. She neither worshipped nor envied them. She most certainly didn’t fear them. In fact she almost enjoyed annoying them.

And because she had done it so many times she knew them so well she knew what was coming from the moment they sat down. They all played their part in the frequent, but often ineffective, attempt to belittle Lily Evans.

First Hazel would comment. (Well hadn’t she already done that?) Truly she was the supreme leader. And she knew it. She had her power over the student body down to simple gestures by now. With one menacing glare she got her way. Every time. Her eyes could scare anyone. Cold ice blue. Combined with her dark hair and pale skin she had the looks to entrance anyone, and scare everyone.

Following close behind her was Christie. Both had come from privileged families. Always getting exactly what they desired. Although Christie usually went a different way about it. She preferred to shoot her best smile in their direction, flutter her eyelashes and twirl a strand of those blonde curls.

She would be the next to talk. To back Hazel up. They would rebound off one another while Lily would roll her eyes. After year of this sort of behaviour she now simply tuned them out.

Then of course there was Libby and Emma.

What could you say about people you didn’t know well? From casual observations she knew that Libby idolised her friends. She liked to giggle and embarrassed easily. Emma was harder. She was quiet most of the time but Lily knew from the little she said she didn’t care for peoples opinions. She was herself and didn’t care what people thought. Even Hazel and Christie.

Which bought us back to the conversation at hand.

Emma laughing at a comment that Lily made. Hazel shot her a look. The look. Emma tried to smother her laughter but knowing she had to stop made it worse. Letting out a final squeak she buried her head in the arms on the table so all that could be seen was a mass of dark blonde hair and her shaking shoulders.

Christie flicked that hair, turning back to Lily. “SO, we just came to see what you were talking to James Potter about.” She said leaning forward on one hand. Lily leaned back only to bump into Hazel.

“And then Sirius Black.” She said mimicking Christies pose. “You two seemed to be sharing a little joke.”

Lily laughed. “And what of it? Are you saying I can't?”

Hazel narrowed her eyes at Lily. “No, we are saying you shouldn’t.”

Lily narrowed her eyes to meet hers. “Shouldn’t what Hazel?” She said slowly.

Christie laughed dryly. “You know exactly what we mean. Lily.” She said over pronouncing her name.

Lily smiled sweetly. “I’m afraid I don’t Christie.”

Hazel licked her lips as if bored with the conversation. “Look. Stay away from them.” She warned. “You will never be anywhere good enough for them. James Potter’s infatuation with you is nothing but a game. He only pities you. Think of this as a kind word of caution. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Now would we?”

“Aw. That’s so kind of you Haze. But you really don’t have worry. See I have never wanted a friendship with any of them.”

“Hmm. The little conversation with Sirius Black earlier tells me differently.”

“Oh, Sirius.” Lily gushed with a fake giggle. “Do you think I have a chance?”

They all stared at her. Even Emma has dropped the book to see if Lily was joking, which of course was quite obvious.

“He's just so gorgeous!” She squealed catching his eye and waving. He waved back smiling at her. Then returned back to his conversation with his friends.

Lily sighed in what she hoped was a dreamy way.

Still they said nothing. Smirking Lily stood up. “I was joking. Really Haze. It’s unlike you to be so insecure. Threatened by little old me? Oh what a compliment!” She gushed gathering her books and holding out her hand for the one Emma still held.

“I’ll let you borrow it sometime.” She said smiling at her. Happily Lily made her way out of the great hall. Impulsively looping back to walk by Sirius, whispering in his ear and running her hand along his back as she stood up. Not bothering to see if Hazel had been watching she continued on her way leaving Sirius quite bewildered.

“What did she say?” Remus asked shooting a look at James who appeared to be too shocked to speak.

“Um to watch those potatoes…” Sirius answered slowly, looking from Lily to Hazel and back at his friends. He grinned as it made sense.

James, Remus and Peter all looked at each other. “Excuse me?”


A/N. i know it has been a while...i have no excuse other than i was having sooo much trouble writing this chapter. i have all the letter written but i need stuff inbetween. hope it doesnt seem like nonsense to fill a chapter!!! but tell me if it is wont you????

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