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A/N: Well, howdy! Here’s your update (sorry it took so long; I had to wait for my other stories chapter to validate, and there were some problems with that so it took longer). Please leave a review - I love them :)

Disclaimer: Well, by now I think you should realize I own nothing bar the plot. Unless, of course, you haven’t read this or you have amnesia.

‘He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.’
- Benjamin Franklin

Chapter 1: Destructo Magnet

1. Destructo Magnet

‘Come on, Evans! You know you want to…!’

‘No Potter! No, no, no, no, no! When will you take that for an answer?’

He smirked. ‘Never.’

I scowled darkly, glancing up the stairs. ‘Potter, if you do not let me get up to my dorm, I will personally make your life not worth living. Now MOVE!’ I tried to side step him but he blocked me. I tried the other side. He blocked me. Again. I pushed him. The smirk grew wider.


‘Fine,’ I said, spinning on my heel, heading towards the portrait hole for a therapeutic Library session.

Wingardium Leviosa!

The grandfather clock that sat next to the door was lifted into the air.

‘Well, I say, Mr. Potter! Put me down this instant! Really this is no way to win the lady’s affections! I said, put - !’

He lifted the charm and the clock plopped onto the floor in front of the portrait hole.

‘Why, thank you Mr. Potter, but might I suggest - !’

Silencio!’ said Black lazily from the lounge.

I felt my pockets. Damn. No wand. No matter. I could probably push it out the way. I gave it a experimental heave. Damn. It was heavier than it looked.

I spun and headed for the cushy armchair near the fireplace. Here’s the thing: when it’s Christmas at Hogwarts most people leave. Usually this is not a problem. But when you have a grandfather clock standing between you and your sanity, it would be a bonus if more people been around.

Especially when it is 11 o’clock at night and the only people left awake are you (who has left her wand on her bedside table), the person you hate most in the world (who won in a close first to Severus Snape), the person you hate most in the world’s best friend (who also happens to be your best friends boyfriend and the person you hate third most in the world), and your best friend (who is too loyal to her boyfriend that she forgets her loyalties to her best friend).

As you can see, none of these people are likely to give you a wand.

I plopped down huffily into the armchair and – inconveniently, to say the least – Potter plopped down into the one next to me.

‘So,’ he said, leaning towards me. ‘What do you say? Want to go out with me?’

I let out an exasperated shriek then, noticing the stairs were unguarded, catapulted myself out of my chair and sprinted towards the stairs.

Must. Get. To. Stairs. Must. Beat. Potter. Note to self: make Potter PAY.

Potter, the fit prat, blocked my path half-way and backed me up until my knees hit the lounge. I sprung behind it and Potter, who was at the other end, started to mirror my moves in an attempt to catch me.

‘Come on James,’ Black said, stiffing a yawn. ‘She doesn’t want to go out with you. Give it up.’

‘Mmm, James, the less you persist the more she’s going to want you,’ Aurora said sleepily, snuggling into Black who put his arm around her and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Ugh. Gross. Both things, I mean.

‘Hey!’ I said, outraged that she’d say such a thing. I was her best friend! She’d only been friends with Potter because her parents were! But all she could do was shrug.

Good Lord, the world hates me.

James and I were still dancing around the lounge. I’d step to my left and he’d step to my right. It was not going anywhere so I sprinted towards the Girl’s Dormitories. Potter, caught of guard, stumbled and knocked the side table next the lounge. An ink pot and my letter to my family had sat on the table and when he knocked the ink pot toppled and splattered all over the parchment.

Potter and I both froze as the scene unfolded before us. My jaw had sagged, I’m pretty sure, down to my knees and Potter was looking like he’d just eaten a toad.

‘My letter!’ I shrieked, coming out of my daze. I narrowed my eyes. ‘You’re DEAD, Potter!’

And he was off. He tore past Aurora and Black and blasted the clock out of the door way. I lunged towards Aurora and pulled out her wand.

‘Hey!’ she protested, reaching to grab it back.

Expelliarmus!’ I screamed, aiming for his head. But just as it was about to hit, he turned the corner and the spell flashed harmlessly into the wall with a BANG!

Oh well. He’d probably get caught by a Prefect. And get a detention. Yay!

Hm, I’m hungry. I wonder what’s for breakfast…

I sighed and bent down to inspect the letter. Not too much damage. I flopped down on the lounge next to Aurora. She and Black were looking at me like I just declared I was a figment of their imagination.

I shrugged. ‘It was only Petunia’s part.’

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