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Andy Pierson and her two best friends, Alex Stevens and Jimmy Louis, skidded around the last corner of the dungeon before running smack into the closed Potions classroom door.

“Crap, already on the first day guys!” she said as the three of them doubled over trying to catch their breath after running all the way down from the Gryffindor Common Room.

“Let’s just go in, Slughorn really can’t expect a whole lot out of us. Just like you said, it is the first day, and it is us.” Alex said, opening the door. It was true, the three hardly ever managed to make it to class on time. You could just call them second to the Marauders.

“Well, well, well, you three are rather early.” The plump Professor Slughorn squealed from behind his desk at the front. “We weren’t expecting you to grace us with your presence for another 5 minutes, after all class only started 10 minutes ago.”

“Yeah, well-“ Andy started rather grumpily but was cut off by Jimmy pinching her and finishing her sentence. After, of course, being elbowed back in the ribs. “Sorry Professor, we just over slept.”

“Well, none the less, 5 points from Gryffindor for each of you.” There was an audible groan from most of their fellow Gryffindors in the class. “As I was saying, I’ve decided that, because you all have chosen to continue your study in Potions thus far, I would give you a rather fun project, of which you will be doing with a partner.”

Andy quickly glanced at her best friends but both of them shrugged , telling her that she was going to have to find someone else. ‘Great’ she thought.

She glanced around as the room gathered into pairs, scanning it for someone to partner with.

“Yippy…” she said sarcastically as her blue eyes met his cool, grey ones.

“Well, well, well. You see Andy, I told you that we were going to get together sometime. It just happens to be for this vile Potions project.” Sirius Black said making his way across the room and to Andy’s side. He draped his arm on her shoulder, making her roll her eyes.

“And you see Black, I told you that you would always be an insufferable little prat.”

“Maybe, but a gorgeous one at that.” He said with a wink as the two sat down at a desk, Andy rolling her eyes again.

“Now, this is going to be a very creative project, so there are not many boundaries to be overstepped- even though some of you can usually manage to.” At this Slughorn gave a slight nod at Sirius and Andy. “All I ask is that it is nothing dangerous if drank, and that you please, don’t kill yourselves coming up with concoctions.” At this he nodded to Sirius and Andy who both looked back innocently. It was true though, both had reputations for blowing up their cauldrons multiple times a year. “Now, you need to just follow these directions, and remember to have fun. You will be given class periods to work on this, but you will probably need to work outside of class. I’ll be checking on your progress every so often.” He concluded while flipping the chalkboard over to reveal a short list of instructions.

1) Come up with an idea on what your potion will do.
2) Check with me with a list of ingredients you will need and I will supply them for you.
3) Come up with a set of instructions on how to brew your potion.
4) Hand in potion with an essay of at least 2 feet in length on your entire process and give your potion a name
DUE: December 1st

“Sounds easy enough.” Alex conversed with Jimmy and Andy on their way out of the dungeons an hour later. During which time, Andy had found out that Peter was not taking Potions this year, hence her partnership with Sirius.

“Uh, you weren’t the one forced to pair up with Sirius Black! All hes going to do is practically force me into the Astronomy Tower, and I really don’t think-“

“Oh, but love, I wont force you into the Tower, you’ll be begging me to come with you after a day.” The said Black whispered in Andy’s ear, again slipping his arm around her shoulder, that Jimmy quickly knocked off.

“Listen Black, you may be able to get all those nasty bimbos, but you even think of our Andy like that, and you with wake up in the Hospital Wing with two black eyes.(no pun intended) Got it?” Jimmy said, while he and Alex stepped between Andy and Sirius, folding their arms across their chests looking rather intimidating, especially because they were both about twice Sirius’ size, muscularly.

“Yeah, yeah. Got yourself two bodyguards, don’t ya Pierson.”

“Yep, the best.” She said popping her head between her two best friends, smiling, which they both returned before smirking back at Sirius.

“Fine, I can see when I'm not wanted.” He said before dramatically wiping away a fake tear and leaving to catch up with the other two marauders.

“He’s never going to change is he?” Alex said as the three continued to their next class, Transfiguration.

“Change what? His perversion towards girls, or his sexuality so he can be with you?” Andy said grinning up innocently at him, while Jimmy laughed.

“Oh, ha. Ha. Lets see whose smiling after I give them a Noogie!” and he firmly grabbed Andy under his arm, rubbing his knuckle fairly hard into her already messy blonde hair.

“Ahh! Jimmy hellpp!!”

“Nah, this is rather funny to watch.” He said happily, watching Alex continue screwing up Andy’s hair while her arms flailed behind her.

“Stop it this instant! There will be no more of this rough-housing in the corridors!” the shrill, authoritive call met their ears from down the way. Alex abruptly let go of Andy causing the poorly balanced girl to fall flat on her face on the cobblestone floor.

“Wow thanks a lot Minny, I think I just broke my nose.” Andy said, lifting her head to see a stern looking McGonnagal moving towards them, Jimmy bending over to help her to her feet.

“Miss Pierson, I thought I told you not to call me that again.”

“Call you what?”

“You know what!”


“Yes.” McGonnagal answered exasperated, her lips pursing.

“Aw, but Minny, I feel it suits your personality better. Plus its easier for me to say. My English aint very well, ‘member?”

“That would be, ‘My English isn’t very good, remember.’ And it is against the rules to call a professor by their first name, or some version of it.”

“No its not. Come on, don’t you think Ive broken enough school rules to remember them all. Especially since you made me write all of them down fifty times for a detention last year. And I really cant remember one that said that you cant call a professor by their first name, or some version of it.”

“Yes, well then I guess its just my rule-”

“But you like the name Minny, don’t you.” Andy smirked.

For a fleeting second it seemed as if the corners of McGonnagal’s pursed lips curled slightly, but it was gone within seconds. “Don’t make me give you a detention on your first day back Miss. Pierson.”

“Its tradition though! You even started it back in my first year, remember, I stuck Malfoy’s nasty blonde hair in the Venus Fly Trap. He couldn’t grow it back for a month, and you guys had to remove the plant from the greenhouse because Malfoy’s hair killed it and it smelled like-”

“Yes! I do remember, and its nothing you should be proud of. Besides, I think the trophies are all still sparkling clean from the 5 times you scrubbed them on the last day. Just go to class.” She said more exasperatedly.

“Oh but Minny,” Andy said, slapping her hand on McGonnagal’s back. “We’re in here next!”

“Yay,” she said dully. “Let me try to control my enthusiasm.” She paused for a quick second looking thoughtful. “Gee that wasn’t very hard…”

“Rather witty joke Minny. I guess I’ve taught you well haven’t I!”

Professor McGonnagal lead the rest of the class that was waiting outside the door for her into the room, promptly when the bell rang. But dismissed them, with the exception of Andy, Alex, Jimmy and the Marauders, 15 minutes early. The Marauders, as well as Jimmy and Alex, had heard Andy and McGonnagal’s conversation before class, and decided that they would all call the frustrated teacher ‘Minny’ earning them extra time in the class.

As soon as the bell rang for them to leave, they all walked to the door, but paused right in front of it. On the count of three (lead by Andy of course) the seven all shouted “GOOD BYE MINNY!” before attempting at scrambling out of the room. This attempt was unsuccessful when the 7 all tried to get through the door at the same time, so none of them were able to escape the all too familiar cry of “DETENTION!” from the professor sitting at her desk.

Andy glimpsed behind her as she was the last to make out of the room and was amused to see that a smile had finally made its way to McGonnagal’s face as she continued looking over the papers on her desk.


Thanks for reading!! Please review, I would love you all sooo much, and if you actually liked it then it would prompt me to getting the next chapter out sooner!!

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