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    As Lily Evans patrolled the train hall after telling a few first years to stop throwing chocolate frogs out of the windows in their compartments, she checked her watch and noticed it was already seven-thirty.  She smiled at the thought of returning to Hogwarts.  She thought about all of the memories she had made there during the past six years, and for the second or third time that day, sadly realized that this would be her final year at the school.  She chuckled sadly and looked outside.  She noticed the sky darkening, and only a mere second later, the lanterns in the hallway and compartments flashed on.

    After she had left the compartment hours earlier, Lily had decided to patrol the hall for the rest of the train ride.  She figured it would be for the best, since she couldn’t really trust James Potter to patrol it without letting any sort of mayhem occur.

    Lily looked out the window again and vaguely saw the castle in the distance.  She turned away from the window and noticed that all of the prefects plus the infamous Head Boy were walking towards her.  She ignored James’s unbearable stare and turned to the prefects.  “When we get to Hogsmeade, wait outside for the first years.  Once they get off of the train, take them to Hagrid.  Then come find me or Potter here and help us get the other students to the carriages.  Got it?  Good.  Go stand by the door until we reach Hogsmeade.”

    “Wow.  Good job in handling the prefects,” said James as he watched the prefects walk away towards the train door.

    Lily ignored his comment and sighed.

    “Why don’t you talk to me?”

    “You’re an immature git who still hasn’t grown up,” said Lily, not making eye contact with James at all.

    “That’s a little harsh.”

    “Not really,” she said, shrugging.  “I’ll be back.  I have to go tell Rylie we’re nearly to Hogsmeade.  Make sure that the prefects don’t do anything stupid.  More importantly, make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”  Lily walked away without waiting for a response and headed towards the back of the train.  When she reached the last compartment, she opened it to see that Remus and Peter were no longer in it, but Rylie and Sirius still were.  Lily noticed that they were looking at a book of Sirius’.

    “What..?  Oh, hey Lils,” Rylie said as she glanced up from the book and noticed Lily at the doorway.

    “Where’s Remus and Peter?” Lily asked them.

    “They left a little while ago.  Moony went to find a ‘peaceful’ place to read and Wormtail?  Well, who knows where he went off to...,” said Sirius, shrugging.

    “Well, I just came to tell you lot that we’ll be in Hogsmeade in a little bit,” Lily said.


    Lily and Rylie raised an eyebrow at Sirius.

    “I’ve got to use the loo,” muttered Sirius who had an impatient look upon his face.

    Lily and Rylie burst out into laughter and shook their heads. 

    “Are you laughing at me?” asked a confused Sirius.

    Rylie smiled as she sat down opposite of him.

    After talking with Rylie and Sirius for a while, Lily looked down at her watch and realized it had been nearly fifteen minutes.  She smiled at the two of them.  “I have to go.  We should be at Hogsmeade in any second.  I’ll see you at the feast.”  She walked to the compartment door and opened it to see James holding his hand open, looking like he was about to open the door.

    “I just came down to get you since we’re pulling into the Hogsmeade Station now,” said James, trying to glance behind Lily.  Once he saw who was behind her, he smiled and stepped passed her and into the compartment.  “Padfoot!  I haven’t seen you in about..well, hell it must have been nearly twenty minutes ago!”

    Sirius rolled his eyes at his friend.  “And the twenty minutes have been the hardest of my life, mate,” he said, playing along.

    James laughed with Sirius and then grinned while running a hand through his hair.
    Sirius got up and walked over to James to ask him a question but got distracted by sniffing the air beside him.  “Good lord, Prongs.  What type of cologne are you wearing?  It’s making me rather hungry!”

    James laughed lightly and said, “Mint.”

    “Of course!” said Sirius while laughing and sitting back down in his seat.

    Lily rolled her eyes and tapped James on the shoulder.

    “Yes my Lily Flower?”

    Lily rolled her eyes again and said, “Don’t call me that.”  She paused for a moment and then said, “Look at that.  I’m a little bit richer.”


    “Nothing, Potter.  We have to get back up to the front of the train.  We have to be the first ones off of the train so we can help direct the students in the right direction.”

    James nodded and then said, “Right, Evans.  I’m right behind you.”  He turned to Sirius and said, “See you later, mate.”

    Lily walked out of the compartment, followed by James who was walking at a slow pace.  A few seconds later, she had realized he was trailing really far behind her.  She stopped walking and waited a few seconds to see if he would catch up.  When he didn’t, she turned around, walked up to him, and grabbed his hand so that she could pull him up to the front of the train.

    “You’re so slow,” Lily said, irritated that he was walking so slowly.

    “You know, you’re holding my hand pretty tight for someone who hates my guts,” said James, a boyish grin upon his face.

    Lily immediately dropped his hand as the train came to an erupt halt. James lost his balance and fell on Lily, knocking both himself and her down, James falling on top of her. 

    "Get off of me!" a flustered Lily screamed.

    Students on the train began opening their compartment doors to see what all of the ruckus was outside in the hallway. As they opened them, they saw James lying on Evans.  The guys began laughing and pointing, though many of the girls were scowling at Lily for being so close to James.

    “Get off of me Potter!”


    “Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

    “Why do you hate me?”

    Lily closed her eyes and shook her head.  She said in an irritated tone, “I don’t hate you. I just-”

    At that moment, James leaned down and kissed Lily harshly on the lips.

    Almost immediately, Lily opened her eyes and pushed him off of her.  She sat up, wiped her mouth and glared at James.  “What the hell is wrong with you, Potter?  Why did you just kiss me?!”

    “You were coming on to me.”

    “Maybe in your world that was me coming on to you James Potter, but in mine, it was anything BUT that!”  Frustrated, Lily got up and ran to the front of the train, trying to ignore all of the glances she got while doing so.

    Once she reached the front of the train, she noticed all of the prefects giving her a blunt look.  “Aren’t you supposed to be doing your job?” she muttered to them angrily. 

    The prefects quickly nodded their heads and walked outside, calling for all of the first years to come to them so that they could take them to Hagrid.  Once they had left, Lily’s eyes began to water.  She began crying silently only a moment later.  She had been embarrassed on the train by James Potter.  JAMES POTTER.  She made herself promise that she would never forgive him for doing that.


    “Second through seventh years over this way please.  Thank you.  No more than four to a carriage.  Careful, watch your step,” said Lily.  She glanced over to her right to see James tormenting a couple of first years that were on their way over to Hagrid.  She rolled her eyes as she walked over to them.

    “-And there’s this gigantic tarantula that tries to eat whoever goes near its bookcase in the library.”  James stopped, realizing Lily was standing beside him with a disappointed look on her face.  “I was just kidding.  Run along, first years,” muttered James, laughing a bit.  He turned to look at Lily and smiled.  “That kiss on the train was delightful, my love,” he said, smirking.

    Lily clenched her fists, but restrained herself from punching James in the face.  “I can take points away from you for terrorizing those poor first years,” she said, ignoring his comment.

    “But you wouldn’t,” said James.

    “You don’t think I would?”

    “No, I don’t.  Especially because we’re in the same house.”

    “That doesn’t matter.  I will.”

    James rolled his eyes and said, “Yeah...right.”

    Lily rolled her eyes and walked over to an empty carriage.  She stepped inside of it once she saw that no other students of Hogwarts except James were still out on the platform.

    A few minutes later, Lily arrived at Hogwarts.  The big doors that led into the entry hall were wide open.  She walked into them and glanced around the room.  She smiled as it brought back many memories. 

    “Lily!” said someone across the hall from Lily.

    Lily glanced in the direction from where the voice came and then half-smiled.  It was Rylie and Sirius.

    “Hey,” Rylie said, wrapping her friend in a hug.  “What happened on the train was totally obnoxious.”

    “Yeah.  I never thought that James had the balls to kiss you,” said Sirius, holding back his laughter.

    Rylie gave a stern glance to Sirius and smiled once he had said, “Yeah.  It was err..totally barbaric.”

    Lily glanced up to the top of the stairs once she pulled away from the hug and saw James talking to a couple of first years.  She saw him smile and tell his goodbyes.  She quickly turned her head and said to Rylie and Sirius, “How about we go on into the Great Hall.  The feast should be starting any minute and I’m starving.  I didn’t have any time to order anything off of the trolley on the train.”

    Rylie nodded as they began their rather short walk to the Great Hall.

    “Guess who this is!” said a voice from behind Sirius.  The person jumped onto Sirius’s back and covered his eyes.

    Sirius let out a huge sigh and smiled.  “Prongs, we can tell it’s you by your voice, you dimwit.  Also, I can tell by your brilliant cologne that you’re going to let me borrow sometime in the near future.”

    James jumped down from Sirius’ back and shook his head.  “I really thought I had you there, Padfoot.”  He walked behind Lily and smiled at her.  “Hello my Lily Flower.”

    Lily stopped, causing James to run into her.  She turned around to face him and glared at him.  “Potter, I’ve told you not to call me that a countless number of times.”

    A few Gryffindors walked passed the group and woof whistled.  A few of them also yelled, “Nice kiss on the train!”

    “Oh yeah, and thanks for humiliating me in front of the whole school, Potter,” said Lily fiercely.

    “You were definitely coming on to me.”

    Lily rolled her eyes and turned around.  She continued walking and said, “If telling you I dislike you very much is coming on to you, then I guess I was.”

    “Well then-”

    Lily turned around once more and glared at James.  “Potter!  Can’t we just get through the feast before you start ruining my life again?”  Lily turned around and continued to walk with Sirius and Rylie.

    James leaned close to Lily’s ear, whispered “Fine”, and moved to walk beside Sirius.


    “When do we get to eat,” mumbled Sirius impatiently as he glanced at several people who had just entered the Great Hall.  He looked down at his stomach as a loud growl escaped it.

    James, who was seated next to Sirius, grinned and looked back at the staff table where he saw a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.  “A new one again!  Well, maybe he will stay longer than Professor Burnham did last year.”

    “Poor fellow,” said Remus, who had sat down across from James and Sirius with Peter only moments after they took their usual seat atthe Gryffindor table.  “It’s a shame that he had to retire so early.”

    “I didn’t like him all too much,” said Sirius, rolling his eyes.  “It’s better that we have the new one.”

    “Dunno if he’ll be any better though,” said Peter, shrugging.

    “I guess we’ll see,” said Rylie who had been listening in on their conversation.  She was seated beside Lily and Alice Devonry.  Only a few people separated them from the Marauders.

    The Hall was quickly silenced as Dumbledore made his way to the podium.  “Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  And to those first years, hello, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

    “I know all of you out there are extremely hungry,” said Dumbledore as his twinkling eyes made contact with Sirius’s.  He chuckled softly and continued.  “But we must go through the sorting first, as it is tradition.  Then I promise to wait until after everyone has filled themselves up to continue my start of term speech.”  He glanced down at Professor McGonagall and nodded his head.  “If you will, Professor,” he said, giving a smile that reached his eyes.

    Professor McGonagall placed an ancient looking hat down on a wooden stool.  Only seconds later did it burst out into its annual song.  After it finished and the applause throughout the hall had quieted, she unrolled a written on piece of parchment.  She looked down at it through the small glasses that sat on the very edge of her nose.  Her eyes glanced up from the parchment to the crowd of first years gathered around her and called the first name with a stern look on her face.  “ADVERNS, DAN!”

    The first person off of the list was a boy of average height.  He steadily paced himself to the stool.  He sat down and closed his eyes as the hat was placed on his head.  He jumped as the hat began talking, which caused all of the other first years to gasp.

    “Bravery...that’s what I see.  Hmm..good personality, too.  I know exactly where to put you.  GRYFFINDOR!”

    The boy stepped down from the stool, grinning.  He ran over to the table and sat down next to a third year as he was clapped on the back and congratulated by his fellow Gryffindors.


    A scrawny girl skipped right up to the hat with a smile on her face before she tripped on the stairs.  She recovered herself quickly, though her face turned scarlet as she sat down and placed the hat on her head.

    “My my..not the sharpest tool in the shed, I see..” said the Sorting Hat, causing other first years to chuckle.

    “That’s a horrible thing to say to a first year!  It’ll lower her confidence!” Lily whispered to Rylie, who nodded her head in agreement.  Lily rolled her eyes as she glanced at the Marauders, all of whom were sniggering.

    “Nonetheless, you show some great potential.  I think I know right where to put you.  HUFFLEPUFF!”

    The girl jumped off of the stool and set the hat down before making her way over to a group of cheering Hufflepuffs.

    “I really don’t want to sit through all of this,” Sirius moaned.  “They do it every year.”

    “That’s because people get accepted into this school every year, Sirius,” Rylie whispered to him, shaking her head.

    “Biola, Jason!” was the next name that McGonagall called.  “Don’t be afraid, dear.  Take a seat,” she said as the blonde-haired boy hesitantly made his way up to the stool.

    As he sat down, McGonagall placed the hat on his head and it immediately said, “Oh, this one is quite easy to sort..quite easy indeed.  RAVENCLAW!”

    “I can’t take this anymore,” said Sirius, rubbing his stomach while glancing at the empty plates placed before him.  “It’s torture!”

    “Why didn’t you grab anything off of the trolley on the way here?” Remus asked him, a smirk playing on his lips.

    “Well, because I..”  Sirius stopped speaking as he noticed the smirks on each of his friends’ faces.  “Oh, so you lot think this is rather amusing?”  Sirius huffed whilst crossing his arms and turned back to the front, where he saw a student who had just been sorted into Slytherin.  “I feel bad for that kid.  He’s going to have to deal with my family..”

    James laughed heartily at this which caused Professor McGonagall to glare at him.  He looked around the Great Hall and noticed everyone’s eyes fixed on him.  He grinned and turned his attention to Lily, who was frowning at him.

     “OH!” exclaimed the hat, causing everyone’s eyes to turn back to the front where a sandy-haired boy by the name of Trevor Martins was currently being sorted.

    “Ah, yes, I see..I knew your parents...Martins..they did well in the house they were sorted into.  And I see you inherited their genes.  GRYFFINDOR!” 

    Finally, about thirty names later, the sorting was finally finished.  Sirius, who was banging his head against the table, immediately stopped once he heard Dumbledore’s voice.  His eyes bolted up to Dumbledore as he grinned.  “Food...” he mumbled.

    “Thank you, Professor McGonagall.  Now let us feast!” said Dumbledore, his eyes lingering at the Gryffindor table.  With a wave of his hands, food appeared on every plate in the whole hall.  His eyes gleamed brightly as he took his seat in the center of the staff table and helped himself to a goblet of pumpkin juice.

    “FINALLY!” exclaimed Sirius, who gathered all types of food on his plate and stuffed it in his mouth.  “VISFREALYGUT.”

    Remus laughed as he ate the piece of chicken that was on his fork.  “What was that, Padfoot?  We couldn’t quite understand you.”

    Sirius swallowed and with a boyish grin on his face said, “This is really good.”

    As everyone finished their food, Dumbledore reappeared by his podium and smiled down at everyone.  “I hope that food satisfied everyone’s needs,” he said once the hall became silent.  “Now I’d just like to say a few things before I let you get settled into your dormitories.  First, I would like to congratulate Mr. James Potter and Miss Lily Evans in the honor of becoming Head Boy and Head girl.”

    Lily blushed scarlet as she stood up once her name was called.  She glanced over at James to see him standing as well.  She sighed deeply as she thought of what was to come of her final school year.  Sitting down, she smiled as everyone around her gave her  their congratulations.

    Dumbledore cleared his throat and the hall went silent again.  “Next, I would like to introduce our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Higgins.  This isn’t his first year teaching, so don’t try to pull pranks on him.”  At that, Dumbledore’s eyes settled upon the Marauders, who were all grinning boyishly.  “For first years and rebellious teenagers in the audience, the Forbidden Forest is still off limits.  If you are seen in it, you will get punished.  And finally, Mr. Filch would like me to inform everyone that numerous items have been added to the Banned list, bringing the total to about one-hundred and fifty.”

    “TOTAL BOLLOCKS!” yelled a guy by the name of Carson Miller.

    Groans erupted throughout the hall, the loudest coming from the four Marauders.

    “UNFAIR,” screamed Sirius, who was chewing on the final piece of his sandwich.

    “COMPLETE RUBBISH!” yelled James who was given severe looks from all of the professors sitting at the staff table since he was Head Boy.

    Dumbledore chuckled and gave them a small smile.  “Mr. Filch would also like me to add that if you have any need to set off a prank, to check the list in his office first.  And that is all.  I hope you have a wonderful evening.  And don’t forget, classes begin tomorrow.  You’ll get your schedules tomorrow at breakfast.  Good evening, everyone!”


    Lily sighed as she made her way out of the Great Hall with Rylie.  Alice wasn’t walking with them because she had disappeared right as the feast ended with her longtime boyfriend Frank Longbottom.  Lily had made it halfway up the stairs before hearing someone scream her name.

    “EVANS!  Hey Evans, wait up!”

    “Your future husband is calling,” Rylie joked.

    Lily rolled her eyes, stopped, and spun on her heels to see James and the other Marauders standing behind him.  “What do you want, Potter?”

    “Dumbledore caught me before I left the Great Hall and he asked me to find you so we can find our dorm.  He’s going to meet with us.”

    Lily grimaced and turned to her friend, who was standing a few steps above her.  “Go ahead up, Rylie.  I’m exhausted, anyway.  I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”  With a small smile, she headed down the stairs and walked over to James.

    “Good night, Lils,” said Rylie before making her way up the stairs.

    “Oy, Dawson!  Wait up!” Sirius yelled.  Before running up to her, he motioned the other Marauders to follow him.  “We will accompany you to our fabulous Common Room,” he said, grinning.  “See you tomorrow, mate!” he yelled down to James, giving him a wink before following Rylie to the Common Room.

    “So,” Lily said while crossing her arms.  “Where did Dumbledore want us to meet him?”

    “Right here is fine,” said a voice behind the two of them.

    They turned to see Professor Dumbledore beaming down at both of them.  “Congratulations on making Head Boy and Head Girl, Mr. Potter and Miss Evans.”

    “Thank you, sir!” Lily said enthusiastically.

    “Now, if you will, follow this corridor until you reach a suit of armor, which most will assume to be a dead end.  Once you reach a suit of armor, say ‘Angry Acromantula’ and it will turn open to reveal a tunnel that you must walk a small ways through to get to the door that will lead into the main room of your dorm.  No one will be able to get into the room unless you have given them the password.  The room will be of a decent size, which you will see once you step into it.  Everything you like will be included in the room.  So, any questions?”

    “No, sir,” Lily and James said simultaneously.

    “Okay.  That is all.  And I hope you have the most comfortable sleep.”  Dumbledore began walking in the other direction until he remembered something.  He whirled around to face them again and smiled, his eyes twinkling under his half-moon glasses.  “Your bedroom doors have your most valued thing on the front of them so you will be able to tell which one is your own.  And the password??  It will be your current best friend’s name.”

    “But what if you have more than one?” asked James.

    “Say them in alphabetical order by last names,” beamed Dumbledore.  “Also, you may go up and visit the Gryffindor Common Room any time you would like.”  He took out two pieces of parchment, tapped his wand onto each and gave them each a piece.  “Here are your times to patrol the corridors.  As you can see, one of the corridors you will have to patrol will be the seventh floor corridor.  On the seventh floor lies the Head Boy’s and Girl’s bathroom.  The current password is dungbombs.  But only go up there if you are already on that floor, as there are two separate bathrooms for each of you in the dorm as well.  If you have any further questions, feel free to come to my office at any time.”  He leaned closer to their faces and smiled as he said, “I do enjoy pumpkin pasties.”  He turned away from the two students after winking at them both and began walking up to his office.

    The two students nodded their heads and then quietly started walking in the long corridor.  Finally they reached the end of the pathway and saw a suit of armor.  Lily smiled and said “Angry Acromantula” proudly.  The suit of armor turned and revealed a small tunnel which they found eventually led to a wooden door.  They opened the door and were bewildered at what they saw.  The Common Room walls were painted gold and red for Gryffindor, since both Lily and James resigned in Gryffindor.  Decorated in all kinds of colors was a bookshelf covered in a mix of magical and muggle books.  On another wall was a fire place built into the wall.  In front of the fireplace were a few armchairs and a sofa.  Beside the fireplace was a mini fridge that was filled with butterbeers and pumpkin juices.  A wall with a lamp hung on it was beside a table seated for two.  Near the table were two bathrooms that were side by side.  One door was painted in pink, the other in blue.

    About fifteen minutes later, after they had also looked in their own personal rooms, Lily and James both walked out around the same time and sat on different ends of the sofa.  After sitting down for about five seconds, Lily got up and grabbed a butterbeer out of the fridge.  “Do you want one?” she asked James quietly.

    “Sure, and thanks for asking.”

    “Wow, I guess you have some manners,” she said as she threw a butterbeer to him and closed the fridge.  She walked over to the sofa and sat down as she opened her butterbeer.  She drank about half of it and sat it on a table that had just appeared beside where she was sitting.  Lily turned to James and stared into his eyes curiously, as if an idea had just popped into her head.

    After drinking part of his butterbeer, James felt Lily staring at him.  “Aren’t I the one who’s supposed to be staring at you?” he asked innocently as he looked up at Lily.

    Ignoring his comment, Lily spoke quietly while glancing around the room.  “Well, Potter, I have a deal for you.  I think it’s only reasonable considering the circumstances that we have to live with throughout the school year.”

    “What is it?”

    “First off, I hope you understand that the situation that we’re stuck in is living in the same dorm.  And, well as absurd as this may sound coming from me, we might as well learn to tolerate one another.”

    “Does this mean that we start hanging out?”

    Lily rolled her eyes. “I didn’t say anything about us hanging out.  I just think this will make the conditions we’re living in a bit more..comfortable.”

    “Okay fine.  Deal,” he said as he held out his hand for her to shake.  This deal was going to make him closer to Lily, even if it was only them learning to tolerate each other.  He was in no mind to pass up this once in a life time offer.  Wait until he told Sirius!

    Lily disgustedly looked at his hand and then sighed.  ‘Learn to tolerate him, Lily,’ she thought to herself.  She put out her own hand and shook his.  “Just because I’m doing this doesn’t mean I like you, Potter.”  She pulled her hand away from his hand after making the deal and placed it on her lap.

    “Oh I know.  But it’s only a few hours before you fall under my irresistible charm.”

    Lily rolled her eyes at his cockiness and remained silent.

    “So what was that long hand holding thing about earlier today?” he asked out of the blue.

    Lily glared at James.  “It was nothing.  But obviously you thought it was something when you kissed me.”

    “I guess I did.”

    She changed the subject quickly.  “Term starts tomorrow and it turns out that we don’t have to patrol tonight,” she said glancing down at the schedule that Dumbledore had given them earlier.  “So I’m going ahead to bed.  I’ll see you tomorrow, unfortunately.”

    “Sweet dreams, my Lily Flower.  I’ll be sure to dream of you, too.”

    “Hah,” Lily said as she got up.  She grabbed her butterbeer and walked over to her bedroom door, which she could easily identify because it had a picture of her mother, father, and non-magical sister on it.  She smiled and said the word ‘RYLIE’ since Rylie was her best friend.  The door opened quietly and she gently shut it once she was inside.  She walked over to the closet, changed into her night clothes which were a white wife beater and a pair of lightweight black and white plaid pajama pants, and set her butterbeer and her wand on the bedside table.  She climbed into the bed and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.


Disclaimer::  Nope..don't own any of these characters, besides Rylie, Carson, and the first years who you see sorted.

Author's Note::  So, I revised this chapter again [7/14/08].  Its been a while...nearly a whole year. Anyway, hope you like what I've changed/added.  Constructive criticism is approved.  Reviews are appreciated. =)
        Em <3

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