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“Hello? Ginny I’m talking to you?!”
“Huh? What? Oh sorry Harry!”
Ginny hadn’t been able to keep her mind on things since “the incident” It had been one week , and she and Harry were walking back from the Quidditch Pitch
“Sorry, what were you saying?” Pushing the though of Draco…and the kiss out of her mind.
“Well, I was wondering if…uh…you would…well wanna go to Hogsmead…with me?”
“Really!!?? I mean, yeah, sure! Great!” She smiled.
Harry and Ginny walked the rest of the way to castle in silence where they parted. Ginny needed to finish some potions homework and Harry was going to catch up with Ron and tell him about the planned Hogsmead trip with his younger sister. Ginny headed to the library, but halfway there she changed course. She had left her bag up in the common room. So instead of going all the way back she decided to go to the Room of Requirement where she would find everything she needed.
I need a place to do Homework.
I need a place to do Homework.
I need a place to do Homework
After walking back and forth 3 times, she opened her eyes and saw an ornate door, she twisted the handle and as she entered, she gasped at the sight before her.

“So what are you going to do?” asked Nott, still smiling smugly “do you give up?”
“Well, obviously not, I said I can get any girl, and I’m going to prove it.”
“When is it official that you succeeded? Remember the end of the year she has to be your girlfriend.”
“How about when we go public?”
“Do you really think that she’s gonna ditch her dirty Gryffindors?”
“I’ll work on that”
Draco and Theodore were sitting in the Slytherin common room. It had been a week since the bet.
“I think I’ll go find her now”
“Alright, good lu-oh wait, no, I hope you fail” said Theodore cheerfully.
“ Thanks” replied Draco sarcastically
He walked out of the common room to find Ginevra.
Hmm…where are you going? Thought Draco for he had spotted Ginny Weasley walking up a flight of stairs. No friends…why would she be heading to the seventh floor? The library wasn’t there… Draco put two and two together and guessed she was heading to the Room of Requirement. A sly grin creeped onto his face. He abruptly changed courses and went through a tapestry that led one story up and a few yards away from the ROR.
I need the place where Ginny wants to go changed.
I need the place where Ginny wants to go changed.
I need the place where Ginny wants to go changed.
He opened the door quickly, he knew he had only seconds to spare. Inside there were about 20 luxurious green and silver pillows mixed with gold and red , a bookshelf full of school books, a cupboard which was no doubt full of ink, quills ,and parchment. Instead of being lit with torches or windows like the rest of the castle, it was lit with flickering candles. He took off his cloak and threw it in a corner and then sat on the pillows to wait. After about one minute footsteps could be heard walking along the hallway. Draco knew it was Ginny because the footsteps walked back and forth three times.
I hope this works, he thought. He wasn’t sure if the room could work like this…and then the handle turned.

A/N- another slow chapter the next ones pretty cool though. I hope ya'll like 'em!

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