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Chapter four:
Can't sleep, Can sleep

"Hey" Ron said, a little softer that he wanted it to be. She still heard him.

"Ron? What are you doing up so late?" asked the girl.

"Me? What about you Hermione?" Ron asked.

"I couldn't sleep. You?" Hermione said, now facing Ron who had sat down next to her.

"Same. Looking at the fire always helps." Ron explained. Hermione just smiled and turned back to the fire. There was a long, awkward silence. "You know, if someone wakes up, and I am on my way out of the dormitory, I tell them, and myself actually, that I say I'm going down to do home work." Hermione laughed at this.

"Well then, Mr. I-study-at-night-to-help-my-grade-and-no-one-knows! Get to work!" Hermione said playfully.

"Fine!" Ron said, laughing, and went to go get his books out of his bag. Fortunately for him, Hermione was still looking into the fire and didn't realize that Ron pulled out his 'A Mans Romantic Tactics for Dummies' book.

"Ok, Roonil Wizlab! Let's work on defense against the dark arts." Hermione suggested.

Ron was getting tiered and flipped to the not so blank page in the back that was covered in Hermione's mane! As he started to open to it, he caught himself and snapped the book shut. "Um, how about potions? I really need extra help in that!" Ron said quickly.

"OK, potions" Hermione agreed. By the time she opened her potions book Ron was drooling on his! Hermione thought that he was so cute and started playing with his hair. "I love you Ron" She whispered. "I just wish you felt the same." And with that, she gathered up her books and headed up to the girls dormitory.

Ron had a very strange dream that night. He was at the Yule ball, but his raves were half way decent! When he looked up, he saw Harry wearing the same thing only in a different color, and Ginny was on his arm. When Ron looked over to expect Hermione on his arm having a good time, he was disappointed to find that Lavender was on his arm staring over at Dean. In the background, though, he saw her. His Hermione, crying! Someone had hurt her! But who?

"Ron?" She said in between tow large sobs.

"Do you want to dance?" He offered as a slow song came on.

"Sure." She said, lightening up a bit. She started to play with his hair. Right in the middle of the song though, she broke away, and started balling again, and ran away. Ron chased after her, wondering what was wrong. Finally, he caught up to her and held her. She looked up at him and said in between sobs, "I love you Ron! I just wish you felt the same!" and once again stormed off.

Ron tried to run after her, but his feet were glued to the floor! Then he tried yelling: "But I do Hermione!" But nothing came out! Then, all went dark.

"RON!" Harry yelled. "Are you ok? You were moving your legs like you wanted to run out of the chair, but the table was kind of in your way!" he laughed. Ron was just realizing that he had spent the night in the common room when Harry asked," So, what were you dreaming about anyway?"

"Oh, nothing" Ron sleepily replied.

"Well, me and Hermione are going down to breakfast. You might want to change first!" Harry said, laughing some more. When Ron looked down, he noticed that he was still in his pajamas and everyone who had already left for breakfast saw him, and, more importantly, if Hermione could read in the firelight, she could also see that he was in his pajamas, and if she didn't notice then, well, she sure noticed now!

"Wait! I, I need to tell you something Harry, come on up and I will tell you." Ron said quickly. Once Harry and Ron were in the dormitory without Hermione, Ron changed and told Harry about the strange dream from the night before.

"Well mate, it sounds like you are worried." Harry told Ron.

"I know!"

"And, in love!"

"What?" and at this, Ron had to through a pillow at Harry!

"Well, come on! Hermione is probably waiting for you so we can go to breakfast!" Harry said, and they left the dormitory.

A/N: I know your out there! PLEZ REVIEW!!!!!! Thank you! ^_^

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