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Everyone settled back into school life quickly. With piles of homework from the merciless teachers the five friends always in a rush to keep up. Ginny in particular felt this demand to hurry between studying for her N.E.W.T.S, conducting Gryffindor Quidditch practices, and Prefect patrols she had little time for anything else.

One glorious Sunday at the beginning of October Ginny, Nicola, and Kate sat down by the lake and for once they weren't studying. It was a warm day and they had finished much of that week's homework. Since it was a rare day when Ginny didn't have Quidditch, they were treating themselves to a happy hour of rest. They watched the wispy clouds float by, pushed along by the cool breeze coming off of the lake.

Suddenly Grace could be seen running towards them, strawberry blonde hair flying behind her, shouting, “Ginny! Nicola! Kate!” Luna followed behind at a slower pace and as usual could be heard humming some strange little tune.

Alarmed Ginny and Kate jumped up asking, “What's wrong? Is someone hurt?” as Grace almost tripped over a large root sticking up.

Nicola who had stayed sitting, leaning against a large looked up from her book as she commented, “Maybe her mum sent her another package from Honeydukes. That was the last time I saw her this excited.”

Looking at her Kate asked confusedly , “But wasn't that last week?”

“Yes it was.” confirmed Ginny sitting back down.

“Oh.” said Kate, still a little muddled, taking her former seat beside Ginny as Luna too moved to sit down.

Grace hopped from one foot to the other with impatience, almost falling over, as she asked, “Are you all quite finished? This is important.”

Nodding dreamily Luna agreed, “Ginny will be very happy to hear it.”

At once Ginny straightened back up and Grace continued after a dramatic pause, “They just put the date of the first Hogsmeade visit up on the notice board and I thought you all would be interested. It's next Saturday.”

This of course caused all sorts of excited twitters amongst the other girls and they immediately began to discuss plans as they made their way back up to the castle so that Ginny could owl Harry about the trip.

Saturday morning Ginny stood before the mirror in the dormitory as Kate and Nicola fussed over their appearances with Ginny assuring them that they looked lovely. They paused, considering Ginny as she revolved slowly in front of them asking, “How do I look?” She was wearing an old pair of jeans faded and worn at the knees, some comfortable shoes, and a soft new sweater. It was a shade of pale green that set off her dark red hair which she wore pulled back into a loose bun.

Kate scowled as she tried to figure out what was missing, tugging on a piece of her short brown hair. But after a moment or two of analysis Nicola's face lit up with sudden inspiration and dived into her own jewelry box crying, “I've got just the thing!” Ginny and Kate looked at each other, shaking their heads she always had just the thing, even though they knew that she normally turned out to be right.

Nicola came up from her search beaming with triumph and held out her hand saying, “ Voilà!” in her outstretched hand was a choker necklace. It was a wide ribbon a shade darker than the sweater with a sequined flower of the same color to decorate it.

Ginny had to admit that it along with the light brown coat she wore against the chill that had sprung up, completed her outfit. Nicola smiled with satisfaction as she surveyed yet another success while Kate tried to remember what she'd been doing. This was short lived though because just then a timid first year came in to tell them that Grace and Luna, who were Ravenclaws, were waiting just outside the portrait hole. Grace had also sent the excited message that if they didn't come soon she'd start hexing people. This of course caused the girls to hurry out of the room pulling on coats as they went and leaving their things strewn haphazardly about the dormitory.

Giggling the entire way to Hogsmeade the girls teased Ginny about her long awaited meeting with Harry and then later an appointment with Ms. Hamilton. Of course, Ginny had shared her first experience with the wedding planner with her friends who found the story very entertaining. They were also disappointed because it had revealed that Ginny wasn't going to have the huge lavish wedding that they expected. Their plan for that day was to do some shopping in the two hours before Harry was due. Then Ginny would go off to meet him and have some alone time. At around four they'd gather at the Three Broomsticks so they could all meet the infamous Wedding Planner and have a butterbeer.

Time passed quickly as the friends did their shopping and spent time rummaging around the bridal shop. Giggling they amused themselves by trying on dresses. When the time came the group left the shop, still laughing, and Ginny separated from the group and headed for her rendezvous with Harry and the rest of the group went to Honeydukes. Ginny made her way to the Three Broomsticks in a very good mood, she'd had a wonderful day with her friends and now she was meeting her fiancé to spend some quality time and do some more planning on her wedding.

She was standing outside the Three Broomsticks, turned away looking at the window next door when a pair of hands slipped over her eyes. The fingertips were rough and calloused from years of playing Quidditch Ginny didn't need to hear an oh-so familiar voice say, “Guess who?” to know who it was.

Smiling, Ginny turned around and said, “Hello Harry.” before she reached up, giving him a peck on the lips.

Also smiling, Harry protested, “What? That's it?”

Playing along Ginny grinned and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a real kiss that drew whistles and stares from passersby. Breaking apart Ginny said simply, “I missed you.”

“Really?” Harry asked sarcastically, “I never would have guessed.” Slipping his arm around her Harry led Ginny down the street so they could talk and look in all of the shop windows. They spent a happy two hours walking around town with occasional stops at a secluded spot or two where they could vent their pinned up emotions with a nice bout of kisses.

All too suddenly it was four o'clock and time to meet the wedding planner. This time they would be settling all the little matters regarding the wedding party like the number of bridesmaids and the colors of dresses, tuxedos, and flowers. This was why Ginny had wanted her friends to be there. They would, of course, be the ones wearing the dresses, after all.

Here we go again. Ginny thought walking into the Three Broomsticks spotting her friends and Ms. Hamilton chatting away at a large table in the corner, Another round with the Wedding Planner.


A few minutes later they all sat around the table sipping drinks. Glancing at Harry Ginny cleared her throat and said, “I've decided on just two bridesmaids. Well, one bridesmaid and a Matron of Honor.” she corrected herself

Ms. Hamilton, who had been deep in a discussion with Nicola about suitable dress colors, started and asked with dismay, “Two? But last time we spoke it was three. “

“Yes, it was.” Ginny agreed and explained, “I've decided to have Hermione as the Matron of Honor and Luna as my other bridesmaid.”

“Really?” asked Luna looking surprised, “Wow!”

Looking even more demoralized Ms. Hamilton asked, “What about your other friends here? Don't you want to include the? Will we at least be keeping the flower girls?”

“Yes Melanie, we'll still have Marie and Molly as flower girls. But I decided on only two bridesmaids. I want to keep things simple.” Ginny stressed looking at Harry for support. But he only shrugged with a look that said, Whatever you want, but you're on your own.

Ginny opened her mouth to continue, but there Nicola broke in saying, “But Ginny, this is the one and only time you'll do this. And I know you can have anything you desire.” with a glance at Harry who was trying to suppress a grin she pointed out, “The world is expecting you to be contrary and have a small wedding to defy them all. Wouldn't it be great if you baffle them all and had a huge banquet to celebrate your marriage?”

Kate nodded putting in, “You could even have it at Hogwarts if McGonagall will agree to it. Then your friends would all be there.”

“It would save everyone traveling and you'd have more help setting up.” Grace agreed bouncing in her seat with excitement.

Smiling at the girls and glad to have found support at last Ms. Hamilton encouraged her saying, “That would be brilliant and could be easily arranged. Everyone would be satisfied and your friends included.” Ginny looked like she was about to object when Melanie continued, “If we keep the plans a secret and make it look like you're still having a small wedding no one will ever suspect.”

When she paused to hear Ginny's reaction Harry finally offered an opinion saying, “I like the sound of it.” seeing that Ginny was getting agitated he added, “We don't have to do it if you don't want to, but think about it.”

Looking around the table she sighed saying, “Well, it looks like you're all against me.” Ginny looked back at Ms. Hamilton, surrendering, “If you think we can get all of this done by June, Melanie, than by all means, lets get started.” At which, her friends set up a boisterous cheer.

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