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Disclaimer: I don’t and never will own any of these characters except for my lovely O/C’s

Chapter One

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Let’s get this straight. I’m not pretty and I most definitely, am not popular. In fact, I am what most people would call geeky, dorky, nerdy, okay so you get the point. So I would probably have had a simple life where all I do is study and get good grades and grow up to be a rich old lady, living all alone, except for one tiny thing. 

I am in love with James Potter.

And yes, that is a very bad thing. Why, you ask? Because he is everything I’m not. He’s hot, popular and very conceited. Though he might think he gets good grades because of his superior brain skills, he gets them from copying off smart peoples’ homework and notes. 

I suppose it was his looks that attracted me to him. I first saw him by the Hogwarts Express.  Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, because that’s what happened. At that time I was kind of pretty, so he actually returned my smile. So of course I thought I had a chance. But then I got glasses, braces, and I started putting my hair in a bun (it got in my face whenever I bend over to do homework or something like that) and bam! I was like invisible to him. Well, I reckon it might have been my shyness and dorkiness. 

Thank Merlin though, no one knew about my feelings for him except for my best mate, Marcie Grant. She thinks that I would have a chance if I would just let her do a makeover on me. Like that will ever happen. I like the way I look. Okay that was a total lie but I am at least comfortable with the way I look. I mean have you ever looked at James’ girlfriends? They have more makeup than Sephora! And I see them preparing themselves in the morning. First they shower and wash their hair. Then they put on various lotion and crèmes and spend like an hour straightening or curling their hair. And makeup. There’s always a fight for the mirrors! 

Of course I don’t spend that long in the bathroom during the mornings. All I do is shower, dry my hair, put it in a bun, take of my nighttime contacts and put on my glasses, and apply chapstick on the way to the Great Hall. See? Simple and time conserving. I use my extra time to review my notes and perfect my homework.

Marcie, on the other hand is totally beautiful and glamorous. She looks exactly (and probably better) than a Barbie doll. Marcie has this incredible wavy blond hair and huge sparkling blue eyes. She’s tall (5’7) and is perfect in everything that she does. Marcie, unlike me, is popular with everyone and I still can’t believe how she happened to be my bestest friend ever. 

Okay so moving on. I am so sure that you all know about me and James. Yeah, yeah, I hate him he loves me, we got married, had Harry, and died. An about our times at Hogwarts, he chases me I reject him every time, I am beautiful, he’s hot. PLEASE PEOPLE! That is so not the real story. I mean, yeah I guess most of it is true, BUT there’s a whole new story underneath it all.

And that’s the story that you are about to read. 

So here’s a question for you: I was a dork, a nerd, a geek, a total loser. He was popular, hot, smart, had tons of girlfriends. I love him, he loves me not. So how the hell did we wind up together?

Well, something happened of course. Something totally…


Part Two
Promises, promises

“Today, we will be making a potion called Veritaserum,” Professor Slughorn beamed at his sixth year Portions class. “Does anyone-? But of course, Miss Evans surely can!”

“It’s a truth potion. It forces the drinker to tell the absolute truth,” Lily answered breathlessly. Potions was her favorite class and she and she had been looking forward to this lesson all week.

“Excellent! Ten points to Gryffindor.” 

“Lily, stop being so smart! Some of us aren’t born with that ability. “Marcie whispered to Lily, trying to distract her while copying off her notes.

“I can’t help it if I find this stuff easy,” Lily smiled innocently. 

They worked in silence an hour- Lily was eagerly mixing the potion while Marcie kept on smiling to herself. Finally when the bell ran, Marcie turned to Lily.

“Ooohh, guess what? Guess what?” Marcie looked so happy she was ready to burst.

“Someone asked you out again?” Lily rolled her eyes and concentrated on cleaning up. “I can’t believe how excited you get every time a guy asks you out! I mean, look at you, you are gorgeous, smart, nice…it’s only a matter of time before everyone at this school falls in love with you.”

“Oh, you are too nice, Lils, but you won’t believe who it is this time!’ Marcie stopped suddenly and then a look of horror crossed her face. “Oh no, oh no, I totally forgot! Oh heavens how could I be clueless! ” then she mumbled to herself. “I can’t let you find out.”

“Find out what?” Lily looked up at Marcie curiously, holding up her set of scales. “Do you think this needs polishing?”

But Marcie didn’t answer. Her eyes had gotten very wide and she kept glancing nervously at Lily.

Lily raised her eyebrows and looked around curiously. Then she promptly dropped her scales. 

“Hey Marcie,” James Potter walked over to Marcie and gave her a kiss. “How’s my girlfriend doing today?”

Lily stared at Marcie and James for a second, the truth dawning on her face before she ran out of the room. Marcie thought she saw tears on Lily’s face. Oh no, Marcie thought, I knew that agreeing to go out with James was a bad idea. For one moment I forgot about her!  Oh dear, how am I ever going to explain to Lily all of this?

“Something wrong with, uh, er, Rose?” James looked down at Lily then back at Marcie.

“It’s Lily, and I don’t know,” Actually Marcie did know but didn’t want to tell James.

“Oh right Lily, knew it was a flower or something,” James thought about Lily for awhile then shrugged and asked Marcie. “So, you want to go to Hogsmeade after class?” 

“What?” Marcie laughed nervously. “You are so kidding! You know I have Herbology after this and we aren’t supposed to leave the grounds!”

“Don’t worry about Herbology,” James drew Marcie in for another kiss. “And I have a way to get into Hogsmeade.”

“Well, okay I guess,” Marcie smiled at James. “But first I have to go check on Lily.”

“What are you, her mother or something?” James smirked. “Messed up people like her should be left alone.”

“Right,” Marcie was puzzled. Why was James so mean? “Really, I have to go. She needs me.” She ran off. 

“What about Hogsmeade?’’James called after her.

Marcie ignored him.

James stared after Marcie. She just ignored him! No girl ever ignores James Potter, no matter how hot she is. This means only one thing: he’ll have to dump her. After all, one down another one to go. 


Lily sat on her bed, motionless, just staring into space. She recalled a memory. She and Marcie were by the woods and it was halfway through their first year.

”What is it Lily?” Marcie asked her, a confused expression on her face. “Why did you drag me out here?”

Lily said nothing. She just giggled and turned pink.

Marcie gasped. “I know! It’s about that Potter boy that you’ve been talking nonstop about, isn’t it!”

Lily flushed a deeper red and wisely said nothing.

“You are totally in love with him!” Marcie exclaimed before laughing at the embarrassed expression on Lily’s face.

“Shh! You can’t tell anymore, okay?” Lily looked anxiously around before whispering. “Okay, you are right, I love him, but you have to promise me something.”

“Sure!” Marcie leaned closer to catch Lily’s words.

“You have to promise that you’ll-“ Marcie leaned even closer. “never, ever, think of him as more than a friend.”

“Of course!” Marcie agreed instantly. “I know how you feel about him and if I love him too, our friendship will be so messed-up and so ruined. Besides, he is so arrogant and ugh! I just hate his hair.” Marcie suddenly giggled nervously. “Anyway, I think I like someone too!”

“No way!” Lily stared at her best friend. “Who?”

Marcie whispered, “Remus.”

Marcie and Lily looked at each other and burst into giggles. 

“I think it’s time to go in,” Marcie looked at her watch. She started walking. “C’mon, lily.”

“Okay!” Lily caught up with Marcie.

“Remember your promise,” Lily said solemnly and Marcie stopped in her tracks.

“Don’t worry, I will always remember,” Marcie smiled at Lily.

How could she forget? Lily thought miserably to herself. She promised me, she did! And what happened to her forever love for Remus? Lily buried her head into a pillow and sobbed. Of course this would happen. Marcie was so pretty and so smart, she was everything Lily wasn’t. Next to her, Lily was just some geeky, ugly, girl. 

The door to the dormitory flew open and Marcie ran in. her hair was messed up and she was out of breath. Marcie stood in the doorway gasping for air. She sounded like she was having an asthma attack or something. Sighing, Lily waved her wand and immediately, Marcie’s breathing turned back to normal.

“Thanks, Lils,’ Marcie said sincerely. Then she said to herself. “I have got to remember that spell!”

“Don’t call me Lils,” Lily replied coldly.

“Oh, c’mon,” Marcie sat next to Lily and continued. “we’ve been best friends forever! We aren’t gonna let a guy come between us, right?”

“You broke your promise!” Lily glared at her. “And what happened to Remus?”

“Yeah about that…” Marcie sighed wearily. “Well, James is so much cuter.” She giggled and then blabbed on, unaware of Lily’s murderous stare. “and oooh, his eyes, they are just-“

Well, Lily wasn’t gonna sit there and listen to all that crap her best friend was saying about the only guy she’s ever loved. So she did the only think reasonable.

She slapped her. 

A/N: yay, I updated! Well, I could have posted this up sooner but my internet was down. Hope you guys liked this chapter. And just to get things straight, lily’s only shy on the outside. But inside, she’s fiery and has a really bad temper (which james is gonna find out for himself later on)

Well, now that you are done reading this lovely chapter, there’s only one thing to do!





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