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disclaimer: nothing is mine! Chapter Sixteen – Anger James finished explaining the plans and routines for the nest day to the last guard to arrive, the new men from France. Thankfully they had all spoken English as Lily was the only one who understood French and even that didn’t go to far. He moved through the tent filled grounds alone the outskirts of the castle and back towards Hagrid’s Hut. Smoke puffed from the chimney and Hagrid’s pup, Fang, let James know that Hagrid was in. “James! Come for a visit finally? It’s about time, I saw Lily two days ago and I thought I’d see you sooner than this.” James chuckled as he sat down next to the fire, “Sorry Hagrid, we’ve just been so busy I haven’t even been allowed to go watch the Gryffindor’s fly or anything. Tell me, are they any good?” “Their alright; naught as good as Sirius and you, but still up there. They won the Cup last year and they beat Slytherin already so it’s looking good. There’s a new seeker this year, Bill Weasley I think his name was, good kid he is, trains twenty four hours a day.” “Weasley, that wouldn’t be Arthur Weasley’s son would it? Arthur is one of the Order now.” “Yeah, one in the same Weasley. They’ve got another five kids at home and I believe Molly is pregnant again.” “Whoa, they have their own Quidditch team plus reserve. I’m jealous.” Hagrid frowned, “You have enough to deal with in your own family at the moment.” “What do you mean?” “Young Lily, in here the other day she was, asking me to promise that I’ll always look after ‘Arry. Crying and everything, she didn’t want you to know.” “What!” James stood up. “I don’t believe her, I’ve told her that everything is going to be alright, that she didn’t need to worry.” Hagrid nodded, “She was right though; she said you wouldn’t understand.” “Damn right I don’t understand,” James said angrily. “She’s expecting the worst.” “Can you blame her James; look at the world around you. Think from someone who’s had the worse all her life. Lily’s life has been corrupt with death and loss and disappointment. You’re about the only good thing in it – why wouldn’t she expect you to be taken away from her too?” James thought this over, “I’m going to go talk to her.” As he left the hut and headed back toward the castle he realised that was about the wisest thing Hagrid had ever said to him, and it didn’t involve some kind of ‘friendly’ magical creature. ***** Lily was just putting Harry down for his afternoon sleep and settling down to read a book when James came banging into the room. She looked up in surprise at her husband. “I thought you and Sirius had work to do for tomor-” she stopped when she saw James’ angry face. “What’s wrong honey?” “Why did you ask Hagrid to make sure Harry will be alright when he grows up?” James looked down at her. “I…I…” Lily stared up at him. “You don’t need to go round and ask people that Lily, we’re going to be there to see our son grow up.” “I’m glad you think that James, you seem to have enough confidence for the both of us,” Lily said, finding her voice and standing to face her husband head on. “You have enough doubt for the both of us!” “Someone has to think realistically and God knows that it isn’t you! You think your invinicible James and your not. No one is.” “Nothing is going to happen to me Lily, why do you worry? We’re going to get through this and live to see our son get married,” he cried desperately. “If you’re so sure that nothing is going to happen to me then let me fight tomorrow when the Death Eaters come, let me be there instead of hiding up here with the First Years and Harry.” James shook his head, “No.” “You think we’re safe, then prove it.” “Lily, you’re not going to fight.” “Why not? I’m trained as a Hit Wizard James; I’m just as good as all the Aurors.” “No,” James shook his head slowly. “Yes, I’ve already arranged it with Dumbledore; I’m with Sirius’ lot on the south side of the lake.” “I forbid it Lily.” Oh, you forbid it do you!” Lily was scarlet red with anger. “Yes I forbid it! I am your husband and I won’t let you fight tomorrow.” “Damn you James! You’re just as arrogant as you were when you were fifteen. Nothing’s changed has it! You still think you’re the king of this world. Well guess what? I don’t take orders from anybody, especially not you,” Lily screamed and James went white in shock. In the sudden silence they could hear Harry crying from the bedroom. “Now, I’m going to MY son.” She left the room and slammed the bedroom door behind her. James sat down the chair that Lily had occupied minutes earlier. He was shocked at what had happened but he wasn’t about to apologise to Lily. He slipped through the portrait hole and left the room empty. Lily entered the room after settling Harry down again. She saw the room was empty and sighed. What had she just done? ***** “Hey Prongs, what’s up?” Sirius called from the other end of the corridor. James didn’t answer and as they drew nearer Sirius could see his best friend’s face clouded with anger. “Hey, what’s wrong?” “Lily,” James said through gritted teeth. “Oh,” Sirius looked kind of apologetic and shameful. “You found out about her fighting tomorrow then?” James stopped walking and stared at his friend, “You knew?” he gasped. “You knew and you didn’t try and stop her?” “No one could stop her James; she was going to join the fight in the plans or not in the plans. Who do you think put her in my group? At least I can watch her for you.” “She shouldn’t be there at all.” “James you’re not thinking straight. Lily is trained for battle, she’s one of the most talented witches in the Ministry and we’ll need her until the Ministry officials arrive.” “Couldn’t she at least be with me?” James was hanging to straws. Sirius shook his head, “Dumbledore said you’d be too worried and checking up on her at every last minute. But he did give me something.” He handed James a silver ID bracelet. In the middle of the chain was a small silver cube. Inside the cube glowed a healthy red light. “What is this?” “It’s a Life Charm, it’s kind of like Dumbledore’s Life Chart but it only shows you the health of one person.” “Lily,” James whispered as he slipped the bracelet onto his wrist. Sirius nodded, “The red means she’s fine, it’s when it turns black that she’s hurt. And when the light disappears completely she’s…” he trailed off. “Dead,” James said flatly. Sirius patted him on the shoulder and turned to walk down the corridor. James continued to stare at the red light reflected form the cube onto his wrist. At least that was some consolation with her fighting. He turned and headed down the corridor where he had just come from. ***** “They are in position and ready to move in,” Lucius Malfoy was adjusted to the black room in which his master resided. “Shall I give the order?” “No Lucius,” Voldemort hissed. “You know the plan, not until tomorrow.” “But master if we attacked now then we would have the element of surprise,” Malfoy protested. “We have the element of surprise now Malfoy, I want everything ready. At the moment the students would be scattered, harder to control them all at once. No, I must wait until they are all in the Great Hall, for the magic there is nothing compared to that in the common rooms.” “Master, doesn’t the magic that protects the school leave during the holidays?” Malfoy asked hesitantly. Voldemort nodded, “Some does, but not as much as you would think. I’m sure Albus has thought of adding charms to protect the school during these times.” “So there are still boundaries.” Again Voldemort nodded, “But they will go when Hogwarts has no Headmaster.” “Master you have yet to give me my orders.” Voldemort smiled icily, “Your orders, Lucius, are to take down Albus Dumbledore.” Malfoy gulped as Voldemort turned around and henceforth dismissed him from the room. ***** James entered his family’s rooms to find Lily sitting on a chair in the corner, staring blankly at the wall, her eyes red as if she had been crying. She didn’t look up when he came in but flinched when he neared her. James paused when he saw this. “You flinched,” he said. Lily looked up, “What?” she said, confused. “You flinched when I started to walk toward you, why did you do that? I would never hurt you.” “I… I didn’t flinch,” Lily looked down. James knelt in front of her but Lily wouldn’t look at him, “Are you afraid of me?” Lily shook her head. “Then why did you flinch?” “I’m afraid of what you’re becoming,” Lily whispered. Still she did not looked at him, only looked down. James was taken back by this, “What do you mean, what I’m becoming. I’m the same person I always was.” Lily looked up now, “No, James, your not. You’re not the boy I fell in love with, the man I married. You’ve become overbearing and overprotective. I mean there’s worrying and then there’s…” James still looked confused. Lily looked angry, “James did you not hear yourself just before? You ordered me because I was your wife, as if that gave you the right. I won’t stand for that James.” “I entered this marriage under the vow that we would be equal and you agreed. But truth be told, in your mind, we’re not. To you I will always be the one who has to be protected. You might have the blood of a million great wizards but I, a Muggleborn, am just as powerful as you.” James didn’t look confused, “What do you mean by that? Are you implying that I think of you like the Slytherins did! Are you accusing me of thinking that just because I’m a pureblood I’m better than you are?” Lily stared at him straight in the eye. “Lily, I don’t think like that. It’s just I would hate to see you hurt. I don’t think I could live without you or with myself if anything happened to you or Harry,” James pleaded, trying to soften those angry emerald green eyes. Slowly Lily changed, her body became less tense and her eyes softened slightly. “James…” she sighed. “God I’m so pathetic, I want to be mad at you and God knows I have the right too. How do you always know the right thing to say?” James smiled brilliantly and took Lily’s hands, “It’s all because you’re so deeply in love with me.” Lily chuckled as she hugged James tightly, “But it’s not fair! I want to be mad, I deserve to be mad.” James pulled back slightly, “Look after yourself tomorrow,” he said softly. “You’re alright with me going?” Lily looked surprised. James nodded and pulled back his sleeve to reveal the silver Life Charm. “Dumbledore gave me this, the light represents you. When it’s red; you’re healthy, black; something’s wrong and when the light disappears you’re…” Just as Sirius had James trailed off. “Dead,” Lily finished touching the Charm. “I want one for you and Harry.” James nodded, “We’ll see Dumbledore after dinner, and he should do it. I’ll get Harry added to mine too.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay well that’s it for now, I’m sorry this took so long but at least I go tit up before Christmas, the next chapter is going to be so hard to write – I’m not good at battle scenes or anything but it will be quite long and be prepared for a surprise that I thought of as I wrote the end of this chapter – it’s something you’ll never see coming. LittleAquarianPrincess

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