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Disclaimer: I own nothing! Only the plot and the OC’s…

A/N: Hi everyone who reading this! Hehehe this is my first fan fiction and my sister helped me with the plot :p. I hope you guys like it and please review. Thanks ^_^


Chapter 1 – New Beginnings and the Marauders

The large red steam engine suddenly appeared in front of Arabella as she ran onto platform 9 ¾. She felt a sudden burst of happiness as she stopped and stared at the Hogwarts school crest on the brilliant red train. She was going other home. Hogwarts had always felt like a second home to her. She loved it to pieces and she couldn’t imagine her life with out its long corridors, moving staircases, crazy professors, long and boring classes, and the occasional fun and exciting class, but most of all she couldn’t imagine her life without her beautiful friends.

She had met her friends in her first year. Her best friend was Lily Evans and her other close friends were Kaity Spencer, Gemma Cross and Aimee Griffin. They were all in her house, Gryffindor. Arabella had met Lily in her first year when they shared a compartment on their first journey to Hogwarts and they had been best friends ever since then. She had met the other girls during the sorting ceremony when they all had been sorted into Gryffindor.

Lily Evans had long red hair that would shine when the sun hit it. She had brilliant greens eyes that all her friends adored and were jealous of. Lily was also the smart one in their group; she was also the smartest girl in their grade and would always help her friends with their homework and study, except for when she was in a bad mood. This was often because of her boyfriend James Potter. Lily was like the mother of the group. If one of the girls had a problem or just wanted some good advice they would go see Lily. She always knew what she was talking about and they always knew Lily would not tell anyone your secrets. She was also the one that kept all the girls in-line. Without her they would never have gotten their homework done, passed exams, or even made it to class on time.

Kaity Spencer was the sporty one in the group. She was muggle born and before she came to Hogwarts she had played soccer. She was now a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team. She was an excellent player and very rarely missed a catch or a goal. Kaity had shoulder length mousy blond hair and blue grey eyes. She had and athletic build and was always talking about some sport or other.

Gemma Cross was the fashion expert of the group and was always in nice new clothing, which she claimed was the latest fashion. She always had the latest issue of Witch Weekly on hand for any fashion or hair emergencies. She was also a gossip queen. Her friends all loved her but they would never trust her with their darkest secrets because they all knew that Gemma would tell the whole school. They had all learnt this from experiences and had swore to never tell Gemma anything they didn’t want the whole school to know. Gemma had long blonde hair and stunning blue eyes.

Aimee Griffin was the comedian of the group. She would always crack joke at the wrong moment and was a bit ditsy, but she was also a lovely person that was always there for her friends and they all loved her. She was also quite beautiful. She had chestnut brown hair and pale skin that looked beautiful with her hair colour. Her eyes were the same colour of her hair. She was also a muggle born. Her mother was a witch but her father was a muggle.

Arabella was the quite one in her group. She had a love for books and would and anything and everything. She was known among her friends to always have a book with her. Arabella was the baby of the group. She was the youngest and would always be treated like a child because her friends were protective of her. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Other students were mingling around Arabella on the platform, saying their finale ‘Bye’s’ to their parents and meeting up with friends to discuss their holidays. She could hear the loud, excited chatter of her fellow students and searched around the platform expectantly for her friends. The smile disappeared off her face as she noticed that she couldn’t see any of her friends. She decided to search for a compartment instead so that she and her friends wouldn’t miss out and have to share with some random students or, even worse, the Slytherins.

Arabella was lost in thought while dragging her trunk when she was suddenly smothered by a lot of dark red hair.
“ARI!” The redhead yelled in Arabella’s ear.
“Lily! Hey!” Arabella hugged her best friend back.
“Oh my god Ari! You look so different” Arabella heard from behind Lily. She released Lily and hugged her other friend Kaity Spencer.
“Hey Kaity!” Arabella said enthusiastically. “It’s a good different though, isn’t it?” Arabella asked her friends uncertainly. Kaity and Lily nodded their head furiously.
“Yes! I love you hair down like that” Lily replied sweetly to Arabella. “Come on. Aimee and Gemma are waiting for us in a compartment.”

They got to their compartment that Gemma and Aimee and saved for them. When they made it there the train blew its whistle and began to move.
“Hey guys!” Gemma greeted as they open the compartment door. They all shared hugs and hellos before all sitting down for a chat.
“How was everyone’s holiday? Anything interesting happen? I can see something has happened to Arabella” Gemma stated with a devilish smile.
“Yeh, I spent my holiday with my cousin in France. It was so beautiful! The shops were amazing they had the cutest things. I got this dress from a boutique. In France.” Arabella pointed down to her knee length, white and cherry covered dress. “I got a whole new wardrobe!”
“Wow a whole new wardrobe!” Gemma exclaimed. Gemma was the fashion expert of the group and was always in nice new clothing, which she claimed was the latest fashion.
“So I guess you got a whole new makeover in France?” Lily questioned.
“Yeh. I guess so. I’m still the same Arabella… I just got new cloths and new hair, well not new hair it’s still my hair. It’s just down now.” Arabella shrugged.
“You look good like that. You should stay that way.” Aimee said giggling.
“Your jeans and t-shirts were getting boring” Gemma stated.
“Hey! There’s nothing wrong with jeans and a t-shirt” Arabella defended. Arabella had never been one to dress up. She had lived in her favourite pair of jeans that had started to grow large holes on the knees. She also had always worn a plain t-shirt or some other plain top. She would also always wear her hair in a pony tail. Her friends had always told her to wear it down to free her beautiful curls, but she hated her hair and would tie her hair up no matter what her friends said. She had never liked attention and her plain cloths had never made her stick out. She was also a quiet person and had never talked to anyone other than her friends. Most of her year at school didn’t even know she existed and she liked it that way.
“So did you do this all for a certain someone?” Kaity giggled. Arabella shook her head furiously.
“What like a boy?” Aimee asked cocking her head to the side in confusion. Everyone laughed at her stupidity.
“No! I just wanted to look different this year. I got a bit bored with my image.” Arabella defended. Lily gave Arabella a funny look. Arabella could tell that Lily didn’t believe her. Lily could always able to tell when Arabella was lying and Arabella could tell when Lily was lying. But the rest of her friends seemed to think it was true because they didn’t press her more about it and neither did Lily.
“I promised Matty that I would spend the train ride with him. Do you mind” Kaity asked innocently while blushing.
“Aww you and Matt are so cute!” Gemma exclaimed. “I said that I would hang around Christian and his friends too.”
“Well Josh did want me to hang with him, so if you guys are going to hang out with your boyfriends I’ll go see him.” Aimee said while looking to Lily to see what she wanted to do.
“I think I’ll go see James.” Lily said.

Lily had got together with James Potter half way though 5th year. It hadn’t surprised anyone because it was evident that Lily was head over heels in love with James even though she wouldn’t admit it. James had been asking her out since 2nd year and each time she had said no. She had ignored him and pretended to hate him, but she ended up giving in and agreeing to go out with him. ‘James wasn’t actually that bad a guy.’ Arabella had thought once Lily agreed to go out with him. She too had hated James before he went out with Lily. She couldn’t stand his huge ego, but she was pleased to see that it had deflated it self since their 5th year. He was actually a caring guy and he really loved Lily. Arabella couldn’t be happier for her friend. She had been a little jealous of Lily because Arabella had wanted someone to lover her like James loved Lily. But that was before this summer. A lot had changed since then.

“Arabella!” Lily said impatiently. Arabella was broken out of her thoughts of her holidays. She started blushing as she realised what she was thinking about.
“Yeh” Arabella looked around the compartment and saw that it was empty except for her and Lily. ‘All her other friends must of left to see their boyfriends’ she thought. This was usual for her group of friends. Ever since 4th year when they had all, except Arabella and Lily, had boyfriends. They would see their boyfriends on the train trip and then stay up late in their dorm room gossiping and talking about their summer holidays.
“Do you want to come to James’s compartment with me?” Lily asked.
“I don’t really have much choice Lils. I’m not going to sit by my-self” Arabella stated.
“I’m sorry Ari. The Marauders aren’t that bad Ari, and your friends with Remus aren’t you?” Lily said.
“Yeh, alright lets go.” They both got up and headed out of their compartment to the Marauders.

Lily opened the compartment door slightly and peeked her head in.
“Hi Lily!” James said happily. He pushed the door open and hugged Lily. As he was hugging Lily he looked past her to Arabella.
“And who is this lovely girl?” He asked Lily.
“This is my best friend Arabella. I’m surprised you haven’t met her before. We’ve been friends since first year.” Lily said.
“Oh so this is Arabella! Nice to make your acquaintance Arabella” James nodded at her.
“Oi! James step aside and let me see what ladies have come to bask in my glory.” Sirius shouted from behind James. James stepped aside and let Lily and Arabella step inside.
“Hello my Lily flower.” Sirius said smiling wickedly. “and who is this you have brought along with you?” Sirius eyes were sparkling with curiosity.
“This is Arabella Lewis.” Lily said before sitting down next to James and curling up into him.
“Ah the fair Miss Lewis; and for what do I owe this great pleasure?” Sirius asked bowing and kissing Arabella’s hand. Remus snorted, which caused Arabella to look away from Sirius’s light grey eyes.
“Hi Remus” Arabella said sweetly pulling on the hand Sirius had hold of so she could wave at Remus.
“Hey Arabella. Sirius give her back her hand. She needs it you know.” Remus said smiling. Sirius had been staring at Arabella when Remus had spoken.
“Oh, sorry” Sirius said awkwardly and let go of Arabella’s hand and sat down. Arabella looked around awkwardly seeing where to sit. On one side of the compartment was James Potter, Lily and Peter Pettigrew who was by the window. On the other side was Remus Lupin, who was by the window reading a book and Sirius Black. These were the boys that made up the group called the Marauders.

James Potter was the leader of the group. It was evident that he didn’t appoint himself that role but everyone just agreed with him and followed him. James had black messy hair that could never be tamed no matter how much he tried. He also had chocolate brown eyes that made all the girls fall for him. He was the one of the most handsome boy in the school and could have any girl he wanted but he only had eyes for one girl; Lily Evans. The boys in the Marauders also had nicknames that confused everyone because no one knew where they came from. James’s was Prongs.

Sirius Black was known as Padfoot to his friends. He had dark curly shoulder length hair and light grey eyes. He was the most saught after boy in the school because of his handsome features that all the girls swooned about. He always had a devilish smile sly smile on his face that made the girls hearts melt. He was the epitome of a bad boy and every girl wanted him.

Remus Lupin, known as Moony, was the smart and sensible one to the group. He was usually seen with his nose in a book and was also the back bone of all the Marauders pranks because without his knowledge their pranks would never have succeeded. Remus had sand brown hair and bright blue eyes that always looked kind and welcoming. Remus was Arabella’s favourite Marauder because he was always kind and considerate of not only his friends but other students and teachers, and Arabella was always able to talk to him about the latest book she was reading and what he thought of it.

The last of the Marauders was Peter Pettigrew. He was a short round boy with blond hair and soft blue eyes. Arabella had always wondered how he had made it into the Marauders because he was not like the other boys and always seemed to be left out, not that he noticed or seemed to care. Peter was Arabella’s least favourite of the Marauders because she had never trusted him. There was something about him that she didn’t like.

“Sit here my dear Arabella” Sirius said and grabbed her waist and pulled her into the space between him and Remus. Arabella saw Remus roll his eyes at Sirius and Sirius just laughed.
“So Arabella, how was you holidays?” Sirius asked casually. Arabella stared at him curiously. ‘He has never talked to me before. Why is he now?’ Arabella thought to her self.
“Oh yeh it was alright. I went to France with my cousin. What about you?” Arabella said curious as to Sirius motives of this conversation.
“Yeh it was great! I just hung around at James’s house with him, Remus and Peter.” Sirius said casually.
“What about you Remus? How was your holiday?” Arabella asked Remus sweetly. Remus looked up from his book surprised that Arabella was asking him how his holiday was. ‘why would she be talking to me when it’s evident that Sirius wants her’ Remus thought to himself.
“Oh yeh it was fine. As Sirius said I spent it at James’s with the rest of the guys.” Remus said uncertainly. Arabella smiled at him before her attention was turned back to Sirius.
“Do you speak French?” Sirius asked
“Yeh, a little” Arabella said shrugging.

Lily looked over to Arabella and was surprised to see that not only was Sirius flirting uncontrollably with Arabella but Arabella was flirting back. ‘Wow Ari’s flirting with a guy; and not just any guy, but Sirius Black. Arabella hates Black! What is she doing flirting with him.’ Lily thought to herself.
“Bonjour Monsieur” She heard Arabella say playfully to Sirius.
“Bon-jour Mademoiselle” Sirius said trying to sound French. Lily couldn’t help but laugh at his pathetic attempt at French. Arabella was laughing too and she could see the Sirius was pouting at her obviously trying to look upset at Ari’s laughing. She looked over at Remus to see if he was laughing. She knew that he could speak French fluently, so she expected him to be laughing at Sirius. Instead Remus was looking at Sirius with a strange expression. Lily was sure that it was jealousy. ‘Does Remus have a crush on Ari?’ Lily thought to herself. Remus noticed her watching him. He turned a colour close to Lily’s hair and returned back to his book, but Lily could tell he wasn’t reading because his eyes weren’t moving along the page. He was listening to Arabella’s and Sirius’s conversation.

Lily noticed that it was starting to get dark outside and she could see the lights of Hogsmead in the distance.
“Ari we should go get dressed into our uniforms, we will be arriving soon.” Lily said.
“Oh, ok.”
“You boys should get dressed soon too.” Lily said to the Marauders, before saying bye and walking out of the compartment.
“Bye Remus, Au revoir Sirius!” Arabella said cheekily. Sirius blew Arabella a kiss and Remus just smiled and said bye.

When they got to their compartment the other girls were in there as well changing.
“Hey guys” Arabella said.
“Hey!” everyone said.
“Where did you two get to while we were gone?” Aimee asked
“We went to see the Marauders” Lily said slyly. “I think 2 of the Marauders have a crush on our little Ari.”
“What? A Marauder like you!” Aimee said dumfounded.
“Aimee! Oh that’s great Ari!” Kaity said scolding Aimee for indicating that a Marauder could never like Arabella.
“Oooh! Which ones?” Gemma asked suddenly interested in the conversation.
“Remus and Sirius.” Lily said knowingly.
“Remus doesn’t like me!” Arabella said shocked.
“Yes he does! You should have seen the look on his face when you were flirting with Sirius! He looked so jealous!” Lily said enthusiastically.
“Oh…he was probably just annoyed at us for speaking such bad French.” Arabella said. Lily shrugged.
“YOU were FLIRTING with SIRIUS BLACK!” Gemma practically screamed. Arabella shrugged like it was no big deal.
“Ari you like never flirt!” Aimee stated
“Do you like him?” Katiy asked. Arabella just shrugged and dug around in her trunk for her robes.
“Oh come on Arabella we want details!” Gemma said annoyed that Arabells wasn’t answering their questions.
“There are NO details.” Arabella said as she got changed. “I gave Sirius a French lesson. That’s all”
“You speak French?” Aimee asked.
“I learnt a little while I was there.” Arabella shrugged. The train had slowed right down and was about to stop.
“Come one guys we are going to stop soon, we better hurry up or we won’t get a carriage up to the school.” Lily said with authority. They all got dressed and when the train stopped they went in search of a carriage they could all fit into.

They made it to the great hall and sat down waiting for the feast to begin. After the sorting and Professor Dumbledore’s speech they all stood to sing the school song.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling,
With some interesting stuff,
For now they're bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we've forgot,
Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.

After the song the feast began. The hall broke out into chatter as soon as food appeared in front of them. They all ate to their hearts content and then made their way up to the Gryffindor tower. The girls head up to their dorms so they could have a chat.
“So, what did everyone get up to on their holidays?” Lily asked.
They all took turns explaining their holidays. Lily had gone to America to visit her family and had spent many days in Florida on the beach watching hot boys. Gemma had stayed at home and had had a summer romance with a muggle boy while she was still with Christian, her boyfriend. Kaity had gone to a soccer camp and had spent the holidays running around chasing a ball. Aimee also stayed at home and spent most of the time with her boyfriend Josh and Gemma. Arabella stayed quiet most of the night not talking about her holiday. At around 12.00 am the girls all climbed into bed to go to sleep. Gemma, Kaity and Aimee fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Lily crawled onto Arabella’s bed.
“So, what did you really get up to these holidays? Why won’t you talk about it?” Lily asked. She was worried about Arabella. She knew that Arabella didn’t talk a lot about what was going on in her life and Lily worried when she was too quiet because that meant that something big was happening.
“I’ll tell you tomorrow. I’ll write you a letter during one of our classes” Arabella said. Lily shook her head.
“You should be listening during class, Arabella.” Arabella shrugged and hugged Lily.
“I missed you, Lils”
“I missed you too Ari” They both hugged and said goodnight before Lily went to her bed and fell asleep.

Arabella was worried about what to tell Lily tomorrow. ‘What would Lily think of me if she knew what I had been up to while I was in France’ Arabella’s thought before she fell into a dreamless sleep.

A/N: Well there is the first chapter! What do you guys think? Please review! And be kind because this is my first fanfiction.

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