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Behind the Riddle House, there is a graveyard. And in the graveyard, a muggle stood, a middle-aged man called Henry King.

He had sandy brown hair which hung rather messily to well below his ears. His blue eyes were fixed uncertainly on the tombstones of the Riddles, a family that were murdered many years ago. As an amateur archaeologist, a researcher and newspaper writer as well as having a general interest in old hoaxes and unsolved mysteries, he was very interested in the case.

No-one had ever found the killers of this young man and his parents. The Riddle House on the hill had been abandoned ever since, but more recently the old gardener, the only suspect, had also been found lying there dead - again with no clear cause of death.

Dying of fright? Unlikely.

The house had been searched a few days before when people reported noises, but it seemed that something in the brickwork had given way and a few walls had collapsed. It seemed the whole upper floor might give way soon. The roof was a mass of holes, the garden was a jungle and all the great expanses of land that the Riddles had owned now went to waste.

Even their grave was derelict - weeds and wild flowers grew everywhere and there was a large ring of burnt soil about three metres away where nothing would grow, and the stone itself had a great cracks across it. If Henry didn’t know better he’d think there had been vandals here, but he knew that, since the murder of Frank Bryce, not even the toughest chav would venture near the place.

He took a couple of photos, but he knew it wouldn’t tell him much. He needed to get in the house, but no-one else would even think about it with the state the building was in, and even though it shamed him to admit it, Henry was too scared to go on his own.

“Maybe soon I’ll find someone to come with me,” said Henry to himself, and walked back to the Bed and Breakfast he was staying at. He hoped for a break-through soon.

Someone however, had heard Henry talking to himself. Someone who knew everything Henry wanted to know - and more.

* * *

Harry went downstairs in the Burrow. The kitchen felt empty without Mrs Weasley rushing about. Percy sat at the kitchen table though, his eyes red rimmed and puffy behind his glasses.

Percy had spent so much of the last few years fighting with his parents, and not only had they been right all along, now they were gone and he’d never be able to tell them he was sorry. Harry just hoped that one day he’d understand that even if they hated his choices, they loved him all the more for his foolishness.

The whole house had a strange atmosphere - relief and sadness, celebration and mourning. Ginny asked if he’d come with her to St. Mungo’s to visit George.

That’s when Harry realised that it was truly over. Yes, there were people who’s suffering would go on for longer, but for him it was over. He had no idea what he would do. To become an auror was his dream, but Voldemort was gone and it didn’t seem likely that anything would happen for a long time.

He could settle down with Ginny, have his own family one day. This idea no longer seemed as attractive as it did when it was likely it would never happen. His dream had come true, but all the excitement had gone.

He thought about this for a long time, while he waited outside George’s room at the hospital, and on his way back to the Burrow again.

He went out for a walk and sat at the top of a hill for hours just thinking.

As it neared dinner time, he decided he should return to the Burrow, so he climbed down the hill and trudged back along the worn track.

Suddenly, he noticed something he’d never seen before - a cave at the bottom of the hill. He ran back and walked inside. Now here was something! A cave, who knew what could have gone on here? A cave where ancestors of the Weasley’s came to practice spells?

He shook his head hard. Now he was acting like a little boy. He kicked the cave wall as hard as he could and pounded his fists against the roof.

This was hopeless!

An ominous crack told him he’d gone too far. Dirt rained down and he ran for the cave mouth, but just before he was in the open, the roof crumbled and rocks fell on his legs. He yelled out, but he was too far from the Burrow to be heard. The pain was terrible, but he couldn’t reach his wand. He was about to summon it with his mind, but then a rock fell on his head and knocked him out.

He dreamed of Ginny. She stood in mist. Then she tossed her hair and they were living in the Burrow. Two little twin girls ran about, and Ginny sat behind Harry, with a baby boy in her arms. Hermione walked out the kitchen with Ron.

“I’m so happy Harry,” whispered Ginny. “Without you I’d die.”

But Harry jumped up and shouted, “I’m bored, I need adventure! Can’t you understand me Ginny?”

The baby cried and the children ran away. Hermione gasped, Ron turned thunderous and Ginny sobbed. Rain poured from the sky, and suddenly Ginny wasn’t at the Burrow anymore. She was wearing a black dress and standing in front of a gravestone with ‘Harry Potter’ inscribed on it.

Then she sobbed, “I won’t live without you.” And turned her wand on herself.

Harry screamed, even though he was still unconscious.

Ginny’s face floated in his mind, along with the two separate scenes. “I love you Harry,” she kept saying. “I’ll marry you and we can live here. You are my whole world.”

He opened his eyes and found Ron standing over him, lifting the stones off by magic. Ginny knelt by him, shaking. “You’re alright! You’re still here!”

Hermione took his hand and apparated to St. Mungo’s, where he collapsed again.

Next time he woke up, Harry was in a bed in hospital, with a pale faced Ginny sitting next to him.

“Oh Harry!” she breathed. “What happened to you? Why were you in that cave? We just heard a huge scream.”

Harry looked around, but there was no-one else in the room.

“I was worried that the adventures were over Ginny,” he confessed. “I went to think about some stuff and got caught up in that cave-in.”

“Oh Harry,” said Ginny. “You can do whatever you want. I’m sure you’ll have lots of adventures.”

“Ginny, I dreamed when I got knocked out… I saw you and me together. Ginny, I don’t need crazy adventures when I have you.”

They embraced and Harry knew everything would be alright. His dream would come true.

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