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A/N: Here’s chapter four! Sorry everyone for the delay but I am currently working and the validations are pretty long. I hope you’ll enjoy and don’t forget to review of course ;)

The two following nights of detention were the same than the first one. Except for some “ferret boy” and “Mudblood” whispered, they did not talk to each other at all. This fact was really bothering Hermione. Indeed, she was pretty sure that another argument would come in public and they would have detentions once again. Yet she refused to talk to him, he had scared her a little bit. She’d better leave him alone for a while.

But something worse was worrying her…someone actually. Blaise Zabini was weirder and weirder towards her. He had not threatened her since the last time but he kept looking at her as if she was some piece of meat. He had even groped her while she was in the Halls. The memory of his hands on her sent shivers down her spine. Even if he was scaring her, she did not want to talk about him to Harry and Ron. There would be a lot of troubles if she did. Moreover, her two friends were already worried about the Draco business so if they ever learnt about Zabini…

Hermione interrupted her thoughts, realizing she was going to be late for her fourth detention with Malfoy. As usual, she was the last one to arrive. McGonagall left them fives minutes later after having told them her warning speech, then the two students took their usual seats. Hermione discreetly took a look at Draco, he seemed really tired. All of sudden, she saw blood falling from his arm; she could not help but gasp.

“Malfoy, you…you…” She stammered.

“What?” He barked, looking coldly at her.

“You have blood…are you hurt?”

Without waiting for an answer, she walked towards him.

“What the hell are you doing, Granger?”

“I just want to see if it’s serious.” She tried to roll up his sleeve but he caught her wrist.

“Get away from me…I don’t need your help.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re being childish. The cut could be deep; you might need to go to the Hospital Wing. Let. Me. See.”

“All right…enjoy yourself.”

She rolled up his sleeve, discovering the Dark mark, surrounded with blood.

“See? There is no cut, Granger.”

She took a tissue from her pocket and softly washed his arm.

“Is this…” She gulped. “Is this what happens when he summons you?"

He stared at her. “Yeah…to me. It still hurts a lot. Besides, when I don’t go to the meetings, the pain remains longer.”

“You go…to the meetings? “ She shrieked

“Yes, Granger, I do. And McGonagall very well knows it. It’s my undercover. But I don’t even know why I’m telling you this…”

Well maybe you need to talk about it to someone…”

“I’m not a sissy, Granger.” He snapped.

“No, you’re just a human being.” She whispered.

He narrowed his eyes.

“Look, Malfoy; I have an idea. You tell me everything that comes to your mind and I will do the same.”

“We’re not playing Truth or Dare.”

“I’m just doing what McGonagall asked for. I’m trying to know you. Besides, we perfectly know that we will have another disagreement if we don’t. So just talk Malfoy.” She ordered him.

“Don’t judge me.” He warned.

“I’m doing this to not judge you anymore.”

He inhaled deeply and started talking.

“After my father’s downfall, the Dark Lord was very angry. He wanted to take revenge and needed a proof that the Malfoys were still faithfully next to him. So…to prove this loyalty and to punish my father, I was ordered to kill Dumbledore. But my mother was really afraid and knew that I could not be able tot kill him so she made an Unbreakable Vow with Snape. It is…”

“I know what it is.” She cut him off.

“Of course, know-it-all.” He smirked. “Anyway…she made Snape promise to look after me and to kill Dumbledore if I was not able to…or he would die.
“So Slytherin. “ She snapped. “Kill someone to save oneself…sorry, keep talking.”
“I was so proud about the Dark Lord’s request but soon, I discovered that my mum was right, it was harder than I thought. Especially when each time you fail, someone keeps telling you that he will kill your parents if you do not succeed. So I could not kill him and Snape did.”

“I know…Harry told us.”

“Potter saw it?”

“Yes…Dumbledore had hexed him so he could not move but he heard and saw everything. I guess Dumbledore knew what was coming…Anyway, what did you do after the attack?”

“I fled with Snape…when we found the Dark Lord, he was more than angry, and he gave me one last chance. He wanted me to be a spy; I had to go back to Hogwarts, pretended that I fled and that I wanted a second chance. I did all of this, except that I told everything to McGonagall: the Dark Lord’s plan, the Unbreakable Vow, my mission. She understood and I assured her that I would accept to work for the Order.

“You are in the Order?” Hermione exclaimed.

“Yes…but you have to keep your mouth shut. I don’t want your little friends to know. I’ll tell McGonagall that I told you by the way.”

“I would have never thought that you could…”

“I know.” He snapped. “Once the villain, always the villain.”

“Do you trust Snape?” She asked abruptly.

Her question seemed to startle him.

“Well…I don’t know, in fact. His case is really…complicated. The only thing I know is that I won’t tell him my position. I’m not sure on which side he is on…”

“Me neither…Nonetheless, there is one point that bothers me. Dumbledore trusted him…and he was never wrong. He never trusted Tom Riddle and he was right; I guess he had his reasons as far as Snape was concerned. But nothing could excuse what he did.”

“So…you believe everything I said?”

“Yeah, I do. Everything makes sense now. Plus, Dumbledore would have helped you if I remember what Harry told us…”

“I guess that’s a start.” He mumbled.

Silence overwhelmed the classroom. The, Draco turned to Hermione and smirked.

“What?” She asked, slightly suspicious.

“You said you would tell me things about you. I’m waiting…”

“I …I have nothing to say…”

“Come on…I have to learn things about you…to understand you.”

Okay….First, there’s something I wanted to ask you…May I?”

He nodded in agreement.

“Why did you do all of this then? I mean, the Dumbledore mission, then this one now…”

“Just to keep my mum alive. See? I’m not that selfish.”

Hermione nodded in acknowledgement.

“Your turn, Granger…I’m listening.”

“Things about me…for which you judge me. I guess we have know-it-all first…it may be true that I am one. Nonetheless, you don’t know how it feels to discover suddenly that you are a witch….You arrive in a world that you absolutely doesn’t know. So I was afraid to be the…Muggle and I learnt everything I could, read all the books before the term started. But I realized that some people judged me because of my blood, even if I was a good witch. And believe me; it hurts…especially when it was not your choice. In the Muggle world, people are judged because they have a different colour or a different religion. For example, if Zabini came in my world, he would suffer racism because he is black, people won’t care about his blood. I really think sometime you should think as if you were in my shoes or a wizard living in the Muggle world.”

“I guess I could do that.”

“As for Ron and Harry…” She said as if she did not hear him. “You do not know them. Ron is not a blood traitor just because he doesn’t despise people like me. He may be poor but he is rich…in his heart. He is the best friend I ever had. He is nice, brave, and generous and he is worth all the Malfoy family.”

Draco opened his mouth to reply.

“Do not interrupt me; please. Harry, now…You are totally unaware of all the things he has to bear…he is only seventeen and he has already lost so many people. He is the last one you have the right to judge. Everything that happens in his life is because of one man…your Dark Lord. You don’t know what it is to live without parents who love you, to lose everyone around you, to be the “Chosen One.” Once again, put yourself in his shoes and try to make your own judgement. It would be very useful, believe me.”

“Are you done?” He asked sarcastically.

“Yes…sorry if I had been brutal but I hate this kind of behaviour….narrow-minded, I mean.”

“I could try to be…open-minded.”

Hermione looked up at him and saw a ghost of smile. That’s when something came to her mind.

“Could I ask you something? Don’t worry, it is not to denounce someone, it is just for myself.”

“Just ask…”

“Is Zabini a Death Eater?”

“Not really…Voldemort accepted him because he needed new Death Eaters and his family is rather popular so he took him. But…why do you ask me that?”

“I told you…it was just for information.”

“Liar…there is something else behind this. Do you…fancy him?” he asked, in disbelief.

“No!! On the contrary…”

“What did he do? Or say?”

“It’s rather embarrassing…”

He rolled his eyes. “Just tell me.”

“All right…it’s him who gave me McGonagall’s letter and he sort of threatened me. He said that I should behave myself, if Dumbledore was killed, it would not be difficult to kill a little filthy Mudblood like me.”

“I could have said that Granger. I’m sure there’s more…”

“In fact, he told me that you had said to him how we ended up in detention. He said that if he had been you, he would have cut my throat after having ravished me.”


“It’s not what he said; it’s rather the tone he used and the fact that he was gripping me. God…I don’t know why I’m telling you this…I didn’t even tell Harry or Ron…this is so embarrassing."

“Zabini is my…friend and I guess you did not want Potter or Weasley to be in trouble…”

“Yes…maybe, it is like that.”

“Did he do or say anything else?”

“Well he….kind of touched me.”

“Touched you? That is to say….”

“Each time our ways meet, he gropes me.”

“Gropes you?”

“For Heaven’s sake Malfoy, he felt me up! I know it’s impossible for you but he did.”

The two stared at each other, suddenly aware of what they both said to the other one. Silence fell between them until McGonagall’s footsteps echoed through the walls.

As their teacher was unlocking the door, Hermione heard Draco said:
“Don’t worry Granger, I’ll handle Zabini.”

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