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WARNING: Major Fluff

-Sniffles- The last chapter. My baby, is finished. I expect everyone begging for more. Nah, just kidding, review at free will and don't hurt me. So here it is, fluff and all. -sniffles-
~~Two and Half Hours until the Jinx is gone~~

'Why did you do that for?' he asked.

'What? You liked it there?' I replied sarcastically back, taking out my wand and pointing it back at the floor.

He shook his head. 'No! No...I like it this way better thanks.'

I smiled sweetly. 'I do to.'
I flipped my hair back behind my shoulder and grinned, a blush rising to my cheeks. We were getting closer to the time limit and things still hadn't unraveled themselves in the correct direction. James grinned.

'I'm glad we actually agree on something, Evans,' he replied with a smirk for old time sakes.

I gave my once "I hate you," glare at him playfully and said, 'Same to you, Potter.' However the shocked look on his face that I had played along sent me giggling. He cocked an eyebrow again, sending me into more uncharacteristic giggles. STOP IT LILY STOP IT!!! IT'S SO NOT YOU! I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

'Er...Lily...are you okay?' James asked, apparently confused.

I nodded, cheeks flushed beyond imagination. 'Yeah, I'm alright I guess...' I said with a smile. James returned the smile, happy that I wasn't insane or anything unusual. 'So...about that does it feel to roam freely again, James Potter?' I asked snidely, standing still on my side of the line.

'Perfectly free,' he said, smiling happily. Butterflies arose from my stomach, a feeling I hadn't gotten since...well...forever. I liked that feeling, I'd like to keep it forever. Cherish it in my arms like a newborn kitten, snuggly and happy. For a moment, my old self peeked through my happy moments and snarled, What is wrong with you?! Are you drunk off Firewhiskey?! But I would tell it to shut up and continue to smile uncharacteristically at him. 'Lily? You alright?' he asked with his smile.

I nodded. 'Perfectly free- I mean fine.' I said hurriedly, screwing up my sentences already! Dammit I'm the smartest witch in my year, now act like it and put your skills to use Lily!

He grinned and let out a hearty chuckle. 'That's good.' He said happily. We were still standing on our previous sides of the room, but he kept shuffling closer to me. Okay, this was awkward, he was trying to take things too fast. Just because I caught his insufferable love-bug doesn't mean I don't have any common sense left! I moved myself over to the couch. He grinned and followed me. Stalker! screamed my old self. I shoved that voice into a cardboard box in the back of my mind. And stay there!

'You know Lily, I...I often wondered why we couldn't just be friends. You know, before all of this?' he said, twiddling a loose thread on his cloak.

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow at him. It was my turn to accuse him of playing stupid. 'You often wondered why?' I snorted. 'Well that was when your head was inflated to the rough size of a quaffle.' I said smartly.

He grinned. I almost swooned. 'That's right, inflated.' he said with a nervous laugh. 'Are we friends now?' he asked.

I pretended to consider the options. 'Maybe...if your head doesn't float away again maybe that could be a possibility.' James frowned. 'I was just joking!' I laughed. 'You being a marauder should know when people are joking, James.' I said with a smile.

He nodded. 'I guess some of it is wearing off.' He said, his hazel eyes flashing with trouble.

'Right, and I'm the witch who invented the nose-picking charm,' I said sarcastically with a roll of my eyes.

Apparently he didn't catch the sarcasm. 'Really!? You're that girl who invented it!' he said excitedly, his eyes bulging as he bounced slightly on the couch. There. That proves that nothing wore off of him.

I sighed. 'No! I was just being sarcastic!!' I said loudly.

He stopped bouncing. 'Really?'


~~one hour left~~

We had been talking for an hour and a half about absolute rubbish. The normal gossip, what James was planning to do to Severus Snape next, which I had forbid. I may like him now but that doesn't mean he can still tease Severus. I didn't realize that it was eight o'clock until the grandfather clock chimed loudly. I had been sitting on my side of the couch and him on his, an awkward seating arrangement.

'So you don't like Quidditch?'

'No. Absolutely not.'

'Why not?'

'It's dangerous. You could easily die!' I argued. We had been having a heated argument about Quidditch and it's pros and cons, or what he called 'Ups and Downs' for his lack of better terms, when the clock struck eight. I smiled at him. 'One hour,' I reminded him. 'Then we are both free!'

I didn't see his face fall unhappily. But I did hear him say, 'I wonder what everyone thinks we're doing...where we are...' he said unhappily.

I frowned. I bet I knew what my friends were going to say, not that I had many friends. They were going to say that I was most likely studying something terribly complicated, something of the sort. Never would they guess I would be sitting calmly in the Heads' Common Room talking civilly to my former arch-nemesis. 'Probably think I'm studying something brutal, my friends would.' I voiced.

James grinned. Stop grinning you git, you're making my heart pound to loudly to hear anything! 'Well I know that Sirius would-' But I didn't get to hear what he thought Sirius would do as a loud THUMP of my heart blocked it out. 'And then he'd burst into a fit of laughter-' THUMP. I found myself gently scratching the couch, egging for my heart to stop it. 'Peter'd just look at me like-' THUMP. I found myself now trying to edge closer to him. 'Then he'd probably squeal to death-' THUMP. My eyes wandered to his hand lying on the couch beside him and I wanted to grasp it in my own. The temptation was too much to risk. 'And Remus would be-Lily? Are you listening to me?' I was now next to him, my eyes on his hand, my fingertips close to his.

I nodded and looked up at him. 'James...what about being friends?' I asked vaguely.

'I...I didn't know we were back on that topic, as a matter of fact,' he said, confused.

'We weren't,' I said, trying to distract him. I cast a quick glance at my hand. I was so close. I intertwined it in mine.

He looked down in surprise then back up in a grin.

'I like you,' I blurted so fast that I could barely catch what I was saying. I could see the pride swelling in his chest inside my head and the butterflies fluttered in ecstasy. 'I found that I always have. Kinda...sorta....And well-'

'Lily, shhh...' he pressed a finger to my mouth with that Marauder grin plastered on my face. The butterflies stopped, realized the situation, and flared up again in excitement. I was on edge, waiting for the firework display to arrive in the pit of my stomach. 'I know.' he said. And to my disappointment, smiled, took his finger away from my lips and returned his hand into mine.

~~10 More Minutes~~

We talked some more, but awkwardly so. It was on the topic that I was most edgy about. Me. He said that in first year he was in love with my eyes before he found he liked the rest as well. I laughed nervously. Seemed that was all I could really do. I looked up at the clock. 'Ten minutes,' I said quietly.

He looked up too. 'I'm almost wishing I had made it two days...' he muttered. I smiled. I was really beginning to think that he was okay after all. We got up and waited by the door for the silver glow to appear and the jinx to be over. We were still holding hands. 'Lily, I have something to tell you. Something that you've probably heard before but I'm going to say it anyways,' he said.

'Get on with it,' I said with a smile.

He grinned nervously and took both my hands into his own. Boy I hope he didn't mind that they were sweaty as hell. 'Lily. You are the most beautiful girl on earth-'

'Oh stop it!' I said, my cheeks blushing.

He tried to catch my eyes and he did, because I got lost in his. 'No. I really mean it, Lily. You've got a fiery attitude, it's a flaw, and it's so attractive to me, even though you're scary when you get angry. But cute scary you know? And I'm rambling...' He rambled forever. Until there was one minute left.

'And I'd just like to say-'

I knew what he was going to say. 'James. Shh....I know.'






'I love you.' we chorused together softly just at the last chime of the bell and the door swung open. We were still holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes dreamily. (I was thinking: I've been dreaming. THIS has got to be a dream. There's no way in HELL that this is happening to me! NEVER!)

James grinned. 'I love you too.'

Author's Notes: I'm bawling. My baby is all done!!! Okay, so I'm not bawling. But I'm upset that I have to end it, but so proud that I've finished it! I thank EVERYONE who pitched in reviewing this. You're what made this story a success amongst fanfiction. This is my best outcome for any of my stories and it's just my luck that I also won 15$ at BINGO today too! Okay, off topic...but I love you all, especially Kei, the challenge maker, who inspired me. You're the best, sorry I couldn't help out with dancing! But I hope I didn't disappoint you all with anything in the last chapter and I hope my reviewers won't have anything to threaten me about. ;) I love you all and I'm so glad my baby's all grown up! THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT HELP you guys, you don't know how much it means to me.

So for all you who bothered to read this far into my note, this is the last time you're going to be reviewing...sniffles. Hopefully I see you all again soon when my next fic like this comes out (How To Get A Girl In Ten Days According To Sirius Black ... coming soon!). Thanks so much all of you! It was a blast!!!


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