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Lindsay woke up on the goldenrod couch in the Gryffindor common room. Why am I on the couch? What happened last night? Lindsay thought worriedly. She saw an arm gently draped over her waist. Turning over, Lindsay gazed into the slumbering face of Remus Lupin. Memories from the previous night rushed back to her.

Lily, James and Sirius had gone off to detention, and Peter headed up to go to the dormitory to study. Theresa and Emmeline, who they had become good friends with, went to the girls’ dormitory to scare some first and second years, after they had waggled their eyebrows at Remus and told him to behave. Lindsay had blushed furiously at that statement. Soon the common room emptied, and Remus and Lindsay were alone. They had, by that time, finished their homework and were lounging by the fire, talking about everything. They used to be best friends, and Lindsay new all of his secrets- even that he was a werewolf- and Remus new all of her secrets- almost all of them. There was one thing she had never told anybody. As they sat talking, Remus said, “I love that I can tell you everything and we know everything about each other. It just makes the atmosphere around us nice.” Remus couldn’t keep his eyes off Lindsay, She is so beautiful. I can’t believe she is even talking to me. I’m a werewolf, she’s probably just being nice to me. It would be impossible for Lindsay Smith to care for me the way I do her.

He knows I’m not telling him something! He has to know. That’s why he brought it up. He wants me to answer and look into his deep, chocolate brown eyes and tell him the truth! But I can’t- he’ll think I’m an idiot! How do I lie to him and say ‘Yeah, it’s great that you know everything about me and I you’ when he doesn’t know I love him! What do I do? And will he stop looking at me like that! Lindsay took in several deep breaths. Remus was looking at her still, but with worry in his eyes.

“Lindsay, are you okay?” Remus questioned her.

“No I am not alright!” Lindsay shouted, “I know what you are up to! You want me to tell you what I haven’t told anybody because you suspected it and you’re going to tell your friends and they will never stop teasing me, because…because…I love you!” Lindsay sighed, now that she had got that off her chest.

Remus then asked her, “Do you-do you think you could repeat that last bit?” Lindsay nodded and told him what she had said. Remus had never been happier in his life. “Lindsay?” he asked as he lifted her chin up, “I was about to say the same thing to you.” And he kissed her, softly, with all the love he had ever felt for her put in the kiss. But the greatest part was, she kissed him back with as much love, if not more. They had then lain together on the couch, holding each other and cherishing the moment. Remus and Lindsay had laughed simultaneously when the first and second year girls let out terrified screams and ran down to the safety of Lindsay and Remus’s arms.

“What’s wrong?” they had asked. The girls stuttered that there were two murderous ghosts in their dormitories. When asked to describe the ghosts, they said they could only hear the voices, but the voices turned out to belong to Theresa and Emmeline. After they sent the now calm girls to bed, Remus and Lindsay had kissed again, with more passion this time than the last. “Remus,” Lindsay began, “Are we going to, you know, go out? What I mean to say is, are you my boyfriend?

Remus inhaled, “Yes, I mean, if you want me to be, because if you don’t want to be, then you don’t have to be-”.

“Shhh…” Lindsay said, “I understand what you are saying. And I do want to be you girlfriend, for now and forever.”

They had fallen asleep after that, lying in each other’s arms, and didn’t stir when Lily, James and Sirius had crept through the portrait hole.

Next to Lindsay, Remus had awoken and seemed to have been thinking the same thing as Lindsay. “Forever,” he said, “is a long time.”

And Lindsay snuggled back in to his hold and rested her head on his shoulder. “Forever is a long time,” she replied, “and in that time, I want to be with you.” Sighing happily, they were about to fall asleep again when Lindsay realized they had classes that day. “Remy!” she exclaimed, “Classes!” Lindsay hurriedly jumped up and was about to climb the dormitory steps to get ready when Remus called her back. “Oh,” she whispered, “It’s Saturday, no classes, silly me.” Lindsay and Remus spent the rest of the morning in each others arms, dozing on the couch until they got hungry and walked down to lunch. Lindsay was not surprised to see Sirius attempting to intake every bit of food on the table.

“Hey!” Sirius exclaimed, “It’s the two love birds.” Sirius swallowed and continued to eat. Gulping again, he said, “It took you guys long enough to get down here! We’ve been waiting to bombard you with questions! So, are you ‘together’ now?” Remus and Lindsay nodded in unison and their friends congratulated them.

“It’s about time, too,” James said, “Moony’s been wanting to for ages now!” The rest of their day was spent outside in the crisp fall air. The group split up into teams- The Marauders against Emmeline, who they now called ‘Emma’, Theresa, Lindsay, Lily and enchanted leaves to attack the other team. In the end, the girls won when they had bewitched the boys to attract the leaves and not be able to beat them away. At the end of the fight, the girls had some leaves in their hair, but the boys were covered in leaves and proceeded to chase the girls. Dumbledore watched the scene from his office. Remus was tickling Lindsay mercilessly; Sirius had chased Theresa up a tree; Emma had Peter bobbing up and down in the air and James tackled Lily and was attempting to kiss her. Dumbledore smiled, Young James and Lily are so much in love, however, they don’t realize it yet. As the teenagers watched the sun set, they forgot about the war and all of their troubles; just living in the moment.

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