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She stepped onto the platform and her eyes immediately began scrutinizing every person and object around her. ‘Nothing special’ she thought. Suddenly a girl with bright red hair ran into her. The green-eyed vixen was slightly irritated from her collision with the hard ground and she looked up to see what she had run into.

Lily’s POV

Lily immediately realized it was a who not a what she had run into. Her attempt to escape James’ 359th declaration of love had lead her to run into some new girl, who was obviously not a 1st year.

“Hello” I said holding out my hand to the brunette.

Girl’s POV

“Sup?” I said shaking her hand firmly.

“My name is Lily Evans” she said with a smile. I saw four boys approaching us from behind her and as soon as she finished her sentence…

“And my name is James Potter, Lily’s eventual husband, and Head Boy to this lovely lady’s Head Girl” said the one with black, tousled hair.

“Nice to meet you both. I am Richelle Bearotryvich. Most people just call me Biz or BJ,” I gave genuine half-smile to them both, “Now if you would be so kind as to introduce me to these three stragglers.” Lily was recovering from my nickname BJ – had nothing to do with that, but she never asked about it, so why explain it?

James however piped up, “Richelle I would like to introduce you to Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter.”

I raised my eyebrow and looked a James, “One, you can call me Biz, and two, does Pete here not have a last name.” James moved to respond and I as any good American would, rudely cut him off.

“Actually James, I don’t really care what his last name is, thanks though.” I turned to Sirius, Remus, and Peter and said in my usual melodic, sarcastic tone, “Well Siri, nice to meet you, love the hair” I ran my hand through the side of his hair, what I could reach anyway, I’m only 5’ 4”. “Petey boy, hows it hangin’?” I low-fived his hand and he looked like he had just been poisoned. Then I turned to Remus. “And last but certainly not least, Monsieur Remus Lupin. I’ll just have to keep an eye on you” I picked up my trunk and walked past him, “Won’t I?” I said in a low whisper as I brushed his arm.

As soon as I was passed them all I hollered forward but for the five to hear, “Well ya’ll comin’ to get a compartment or ya gunna leave me to make friends with some Slytherins?” They all jumped and followed.

Sirius’ POV

Damn, I want one. She introduced herself, very American, but on certain words I could hear some, maybe Russian accent? I don’t know. But damn did she look good. She was wearing low jeans with a tan belt. Good God look at that ass! Bad Sirius, bad. You need to respect her personality. I rolled my eyes at myself, yeah right. She wore a tan tank top and black sleeveless button up shirt. The button up was open and a I’d say a 5/6 carat smoky gem hung from a silver chain around her neck.

She had gorgeous shoulder length, shagged, burnt oak colored hair with dark red streaks throughout. It fell mysteriously in her face every once in a while. Silver, medium-sized hoops hung from her ears and she wore gold-rimmed glasses which hid dark forest colored eyes, the center was a brown with a thin rim of gold surrounding followed by a thick layer of dense green. Her whole body was enchanting, she wasn’t athletic necessarily, but she was well-designed in my mind. She wore black chucks on her feet, a black watch, a jean bracelet, and a silver ring with a blue stone in the center. Perfect, all of her.

Ah, she said she loved my hair, then again, who wouldn’t. This girl might be easy too. Oh well fresh meat, if not a challenge. What the Hell?!?! Did she just, she did! She flirted with Remus! Innocent Remus, I bet he doesn’t even get the meaning of BJ. She’s too rough for him, definitely.

Richelle’s POV

I love window seats, I really love window seats. I smiled to myself as everyone got comfortable. Lily turned to me, let me guess, yep, she’s starting a conversation…
“So, uhm, Richelle” I interrupted.

“Call me Biz”

“Well, no offense but I was wondering where you got your nicknames?”

“Well Biz because I was head of any and all business coming in and out of Durmstrang. Be it gambling, alcohol, pranks, summer jobs. Basically, you wanted the good life, you wanted to be my friend. Before long I was given the name Biz and it stuck. BJ comes from my last name B from Bear and J from my pet hawk Jewel. It was originally B and J when someone needed to get a hold of me and the constant company of my hawk. But it was shortened to BJ and it stuck. Not to mention it’s a fantasy every guy has of me.” I smirked at this last comment and cast a glance at Sirius, he shifted uncomfortably in his sheep and I noticed he bit his lip slightly. Then I turned back to Lily.

Suddenly Remus spoke up, “Did you say business in Durmstrang?”

“Yes I did. I attended Durmstrang for three years, 4th-6th. Then got bored and decided to transfer here. Dumbledore usually wouldn’t accept a student just for seventh year, but it would have been ridiculous for him to deny me.”

“Why is that?” Remus said skeptically.

“Simply because, my sweet,” Remus was across from me so I lifted my feet up and crossed them on the seat between his legs. “I am one of 86 magical persons alive who can perform wandless magic, and the youngest as well.” Remus looked at my feet and shifted slightly then looked up to me.

“Can you really?”

“Of course, I'll prove it to you soon enough.” I looked up at him at these last three words, I had been studying my unpainted but still very nice fingernails intently.

Ah, finally here. Boring trip, really. Lots of random subjects, lots of my sarcastic comments. Here we go. Once in the great hall with everyone settled all the first years and what-not Dumbledore told the students about me and magic then called for me. I entered grandly, as always. I had not changed. Quite frankly, why should I look like everyone else when I’m the new kid. Better to make a bang-up first impression. I entered through the doors and immediately the room dimmed, there was a green dark glow around me and on my face. Jewel flew down through a window that I had forced open and landed on m shoulder. While walking intently towards Dumbledore I snapped my fingers and fireworks went off overhead. When they had stopped I had reached the front and stood beside Dumbledore. I snapped again and the entire room went black, stars one after the other began to glimmer on the ceiling and very slowly all light came up.

“Thank you for that fantastic demonstration Ms. Bearotryvich.” Dumbledore said.

“Anytime.” I responded decidedly.

Dumbledore lifted the sorting hat to place it on my head and before it even had a chance to smell my hair I said strongly, “No need headmaster. I am going to be in Gryffindor, isn’t that correct” I directed the last sentence to the hat, but continued looking out to the audience.

The hat replied, “Yes, that’s exactly where you’ll be, though I wonder if…”

I cut off the hat, “If Slytherin would fit me better? Well, no need to wonder, it may very well fit me better, but I will still be in Gryffindor.” I walked down and sat smack between Sirius and Remus then looked up to Professor Dumbledore expectantly.

Sirius’ POV

“That was brilliant!” I told Biz honestly once the meal had begun.

“I know.” she responded, confidence dripping from every word. God I loved how she was so nonchalant about…well…everything.

“So Remus, how about showing me around Hogwarts after dinner? Or are you going to leave me to wander all by myself?” Biz said sweetly to Remus. Grrrr… why was he getting so much of her attention?

“Well, uhm, yeah I’ll show you around, no problem.” Remus responded.

Then suddenly, “No, no, no come on Remus, you can do better than that! You should have said something like, I’ll gladly show you around my dear, wouldn’t want any ill luck befalling such a pretty thing as you. It is an awfully dangerous castle.” Biz lowered her voice in mock manliness at “I’ll gladly.” No surprise everyone smiled and watched on to see what would happen next.

She started again, “I vote we try again, agreed?” She looked around and Lily, James, and Peter nodded, I was too busy glaring at Remus who had a slight tinge of red in his face.

“Alright, so Remus, could you, I mean would you, please, perhaps, teach me a couple of tricks of the castle, I’m awfully far behind this being my 7th and only year here.” Biz made herself sound a little weak and feeble, very mild. It was a voice that could make even Peter buck up and take charge like a man.

Remus shocked all of us when he said, “Oh… I’ll teach you much more than that.” His arm snaked around Richelle’s waist at the “Oh…” and he leaned into her and whispered the last part in her ear as his available hand glided up her inner thigh. Remus withdrew quickly and he was noticeably blushing, but trying to hide it. Richelle looked up at him, shocked, she had been staring at her plate when he made his move.

She grinned proudly and moved towards him, “Very good Remus, excellent.” And she… SHE KISSED HIM! What the hell?!?! She pulled back and winked at him then turned to Lily and starting discussing some history of magic topic. Remus went back to his food with a repressed grin playing on his lips. I can’t believe this!! Girls are not his area… they’re mine!

Remus’ POV

Her lips were so soft and so delicious. I could taste her breath... and it was sweet. The kiss was gentle but sent a rush of warmth through my entire body. I wanted to intensify it, wanted so much to pull her even closer to me, but before I knew it, she had pulled away. God, she’s amazing…

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